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Here's an offer that can't be beat for all of our local readers ...
This Saturday Night Ron Onesti has got Big Brother and the Holding Company booked to play at The Arcada Theatre ... that's right, Janis Joplin's original back-up band ... and they'll be doing all of Janis' best known hits like "Down On Me", "Bye, Bye Baby", "Coo Coo", "Summertime", "Piece of My Heart," "Turtle Blues," "Ball 'n' Chain," "Try (Just A Little Bit Harder)," "Maybe," "To Love Somebody," "Kozmic Blues," "Work Me, Lord," "Move Over," "Cry Baby," "A Woman Left Lonely," "Get It While You Can," "My Baby," "Trust Me," "Mercedes Benz," "One Night Stand," "Raise Your Hand" and her number one hit, "Me and Bobby McGee." Lead vocals are being handled by "The Voice", Lynn Asher ... and it's sure to be a jammin' evening. And get this ... tickets are only $19 and $29 ... and right now, for Forgotten Hits Readers, Ron is offering a 50% discount ... all you need to do is visit the OShows Website ... WWW.OSHOWS.COM ... and enter the code "JANIS12" ... now how can you beat that?!?!?  

And he has some other AMAZING shows coming up, too ... we're hoping to catch a few of these ourselves!   
August 25 - Comedy Legend Andrew Dice Clay - Two Shows (7 PM and 9:30 PM) ...
And get this ... they'll be FILMING these shows for a television special that'll air on New Year's Eve!
Here's your chance to be in the audience for a major media event!  

September 4 - Lindsay Buckingham (of Fleetwood Mac)  

September 7 - Kenny Rogers  

September 14 - Three Dog Night 

September 15 - The Three Faces of Elvis (Starring the winners of the International Elvis Competition at Graceland ... Shawn Klush, Cody Slaughter and Chicago's own Rick Saucedo)  

September 21 - Kansas   

September 22 - Branford Marsalis, the Tonight Show's legendary jazz sax man  

October 6 - The Original Crickets, Buddy Holly's Band! 

November 2 - Asia - reuniting all four original members! 

November 10 - The Bronx Wanderers Sock Hop (featuring the music of Frankie Valli, Dion and more) 
November 16 - Shirley MacLaine 

November 17 - UFO 

December 7 - Air Supply (also a Christmas show)  

December 15 - The Diamonds (also a Christmas show)  

Hop on over to the OShows Website and get your tickets NOW!!!   

Here are some great shots from a recent Ringo Starr (and his All-Starr Band) concert in St. Augustine, FL, courtesy of FH Reader David Lewis:

New York, NY (July 2, 2012)—Eagle Rock Entertainment will release Produced By George Martin on September 11, 2012 on three configurations: DVD, Blu-ray and Digital Video
The documentary is a feature-length profile of Britain’s most celebrated record producer. In this very personal film, Sir George talks about his childhood, his war experience and his early days as a music student. Originally broadcast to great acclaim in 2011 as part of the BBC’s “Arena” series, this version contains over 50 minutes of additional interviews not included in the TV broadcast version. These extras include contributions from Rick Rubin, T-Bone Burnett, Howard Goodall, Jimmy Webb and Ken Scott.
Truly, George Martin has had a career like no other. In the early ‘50s, he joined EMI/Parlophone and started working on orchestral music, music for children and single handedly pioneered a range of hugely successful comedy records with Peter Sellers, Spike Milligan, Peter Ustinov and others. Then, in 1962, he signed The Beatles and everything changed. Together, George Martin and The Beatles revolutionized pop music and recording techniques, forging probably the greatest producer/artist collaboration there will ever be.
Produced By George Martin features numerous classic clips of the artists he has produced, and new interviews with many of them including Sir Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Michael Palin, Jeff Beck, Rolf Harris, Cilla Black, Millicent Martin and Bernard Cribbins. A fascinating man, and a compelling film. 

