Friday, September 21, 2012

The Friday Flash

A few more quick tidbits as I'm running out the door ...


This is cool ... sent into us by FH Reader Bill Hengels ... an original 1966 WLS Silver Dollar Survey SIGNED by Jim Peterik ... with The Ides Of March Hit "You Wouldn't Listen" sitting at #7 on the chart!

What a great read this weekend, Kent! Learning about "the other" Ides of March was such fun. I was aware of Jim Peterik's connection with Chase, but didn't know it hadn't been covered in FH yet.
Jerry Collins played trombone with Chase in '72 - '73, yet he lived here in Nashville. In fact, he lived next door to the young lady who became my wife. She was a high-school student who did some babysitting for Jerry and his wife, taking care of their daughter Marcie from time to time. We've searched high and low for Jerry and can't locate him anywhere. My gal would love to catch up with little Marcie, who would now be in her 40s. I have seen Jerry's name listed on numerous jazz LPs from the 60s, before he hooked up with Bill Chase. It seems that Jerry was playing other gigs here in Nashville - perhaps at Opryland - when he wasn't touring with Chase.
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. 
Thanks, Kent.
David Lewis
We checked with several of our most reliable local sources trying to pinpoint Jerry's current locale but came up empty. Maybe some of the other folks with musical connections can help to point us in the right direction. (If somebody IS able to contact Jerry, have him drop me an email and I'll help to make the connection and provide a few more details.) Good luck, David ... let's see if anything comes back. (kk)  

Thanks for putting 'Run Back To Mama' on your post over the weekend. I have always liked that song. Listeners from our area remember a contest on Madison, Wisconsin, radio station WISM called 'Race For Chase'. The winning school got the group Chase to play at their high school. During that time they played 'Run Back To Mama' in heavy rotation on WISM. Chase played here in Richland Center shortly before the tragic plane crash.
Phil Nee - WRCO
And here in Chicago (from where both Chase and Jim Peterik hailed) I don't remember hearing the song at all! In fact, I don't think I even knew that Jim was involved with Chase in any fashion until recently. Believe it or not, I heard the song for the very first time when you featured it as part of our "Walk Don't Run" marathon program! (kk)

This from the WCBS-FM website (courtesy of FH Reader Frank B):
Founding member, keyboardist-singer Robert Lamm recently went out for coffee with Peter Cetera. But it just doesn’t look likely that there will be a reunion anytime soon: Cetera simply doesn’t want to commit to the band’s aggressive touring schedule.
Get the full story here:
It may surprise some of you to hear this, but this is a reunion I would NOT be in favor of. Cetera left the band in 1985 and had a string of successful solo singles (although he's been off the charts now for the past fifteen years, as have his former bandmates. However, Jason Scheff has done such a REMARKABLE job of filling those shoes for the past 27 years that it would be an extreme injustice to him to have to make way for a Cetera return. Yes, maybe they could milk this for a bigger tour and play larger venues but Chicago packs them in night after night after night doing exactly what they're doing ... I don't see any real reason (or benefit) at this point in inviting Cetera back. (Probably not what you'd expect to hear from me ... but I call 'em as I see 'em!) Cetera does limited shows now (we saw him as part of a David Foster extravaganza a few years back and he still sounds great) and he seems happy doing exactly that. There certainly is room for BOTH artists to exist ... Chicago doing the full gamut of hits and Peter Cetera doing the songs he made famous by handling the lead vocals. Let them both appeal to their own audience ... there is room for both. (Now if only The Buckinghams could adhere to this!!! lol)
Frannie feels differently about this ... she would LOVE to see Peter Cetera reunite with Chicago ... as a MAJOR Chicago fan her whole life, she wants to hear the guy who sang and created these hits ... and would love to see them back together again. (Honestly I find even the mention of this possibility insulting to Jason, who has provided top-notch entertainment for the past 27 years ... that's ten years longer than Cetera spent in the band!) Guess we'll beg to differ on this one! (kk)

