Friday, November 2, 2012

Who's Gonna Play 'Em?

We can bitch all we want about the songs that radio chooses NOT to play ... legitimate, bona fide hits that captured our hearts back in the day ... many of which STILL sound fresh and exciting today (especially after not hearing them much for awhile) ... but if radio's not gonna play them, then who is?!?!?   

Well ... WE are!!!   

We've been pushing the Forgotten Hits concept for 13 years now ... and, as such, I offer a new commitment ...   

We will now feature ... with every new posting ... a Forgotten Hit somewhere within the piece ... 

Even if it has absolutely nothing to do with the piece and has to run as a "stand alone" segment.    

We're reclaiming and redefining our mission ... and we're backing up our stance ... radio needs a make-over ... and these songs STILL sound great (if somebody will only play them!)  And I whole-heartedly believe that your listening audience will agree if given the chance.   

Call them suggestions ... and (with a little bit of luck) maybe some of the jocks on the list will take them that way (and actually program a few of these into THEIR broadcast day as well!) ...     

Call them the music that time and radio has forgotten ...  

Call them whatever you want.   

But we're returning to our original purpose and rededicating ourselves to doing our part to keep this great music alive.   

Here are three such suggestions ... each and every one of them legitimate Top 20 Hits from the '60's ... and proven fan favorites ... So why aren't these songs part of regular programming?  (Or, at the very least, featured once in a while as an occasional "WOW" song?!?!?)

Yep ... today we show you what radio COULD (or is that should?!?!?) sound like (with just a little "outside the box" thinking!)  Is there really a listener out there who wouldn't be pleased to hear one of these tracks again???  (kk)

Or Chuck or Bob or Brian or whoever ... just give it a shot and see how your audience reacts ... you just may be surprised.  And, for those of you playing at home, we're giving YOU the chance to play dee-jay, too.  Run these songs together ... overlap at the fade ... do your best "to the post" dee-jay rap over the intros ... have fun with these ... 'cause this is good-time music at its very best! 

And for more great variety and surprises, be sure to tune into The Drive for the next eight days as they go through their massive album library and feature favorite tracks from A to Z.  It all starts this morning at 6 am Chicago Time ... and will run for a little over a week ... 2000+ great tunes in alphabetical order ... with absolutely NO repeats!!!
Give it a listen right here: