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>>>Just curious: has anyone had anything to say about the Dusty Springfield show that is currently running Off-Broadway? I'm on the fence about seeing it. I missed the reviews for "Forever Dusty", so I don't know what the critics think. My gut tells me it stinks, yet I feel compelled to see it. (Ping)  
>>>I recently had a visit at my second job from a friend who had seen the Dusty Springfield musical. Their reaction was the music was done surprisingly well, that they did not realize all the songs Dusty had done, and that it did not mince words about her drug / alchohol participation. (Shelley)  
After we mentioned the Off Broadway Show "Forever Dusty" a few days ago, I heard from Jonathan Vankin, one of the co-writers of the show. (The OTHER co-writer is Kirsten Holly Smith, who also stars as Dusty Springfield in the program!) He sent me a link to their official website, which also features some RAVE reviews about this performance. (Looks like shows are already booked through March ... so if you get the chance to see this, by all means check it out and report back to us!!!) BIG Dusty fans here ... and wish we could get out to see it. If any of you do, we would love to hear back from you! 
Check out the "Forever Dusty" website here:  
Click here: Welcome to Forever Dusty  
And our Forgotten Hits Salute to Dusty Springfield from a few years back right here:  
Click here: Forgotten Hits - DUSTY SPRINGFIELD  

Hey Kent and the gang!
Happy 2013 and best wishes to one and all!
Happy 50th anniversary to Marcie Blane, Seville Records, and "Bobby's Girl" - always loved that song for obvious reasons! 
We miss you, Paul Leka ... you had a hand in so much wonderful 6Ts Top 40 and would-be Top 40 recordings -- Steam, Lemon Pipers, Salt Water Taffy, Palace Guard, the list goes on and on ... and I remember playing "It's The Magic In You Girl" the 1st few times without a clue that it was slated for the A side, remarking that the riff sounded just like a Dennis Yost / Classics IV song, and then having the damn thing grow on me. I never liked it nearly as much as Na Na, Hey Hey, Kiss Him Goodbye, but I kept spinning it for its soothing soft-pop sound and persistent catchy melodies.

A friend just pointed me to your site, and I'm fascinated!
I happened upon this mention on your site:
>>>BOYCE AND HART's last entry into The American Top 40 was a GREAT little tune called ALICE LONG. This one went to #16 in Cash Box but stopped at #27 in Billboard. (It was a #6 smash here in Chicago and it just happens to be one of MY favorite BOYCE AND HART records, too!) kk
I had to check my WLS surveys, and you're right (I shouldn't have doubted), it got to #6.
It was also a favorite of mine, largely because I was in love with a girl named Alice that very same summer it was released. I gave her a copy of the 45, and I wonder if she ever comes across it and thinks back to those days!
I'll be exploring your site in much more detail!!!
Kevin Killion (another KK)  
Glad you're enjoying Forgotten Hits ... and "Alice Long" is a GREAT suggestion for our "Today's Forgotten Hit" feature! Be sure to check out our current site, too! (kk) 

And here's a BONUS Today's Forgotten Hit ... heard this one today and just HAD to share it! (kk)

Thanks for the story on The Tradewinds ... I'll let Pete and Vini know about it.
After FH Reader Tom Diehl sent us the EXCELLENT Dave Edmunds tribute version of "London's a Lonely Town", he ALSO sent us this EXCLUSIVE KRLA Version that The Tradewinds cut, circa 1965 ...  

Hi kk,
Thanks for completing the list of the Top 50 All-Time Favorite Garage Bands.
I can't help but smile to see the Strangeloves in this list. It appears that after nearly fifty years, producers Feldman, Goldstein and Gottehrer are still pulling the wool over our eyes.

By the way, the other day we pointed out some of the highlights on our archive site ... and today we ran some stats ... here are The Top Ten Most-Viewed Articles on the site:
#1 - Top 20 All-Time Favorite Psychedelic Songs (just over 143,000 views)
#2 - First 45's (Part One) ... about 49,000 views
#3 - Top 200 Favorite, Forgotten B-Sides ... around 43,000 views
#4 - The Boyce and Hart article mentioned above ... 33,500 views
#5 - Top 200 Two-Sided Hits ... almost 33,000 views
#6 - Jimi Hendrix ... about 32,000 views
#7 - Top 50 All-Time Favorite Instrumentals ... 30,000 views
#8 - Who Played The First Beatles Record In America ... around 29,000 views
#9 - Creedence Clearwater Revival ... 23,500 views
#10 - Dusty Springfield ... 22,000 views  
You can check them ALL out here: 
Click here: Forgotten Hits - Home (and a WHOLE lot more, too!) kk  

