Friday, February 17, 2012

The Beach Boys Are Back!

The Beach Boys are back ...

And we can't wait!!!

The Beach Boys continue to make headlines this week as many of their 50th Anniversary Reunion Tour Dates were announced ...

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They hit Chicago on Monday, May 21st ... and it's expected to be an immediate sell out the minute tickets go on sale here next Monday.  (With their next show scheduled for May 27th, there's already speculation and anticipation regarding adding another show or two here in Chicago just to meet the overwhelming demand for tickets.)

I've seen The Beach Boys 20 times ... and Brian Wilson solo four times ... but I have NEVER seen The Beach Boys WITH Brian Wilson.  This will be the ULTIMATE 50th Anniversary Show ... and is sure to be one of the top-grossing tours of the year.  A quick look at the official reunion video for "Do It Again" (ALWAYS one of my favorite Beach Boys tunes) proves that these guys can still make GREAT music together.  (Now if they can just table their differences and get along for the next six months, we're ALL in for a treat!!!)

And it sounds like Capitol Records is pulling out all the stops in the way of new and commemorative releases ...  all in all, we're in for some VERY Good Vibrations this year!

Stay tuned to Forgotten Hits for more details and updates as they become available.