With the Eagles on hiatus for a little bit, a number of the band’s members have been on the road doing solo tours, including Glenn Frey, Joe Walsh, and the guy with the famous middle initial who landed at the Ridgefield Playhouse in Ridgefield, CT earlier this month: TIMOTHY B. SCHMIT.
Timothy, who will turn 65 later this year (October), pumped out a 16 song set that included three Eagles songs and two from Poco. All the remaining songs were from his solo career. On stage he bounced back and forth between bass and guitar.
He brought three soulful and gifted back-up singers with him on this spring tour and the crowd just loved them.
The most radio friendly songs that Timothy performed were:
I Can’t Tell You Why — Eagles
Love Will Keep Us Alive — Eagles
Keep on Trying — Poco
What Am I Gonna Do — Poco
I Don’t Want To Hear Anymore — Eagles
-- Tom Cuddy
Timothy B. Schmidt at the Ridgefield Playhouse
Exclusive Forgotten Hits Photo by Brad Joblin 

We recently told you about an upcoming special event that will celebrate Jimy Sohn's 66th Birthday. We heard from Rick Barr (who we first got to know as the drummer for The New Colony Six ... but who actually has SEVERAL different musical ventures going on right now, including drumming for Jimy's latest version of The Shadows Of Knight!) He brings us up to speed on some of them in the email below:  

Hi Kent!
Yes, I've been working with Jimy Sohns for a year and a half. I was a Shadow one summer about 10 years ago, subbing for Bean Wang, who had broken his hand in a vehicle rollover right at the start of the concert season. Those were the days! There were a few dates where Shadows would open for Colony. I'd play the Shadows set, race to change into costume and play the Colony set as the headliner. Great times.
Jimy's been doing a number of the "singers tours" for the past many years, frequently with Sonny Geraci, Melody Rush, and others, and then came back to Chicago from Florida a few years back. He's been working in the Chicago area off and on for over 30 years with a husband and wife, Mike and Cindy Gotshall, whom I played with 10 years ago in the Vacations.
There are two presentations ... Jimy Sohn's Rock N' Roll Sideshow is a smaller, more pop oriented, and very controlled atmosphere, with no amplifiers on stage, an electronic drum kit, etc, all designed to control volume for small venues. Recently we've been at Blues Bar in Mt. Prospect, Carlucci Restaurant in Oakbrook, with their summer concert series, Eaglewood Resort in Itasca, also for their Summer Concert series, and a freaky-strange club in Crystal Lake called the Living Room. We're booked again at Blues Bar 8/25.
(EDITOR'S NOTE: It's at the Blues Bar on August 25th that this special birthday celebration will take place ... in fact, we're hoping several of our '60's Local Heroes will stop by and hop on on stage that night, too! kk)
The Shadows of Knight feature more of Jimy's hits and album cuts, uses an acoustic kit and backline, and has a rotating roster of players including Gregg from the Cryan' Shames, Billy Sullivan from the Rasberries (currently in Gary Lewis' band), Mike Brock (also from Lewis' band), and others. The Blues Bar date was actually the Shadows presentation, and we had standing room only -- the band was named after Jimy's high school team, the Prospect Knghts, after all.
It's a terrific act. Jimy has a lot of remarkable stories to tell and he interweves them between the songs, and Mike and Cindy play and sing very well. Cindy is a fine keyboardist, and a classically trained mezzo-soprano, so we get to play Spanky and Our Gang, Cindy Lauper, Carly Simon, and KT Tunstall, while Jimy does a great job with some pop stuff from bands in the Shadows' past -- the Grass Roots, the Turtles, Dylan and the Byrds.
For me, it's a great time, since I absolutely love every song we're playing ... and really enjoy playing them.
The website is rocknroll ... Check it out.
My little work band, the Original Rockin Fenderskirts, continues to work like crazy, with a lot of park district dates. We were at Carol Stream Windsor Park last night, at the Cary Park District in Lions Park Thursday, at Gurnee's Summerfest 7/14, Wildwood's Park District 7/22, Deerfield's Community Center 7/27, Highwood Days 7/28, Lakemoor Fest 8/12, so interspersed with Sohns dates, I played 47 shows last summer, and this summer looks pretty busy as well.
Meanwhile, we're all still on best terms with The New Colony Six, too, but the Colony has suffered, like the Shames, in the shrinking of municipal budgets over the last 2 - 3 years. All the bands that used to open for us are now the headliners, at about 1/2 or 1/3 the price. The Colony does have a few corporate dates in the fall, but they're private, so we don't advertise them. Hopefully, the economy will improve and some towns will want to book us next summer.
Thanks for giving me the chance to share the details. Come on out and see us with the Sideshow. It's an enjoyable evening of pop, Shadows and stories.
Sounds like a great time, Rick ... love the fact that you're doing so much to help keep this great, classic music alive. (kk)   

