Monday, July 30, 2012

The Readers Have Spoken

We've heard from a number of readers since the old computer first went down a few weeks ago. (Happy Fathers' Day!)

Some just wanted to check up on us (yes, we were quite upset and depressed ... but never actually suicidal!  lol) ...

And several others offered words of encouragement and pledged their support in helping get Forgotten Hits back on its feet again. (As we told you yesterday, some of those folks even sent in donations to help make that happen.) 

Here are just a few of the comments that came in that kept us going ... and made us feel like Forgotten Hits really matters.  Thanks to ALL of you for your kind words ... it truly means a lot.

You still alive?
Yeah, I'M still alive ... it's just the computer that died!  (kk)

Is forgotten hits a thing of the past???
Robert Black;
Kincardine & Willowdale
We're doing our best NOT to make that so ... and, thanks to the support of some of our readers, we are now getting by with a little help from our friends. Watch for new postings soon! (Read on!) kk

Hi Kent,
I've been missing FH something fierce! What's the prognosis? And where is the "Bring Back Forgotten Hits" donation website? I want to at least help with your procurement of a new computer. Please let me know how I can assist. I
t does me good to be able to help. FH has meant a lot to me and I am glad to give back and help you get cranked up and on the air again. We'll all be happy to see FH reloaded and going strong.
David Lewis

I was heart broken to hear what happened to your computer and your years of work to create and maintain Forgotten Hits. So sad.
It's hard to imagine Forgotten Hits not being part of our music loving lives!
My Sundays are just not the same without FH. There are been a number of times in recent weeks where I wanted to share with you some rock news. Got to hang with Burton Cummings Friday night. Going to See Kenny Loggins tonight.
Looking forward to seeing FH up and running again soon! Good Luck!
Tom Cuddy  

You do a sensational job with Forgotten Hits and I've really missed reading it this past month. I no longer want my MTV, but I do want my Forgotten Hits! Here's to a great future.
Dick Eastman  

Instead of losing my money by betting on the Yankees, I'm sending it to you! Hope this helps. Better days are ahead.
Frank Buongervino  

So sorry about the problem you had with your computer.
Your unselfish love and passion for Forgotten Hits is a blessing to all of us Oldie But Goodies. I hope this helps get things back to normal for you and Forgotten Hits.
You've been a great support to not only me, but to the thousands of fans who love oldies music with the up-to-date information you provide to all of us oldies but goodies.
Let us know what is the current situation. We all look forward to more Forgotten Hits.
Can't wait to see Forgotten Hits up and running again.
Lots of Love,
Your Friend,
John Madara   

I am so glad that you have decided to swallow your pride and let the readers help you get back up and running again. I think this is a great idea and I'm sure many of your readers feel the same. You've given so much of your time to write Forgotten Hits, it's the least we can do. Hope everything goes well.
Carrie Pasfield  

I am so sorry for your recent problems. I am sure you are bummed out after what has happened. but at least that is nothing life threatening to you and your family. It means you just have to start from scratch. Hang in there. One of these days this will be all over. I know all is depressing to you, but you (and the wife) have your health ... and, of course, the music.
There a lot of people who love what you do in keeping the oldies alive and you are our voice in the rock and roll wilderness. I've enjoyed hours of pleasure in reading your great newsletter.
Thank you for all you do. We miss you!
Mike De Martino    

Hi Kent -
As always - must reading as we prep for the weekend shows at 'LS
Really enjoying Forgotten Hits these days as always!
Danny Lake
Saturday Night Party and
Sundays 5-12 midnight
94.7 WLS Chicago  

I am sorry to hear about your bad luck. You will be greatly missed by many people including those of us in radio. You are such a great source for what's going on in music. You have such a good thing going. Everyone that reads it feels that they are a part of it. It has been such a great resource for all of us old dj's. I hope we can still hook up for some music specials! (I'd like to still do that favorite garage band countdown someday.) 
Phil Nee
We absolutely WILL do that Favorite Garage Band Countdown ... hopefully not too far in the distant future. It's one of my first "rebuilding projects" now that I've got a way to work on it again! (kk)   

I'm very sorry to read about your hardware disaster.
In my opinion, you provide a wonderful and necessary service to a lot of souls who've read and enjoy your blog, and I'm sure a number of us would like to give back a bit.
Rick Barr

Take pride in knowing that for years you provided an invaluable forum for fans and musicians alike to keep the music and the memories alive. THANK YOU.
Mike Dugo   

Kent -
My sincere condolences on your computer!! I know from experience how insane this loss is.
But you must let it go and look to the future. Hopefully you will recover some files.
You provide a vital service to fans and artists and should be supported at this time of crisis!
Stay Cool and Be Well.
Dennis Tufano  

