Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Helping Out Our Readers

We've had some real surprises in these pages over the years ... everything from trying to locate long, forgotten songs ... to long, lost comrades ... to trying to sell a collectible sports car ... to trying to help out-of-work deejays land a new gig ... and now helping to place a background singer! Check this out!

Hello Kent,
Ron Dante turned me on to your site and suggested that I make contact.
I worked with the late Davy Jones for 19 years as a side man in concert, primary producer / multi-instrumentalist / arranger in the studio, merchandiser, and close friend. I also played bass in the road band for the last Monkees reunion tour (2011).
Ron said I should inform people in your circle that I am looking for work with a veteran music act, specifically as bassist, or keyboardist, and I also sing (3.5 octave range) lead or harmony. Should you or someone you know need me for a full time chair or part-time subbing, please send them my way.
Thank you and keep on rockin',
Johnny J Blair "Singer at Large"
For music, images, and history:
Hey, I'm willing to give it a shot ... quite a few oldies artists on the list ... so let's see if we get any nibbles. All the contact information you need is here ... good luck, Johnny! (kk)

And how about this one? Anybody know how we might put Diane Diekman in touch with Merle Haggard. Her previous biographies of Faron Young and Marty Robbins certainly prove she's capable of handling a story like this ... so why not the ultimate biography of Merle Haggard???
I would like to write Merle Haggard's biography. I want to have his support, though, and I don't know how to get in touch with him. Although having your subject's support isn't necessary, it makes the job a whole lot easier. I would like to be able to ask questions, obtain information, and have Merle say yes when people ask him if they should talk to me. Does anyone out there know how I might contact him?  
A biography is the life story of someone else, an autobiography is your own life story, and a memoir covers a portion of your life. Information for biographies comes mainly from research and interviews with acquaintances, not from the subject's personal stories. Living people are concerned that a biographer might show them in an unfavorable light -- they have no control over what is actually written. The biographer, if sued, has to prove the information in the book is accurate. I hope my Marty and Faron biographies give me enough credibility that Merle would feel he could trust me to portray his life with accuracy and balance. I'm confident I could write an objective Merle Haggard biography that might even please Merle Haggard.
Diane Diekman

>>>I've attached two more photos, one of the Ides, the second a photo of Chase my wife had. No identification on the back side of the Ides photo. On the back of the Chase photo, there is a partially torn label that reads: LE Mackie, Samanth Bldg., 243 Bree St, Johannesburg. P.O. Box 2943 Tel. 23-8029. I'm sure that somebody could identify the members in this picture. (Lunytoon)

Hey Kent,
Lunytoon sent a couple of photos to your site. One of them was of the band, Chase.
This was taken during the tour of their second album, "Ennea".
L to R are members Jerry Van Blair and Alan Ware (trumpets), Phil Porter (keys), Angel South (guitar), Gary Smith (drums), G. G. Shinn (lead vocals), Dennis Johnson (bass), and Ted Piercefield and Bill Chase (trumpets). I saw concerts of the band during tours of the first and second albums, and always was floored by its huge sound. I did get to talk to some of the members, and got the biggest kick out of Angel.
-- John LaPuzza

I was looking through your web page and thought I would drop you a line to see if you remember an oldie from the late 60's. It was played on "The Psychedelic Circus" in Chicago and some of the lyrics would go like ... "Why can't we reach the stars ... why can't we fly", etc. Just wondering if this strikes a bell with you.
The only song I can think of along those lines is "One Fine Morning" by Lighthouse ... but I don't think that would have been played on "Psychedelic Circus" ... plus it didn't come out until 1971. (Ned told me that this ISN'T the song he's referring to.) Anybody else got any other ideas on this one? (kk)

 Hey Kent,
Back in the Summer of 1964, my next-door neighbor told me about a new 45, that his sister just brought home. I went over to his house, and listened it on their big console stereo. It was "Yesterday's Gone", by The Overlanders I really liked it, especially, the lead singer's tenor voice. It became a hit in this area. Later, I found out that it was written by Chad Stuart of Chad and Jeremy. It wasn't much longer that their version was released. Compared to The Overlanders' rendition, I thought Chad and Jeremy's was lifeless! I really liked the lead vocal being an octave higher in The Overlanders' recording. To me, it was much more exciting. You never EVER hear The Overlanders record on oldies stations, only Chad and Jeremy's. I really haven't heard of The Overlanders since then, but I put on a search for their song, and found it on Youtube. Do you remember this recording, and do you know how high it charted? Click here: The Overlanders-Yesterday's Gone - YouTube
- John LaPuzza
We've covered The Overlanders a couple of times before. Their version of "Yesterday's Gone" never charted here in Chicago, but their follow-up hit "Don't It Make You Feel Good" went all the way to #7 here. Nationally, '"Yesterday's Gone" hit #52 in Record World and "Don't It Make You Feel Good" went to #95. Personally, I prefer the Chad and Jeremy version ... I just think it's a much smoother and cleaner version ... but these are both worth hearing again. (kk)

>>>The Osborne guide does not even list the picture sleeve and he still shows his name

as Tobin Mathews! (Joel Whitburn)
>>>Well, Jerry Osborne is a Forgotten Hits reader ... you need to get on this one, Jerry! (kk)
I have two copies of the 45, with one T and two T's. I do not own the picture sleeve though (which I'd assume exists only with two T's as that error was corrected quickly on the 45). Tobin wrote me a few days ago asking for my help in finding a copy of his record Susan on the Australian CBS Coronet record label. I've never seen one of these beyond this picture but if anyone has a copy of the Australian pressing I would love to get it into Tobin's hands. For that matter the only non-US Tobin 45 I have seen has been a UK pressing of Can't Stop Talking About You, another fantastic record of his written by Gerry Goffin and Carole King and featured on the recent ACE cd Something Good: From the Goffin & King Songbook.
Tom Diehl

Yes, we've run pictures of Tobin's best-known hit "Ruby Duby Du" showing his name spelled with one "t" and two "t"'s in the past ... but I wasn't aware that his records were also be pressed for the foreign market.

Joel Whitburn also sent in the Cash Box Clipping from back in the late '50's ...

Here in Chicago his follow-up single "Steel Guitar Rag" was listed as an "extra" on the Top Tunes Of Greater Chicagoland Chart ... but never officially charted. (kk)

Ok .. so here is a really way out question that has been bothering me for years. Maybe you can help put my mind at ease.
I lived in the West Rogers Park area of Chicago - on the 3000 block of Sherwin Avenue. We moved to the suburbs in 1970 when I was age 14.
I could swear that THE FLOCK lived down the block from me at the corner of SHERWIN and ALBANY. I have a vivid memory of trick or treating one Halloween and several (ahem) long haired rock star looking guys answered the door in boxer shorts. For some reason, I heard that this was the house where The Flock lived. As I muddled my way as a teenager in the early 1970's I think I 'fogged up' that area of memory in my brain.
Is there any way you can check with Fred Glickstein and see if he was indeed my neighbor? This has been nagging me for awhile and affirmation would convince me that that portion of my brain has started to make a comeback nearly 40 years later. I have a wispy shadow of a memory that he may have lived near my cousin on Fairfield Avenue - but that is more of a Deja Vu.
I passed your note along to Fred Glickstein but hadn't heard anything back yet by press time. He's a pretty good guy so I do expect to hear from him. As soon as I do, I'll let you know. (kk)