Thursday, February 9, 2012

Another "This And That" Thursday

Big news this week ... it looks like we'll get our first glimpse of the reunited Beach Boys Sunday Night at The Grammy Awards!  (What a stellar line-up of performers this year!)  Surviving members Brian Wilson, Mike Love, Al Jardine, Bruce Johnston and David Marks will be joined on stage by Adam Levine and Maroon Five and Foster The People, both Grammy nominees themselves.  More details can be found here:  
Click here: The Beach Boys to Reunite at The GRAMMYs with Foster the People and Maroon 5
By now you've probably already heard that Glam-Rocker Adam Lambert (he of American Idol fame) has joined Queen as their new lead singer ... without question, the role he was born to play.  (I've been saying this since the very first time I saw him perform on Idol!)  
While I think Lambert had hoped to launch a successful solo career under his own name, he's probably sparked more controversy than hits since his run on Idol ended.  But Adam has the look ... and the voice ... to pull this off.  It'll be a fitting tribute to one of his greatest idols.  While not so much replacing Freddie Mercury ('cause NOBODY can do that!), Lambert should help to keep the spirit of this great music alive ... and I, for one, can't wait to see and hear what they sound like!  (kk)    

The group Question Mark and the Mysterians was mentioned today. I don't know how it did in Chicago, it was a bomb here in OKC, but I always liked the ? version of DO SOMETHING TO ME better than Tommy James' version. In fact through the years just 96 TEARS is heard here in OKC.
We featured both versions of "Do Something To Me" a while back in Forgotten Hits.  The "?" version bombed nationally, too, rising to only #110 in Billboard back in 1967.  I don't show it ever charting here ... but their follow-up single "I Need Somebody" went to #22 nationally and to #33 here in Chicago.  I also like their original version of "Can't Get Enough Of You, Baby", a song that became a hit 32 years later for Smash Mouth. (In fact, I LOVE the Smash Mouth version ... that's one I ALWAYS crank the volume up for!)  kk 

I just by chance tuned in to History Channel a few days ago and a guy supposedly had Jerry Lee's first recording!  Sure enough, I think it sounded like him and is the real deal based on the show and that the recording company existed only from 1946-54 or so.  Pretty cool even if it is all before my main music interest time.
Clark Besch  

Got this from FH Reader Tom Cuddy regarding an injunction / lawsuit over the use of The Platters' name.  Kinca ties into all the "Truth In Music" stuff we've been publishing these last few years, regarding "Bowser"'s efforts to maintain the legal rights to performing under the artists' name ... thus eliminating so many of the "imposters" out there posing as the original group (and duping the fans out of their hard-earned money in the process!) kk
You are correct in that the Kingsmen had other songs besides LOUIE LOUIE. I always liked their version of MONEY and one of their 1965 songs ANNIE FANNIE held its own here in OKC. The song you posted JOLLY GREEN GIANT, even though it was not a number onesong, was always number one with a man by the name of Del Monte.
Larry Neal

We recently saluted Chubby Checker and his Twice-Number One Hit "The Twist" in our Sound Advice Column.  Now comes this article (submitted by FH Reader Dave Barry) pointing out the origins of this great song, first a B-Side of a Hank Ballard and the Midnighters single.  You can read all about it here:
Here's a quickie interview with Micky Dolenz:

Hi Kent,
I dug out the old autograph that I mentioned in a previous email.  A copy is attached.  It includes Pat, Les, Ray, Chuck, Chic, Ron and Jerry.  I haven't figured out who the Hank or Hawk is in the lower left corner.  I've researched the lineups and never ran into that name.  Any thoughts?  I've considered  donating it to the Iowa R&R Hall since the group had been inducted there.  There are a couple board members here in Sioux City but I've never gotten hold of them.
All this got me sentimental.  I dug out my NC6 albums and 45's this afternoon.  Even have a couple of the Sentar "DJ" promo copies.
Steve Hotvedt
Thanks, Steve!  As you already know, I passed this along to Ray Graffia, Jr., who has since offered to do a current-day interview on your show (if you have the means to do so.)  I've met most of the guys now and they're all really nice guys ... and VERY appreciative of how the fans remember them and how much their music meant to them.  These guys never got their real due on the national charts as far as I'm concerned ... another Chicago group like that is The Cryan' Shames, who made some of the BEST records of the '60's ... but they were ... and still ARE ... both local heroes here in Chicago ... and, believe it or not, both bands are still out there doing shows during the summer concert season!  If you ever get out this way, you should make it a point to check them out ... you won't be disappointed!  (kk)
From Ray Graffia, Jr.:
Clueless on who Hank or Hawk would have been; we did not even have a roadie with that name, so wondering if it might have been some hanger-on who was a friend of one of the guys??  Thanks for the copy! 
Peace to you and yours,     

You can catch a brand new trailer from the upcoming Paul Simon Documentary "Under African Skies" right here:
Watch the new film trailer for "Under African Skies," the documentary from Academy Award-nominated and two-time Emmy and Peabody Award winning filmmaker Joe Berlinger. "Under African Skies" travels with Paul Simon back to South Africa 25 years after his first visit, chronicling the creation and lasting influence of Paul Simon's groundbreaking album, Graceland. Simon revisits the making of the record, surveying from the vantage of history the turbulence and controversy surrounding the album's genesis. 