>>>Kudos to Danny Lake at WLS-FM who played "Every Time I Think Of You" by The Babys on his Saturday Night All Request Show ... man, that one sounded SO good coming out of the radio again. (I can't remember the last time I heard it!) I tried to call you, Danny, to give you proper props on the air ... but nobody answered the phone! (How do you do an all request show and NOT answer the phone?!?!?) kk
You recently asked how is one able to do a request show on Saturday night without the D.J. on duty not answering the phone. I learned this lesson a few years ago. I was in a station here in the city where a certain D.J. does a request show on Saturday evenings from 7 PM until 12 midnight. I was surprised ... he wasn't even in the control room. His whole show was on voice track (assuming you know about that) with voice tracked requests given out over the air so many times per hour. Probably the one difference between his show and the one you called up was that he had his phone lines blocked or all of them were on hold. Indicating to anyone who tried to call in that the lines were currently busy.
Oh yeah, we know all about voice-tracking, a very common practice these days in radio. I miss some of the old nationally syndicated request shows (like Dick Bartley used to do) where listeners from all over the country would call in with their requests, meaning you'd get to hear a wide variety of musical selections not typically part of the daily, never-changing playlists. (If somebody would do that today I think it'd be a real hit ... hint to Scott Shannon ... go on the air LIVE for four hours on Saturday Night and find out what oldies the fans REALLY want to hear!!!) There are a few shows like this ... I know Mason Ramsey will take requests on ... and Tom Kent kinda does that on his program that airs here on Y103.9 ... but the request shows hosted by Danny Lake, and, until recently Dick Biondi and Jeff James were the best ... because every hour without fail you'd hear two or three songs that NOBODY plays anymore ... and, every once in a while, they'd even stump me, playing a song that I'd never heard before ... but SOMEBODY out there remembered 'cause it was part of what they listened to when they were growing up. That's what makes our "Helping Out Our Readers" column so much fun ... invariably, I discover "new" music each time we run one of these columns! (Our national "Show Me Your Hits" Series did the same thing ... local hits from all over the country that never made the national charts ... we discovered some real gems that way!) kk   

And speaking of songs you never hear anymore, kudos to Bobby Skafish over at The Drive for their fairly new "Lost And Found" segment that airs weekdays shortly after 5:00. The other night we heard "Hocus Pocus" by Focus, a #4 Hit from 1973 that has completely disappeared from the airwaves. (And let's face it ... how often do you get to hear a bunch of Dutch guys yodel to hard rock music?!?!)

Hi Kent,
Oh man it was so nice to hear that Kris Stevens is a nice guy since he was one of my heroes when I was a kid listening to WLS growing up in North Dakota.
We all enjoyed listening to Kris back in the day ... he was part of that new generation of personality jocks of the early '70's that made WLS The Big 89 that it was. And it sounds like he's still doing extremely well today, too! (kk)

Here in the OKC area back in the early sixties - 1964, a lot of the singles the Crickets made on Liberty
records made our local survey. I seem to remember songs like HE'S OLD ENOUGH TO KNOW BETTER and LONELY AVENUE for a couple.

I've seen the Crickets once before in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and they put on a really good show ... and they will be back in Lancaster next month for the Fall Doo Wop Spectacular at the American Music Theater and I look forward to seeing them again.
Tom Diehl

Kent ...
I love Buddy Holly and the Crickets. I have all their original albums. I knew back then that they would be great. That leads me to Sonny Curtis, who wrote "I Fought The Law". Don't get ahead of me ... let me say it ... it's time to update the mystery of Bobby Fuller's death.
Frank B.
Unfortunately I don't think there's any new information surrounding Bobby's death ... and I don't know that we'll ever really know the true circumstances surrounding his mysterious death ... which is why I still say this is the greatest rock and roll bio-pic never made.  (Think JFK ... Hoffa ... and Fuller!)  And do it right ... present it as a mystery ... with no clear-cut resolution at the end ... just show all of the different scenarios as we know them. I'll betcha it would put Bobby's music back on the charts again and, if done right, would fill the theaters due to great word of mouth!
Meanwhile, I think you should fly into Chicago to see The Crickets show ... when else are you going to get the chance to see these guys? They're part of rock and roll history! Come on out to Chicago, meet me and Ron Smith ... we'll all go out for a Chicago deep-dish pizza dinner, then head over to the concert and have a great time! (kk)

The Crickets are a part of Rock And Roll History and should not be missed. Sadly they were unable to attend their induction ceremony into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame due to the illness of Joe B. Mauldin so this chance to see them perform here live (and locally) is a real treat. Put me down for two tickets!