Happy New Year to you all.
Just thought I’d drop you a line to let you know that I’m carrying on a 16 year old tradition of presenting an end of the year “Rock’n Roll Heaven” special paying tribute to those artists who left us in 2012.
The show went out first over the New Year period on Radio Caroline and a lot of other stations, but there will be some repeats over the coming weekend.
It’s a two hour part of my “Stafford’s World” show that you can hear on the following stations this weekend.
Broadcast times are 5 pm EST (New York Time), 10 pm UK, 11 pm CET on Oldies Paradise on Saturday 12th January and 3 pm EST (New York Time), 10 pm UK, 11 pm CET on Easy Rock Paradise on Sunday 13th January.
Oldies Paradise continues the fight to preserve those “Forgotten Hits” from the 60’s and 70’s and keeps playing music from one of the biggest radio station music libraries in the world!
Easy Rock Paradise is a brand new sister station to Oldies Paradise, playing music from the early 60s through to today from the slightly softer side of rock. We call it “Rock Music Without The Headaches”!! Look out for lots of “Forgotten Hits” here as well.
Best wishes
Mark Stafford
Unfortunately we're posting this AFTER all of the Saturday broadcasts ... but hopefully interested listeners can still tune in on Sunday, the 13th, to catch this special program. Thanks, Mark! (kk)

Hey Kent
On your Top Fifty Favorite Garage Bands list, this band is listed from the wrong state ... they are actually from my neck of the woods South Carolina.
I let Mike Dugo know ... he's the one who wrote that bio. Looks like he had the city right ... but in the wrong state. (Probably because when one thinks of Greenwood, you think of Mississippi!) The correction has been made. (Cool bio page on The Swingin' Medallions!) kk

Kent ...
Give me some of that " Old Time Rock & Roll. "
Frank B.
The Rock And Roll Never Forgets Tour?!?!? Passing this along to FH Reader Jack Levin ... maybe he'll help to underwrite the tour! (kk)  

Also touring in 2013 ... Crosby, Stills and Nash ...  
Click here: Crosby, Stills & Nash Announce 2013 Tour « WCBS-FM 101.1   

And (of course) The Rolling Stones!!! (Still waiting for official cities and dates to be posted ... but it sounds like all of the final details are being worked out as I type this. Stay tuned!) kk

B.J. Thomas Records New Versions of His Hits with Richard Marx, Keb' Mo', Vince Gill, Lyle Lovett  
B.J. Thomas has gone the duets route with his upcoming album, The Living Room Sessions, due this spring from Wrinkled Records.
On the new album, Thomas is reimagining such songs as Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head, Most of All, Rock and Roll Lullaby and I Just Can't Help Believing with the likes of Richard Marx, Steve Tyrell, Keb' Mo', Vince Gill, Lyle Lovett and Issac Slade of the group The Fray.
Thomas talked about the project, saying "In the studio, everything was real simple and organic, and we didn’t labor on anything too long to get things right. Mostly, it was a lot of fun. There were some great, surprising moments as well, particularly the performance from Isaac Slade and the dynamic vocals by Keb’ Mo’. He is so much more than a blues musician. He originally wanted to do Hooked On A Feeling, but I wanted to save that for Sara Niemietz, so we recorded Most of All. He came in not knowing the song at all, but he sat down, learned it, internalized it and put in the work it took to make it magical."
Thomas also spoke of his love for the music he's been performing for almost half of a decade. "The biggest blessing for me is that I never get tired of the songs I have had the privilege to share with the world. I still feel an emotional connection to them, and as they bring back great memories for me, they affect me the same way they might touch a longtime fan of my music. I never planned any of this out, so to be able to express myself in music and have that as a vehicle for my life for as long as I have is something I am always grateful for. There are so many thrills, satisfactions and great adventures I’ve had being involved in this for so many years, and I’m excited to have the opportunity with The Living Room Sessions to present some of my favorite songs in a different setting that feels just like home."
The album was produced by Nashville veteran Kyle Lehning at Sound Stage Studio with the help of some of the city's best studio musicians.
Sandy Knox, president and owner of Wrinkled Records, said "I don’t know if we can put into words how thrilled we are here at Wrinkled Records, to have the opportunity to work with such a musical icon like B.J. Thomas. All of the hit songs he has recorded are like grand pieces of musical history. It has been exciting for all of those who have been involved in this project, because B.J. has never done this type of album before in his legendary career."
The album's track list: 