Kent -  
Sorry to hear about the computer problems. I agree that Forgotten Hits is a very big deal, as this audience is not served elsewhere. 
Be Well,
Carl Wiser
Hey Kent,
So sorry to hear about your computer crash. I understand your loss as well, having had a basement flood last year that ruined my computer and all that it contained, as well as many personal belongings and carpeting, furniture and sheet rock walls. I hope you can come back at some point. I and all your subscribers will carry on, but will certainly miss your wisdom and insight on all things musical.
Thank You for all the work you’ve done ... it’s been a pleasure reading your blog all these years!
Take care ... I wish you well and hope to hear from you in the future.
Thanks Again,
Eddie Burke,
Orange, CT
Hi Kent,
So sorry to hear of the disaster ... hope you get it all sorted out.
Best wishes,

So sorry to hear about your computer crash, Kent. Hope for your sake there is a way to retrieve all your notes but in the meantime don't give up as that is the easy option and too many people like me thoroughly enjoy your weekly musical information.
Take care,
Rockin' Lord Geoff in England  

I'm terribly sorry about your forced hiatus. I hope it's only temporary, as I always look forward to your blog posts.
Hang in there!
Charlie Randisi
Rochester, NY

Hey Kent,
Here's a story for ya.
When I was a senior in college, my semester project (or audio thesis, if you will), was about propaganda in broadcasting. I spent hours and hours and HOURS recording broadcasts, from TV, AM & FM commercials and features, and tons of programs from shortwave broadcasts. I edited them and transfered them onto one reel to reel tape. I left it at the radio station, to dub some "incidental" music, for my narration. When I returned, I put the tape on the big Magnecorder, and found that it was blank. NOTHING was there. Later, I learned that it had been bulk-erased by an underclassman student for his intro to Radio and TV class. I couldn't get the old tapes back together, because I had erased them. Sound familiar? I had to quickly find SOMETHING to replace it with, to turn in, but only managed to have my girlfriend type up something I found at the library on the history of soap-operas, from the radio years to TV! Needless to say, my professor was very disappointed, and gave me a sympathetic "B" for my efforts.
What I'm trying to say that is if you have a lemon, make lemonade. I know you can't begin to get back everything you lost, but we can all help to get you started again. I know most of it will not be there, but you can still get it going. I also know it's hard to start from scratch again, and won't be as big as it was, right now, but nevertheless, it will BE THERE! Once you get over the shock, you can rise from the ashes, and move forward. I always look forward to reading your site, after I get up for the day. Mornings will not be the same without it! What you do is IMPORTANT! Take some time. Please think about it. 

John LaPuzza   

Hi Kent,
I am so sorry to hear what happened. I hope you are somehow able to get things up and running as you are my only connection to the Oldies and I certainly enjoy reading your e-mails. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers that everything works out for you.
Janice I. Burns,
Orlando, FL 32816-1364   

hi kk:
sad to learn of your PC troubles ... we very much appreciate all your hard work over the years ...
here's to you being up and running again soon ...
john b. krug

Man, so Sorry to hear about this. Sounds like for sure the Hard Drive is gone.
Hope all goes well.
Keep in touch ... love reading your stuff.
Craig Kemp - The New Colony 6  

I was glad to see your post. You don't realize what you have till you lose it, and that includes you at Forgotten Hits, Kent. So, if you can be Working Your Way Back to us, Step By Step I'll take it.

Please accept my deepest condolences for your home computer.
I hope you do find a way to get back on your computing feet. I can't
think of anyone that has done so much to keep all those great memories
alive and fresh.
Easton, PA    

Hi Kent,
I know all of us out here in forgotten hits land feel awful about your crash and count me in as another person who would love to help with a donation to help you get back on your feet. Consider this just a small pay back for all you do for us.

Hey Kent
I was so happy to see a new posting from you. I check the web sight every day to see if there is any kind of update. I will continue to check back and I hope you are up and running again soon.
Thank you for many hours of enjoyment ... I really miss Forgotten Hits.

Hopping and praying you are making progress ... 
hoping everyone will be patient and a new computer can come your way ...
Pray For Surf
The new computer is here ... and readers have already started sending in old posts for the archives ... believe it or not, nearly 1400 came in yesterday alone since we made our announcement!!! (Unreal!)
A WHOLE lotta rebuilding to do ... and we'll try to feed you new stuff along the way.  Watch for at least one or two more postings this week ... and then our Exclusive Forgotten Hits Interview with Al Kooper.  Thanks to all the readers for their help and support, we've got lots more Forgotten Hits coming your way!