Buddy Holly's Original Crickets are performing on October 6th at The Arcada Theatre in St. Charles, IL. More information at the Arcada Theatre website: Click here: Arcada Theatre | Oshows

One line about the Crickets' upcoming live appearance caught my eye:
>>>The Crickets' vocalists will bring the actual hits they sang with Buddy Holly to St. Charles in the intimate setting of the Arcada Theatre.
As the Crickets played instruments but did not sing on any of the records they cut with Holly, one wonders what vocalists are being referred to. In most cases, backing vocals on records featuring Buddy were dubbed in later by one of several sets of singers who generally went uncredited: The Picks, The Roses, The Tollets, etc. Even The Hollies backed their namesake through the magic of latter-day overdubbing in 1980.
Gary Theroux
I asked promoter Ron Onesti (who owns the Arcada and books the acts there) if he could shed any light on the vocal situation. I haven't heard anything back yet ... but as soon as I do, we'll pass the info along. (kk)

John Lennon - Bermuda

The Event Featuring Heather Nova, Maxi Priest, and Roy Young, Also is the Multi-Media Launch of The Book and CD ‘Lennon Bermuda’ and a Double Fantasy Sculpture by Bermudian Artist Graham Foster, Commemorates The Ex-Beatle’s 1980 Summer Trip to Bermuda, Which Inspired the Songs of His Landmark ‘Double Fantasy’ Album