Jon Anderson, former lead vocalist of Yes, has issued a public statement denying that he's reuniting with the band:
2/8/2012 - Asheville, NC - In response to recent rumors circulating about music legend and original YES vocalist / songwriter Jon Anderson being asked to re-join YES - these rumors are unfounded and false. Jon Anderson is busy with his solo career; he is currently on tour performing solo (tour dates and venues listed below), as well as recording new music. Jon also had this response to recent quotes in the news by Chris Squire that he is in regular communication with Jon: "I haven't spoken with Chris in four years, and the only e-mail I have received from him in the last three years was him asking for free tickets to my show in Mesa, AZ last week - very sad, but true." 
Anderson has several dates coming up on his solo tour, criss-crossing the USA right now ... for the complete itinerary, be sure to check out his website:
Click here: Tour - Jon Anderson Online 

Big thank you to Clark Besch for mentioning "Another Time" by Sagittarius!!!  One of the most beautiful tunes out of one of our favorite eras -- that's saying a lot!  January '68 was a special time for me at 11 -- my first month following Top 40.  Unfortunately, I was not in the habit of checking out the FM "underground" stations just yet, or I would have discovered the magical, mystical Boston Sound as it was happening, and not years later purchasing albums! 
Best --

Would an artist REALLY put out something deliberately bad???  Let's just say it HAS happened.  Here are a couple of interesting links sent in by FH Reader Dave Barry ...
First up:  Marvin Gaye's divorce-settlement LP "Here My Dear"
... and, in a related story, here's a Phil Spector urban legend ... covered in much greater detail in our Forgotten Hits Phil Spector Series a few years back ...
(Hey, Steve ... we'd still love to permanently post your Phil Spector piece on our website.  Let us know!!!)  kk  

>>>I happened to notice the top 40 dj records piece today and it reminded me of Curt Johnson, CJ the DJ, who I grew up listening to at WEAQ in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.  I never personally knew Curt but he's probably the person most responsible for my eventual radio career, which I just retired from last April.  It all began with listening to Curt in the early to mid 60's and expanding my horizons by tuning into WLS and KAAY in Little Rock.  Anyway, I dug out my old 45 of Curt (he was the lead singer) and his group "The Up Stairs" and their song "Operator Please."  It must have come out in the mid to late 60's and probably only got play on Curt's show ... which, of course, probably got it into WEAQ's top ten. It's on the "Cuca" label from the old Cuca Records out of Sauk City, Wisconsin.  I always liked the tune and thought you might get a kick out of it.  (Steve Hotvedt) 
Hi Kent,
For your reader Steve Hotvedt, the Up-Stairs record he mentioned is from January 1967. The band is covered, along with their predecessor the Jaguars, in my book, "Do You Hear That Beat".
Gary E. Myers / MusicGem
Thanks, Gary ... will pass this along.  (I forgot to include the track when this comment first ran ... so here it is today!  Definitely not one of MY favorites ... but a sentimental favorite, I'm sure, for those who grew up listening to it!)  kk

Yes, we covered this a few weeks back ... my understanding is that he's out of the hospital now and recuperating ... says he wants to tour one more time with his brother Barry ... and Barry said that if that's what Robin wants to do, he'll do it ... we'll see ... as you know, Barry has had major back issues for years and I don't know if he could hold up for an entire tour.  (That's why they filmed that One Night Only Concert at the MGM Grand several years ago!)  Sure would be nice to see them one more time.  Did you happen to see that comment over the weekend about Burton Cummings opening for The Bee Gees as an "unannounced" opening act in the late '70's???  Now THAT would have been an awesome show to see!!!  (kk)   

>>>Wow! Thanks for posting the info about Rumer.  I think I'm in love!  Only one thing I can't figure out, why wouldn't Clark Besch buy this new artist if he likes her?  (Bill)
Sorry Kent.  I just don't need to hear someone other than Dionne sing "Alfie."  I just don't care about any artist from today's era.  I don't have time to listen to my faves anymore working 10.5 hour days.  When I have my MP3 player on in my car on "mix" I often hit replay 4 or 5 times because I love the song currently playing so much that I listen to it several times and then the next song comes up and I often do the same.  There's just TOO many great songs I already love and too few minutes to try out an unknown current artist that already has one thing against them:  they are from TODAY.  Odd, eh? 

>>>I remember ... The Beatles being shut out in the early days by some RIDICULOUSLY crazy balloting.  (1965:  Best Contemporary Performance (Rock And Roll) of the Year By A Group:  The Statler Brothers for "Flowers On The Wall" ... SERIOUSLY?!?!?)  kk
Kent -
And then in 1966, Winchester Cathedral beats out Good Vibrations ... the same year the Beach Boys were voted the #1 group in the world by the UK music press.  Unbelievable!