Monday, November 21, 2011

Kudos For Sullivan

I guess you could say response has been good!!!  Here are just some of the recent emails we received during the course of our very special Ed Sullivan Series:  

I am really enjoying your feature with Andrew Solt.  What a great interview!  I hope you are getting a big response from this.  It is amazing to read that so many of those shows have survived.  I can't believe that Ed Sullivan had the vision even back in 1948 to preserve them. Thanks again.   
Phil Nee - WRCO    

Kent --
Wonderful post -- and great work with Ed Sullivan Week!   
Henry McNulty   

I've really been enjoying reading the series and people's comments / memories!  
I especially enjoyed reading the artist memories this week!  Best,

Dug your FH Stones Feature. 
Love the portion of the lyric of "Satisfaction"! ... 
"When I'm watchin' my T.V. ... 
and that man comes on to tell me how white my shirts can be ... 
But he can't be a man 'cause he doesn't smoke the same cigarettes as me"  
Too good!!! :-)  

Hi Kent, 
Enjoying the Ed Sullivan series so much ... 
great job as always and a fantastic interview with Andrew Solt.  
Thanks again.  
Cory Cooper / The Elvis Expert Consultant / 
Technical Advisor "Fame & Fortune" 

I'm reading the Solt interview at this moment!
Loving this series, Kent. Very fine job. 
David Lewis 

Bravo - great series!


Hi Kent,
Just wanted to say thanks for the great feature the last two weeks. I especially loved your suggestions for future releases. 

I thought you did a great interview and kudos to Andrew Solt for giving you the chance to grill him. <grin>  
I, too, watched Ed most Sundays. It seemed to be Bonanza or Ed on Sunday nights. I think Ed won out most of the time.  
I remember also seeing the Beatles the first time and going to school the next day and that's all we talked about.  
Another big moment was the Young Rascals. I was a huge fan. I, too, loved the Animals.  Heck, to be honest I loved most of the R & R performers at that time.  
Thanks again.  
I think you've sold some more DVD's for him.  
LOL!  I hope so!!! Then it's a win / win for everybody!  (Hey the guy below you ordered some!!!)  kk   

I wonder how many other folks went to the Ed Sullivan Website and ordered DVD's this week after reading your top notch review of this material.  I know I sure did!  
We heard from a few people who either HAD ordered DVD's or said they were planning to ... there's a pretty remarkable selection to choose from ... but that Rock And Roll Classics line-up that we featured seems to encompass it all.  That's a "Must Have" for every oldies music collection!  (kk) 


I have thoroughly enjoyed the  Ed Sullivan Series ... a lot of great memories, and I thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!  You never cease to amaze me with all the great work that you do.

Thanks again!!!!!!!          


The Ed Sullivan Show piece is so entertaining! What an interesting interview! You should be very proud. Thank you for doing this for us.  

Steve H  

This has been a FANTASTIC SERIES!  Thank you, my friend, for sharing some fantastic memories with us all.  The Ed Sullivan Show is a show we all grew up watching ... (and Ed is one of the only impersonations I can nail!)  This is MUST READ AND SEE material and I've passed your links along to all my friends and family ... this is something they'll all enjoy it!  (And heck, you even featured an "Ed" story or two from me!!! :-)  
"Wild" Bill Cody  
It's been a very successful run ... lots of good response ... and SO cool to have so many of the artists who appeared on the program share their memories with our readers from the OTHER side of the screen!  This is one that we're going to permanently post to the OTHER Forgotten Hits Website, ... as I think more and more people will discover it over time.  Thanks for helping to spread the word, Bill ... I appreciate it!  (kk)  

Hi Kent -
Thanks so much for the correct information on Alan Price! So glad to hear he is alive and performing. When in doubt ask the master....
Enjoying the articles on Ed Sullivan Show! Keep up the great work!

This has been a great interview ... thanks for a great read.

I am lovin' this!!!
Alan O' Day  

I asked Bob Merlis, who helped me to set up this Ed Sullivan Series in the first place ... 
"So what did you think of the Andrew Solt Interview?"  (kk)  
Delighted, thrilled, awestruck. Pick one or more.


You're blowing me away!  
This is without a doubt the BEST thing you've ever done. 
Good God, I am BLOWN AWAY! 
Wild Bill  

And this from Andrew Solt himself!!!  
Kent - 
Thanks for doing such a thorough, in-depth job on the library, the rock music, the other genres and its importance in pop culture and American TV history. I appreciate your thoroughness and interest in Ed Sullivan and his rich body of work.  You did a very thorough, stellar job and your time, focus and involvement with the Ed Sullivan Show these past few weeks is much appreciated.  Well done!

And finally ... 
hey kent ... 
didn't notice if you already used this YOUTUBE clip ...       
my favorite
ED SULLIVAN related video ...
and a proper ending to your series ...
done in jest ... but emplifies what a 'really big shew' it was...
We ran the audio for this earlier in the series ... but I agree ... it's still a worthwhile clip (and proper ending) worth sharing.  Thanks, Gary!  (kk)