John Lennon - Bermuda

Thirty two years after John Lennon’s sailing trip to Bermuda sparked the creative renaissance that inspired the final album released in his lifetime; the island celebrates the late legend’s enduring spirit and vision with the "John Lennon Double Fantasy Bermuda Tribute," an all-star charity concert named for that landmark recording.
The show, which takes place at the Bermuda Botanical Gardens on Friday, September 21 at 8 p.m., will feature a wide array of performers, including Heather Nova, Maxi Priest, Biggie Irie, Judie Tzuke, Roy Young, Chewstick, Rachel Brown, Joy Barnum, Paul Muggleton, Bailey & Tallula Tzuke, Robert "Sai" Emery, Christina Frith, Jonathan Frith, Bailey Outerbridge, Steve Easton, Michael Cacy and others. Net proceeds from the concert will benefit Bermuda Charities.
Since 1982, the world has celebrated September 21 as the "International Day of Peace."
The event also marks the release of several commemorative multi-media items, including the star-studded Lennon Bermuda CD and launch of a Lennon Bermuda book.
The double CD includes 32 Lennon and Lennon-McCartney classics by many of the artists participating in the concert, in addition to Paul Carrack and Lennon’s widow Yoko Ono. The project, which retails for $20.00 and will also be available on the Lennon Bermuda website (, includes a bonus video of "All You Need Is Love."
Visitors to the John Lennon Double Fantasy Bermuda Tribute are also invited to view the new Lennon sculpture (also called "Double Fantasy") outside the Masterworks Museum of Bermuda in the Bermuda Botanical Gardens. It was created by Bermudian artist Graham Foster, who is best known for his huge mural "The Hall of History" inside the Commissioner's House at the Bermuda National Museum in Dockyard. The two-story, 1000 square foot interior mural depicts five centuries of Bermudian history and took approximately 7000 hours (over 3 years) to complete. On November 25th 2009, Her Majesty The Queen, officially opened the Hall of History mural and on this occasion was presented with a painting by the artist.
The sculpture was unveiled in May as part of the museum’s "Imagine The Art of John Lennon" art exhibit. Foster’s iconic image of Lennon also appears on the Double Fantasy Bermuda T-shirt, available for $20 at the event and in the shop section of the website.
On August 22, PRS For Music, the collecting society representing 90,000 songwriters, composers and music composers, became an official sponsor of the Bermuda tribute concert. PRS for Music has been present in Bermuda for a number of years promoting the value of copyright and raising awareness about the importance of music licensing which ensures that creators of musical works can earn a living. A team from PRS for Music are working with government departments, business leaders, music users, broadcasters and key stakeholders to discuss copyright issues, listen to concerns and understand what work needs to be done to improve the awareness of the requirement for music licenses in Bermuda and to highlight the continued importance of the Bermudan music industry.
Karen Buse, Director of International from PRS for Music, says, "We are delighted to be supporting such a fantastic event and tribute to one of the greatest musicians and British songwriters the world has ever known and enjoyed. We felt this was a great opportunity to be involved in something special which brings local and international music talent together and puts live music in Bermuda on the world map."
The Lennon-Bermuda story is a remarkable chapter in the singer’s final year. In June 1980, Lennon left Newport and became a passenger on the Megan Jayne for a five day sailing voyage to Bermuda that would change his life. Prior to his adventure to Bermuda, fans the world over had begun to worry about Lennon, as his drive for writing and creativity lacked vigor. The pressure to produce quality music, the pressure of his family and troubles got the best of him and his creative energy for songwriting suffered. Eventually the pressure and the reclusive lifestyle led to a self-imposed hiatus — a period he chronicled on Double Fantasy songs like "Watching the Wheels."
During this time, Lennon started to further explore his lifelong fascination with sailing. Lennon immersed himself in the culture of sailing, learning the ropes and even acquiring a small boat for himself. After consulting with Takashi Yoshikawa, then the leading authority on Ki, Lennon was told to sail to the southeast to overcome the negative shadows casting over him.
After agonizing days at sea with twenty-foot thrashing waves, forceful winds and ultimately facing the threat of life or death, Lennon arrived in Bermuda a different man from the one who left Newport. From seasickness to being the captain at one point and the uncertainty of life, Lennon later cited the journey to Bermuda as a life altering and inspirational experience that was a major part of the catalyst for the end of his five year song writing block.
Arriving to Bermuda felt like an accomplishment, and spotting land was like seeing the gates finally open before him and leaving the journey behind them. The combination of the prospect of death with the sun and the sand inspired new music and lyrics that marked the revival of Lennon’s creative spirit. Lennon spent the following weeks with passion and enthusiasm as he wrote his final songs. Double Fantasy, his first recording in five years, was named after a flower he observed in Bermuda. He returned home not only with new songs but with a new vision and enthusiasm for life itself.
John Lennon’s legacy has been honored numerous times by musicians throughout the world, but the Double Fantasy Bermuda Tribute — the concert, statue, book and CD — is the first official celebration of his intimate connection to the famous island.
For more information please visit the official website:

More big shows coming up at The Arcada Theatre ... including some new dates for 2013:
TONIGHT! - September 21st - Kansas (just a few tickets left)
Saturday, October 6th - The Crickets
Sunday, October 7th - The Go Gos (featuring all of the original members)
Saturday, October 13th - Dana Carvey
Saturday, October 27th and Sunday, October 28th - Chazz Palminteri Tells A Bronx Tale (a one-man play)
Friday, November 2nd - Asia (reuniting all four original members)
Friday, November 9th - The Bronx Wanderers
Sunday, November 18th - UFO (The first show sold out ... so a second show has been added. And, as another special bonus, you can catch The Michael Schenker Group on Friday October 26th)
Saturday, December 1st - Jingle Bell Rock, featuring Eddie Money, Edgar Winter and John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band
Friday, December 7th - Air Supply (also a Christmas show)
Friday, December 14th - The Diamonds Christmas Show
Saturday, December 15th - Clay Aiken's Christmas Special
And new for 2013 ...
January 19th - Jim Peterik's World Stage
April 12th - Boz Scaggs
April 13th - Debbie Reynolds
May 4th - Frankie Avalon

More shows coming soon!

