Friday, March 22, 2013

Today's Forgotten Hits

Top Ten ...

55  Years Ago Today:

Having spent the day on Catalina Island several years ago (and nearly being stranded there overnight due to heavy fog for our return trip), this song now holds a special meaning for me.  But then again, it's ALWAYS been a great song!

50 Years Ago Today:
No denying this bossa-nova beat.  If it doesn't make you want to get up and dance, it'll surely have you tapping your foot before it's over ... and my guess is, will also be haunting you for the rest of the day, playing over and over again in your head!

45 Years Ago Today:
The other day I mentioned a couple of Aretha songs that always get me going ... and this is certainly one of them!  The Queen of Soul hit The National Top Ten an incredible nine times in 1967 and 1968 alone!

40 Years Ago Today:
A bonafide Top Three smash, you rarely hear this one on the radio anymore.  While not REALLY a "One Hit Wonder", this IS the song you're going to remember Canada's Edward Bear for.

35 Years Ago Today:
How dominating were the sounds of Barry Gibb and The Bee Gees 35 years ago today?
Four of America's Top Five Singles were written and produced by Barry ... including this one by baby brother Andy.  You'll hear "Shadow Dancing" and "I Just Want To Be Your Everything" ... but "(Love Is) Thicker Than Water" ALSO went to #1 ... and, in my opinion, is stronger than EITHER of these two mega-hits.