Here's a recent shot of Tommy Roe backstage right before a performance in LaGrange, GA ... along with a photo of his brand new CD album cover, courtesy of Rick Levy.

My two favorite Tommy Roe songs are on the same 45. Sheila & it’s flip “Save Your Kisses”. That’s one he should do in concert!

Kent -
Ken Evans here. Nasty business computers!! But were would we be without them?
Ahh?? - probably fishing.
We are just in the process of signing a deal as to our "old" material, with a re-release date
of Sept 21.
Fuel 2000 Records will be doing numerous releases of our material much of which, and I feel some of the best of which, has never been heard before. This includes double CDs at first and then CD and Vinyl releases - just as this music "should" have been released all through the 60s. The entertainment and number of mentions you have given the band has been a big part of our inspiration to get this music back together and now finally re-mastered and out like never heard.
Ken / Furv
The Fifth Estate
Glad to hear this stuff is FINALLY coming out ... I know how hard you guys have been working on getting this out to market ... looks like all that effort is finally paying off.  Congratulations!  (kk)
Classic Rock Legends Jefferson Starship To Release Exclusive Live 4-CD Set 'Tales From The Mothership' ... The Paul Kantner Science Fiction Rock & Roll Motion Picture Show!
June 26, 2012 - London, UK - “Roswell UFO Parade & Festival Hosts Jefferson Starship Sci-Fi Extravaganza” read the headlines for the annual July 3rd event that took place in Roswell, New Mexico in 2009. Jefferson Airplane founder Paul Kantner and his legendary band Jefferson Starship and special guests, which included original Grateful Dead keyboardist Tom Constanten, performed a one-of-a-kind sci-fi concert at Pearson Auditorium in Roswell in honor of the town's famed annual parade. The group was also bestowed the honor of being the parade's 'Grand Martians' that year and rode atop a special float especially built for them. The entire concert was filmed and recorded, and in addition to such iconic hits as “White Rabbit”, “Somebody To Love”, “Volunteers”, “Wooden Ships” recorded by its forebear Jefferson Airplane (the last two penned by Kantner), a special programme of science fiction themed compositions and select recordings were performed, some for the first time ever! Now, much to the excitement of Jefferson Starship fans across the globe UK's Gonzo MultiMedia is releasing the the entire concert in an extravagant 4-CD box set.
In 1971 the band's first album (Paul Kantner's first solo album actually), 'Blows Against The Empire' was also the first rock music recording ever nominated for literary science fiction's prestigious Hugo Award. In addition to Kantner, 'Blows' featured a 'Who's Who' of Bay Area musicians including David Freiberg from Quicksilver Messenger Service. Freiberg and Kantner, later launched the ongoing Jefferson Starship, eventually writing the hit “Jane.” David rejoined the band full time in 2005.
In 1991 the late great rock impresario Bill Graham signed on to produce 'Blows' from a 'scripted stage play concept' co-written bu Paul Kantner and his (then) new manager Michael Gaiman, a lifelong fan. Sadly, Bill was killed in a helicopter crash and the idea was shelved until Sony Pictures pitched an 'option' for a 'Blows' motion picture in 1996. “That was a big year for sci-fi,” recalls Gaiman. Stemming from a shared interest in 1950s science fiction film and literature, Paul and Michael have worked together for nearly 25 years. In 2008 they co-produced (along with David Freiberg), 'Jefferson's Tree of Liberty,' Jefferson Starship's first studio recording in a decade. The album garnered stellar reviews worldwide. In 2009 Jefferson Starship headlined 'The Heroes of Woodstock', the authorized touring commemorative of the 1969 Woodstock Music & Arts Festival.
“On July 3rd, 2009, thanks to the Roswell UFO Festival Committee and Cool 94.9 Radio, we got to scratch that itch and assuage a long time desire to stage a mosh of rock music and science fiction,” says Gaiman.
Along with Paul Kantner and David Frieberg, Jefferson Starship also features lead singer Cathy Richardson (who played Janis Joplin on Broadway in 'Love, Janis') and longtime band members Slick Aguilar, Chris Smith and Donny Baldwin. In addition to Grateful Dead's Tom Constanten, special guests include Pete Sears (the band's former bass & keyboard player on all their hits), Barry Sless (guitar & pedal steel with Phil Lesh & Friends), former lead vocalist Darby Gould and legendary folk artist Jack Taylor, one of Paul Kantner's early musical influences.
Renegade Productions, the band's frequent collaborator ('Jefferson's Tree of Liberty' was the first album ever recorded in their new studio at the time) staged the production and provided custom sound, lighting and image projection. Karl Anderson of Global Recording Artists filmed the event dubbed 'Tales From The Mothership,' a joint production of The Roswell UFO Festival Committee and Jefferson Starship. “It's not a documentary, not a 'rockumentary', not a 'mockumentary'... it's a 'Spockumentary,” Gaiman quips.
Along with the entire concert from July 3, 2009, the 4-CD set also includes rehearsals from 6/27/2009 and the band's soundcheck before the show.
For more information:
File this under "What's The Point" ...
This year's Schaumburg Septemberfest (which has ALWAYS provided top-name entertainment year after year after year) released their rather disappointing line up recently.
Headliners include Grand Funk Railroad (featuring original members Don Brewer and Mel Schacher ... but NOT frontman, guitarist and lead vocalist Mark Farner, the guy who sang and wrote most of their biggest hits ... before they turned into a "remakes band" under the direction of Todd Rundgren) ... and "The Family Stone" (as in "Sly and the" ... but without frontman Sly Stone!!!) Seriously, what's the point? The most defining members of these mega outfits won't be on hand to provide the memories. (Sounds like if we go at all this year, we'll be spending our time in the BINGO Tent, scarfing down Texas de Brazille sausages!!!) kk   