Hi Kent,
Man, I'm craving one of those amazing Chicago dipped italian beef sandwiches right now!
OK, on the news front - as you know, I interviewed the fascinating Andrew Loog Oldham a few issues ago in The Beat. I know you and most of your readers know who he is and are familiar with his story. He now lives in Colombia (South America) and British Columbia (Canada) and has a son living in Brooklyn; I have a daughter living in Washington Heights. Early in October we're going to meet for lunch in the city. Am I excited? You can believe it! I'll tell you and your readers all about it after it occurs.
All the best,
ps: Happy, healthy rockin' new year to all who celebrate
-- Robert Z. Rush, D.C. (DrRZR)
"The U.S. Beat by Dr. Robert" for "The Beat" Magazine, a terrific oldies magazine from England
(which your readers can now buy online, I understand!)
Would love to run your Andrew Loog Oldham interview in Forgotten Hits if you're interested ... I'm sure our readers would enjoy it ... just let me know.  Thanks, Bob!  (kk)

Regarding who first played a Beatles record in North America, in mid to late December of 1962, on a Saturday evening Toronto Ontario radio station CFRB 010AM, on the program "Calling All Britons", played Love Me Do. One possible explanation on how they got the single is George Harrison's uncle Edmund French emigrated to Toronto. He may have been sent a copy of the UK single from Liverpool and he sent it to CFRB radio station.
Gary Horaczek
We've covered The Beatles on Canadian radio before ... usually this distinction goes to Ray Sonin, although we found some discrepancies regarding whether he first played "Love Me Do", "Please Please Me" or "From Me To You", because some of his recollections simply referred to the record as "the one with the harmonica" ... which could be any one of these three tunes! (Scroll back to our December 21, 2010 column for more on this topic.)  
Without question, the U.S. was VERY late to the party when it came to discovering The Beatles ... they were already selling tons of records throughout Europe (and even Canada) before they first appeared on the national charts here in The States. Our article was based on who first played a Beatles record in America, however, so we're still sticking with our story on this one. (kk)

Speaking of being late to the game, I find myself a bit tardy on this one.  My brand new, favorite song is already a year old ... but we didn't first hear it until a couple of weeks ago when it played over the speakers during a break at the New Invaders concert in Bloomingdale.  What a GREAT tune!!!  Very old-school sounding ... but Mayer Hawthorne totally nail it on this one.  (Consider this my "New Music For Old People" contribution ... speaking of which you can check out Al Kooper's latest selections right here:
Please check out "The Walk" by Mayer Hawthorne ... if you don't already know and love this song, you will.  (Shouldn't this have been a MAJOR hit?!?!?)

>>>I'm afraid I am not going to be able to watch The Voice anymore. Would someone please tell Christina to put her breasts away? I'm not a prude ... I think cleavage is pretty ... but this is way beyond good taste and her boobs are ugly. I'm sure men would disagree but what about a little decency ... this is prime-time T.V.? (Stacee McDermott)

>>>Rumor has it that all of the judges are going to be replaced in January when the series returns ... but the only one who has officially stepped down thus far is Christina Aguilera. We've noticed Xtina "tucking 'em in" a few times already this season ... and it really does look quite ridiculous ... but if watching this show means that I've got to stare at Christina's boobs for another 13 weeks, so be it ... this is just one of the sacrifices that I'm willing to make for the sake of the arts. (kk)

Well, we were close ... it was announced earlier this week that Cee Lo Green would also be stepping down as a judge for next season ... but Adam Levine and Blake Shelton are staying on. They'll be joined by new judges Usher and Shakira (maybe they don't have to pay as much if the new judges only have one name instead of two???). I'm really surprised Usher is willing to put his career on hold long enough to do this ... and Shakira on the panel may change the whole make-up of what kind of contestants will be competing next year, opening up the market to a much larger Latin-based demographic. Christina said she may return later ... and Cee Lo says that he'll definitely be back for Season Five ... he's just got a new record he wants to promote. So while we'll certainly all miss the weekly showing Christina's dangling boobs, we'll never confuse her with Shakira whose breasts, as we all know, are small and humble ... so you don't confuse them with mountains. (Hey, her words, not mine!) kk