Thursday, May 23, 2013

Helping Out Our Readers

>>>Please let me know if you are familiar with a song called Mr Sebastian from I believe the 60s. (Joe)
>>>I'm guessing that you mean "Father Sebastian" by The Ramblers ... a big hit here in Chicago in 1964. (kk)
Hey Kent,
I think that I can answer Joe's question about a 60's song called, "Mr. Sebastian". The mid-60's rock group, The Distant Cousins, recorded the song, "Mr.Sebastian" as a single on the Date label (Date label# 2-1560) in either 1966 or 1967 ... I have a white label promo copy of the 45 in my collection. You can also hear it on YouTube.
If this isn't the song that Joe was referring to, Lenny Welch recorded a song called, "Father Sebastian" as a single for the Cadence label (Cadence# 1446) in 1964. I think this one is also on YouTube as well.
Hope this helps out ...
Jerry Schollenberger
And I (who you didn't consult first :-P) am guessing Joe means this one from the Distant Cousins ...
Tom Diehl   
I never heard back from Joe so I honestly don't know if we found this one or not. Meanwhile, here is the Distant Cousins YouTube clip Jerry is referring to ... while I've never heard this song before, maybe this is the correct answer. (I like the Lovin' Spoonful line!) I couldn't find the Lenny Welch track mentioned ... and am wondering if it is the same song that we featured by The Ramblers. Anybody know for sure? (kk)

>>>I am looking for the song "Life" by the Joe Leahy Orchestra, released in 1965 or 1966. It was on a 45 by Tower Records and also an album entitled "Tabasco And Trumpets". I would also like to find the album "Surfin' Guitar Hits" by The Wipeouts. Would appreciate your help in locating the music. (Jim Cox)
>>>Well, Jim, I'm happy to put it out there ... let's see if anything comes back. (kk)  
I can help out with one, at least. 
Not a bad track. Now if somebody can find that "Surfin' Guitar Hits" album, I think Jim'll be all set! (I checked Gemm and eBay but didn't see it listed there.) kk    

I'm looking for "Leave Me Alone" by Lesley Gore, from the flick "The Girls On The Beach". Can't find it anywhere.
I'm sure somebody out there has an MP3 for this ... meanwhile, I found this clip right away on YouTube:  
Click here: Lesley Gore - Leave Me Alone (stereo) - YouTube

Your site is so huge, it is hard to find anything in particular. I am looking for a recording of the “Alliance genie automatic garage door picker upper” commercial. If you can help direct me to it I would be most appreciative. Please send me a link or even the MP3 to
Thank you.
I'm happy to post your request. I'm sure you've already checked the obvious places like YouTube??? Commercials are pretty hard to find otherwise ... but we'll give it a shot. (If you scroll back far enough ... or simply type "commercial" into the search engine, you'll find that we have covered this topic numerous times in the past ... a very popular topic here in Forgotten Hits!) kk

I was out for a run in Jeff Park (northwest side of Chicago) and it turned out American English was playing (Beatles tribute band) at a festival nearby. Here is a question to your readers ... while everyone was fawning over the BEATLES I preferred the DC Five. Are there any DC Five tribute bands anywhere in the world??
As always thanks for all you do!!!
Mike De Martino
President of the Lovejoy Music Club
Wow ... that's a tough one! Anybody know of any? I remember at the Benefit For Mike Smith Concert, The Beatles sound-alike / tribute band Fab Faux did an OUTSTANDING cover of The Dave Clark Five classic "Catch Us If You Can" ... incredibly good version.

Checking YouTube I found a couple of clips ... some are kind of old (so who knows if these bands are even still together) ... and I don't know that ANY of them really offer a fitting tribute to The Dave Clark Five.  
Click here: DAVE CLARK FIVE Tribute by England - Live 3/23/07 Anyway You - YouTube
In fact this second one is God-awful!!! (kk)

Hey, guys,
I just listened to Sam Hawkins' No Time For Tears for the first time in fifty-three years! And like the other commenter, I never thought I was going to hear that recording again in my lifetime! It doesn't appear in Joel Whitburn's Record Research, based on the Billboard Hot 100 from 1955 through 1969. So without you guys I guess I may as well have given up. Wow! 

I can say with absolutely 100% certainty it was a mid-1960 hit. The memories are just too vivid to ever doubt. The same summer were other forgotten hits like Tommy Roe's "I Got A Girl", also passed over by the fifty-dollar Whitburn publication (and $50 was a lot of money in 1971...). Someone told me he recorded that one under the name Tommy Roe and the Four Satins. But I looked and none of those names were listed. They had Sheila as his first. Yeah. Have a signed copy of that one. But didn't learn for another ten years (by word of mouth) the other was, in fact, his also.
That leaves me with one last forgotten hit from that year (1960). It doesn't appear on any searches but I can almost recite it word for word. The title (pretty sure) was "Let Her Go". Singer was male, solo artist, sounded a little like Bobby Rydell, Frankie Avalon or maybe Johnny Tillotson. George Hamilton IV and Bobby Vee would both be a bit of a stretch and in reality I think it was a one-hit wonder who just had a good-sounding voice. So far nothing appears when I do a search.
I can almost recite the entire song lyrics if that will help. It starts out this way:
"Let her go - - run away. Let her go I - - didn't say.
I'll pretend - this will end, so I won't have to -
Let her go. No, no, no, no - 

(Second verse) similar to first.

"I know she'll never find love as ah... true as mine.
"One day she'll find me away and -
"She - will pi-i-ne" 

"Let her go ... (repeat first verse) ...(repeat last line). (Fade & end)" 
Best I can do after fifty-three years. I was twelve then. I'll be sixty-five this year.
I'd just like to find out who did this one before I kick the bucket. 

Thanks for all you do. You guys are tops. Really you are.
Best Always-
Bill Fife,
Ocala, FL
Somebody out there is going to know this one.  (Nothing in Joel's Billboard book titled "Let Her Go" from the early '60's) ... but these lyrics I'm sure will spark somebody's memory out there ... so stay tuned!  (kk)

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for your page!
Driving home from a road trip to the Rockies across the flats of Kansas in the Summer of '68, my friend and I hooked into a hot radio station that kept playing Hendrix's Spanish Castle Magic and another song with a biting guitar lead that has played in my head many times since. But what was its name?
I scrolled and scrolled through your page, Youtube-ing this song and that, and finally: I got to Status Quo's Pictures of Matchstick Men. Ahhhh, yessss!
Those two songs on that trip changed my musical life. "Must. Have. More. of. this. Music!" 

And I did, I so did.
- Bob Loy  

GREAT tune ... and one of my favorites from '68 as well ... really didn't sound like anything else on the radio at the time. (Some of you guys out there ought to feature this one today ... seems to be yet another great track that has slipped through the cracks!)  
Glad you're enjoying Forgotten Hits ... you never know WHAT you're going to find here! (kk)