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Congratulations to our FH Buddy Chet Coppock on the announcement of his induction into the Chicagoland Sports Hall Of Fame.   

And, to help celebrate ... here's another healthy helping of Coppock's Topics ...  

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If Elton John was on the square, wouldn’t he admit that he overdosed on "Bennie and the Jets" and "Philadelphia Freedom" at least 18 years ago? 

Bar None - hands down - E.J's most underrated song has got to be "Empty Garden (Hey Hey Johnny)", his stirring tribute to John Lennon.

Every time I hear "Owner of Lonely Heart", I hear a call from the I.R.S. about a tax audit or fingernails grinding into a blackboard. Did Yes really like that misplaced piece of junk?

Book it ... If Classic Rock Radio ran weddings, the bride and groom would leave the alter to Steve Miller doing "Abracadabra." I'm not kidding. Frankly, waking up to Steve Miller is like waking up in the Joliet Correctional Center.

Did anybody ever do more with less than Gary Glitter?

This may sound like a reach, but hear me out ... Think about the edgy falsetto Eddie Kendricks brought to the original Temptations. Think about Eddie on "Get Ready", the song that truly woke up white America to the Temps.  Now, have you heard Usher? I think the guy is outta sight. His vocal range is magnificent. I truly believe he could have filled the Kendricks spot with Motown's greatest group - had he been born a mere 40 years earlier.    

Stop! Think about Cannibal and the Headhunters. If their hit "Land of One Thousand Dances" doesn't define "garage band" rock, I don’t know what does.

After all these years, the New Colony Six have a right to be ticked off. Why? Because Mercury never gave their melodically beautiful material the big "push." The Colony should have been bigger than the Association. Man, I felt like the coolest young dude in the world when I was traveling as a roadie with the Colony when we played Don Webster's "Teen Beat" in Cleveland and Jerry Blavat's TV gig, "Geator with the Heator" in Philly.   

Let's face it. When Little Richard sang, "Good Golly Miss Molly … sure like to ball" in the 50's, White America had absolutely no idea what the guy was talking about.   

I'd give a hundred bucks or issue my football picks for the 2013 season - at no charge - to hear any classic radio station play the Music Machine's raging "Talk Talk." "I got me a complication and it's an only child."   

Thinking about seeing Jimi Hendrix with Mitch Mitchell and Noel Redding at the Civic Opera House as they toured off the "Experience" album back in, I believe, '67. May well be the most simple, but most engaging rock show I've ever seen. For the record, "The Soft Machine" warmed up the crowd. Jerry G. Bishop was the emcee. The post show party featured blondes and Ganja. However, the Stones in '73 at the Amphitheatre with Stevie Wonder in the leadoff spot was an education in where rock was and where it was going.   

Stevie's "Black Man" off "Songs in the Key of Life" should be played in every public school in every major urban market on God's earth.  

Now, be honest, if the temps are above 68 degrees and you hear the Kings knock down rocker, "This beat goes on - switch into glide", do you roll the windows down and begin singing along?   

If you know this one, you’re way ahead of me. What's the "Syndicate of Sound" been doing in its spare time since they scored big with "Little Girl" in 1966.   

I know Rod Stewart, my favorite rocker, had to change with the times. But do you suppose he gets queasy when he hears "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?"    

If the Newbeats were on tour could you resist going to see them? Good God, "Bread and Butter" is inching towards its 50th anniversary.   

I need to mention this to you and all your pals. Every time I hear J. Geils' horrific "Centerfold", I feel like I'm somehow avoiding the eventuality of post concussion syndrome.   

I'd like your support. I want to implement a new rule that every time we're forced to hear "Jack and Diane" we should get to hear Bob Seger's majestic "Roll Me Away" at least three times.   

Have to run, I think there might be a song by Journey coming up.
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