Hey Kent
We got several DJ requests for this on MP3 and it mushroomed to 150 stations playing it this weekend and fourth of July! The song is in the new Tiki Lounge Vol 2 DVD & CD set on Gonzo Multimedia. Several new releases coming out in the months ahead: My way out Surf Space Instro CD "Area 51 Suite"on Gonzo, my 1992 "Flying To Machu Picchu" album reissued on Global Recording Artists Records and they are also releasing the Sky Saxon tribute compilation that Spirit drummer Ed Cassidy and I are on with my song "Two Guys From The 60's !
Merrell help center | e-mail options | report spam
manfrommu has shared a video with you on YouTube:
Merrell Fankhauser respectfully presents the world's very first surf instrumental version of our national anthem, the Star Spangled Banner. In true pioneer fashion, Merrell brings a clear surf style to a song that has been revered over the years and presents an honorable and interesting version for your pleasure and use. Dedicated Memorial Day 2010 to the men and women of the armed forces and others who have helped make this country great and a safe place to live.
Actually, this is a VERY cool reading of our National Anthem, Merrell ... thanks for sharing! (Wish we could have caught the wave for the 4th of July push but we were still down for the count at that point!) Meanwhile, I'm still happy to share it now so that others may enjoy it, too! (kk) 
And here's a release Hendrix fans will want to know about ... and we've got plenty of THOSE on our list!  (By the way, Jimi ALSO did a pretty cool reading of The National Anthem ... just in case anyone forgot!)

Jimi Hendrix

The Ultimate Lyric Book

Compiled by Janie L. Hendrix

Arriving in time for Hendrix’s 70th birthday
 is this collection featuring
never-before-seen songs, photos,
and handwritten lyrics.

