Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hoping That These Will Put A Smile On Your Face This Morning!

Too funny not to share ...

If you're a Ferris Bueller fan (and we sure are!!!),
then you're just gonna LOVE this GREAT new Honda commercial that Matthew Broderick put together for The Super Bowl!!! 

And, for all you Super Bowl Fans out there, let's not forget that Eli's Coming ...

Eli Manning that is!

And, from our "Equal Time" Department comes this one ...


When President Obama sang a line of the Al Green Hit "Let's Stay Together" at a recent fundraiser, it became an Internet sensation.  (Honestly, he doesn't sound bad!!!)  Apparently, The Reverend Al Green was in the audience that night at The Apollo Theater ... and get this ... the following week, 16,000 people downloaded Green's hit, spiking an increase in sales of 490%!!!  (Ah, the power of the Internet!) 

Check out the clip here if you haven't already seen it:

Kent ...
Here's a new way to bring back an old hit.
Get the President to sing it.
Maybe he can sing YOUR song ... in exchange for a donation.
Frank B.
I'm probably in greater need of a donation than HE is right now ... but this IS a cool clip!  (kk)
Kent ...
I'm taking the Rev. Al's version over the President's version.
Frank B.


I was never all that fond of this song ... but it certainly has proven to be quite the classic.  Tina Turner did a pretty good version of this, too ... a #24 Hit in 1984.  (kk)

Here's a suggestion from Jersey John ...

Ray Stevens and "Mr. President"!!!

Meanwhile, we had some pretty good response to our Burton Cummings piece yesterday ...

Here's a clip of one of my favorites ...

I bought Burton Cummings first solo album and was totally blown away by his voice and talent. Stand Tall is one of my all time favorite songs. It's good to hear he is still wowing them.
Bob Hughes

Great stuff on Burton Cummings the other day -- one of my favorites, too.  Glad to see he's still got it.  (Now how do we get him to come back to Chicago?)
Based on what Tom Cuddy wrote, it sounds like Burton will be touring The States more often in the future ... and we can't wait!  (kk)
And congrats on "These Eyes" going over 4,000,000 airplays!!!  That's incredible ... especially when I hear "American Woman" about 20 times more often!!!  (Makes you wonder where THAT one falls in the ranking!)  kk 

Hey Kent -
Thanks for this ... I know Burton will appreciate the kind words. 
This past run was awesome and finishing in the historic little theatre in Tarrytown in a snowstorm rocked ... lol    
I've passed it along to Burton.
Sam Boyd
Tour Manager

And since today is all about havin' fun, how about this great Burton Cummings clip, paying tribute to fellow Canadian Recording Artist Gordon Lightfoot!