Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Saturday Reviews


Wow! You talk about MUST SEE TV!    

This is "The Legends of Laurel Canyon, The Complete Documentary"

This was recently recorded in L.A. and features everyone that lived in L.A.'s Laurel Canyon back in the day. We're talking Micky Dolenz and Peter Tork, to Mama Cass Elliot and the Mamas & Papas, Jackson Browne, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, The Byrds, The Buffalo Springfield, Love, Jimi Hendrix, Joni Mitchell, The Mothers of Invention, Alice Cooper ... and the list goes on ... hell, for all I know, YOU may have lived there back then!

I suggest you sit down, relax with your favorite adult beverage or "WHATEVER", and watch this thing in it's entirety It's about 75 minutes long, but is a walk down music history of the 60's.
Enjoy my friends, I did!

Hi Kent,
In case you haven't seen anything about this, I'll pass it on.
A documentary aired on the ABC station in LA last weekend called The Legends of Laurel Canyon. In it, they talk about many of the folks that lived in the area in the 60's and early 70's.   

You can view the whole thing ... around an hour, I think ... here: Click here: WATCH: The Legends Of Laurel Canyon, The Complete Documentary | News | Music News | Noise11     

I have seen a couple of books at on the subject but haven't read any of them. Have you?

Actually the BEST book I have seen on this subject is by our FH Buddy Harvey Kubernik ... HIGHLY recommended ... another "coffee table" type book paying homage to this incredible era in rock and roll music history. You can grab your copy here:

And it's on sale, too!!! Nearly $12.00 off ... you will not be disappointed. (And be sure to check out Harvey's book on The Monterey Pop Festival, too ... we ran a review here:) kk    


And, speaking of great books, we just read another one!   


I just finished reading an EXCELLENT book by Sheree Homer called "Rick Nelson: Rock 'n' Roll Pioneer" ... highly recommended!   

While Sheree admits that she's a bit "new to the game" of Rick Nelson's music, she has done an excellent job of recreating the excitement of this era ... and bringing life to every phase of Rick's career.  Personally, I'm a lifetime fan ... and have read countless pieces on Rick over the years ... I've seen him perform live half a dozen times and have hundreds of Nelson video pieces in my collection ... yet I still learned things I never knew before. This book is jam-packed with information from cover to cover, with lots of photos you've never seen before, too!   

Sheree covers Rick's entire career ... from cute, irrepressible Ricky on his parents' television show ... to rock and roll / rockabilly pioneer ... to country / rock innovator ... to the Madison Square "Garden Party" fiasco ... and his late '70's / early '80's return to his roots ... right up to the end. (Unfortunately, as you already know, Rick's story has a VERY sad ending.)   

You'll find lots of stats, facts and figures and some in-depth looks behind the scenes, thanks to numerous quotes from Rick's former bandmates and associates. (You'll find lots of Rick's quotes sprinkled throughout the book as well ... Sheree really did her homework on this one ... and, in addition to pouring over hundreds of recorded documents also interviewed over 40 of Rick's close friends, family members and associates to give you a very up close and personal look at Nelson's amazing career.)   

It's a well-written, informative book that holds your interest from cover to cover ... speaking of which, I just LOVE the cover ... what a GREAT shot of Rick, circa 1964 - 1966.  

You can order your copy here:
Click here: Rick Nelson,Rock 'n' Roll Pioneer: Sheree Homer,Foreword by Bruce Berenson: 9780786460601: Books   

Or right through the publisher, McFarland, at; 1-800-253-2187.

And we've got a great, too oft-forgotten Rick Nelson track from 1963 for you today, too ... 

Tell me THIS one wouldn't sound great coming out of your radio every once in a while!!!