MONTCLAIR, N.J. – Jimi Hendrix was such an extraordinary guitarist, it is easy to forget that just as much passion, soul, and precision went into his lyrics. Inspired by Bob Dylan, Hendrix was a fearless lyrical innovator, willing to let his imagination guide him to uncharted landscapes within the pop music realm.

From the existential euphoria of “I Don’t Live Today” to the elusive beauty of “Little Wing” to the psychedelic blues of “My Friend” to the otherworldly “1983 (A Merman I Should Turn to Be),” his lyrics remain among the greatest in the pantheon of rock, infused with the same inventiveness, virtuosity, and courage that informed his guitar playing.

Jimi Hendrix: The Ultimate Lyric Book (Backbeat Books, November 2012, $40) contains all the words to the Hendrix classics fans have rocked along to for years, as well as unpublished songs from “Valley of Neptune” and other previously undiscovered sources. Compiled by Jimi’s sister, Janie L. Hendrix, Jimi Hendrix: The Ultimate Lyric Book is extraordinarily personal, and includes numerous examples of Jimi’s handwritten lyrics, often scribbled on hotel stationery, as well as photos of him that accompany every song. Much of the material has never been seen before.

"When I was a child, I was always fascinated by my brother Jimi's handwriting," recalled Janie Hendrix, who compiled this collection. "It was an art form in and of itself. I remember the feeling of being captivated the first time I saw his handwritten lyrics, thinking how beautiful, how complicated both the writing and the words were on paper. Even now they offer such an insight into who my brother was and is."

Jimi Hendrix: The Ultimate Lyric Book will give fans a glimpse of the lyricist behind the songs, a songwriter whose words were just as searing as his solos.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Janie L. Hendrix, is president and CEO of Experience Hendrix™, LLC, the official Jimi Hendrix Family Company, and sister of the legendary guitarist. Her mission as head of the family company is to continue Jimi’s legacy and to preserve the integrity of his artistic contribution to musical history. She lives in Seattle.
November 13, 2012 $40 Hardcover 978-1-42349-268-9
304 pages 12" x 12" Heavily illustrated throughout
Backbeat Books is an imprint of Hal Leonard Performing Arts Publishing Group |

It Is Not Too Late to Join Everyone on the Malt Shop Memories Cruise!The 2012 Malt Shop Memories Cruise is 85% SOLD OUT! Don't miss Dion, Frankie Avalon, Bobby Rydell, Darlene Love, Ronnie Spector and many more performing live on the luxurious Holland America's m/s Eurodam.
Honor the amazing life and music-industry contributions of Dick Clark at our star-studded tribute. You are invited to participate in the Q&A as the marquee stars of the cruise share their personal memories of Dick Clark.
Newly added comedian David Brenner Brenner will keep you laughing with his side-splitting monologues. This legendary funny man holds the record for most appearances on The Tonight Show.
Only a few cabins remain. Reserve your spot now and tell your friends. If your friends book too, you both earn a $150 onboard credit.
This cruise is almost sold out! Don’t miss out on the fun! This boat is rocking with amazing artists, incredible dance parties, an Elvis tribute contest, and more!
It's easy to book your cabin. Just go to, call 877.700.MALT (6258), or email if you have questions.
Don't miss the boat,
book today!
I'm not so sure Bobby Rydell will still be taking part in this cruise ... he's had some MAJOR health issues recently ... but I did hear that Chicago Radio Legend Dick Biondi is now going to be on board. (Think you can fit me in your suitcase, Dick?) kk 

And, Speaking of Bobby Rydell ...   