Don't Worry Baby 
I Just Can't Help Believing (with Vince Gill)
Most Of All (with Keb’ Mo’) 
Eyes of a New York Woman 
(Hey Won't You Play) Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song (with Richard Marx) 
I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry (with Isaac Slade) 
Rock and Roll Lullaby (with Steve Tyrell) 
New Looks From an Old Lover (with Etta Britt) 
Old Fashioned Love 
Hooked On A Feeling (with Sara Niemietz) 
Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head (with Lyle Lovett) Everybody's Out Of Town 
-- submitted by Tom Cuddy (from Vintage Vinyl News) 
Wow, sounds like some interest collaborations here on this one ... will have to keep my eyes (and ears) open when this come out. (LOVE B.J. Thomas!!! He's going to be touring with Paul Revere and the Raiders in 2014 as part of next year's "Where The Action Is Tour"!) kk 

Endless Summer Quarterly's David Beard tells us about a cool new Beach Boys release ...  
Click here: The Beach Boys On Tour 1966 Surfboards, Stratocasters, Striped Shirts - National Beach Boys |  

Below are some comments from my students about your 1967 Weekly Reader article.  
Click here: Forgotten Hits: A Simplier America   
Seaweed for breakfast? Not far-fetched because people do eat seaweed for breakfast.
Automatic Meal planning range: far-fetched. Probably won't happen for another 50 years.
Weather Control Vote: way far-fetched! Won't happen for another 1,000 years! or maybe even never!
The people who wrote this article went over the top, but I wouldn't blame them because we went from horses and carts to cars and airplanes in one century. It is now the year 2013. Some things in this article may come soon. We've already had people walk on the moon and the first color TV.

I'm so sorry. I had not heard about Wild Bill. This has been a devastating few months for me, but I wanted to send my sympathy. I so enjoyed him on your site. I will miss him, so I am sure you and others will miss him even more.
Yes, it's been a tough year ... we lost quite a few Forgotten His readers over the past 12 or 13 months.  Bill had such a passion for radio and all things musical. (One of the obituaries I read said that he loved The Byrds and Irish Setters ... and that was Bill Cody in a nutshell.) He will be missed. (kk)

Long time FH Reader Rich Grunke passed away this past month, too.  Ironically, he contacted me a few months back and told me he didn't have long to live.  Over the years he has posted numerous musical tie-ins to our Forgotten Hits articles including (at one point in time) all Top 200 Favorite, Forgotten B-Sides so fans could go to his site and listen.  Shortly before he passed he sent me a flashdrive of some of his all-time favorite music ... said he wanted me to have it (as the music meant so much to him.)  I had no idea his time remaining would be so short-lived.
I found out about his passing through FH Reader Clark Besch:     
Sad to say that fellow fellow Lincolnite FH reader participant Rich Grunke passed away this past Dec 13. I did not read about it and just found out. Rich had a treasure trove of music that he was nice enough to share with me from over the years, as well as with FH readers. We had lunch just a month earlier and he was in bad health at the time and he and his son were doing the bucket list trips he always wanted to take, so it was good that he had some time. I am glad he got to go on a cruise and to Cleveland's baseball stadium before his death as he always hoped. Rich was a great guy.
His obituary:

Clark Besch  

Hey Kent,
I was sad to hear the news of Sammy Johns' passing. Every time hear his hit, "Chevy Van" (aka "another one of those damn hippy songs"), I think of former "Shindig" host, Jimmy O'Neil. In 1975, he was the mid-day personality at one of our top-40 stations. After playing the record, O'Neil said, "Nice story, but easier said than done, my friends." I'll never forget that. "Chevy Van" was truly a song of its time, and always invoked the imagination!
- John LaPuzza 

Saw this on Ron Smith's website ... boy, talk about write two rock and roll classics!!!
Tandyn Almer, who co-wrote the Association hit "Along Comes Mary", and the Beach Boys' "Sail On Sailor" with Brian Wilson, died Tuesday (January 8) from complications of respiratory and cardiac illnesses at his home in McLean, Virginia. He was 70.
-- Ron Smith

And here's another sad tale ...
Hey Kent,
I thought you might want to share this. It's a sad day for Joe Bennett and I know how you feel about musicians.
Thanks -
Click here: Joe Bennett and his family need your help | Facebook     

Can you please tell me the flip side to Paul Young’s “Come Back”???? I have the 45 back home in Pittsburgh, and I now live in TN and it’s driving me crazy because I hear it on Sirius XM radio 1st Wave once in a while.
Thank You,
Lee Ann 
If you're referring to "Come Back And Stay", his #22 Hit from 1984 (GREAT track, by the way!), the B-Side was a song called "Yours". Hope that helps! (kk)  
You are a lifesaver!!! Thank you soo much!!!
Lee Ann
Lookie here! Yet ANOTHER great Forgotten Hit!