Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Happy Tuesday!

LOTS of uproar over the end of the Twinkie ... do people REALLY think that somebody is going to buy these for $1000 a piece?!?!?

>>>A new chance for the Fifth Estate to ruin their garage rock reputation again with a re-do of their massive bubblegum hit. "Ding dong, the ding dong is Dead!" 
(Clark Besch)


You guys read our bloody minds!
Ricky and I are going out this afternoon - getting good and drunk and coming up with it.
If people want Ding Dongs well ...
Reputation is a strange thing isn't it!!??? We love ruining it. Hey, that's actually a lot more fun than having a great one but being dead from drugs or somebody shooting you, or worse trying to act like you are really cool all your life, if you even happen to survive that long. I think WE had it right all along.
Plus I love Ding Dongs. This is a really emotional thing for me.
(The Fifth Estate)

And now this gem from R.I.P. Renfield:

Kent -  
On that Ding dong Ding dong thing - man, we got blasted tonight. Had a lot of laughs.
Just recovering, but we've done some of our best work that way. Maybe our only work that way???
I dunno ... can't really remember.
We even worked up a follow-up - Heigh Ho Ho Heigh Ho Ho - It's off to Mexico they go go!!! Etc.
AND as people (not us) keep saying under that song on the Youtube posting of it - You can't go wrong with a good Hi Ho Ho. Heh heh!!
Naw, let's get serious - bloody once was more than enough for this crazy stuff!!!
We decided we would rather forge an immaculate reputation again this time and no amount of quick cash or instant money or even ho hos can talk us out of it - I don't think??
(But I must admit, it's a close call on the ho hos!!)
Actually, I hadn't even thought of that ... "Ding Dongs" followed by Heigh "Ho Ho"'s .... man, that's a match made in junk food heaven!!! (kk)


Sticking with our 1967 Theme from yesterday, we figured we feature a few more Forgotten Hits from this great year in music.

Each and every one of these tunes was a Top 40 Billboard Hit 45 years ago today ... man, talk about your diversity on the charts!

"Beg, Borrow And Steal" was the first chart hit for The Ohio Express ... they'd be the Kings of Bubblegum a year later with hit records like "Yummy Yummy Yummy", "Down At Lulu's" and "Chewy Chewy", all of which have virtually disappeared from the airwaves. This week they were at #35.

Moving up the countdown, we find Chicago's own Spanky And Our Gang at #19 with "Lazy Day".  You might hear "Sunday Will Never Be The Same" or "Like To Get To Know You" once in a while ... but when was the last time you heard THIS Top 20 Hit???

And finally, holding down the #12 spot was Hugh Masekela's wife Miriam Makeba with the ultra-catchy "Pata Pata" ... just try getting THIS one out of your head today!!!