We have now learned what the "major surgery" was that forced Bobby Rydell to cancel a tour of Australia. Bobby was released from a Philadelphia hospital Wednesday (July 18) after undergoing a double organ transplant July 9 - liver and kidney - after suffering cirrhosis of the liver due to excessive drinking. Doctors said without the transplants, Bobby would not have lived much longer. The 70 year-old hopes to spread the word in the future about organ donation.
-- Ron Smith  

Then this from Frank B:  

Kent ...
Wild Wayne talked to Bobby Rydell via phone.
I'm sure by now you know about Bobby's double organ transplant (Liver & Kidney).
Bobby said he was on the waiting list for six months. The doctor told him that without a new liver, he'd
be dead in three weeks.
The surgery was done at Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia. It took 20 hours. He's been home about a month. He has blood work done every Monday. The female donor who helped Bobby saved eight lives.
He plans to resume his career in late October.
He's supposed to go on "Malt Shop Memories Cruise".
He was really choked up during interview. Bobby said he received get well cards from fans all around the world.
Frank B.
Great to hear that Bobby's on the mend. From what I've always been told, he's a SUPER nice guy who truly loves and appreciates his fans. Maybe he'll make that Malt Shop Memories Cruise after all! (kk)  

And, in related "Wildwood" news ...  

*MORE CONCERT EVENTS: Charlie Gracie, the 5 Satins and the Del Satins at PENNS LANDING on SEPT. 9TH!

Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame inductee, Gregg Rolie, best known for his vocals and keyboard work with legendary music groups Santana and Journey, just wrapped up a tour with Ringo Starr's All Star Band ... and now he's got some solo shows coming up that you might be interested in seeing.
The Gregg Rolie Band will be playing select dates this August, 2012. The Gregg Rolie Band will be performing electrifying versions of several Santana classics such as "Evil Ways", "Black Magic Woman" "Soul Sacrifice", "Jingo" and "No One To Depend On" as well as tracks from Rolie's previous effort 'Roots' and new songs. The Gregg Rolie Band consists of Adrian Areas (son of original Santana percussionist Jose Chepito Areas) on Timbales, drummer Ron Wikso (who was also in The Storm), Elliot "Toby" Borrero on congas, Rocket Ritchotte on guitars, internationally acclaimed bassist Gary Brown and former Jean Luc Ponty keyboardist Wally Minko.
As you might imagine from his work with Santana and Journey, Gregg is no stranger to great musicianship. Given his experience and his desire to make the music the best it can be, he has chosen some of the best musicians in the world to bring his band and its music to life. Gregg was determined to resurrect the sound he helped shape and make famous as Santana's original lead singer and keyboard player, while at the same time bringing it forward to the 21st century. To do that required finding just the right mix of experience, musicianship and chemistry. Having worked with some of the biggest names in music over the years and having toured the world many times over, these musicians have the skills to interpret this music in the way it is meant to be interpreted, as Gregg so intimately knows.
“The band are great, because we all really enjoy each other and I think the sound reflects the fun we are having," says Gregg.
Up-Coming Gregg Rolie Band tour dates:
Sat Aug 18 - 2:00 PM - Salem Riverfront Park, Salem, OR
Sun Aug 19 - 8:00 PM - Columbia Gorge Hotel Amphitheater, Hood River, OR,
Wed Aug 29 - 8:00 PM - Lakes Performing Arts Center, Okoboji, IA
Visit Gregg Rolie's website for more information:

Congratulations to Tommy James, whose book "Me, The Mob And The Music", has just been named one of The Top 25 Rock And Roll Memoirs Of All-Time" by Rolling Stone Magazine ... and deservedly so.
Tommy's book (soon to be a major motion picture!) pulls no punches as he tells the whole back story of his success. (I'm actually re-reading it right now in conjunction with another project that I'm working on ... and it's a winner all the way!)
And, if you're one of the few folks out there who HASN'T already read it, you can pick up a copy for only TEN BUCKS at right now: Click here: Me, the Mob, and the Music: One Helluva Ride with Tommy James & The Shondells: Tommy James, Martin Fit
The complete list of winners can be found here:
(Steven Tyler's book ... which I just finished ... came in at #25 ... and Tommy's book finished 12th. And you can't do a list like this and leave out Keith Richards' book. Lots of other great titles on the list, too ... but two of MY favorites didn't make the cut. I absolutely LOVED Grace Slick's biography ... it showed me SO many things beyond the music ... and Chuck Negron's "Three Dog Nightmare" is MUST reading for any serious music fan. Talk about a guy who had it all ... and then LOST it all. And the incredible tales of Chuck's exploding penis will stay with you for the rest of your life!!!) kk