Wednesday, December 12, 2012

More Garage Band Comments

That Blues Magoos clip was a classic for sure! The Trashmen at 20??? I don’t think so! Higher, Daddy, Higher!  
Hey, all we're doing is reporting the way YOU guys voted!!! Top 20 is still pretty damn impressive 'tho! (kk)

Not sure if you’re on Facebook (I’m not) but on the Raiders page Paul calls out Jack Black (for laughs) over a statement he made on the CBS morning show. He said that he’s seen guys in their 40s rock out, even guys in their 50s and 60s, but NEVER someone in their 70s! It got a huge response from people on Facebook. It’ll be interesting to see if Jack shows up on stage to duke it out in a Rock-Off with Paul. I love Jack Black and Tenacious D so I’d love to see that!
Keep up the great work, buddy, and have a great holiday season.
Paul Revere and the Raiders
Actually, I DID see that ... I think it was in the Pollstar Interview that we ran the other day ... funny stuff (and Paul can absolutely back up his claims on this one ... 'cause we've seen him do it ... and this guy rocks out with the best of them!!!)
I’d like to give a challenge to Jack Black. I saw him on “Sunday Morning” on CBS and he said, “Man, I’ve seen bands rock in their 30s, I’ve seen bands rock in their 40s, 50s and even 60s, but I’ve never seen a band rock in their 70s.”
And I’m going, “Whoa. Dude! You haven’t met Paul Revere & The Raiders! I’m going to be 75 in January and I’m on fire, baby!” I want to do a rock-off with Jack Black! We’ve gotta take him on, man. He obviously hasn’t seen us because then he’ll know people can really rock in their 70s.
A really close friend of mine is Dick Richards, the drummer for The Comets, and he’s going to be 90 this year and he still does a drum solo that would set your hair on fire. What Comets are left still tour over in Europe, and he’s an animal.
So, Jack Black: There are still old people out there who are rockin’ big time!
-- Paul Revere

Regarding the Favorite Garage Bands Countdown and Paul Revere and the Raiders' finish at #6 (for "Just Like Me") ... >ahem< WE'RE NOT WORTHY!!! WE'RE NOT WORTHY!!! WE'RE NOT WORTHY!!! 
And, speaking of other artists influenced by PR&R, have you ever heard Van Halen's pre-fame rendition of "Kicks" that's been floating around in the youtubes? Diamond Dave and the boys showed that one some r-e-s-p-e-c-t ... although there is no film for us to see if Eddie and Michael went in for any high-steppin' synchronized choreography. 
With garagiest regards,  
Click here: Van Halen - Kicks (1973) - YouTube

Hi Kent. 
"I Had Too Much To Dream" was co-written by Annette Tucker, from whom I took a songwriting workshop circa 1979. It was one-night a week for something like 6-8 weeks at her home in the Hollywood Hills, assisted by her man Arthur Hamilton ("Cry Me A River", later president of ASCAP and a very cool guy). Annette said that she had the Rolling Stones in mind for IHTMTD. 
BTW, there are at least a few bands on your list that I do not consider as garage in any way. 
And while I'm here, let me also put in a plug for my new CD, "Change Comin' On" by Gary E. Dave the Rave played my song "Can You Feel Me" on his syndicated show last week. gem  
It sounds like The Electric Prunes did a number of Stones songs in their act prior to hitting the big time ... actually it sounds like MOST of the bands in our countdown idolized The Stones. I don't necessarily agree with all of the nominees either ... but this is the way the readers have voted so we're going with it. With just over 9000 votes cast, I'd consider this to be a pretty fair and accurate representation of the favorites. (Did you vote?) kk  

I had forgotten all about The Leaves' version of 'Hey Joe' -- you're right, today we only seem to remember the Jimi Hendrix version -- but it was The Leaves who cut it first and had the hit.   
Everybody from The Leaves ... to Hendrix ... to Love ... to Wilson Pickett ... to CHER(!!!) ... cut this tune back in the '60's ... it truly IS a Garage Band Classic! (kk)

Sorry, Kent ... I can't agree with you on Hey Joe. Hendrix rules.
On the Knickerbockers, they were hugely popular in the AlbaNY area. Besides being great Beatles imitators they had some early hits in AlbaNY. All I Need Is You sounded like the Skyliners. Jerk Town sounded like Major Lance.
Mark the Shark
To each his own ... I think if The Knickerbockers could have gotten their hands on more commercial music they could have been more than just a one-hit wonder. Let's face it ... they WERE the "sound of the day" back then. (kk)
We're really enjoying the countdown this week, Kent. I've mentioned this to some friends who don't normally read FH, so hopefully some newbies will be clicking and reading.
Great info and a good selection of tracks.
This Love track is a serious departure from the two you featured, and it's the one that has staying power, in my opinion. 

