Friday, March 15, 2013

Another Great Forgotten Hits Give-Away!

Forgotten Hits has teamed up with Chart Guru Joel Whitburn to bring you another GREAT Forgotten Hits Give-Away!

Celebrating the debut of his "The '70's #1's" on The Billboard Top 200 Album Chart (it premiered this week at #11!), the release of his revamped book "Hot Country Songs, 1944 - 2012" (available now ... it'll start shipping today!)  and a brand new, revised edition of his most popular book in the Record Research Series, "Top Pop Singles" (more details coming soon!), Joel has decided to give away a sealed copy of the new 2-CD '70's Set ... as well as one of his own, personal copies of "The Billboard Hot 100 Charts - The Seventies".  (Joel tells us that this item has been out of stock for quite some time ... and copies are currently going for between $350 and $850 on!!!)

All you have to do is correctly answer Joel's Trivia Questions ... and you'll automatically be entered in the drawing to win these two great prizes!      

Let's put together a great trivia challenge ... we'll do a contest and the winner will get both items!
“I Just Want To Celebrate!”

Now I'm not going to sugar-coat it here ... you're going to have to work hard to earn a shot at these prizes!!!

Joel has prepared TWO series of trivia questions ... Round One pertains to the '70's ... in fact, he's come up with one question for each year of the decade.

Round Two are more "general" oldies questions.  

All-in-all, we're playing the Joel Whitburn / Forgotten Hits Edition of Twenty Questions ... all for a shot at the grand prize shown above.     

Just shoot me an email with as many correct answers as you can from Joel's Trivia Questions below ... and we'll pick a winner from all of the correct answers we receive.  Don't miss out on YOUR chance to win these two great prizes!


Part One:  THE '70's:   

1) Which of these artists had four #1 Hot 100 hits in  1970:
   Simon & Garfunkel, The Beatles, The Jackson 5,
   Three Dog Night   

2) Which two of these names did not have a Top 5 Hot
    100 hit in 1971:  Proud Mary, Admiral Halsey, Boo,
    Ben, Mrs. Jones, Bobby McGee

3) Which of these ‘persons’ was mentioned in four
    1972 #1 Hot 100 hits:  Baby, Child, Daddy, Girl, Man,
    Mother, Papa, Woman

4) Which two of these songwriters had 3 Top 5 Hot 100
    hits in 1973:  Paul Simon, Jim Croce, George
    Harrison, Stevie Wonder, Elton John, Marvin Gaye

5) There were 40 #1 Country Songs in 1974 – 17 made
     the Hot 100 – 5 were by which artist:  Dolly Parton,
     Charlie Rich, Anne Murray, Waylon Jennings, John
     Denver, Tanya Tucker

6) There were 42 #1 R&B Songs in 1975 – all made the
        Hot 100 – what song led the R&B charts for only 3
        consecutive weeks?

7)  527 songs made the Hot 100 in 1976 – longevity
     (weeks charted) was not what it is today – only 58
     had 20-29 weeks charted – how many charted for 30
     or more weeks?

8)  Dance / Disco music was a growing trend on the pop
     charts in 1977 – 19 Hot 100 songs had forms of the
     word Dance or Disco in them – which two were gold
     #1 Hot 100 hits?

9)  There were 48 Top 5 Hot 100 hits in 1978 – all but 9
     were gold or platinum records -- which one of these
      hits was among those 9:  Miss You / Baby Come 
      Back / Three Times A Lady / Short People / Hot
      Blooded / Emotion

10) Which two of these rock bands did not have a #1    
      Hot 100 hit in 1979:  The Doobie Brothers / Styx /
      Cheap Trick / The Eagles / The Knack / Dire Straits
TIE-BREAKER BONUS QUESTION (if needed):  Name the artist that had 22 chart hits – all Top 40 hits except for their debut entry on the Bubbling Under the Hot 100 chart for one week.

Part Two 

11)  What singer was a regular on Don McNeill’s
       Breakfast Club radio show and on TV’s Tonight
       Show starring Jack Parr?       

   12)  What Elvis Presley Sun Studio recording from 1954
          would become a classic hit by a doo-wop group in

13)  Which Beatles’ hit was originally released as by
       The Beattles?

14)  What Canadian rock and roll singer’s two biggest 
       hits both peaked at #3 on the Hot 100?

15)  What rock band leader began his career as a singer
        in a country band, the Down Homers?

   16)  Who is the only artist that had three #1 hits on
          Billboard’s Rock Tracks chart and one #1 hit on
          Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart?

17)  What do these five 1950’s artists have in common:
       Joan Weber, Morris Stoloff, Laurie London, The
       Silhouettes and The Elegants – besides all having a
       #1 hit?

18)  Jackie Wilson had nine consecutive two-sided
       chart hits from 1960-62.  What other R&B
       artist had eleven  consecutive two-sided chart hits
       from 1959-61?

19)  Since 1955, The Beatles have had the most #1 
       hits: 20;  Elvis and Madonna have had the most #2
    hits: 6; who has had the most #3 hits (with 5)? 

20) What pop singing group backed a 1930s 
      legendary movie actress on her only charted
      album, with the group pictured on the cover of
      the album?   

Name the Elvis Presley song that states “You may
    have a pink Cadillac” and the Beatles song that
    states “I’ve got a big surprise”

Whew!!!  (Toldja this wasn't going to be easy!!!  lol)

Think you've got 'em all figured out?!?!?

Then drop us a line at and get your answers in pronto!!!  We'll be picking the Grand Prize Winner within the next ten days!  (kk)

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