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The Music of the '60's (Part 2)

The Fifth Grade '60's Music Essays continue today in Forgotten Hits ...

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Essay #6:   

Do you know a lot about 60's bands? the 1960's had so many different types of bands. They ranged from the wild and crazy Rolling Stones to a more quiet band like the Searchers. I like some of the bands from the British Invasion.  

One of the most popular bands of the British Invasion was The Beatles. The Beatles had several #1 hit songs like "I want to Hold your Hand". Their big break was on the Ed Sullivan Show. The band had 4 members, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, George Harrison, and John Lennon. George Harrison died from cancer and John Lennon was shot.  

One of my favorite 60's Bands was the Animals. The lead singer was Eric Burdon. The Animals most popular song was The House of the Rising Sun. I liked the Animals music because it was more calm and had a great beat. The way Eric Burdon held out his notes made the song feel more country.
Overall the 60's was a great time for music. There are several bands that are still together making music today, 50 years later. The bands and sounds of the 60's are like the grandfathers of todays music. 

Essay # 7:   

THE 1960'S   

What time period in the 1900's interests you? Is it the 1920's when blues and ragtime were popular? Is it the 1950's when Frank Sinatra, Glen Miller, and Benny Goodman were popular? Or was it the 1930's, the time of the great depression and swing music? Well, the 1960's interests me the most.  

The 1960's was a time of a wide variety of music. Types ranging from Rock & Roll to the Californian sound. Popular singers included The Beatles, Janis Joplin, The Rolling Stones, and the Beach Boys. One band, Herman's Hermits, had an innocent sound, unlike the Rolling Stones. The Rolling Stones had a diry , raw, nitty gritty sound. The Animals sang rock blues. Possibly one of the most well known bands, The Beatles, either sounded innocent, technical, or sang acid rock. Freddie and the Dreamers, had a silly, comedic sound, singing songs like "Do the Freddie". The Beach Boys, sang songs using the approach of the Californian sound. Janis Joplin, a female rock singer, sang pure rock. The 1960's was the decade of many genres of music.  

Herman's Hermits was a band in the 1960's. They used the be known as 'The Heartbeats'. Soon, they realized singer Peter Noone, resembled a cartoon character, Sherman, and they changed their name to 'Herman's Hermits. The British band from Manchester, soon had a record deal from Mickie Most, and their first record, "I'm Into Something Good'. Herman's Hermits wasn't just popular in Britain, but had two No. 1 hits in the USA, "Mrs. Brown You've Got a Lovely Daughter", and a cover of Harry Champion's, "Henry the Eighth I Am". Soon, the Monkees came onto the television, and 'shunned' Herman's Hermits, decreasing them in popularity. Peter left the band soon after, and their name will forever go down in the history of music.  

The 1960's was a time of many types of music like rock and roll, and R&B. Herman's Hermits, a band of the British Invasion, were one of the popular groups during the 60's. 

Hmm ... looks to me like THIS student may have been a little "influenced" by his teacher's "noonatic"-like obsession with a certain charismatic young British pop star!?!?!?  Then again, maybe he's smarter than all of us ... and just figured that this was simply the quickest and easiest way to earn an "A" on his paper!!!  lol (kk) 

Essay # 8   

THE 60'S MUSIC    

What decade of music do you like? Do you like big bands from the 1940's? Or do you like disco from the 1970's? Maybe you like rap from the 1990's? I like the British Invasion of the 1960's. 

The British Invasion was a good happening with many bands. The Beatles came in with such a unique sound, even cover songs done by other groups don't sound as magnificent as The Beatles themselves performing them. Herman's Hermits blew away the crowd with the Peter Noone, the lead singer, who looked like JFK, and had a voice three times as good as his looks. The Animals brought back the good old song of Ledbelly, "House Of The Rising Sun". Herman's Hermits quickly followed with "Henry The VIII I Am", by Harry Champion. The British Invasion brought rock and roll back from its drop out of fame from the 50's. Everybody loved rock and roll again. The British Invasion was a celebration of music.  

The Beatles had so many huge performances. Ed Sullivan must have liked The Beatles! He invited them in four times. One of these times they sang 6 songs, including "I Want To Hold Your Hand", and "She Loves You". When they appeared the fourth time, they also sang 6 songs including "Help". On top of that, The Beatles had a concert in Shea Stadium. There they sang many original songs and the cover song "Twist and Shout". The cover song was even better than the Righteous Brothers' and the Isley Brothers' version. Then The Beatles gave a satellite performance with "All You Need is Love". Performances were huge for The Beatles.  

When I listen to all of the bands I mentioned, I'm reminded how The British Invasion was a great event that changed millions of lives. Also when I hear The Beatles, I imagine the huge performances, which changed concerts for generations to come. 

Looks to me like Student #8 may have been looking over the shoulder of Student #7 ... that first sentence is just a little bit TOO familiar! Then again, I like the fact that some of these kids saw that the music of the '60's reached beyond The British Invasion ... although I must admit it's MY favorite music of the decade, too! (kk)

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