David Lewis
David sent us a copy of "Along Again Or", a minor chart hit for Love in the late '60's. (It "bubbled under" in 1968 at #123 ... then climbed to #96 a couple of years later when it was re-released.) This one has a more acoustic sound to it ... and reminds me a little bit of The Moody Blues in the vocal department, too. (kk)

Hey Guys:
Great web site and even more great memories. Is it possible to place the link of our mid 1960's garage rock group's site on your site. We were called The Brymers and mainly known for "Sacrifice" and "I Want To tell You." On The Brymers web site I have also compiled over 300 photos and 150 tracks of great rock-n-roll bands from the California San Joaquin Valley (1960 - 1970). Many of the tracks were never released but reflect the explosion of of the 60's sound. Some of the groups include Jim Doval and the Gauchos, The Roadrunners, and The Brymers. The Brymers web site link is:
Keep Rockin,
Dick Lee, drummer
The Brymers

Hi Kent, 
I have to admit I did not know "The Seeds" were as popular as they apparently were. Back in the late 60's down here in Springfield, Mo., my siblings and I used to listen to the top 40 countdown on Saturday mornings and write all the songs and artists down because the radio station, KWTO, would run contests throughout the day and week. You had to be the correct number caller and then tell them where the song they played ranked on the top 40. If you won, you went by the station and they gave six 45's to you. One of the many times I won, among the six was "I Can't Seem To Make You Mine" by the Seeds. I had never heard it before but I instantly liked it. The flip side is "I Tell Myself". I still have it. And with that six-pack I also got "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother" but not by the "Hollies". Mine is by "Kelly Gordon". I really like it better. 
Loving the Garage Band Countdown! 

Kent, My Old Friend, 
Give a hug to {{{{Frannie}}}, as well. 
I was playing name that tune in an internet room the other day and a guy says ... hey, if you guys like the oldies, a guy named Kent Kotal does a great job on his website. I had to tell him that I knew you when and that we even sat next to each other at a wedding done by an Elvis impersonator in Las Vegas! LOL. 
I'm really enjoying the garage band series and had to have a look at the videos to each. 
Keep up the good work, my friend.   
Mike Schooler(MSchoBlue)
Wow! Been a long time, Mike ... great to hear from you ... and great to hear that the chat rooms are buzzing about our series. Good word of mouth to be sure ... and EVERYBODY seems to have loved the videos. (First time we've really gone that route ... but these vintage clips are priceless!!! And, as mentioned before, quite addictive ... NOBODY can watch just one!) kk   

Loving the garage band series and especially the videos. I've watched every one -- and then probably at least half a dozen more after that, thanks to all the "similar" links offered at the end. Seen some great clips I've never seen before. Great job on the series -- keep up the good work.

Totally Cool Kent - this is simply great. Been really enjoying the series, especially since we knew and played with most of these great groups. Been I touch with some of them again in the past few years, particularly due to your FH Newsletter putting us in touch again. Can't thank you enough for that.
Ken Evans
The Fifth Estate
And thank YOU, Ken, for sending us a few copies of the brand new Fifth Estate "Anthology Volume 1" CD to give away to some of our readers. This is a recently released 2-CD Set featuring over tracks of The Fifth Estate from the various stages of their career. (You even get the rare Italian Version of their biggest hit "Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead"!!! lol)
Interested in winning a copy? Just drop us a note and we'll throw your name in the hat. And ONE lucky winner will not only win the 2-CD Anthology set but will ALSO win a copy of The Fifth Estate's latest album, "Time Tunnel", a great CD tha they released earlier this year. (kk)   

I have been loving this garage band series and have sent the links to several friends who were not Forgotten Hits readers before. I especially like the video clips ... but I've found it impossible to watch just one. Every time I click on one and the song ends, it offers up several other suggestions of songs from this era ... and I've seen some great clips. This is one of your better series ... are you going to run some kind of a recap listing all the artists in order when you're done?
Actually, Bill, that's EXACTLY what we're going to do. Once this series runs its course, we're going to permanently post The Top 50 All-Time Favorite Garage Bands on The Forgotten Hits Website where folks can continue to discover it for years to come. (It won't have any music ... and will be a somewhat "stripped down" version of the two week series ... but the basic bios will be there ... and fans will get the chance to see which acts finished between numbers 34 and 50!)
Yeah, those YouTube clips are addictive ... you can spend a couple hours here before you even know it ... but it is SO good to see some of this stuff again ... or for the very first time. I especially love those clips where our previous generation's heroes ... Jack Benny ... Steve Allen ... Dean Martin and so many others ... try to stay "hip" with their audience by featuring the latest "fad" sounds in music. (That Blues Magoos clip of "Tobacco Road" may be the ULTIMATE example!) Glad you're enjoying the series. (kk)