Wednesday, May 1, 2013

TV Themes - The Runners Up

These titles are all vying for a spot in our Top 50 All-Time Favorite TV Themes Chart.

Right now, they're coming up just a little bit short ... so once again we're asking you to vote for your Top Three Favorites ... and list them in rank order.

We'll then tabulate the results and see if any of these programs can find a spot on the final list.

And, by the way, Scott Shannon will be counting down The Top 20 Favorite Television Themes (as selected by the readers of Forgotten Hits ... and the listeners of The True Oldies Channel) ... on Wednesday, May 8th ... so you'll DEFINITELY want to tune in for that one!!!  (More details coming)

Meanwhile, please cast your votes now for your top three favorites from this list:

77 Sunset Strip
Alfred Hitchcock
All In The Family
Barney Miller
The Brady Bunch
Car 54, Where Are You
Davy Crockett
The Dukes Of Hazzard
Good Times
Hill Street Blues
I Love Lucy
Law And Order
The Lone Ranger
Love American Style
The Love Boat
Makin' It
The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
Miami Vice
The Mickey Mouse Club
My Three Sons
The Odd Couple
The Tonight Show

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A few more recent comments: 

Boy, we REALLY hit the hot button with this one!!!
Coming into the final elimination rounds we're now up to just over 16,000 votes! (Trust me ... out list isn't going to look anything at all like TV Guide's list!!! lol)  
>>Over its multi-year run there were three slightly different versions of the theme music:
(1) Seasons one and two; 
(2) Seasons three through eight; 
(3) Season nine.
A real "Perry" fan can tell the difference! (Henry McNulty)
A real Perry Fan still walks into libraries and looks for books written by Mordecai Terwilliger.
David Lewis
Another contender:
Dobie! Wants a little cutie,
Dobie! Wants a little beauty,
Dobie! Wants a girl to call his own
Any size, any style, any eyes, any smile,
Any Jean, any Jane, any Joan
Oh Dobie! Wants a girl who's dreamy
Dobie! Wants a girl who's creamy
Dobie! Wants a girl to call his own!
Is she blonde? Is she tall?
Is she dark? Is she small?
Is she any kind of dreamboat at all?
No matter! He's her's and her's alone!
© 1959 Max Shulman & Lionel Newman
-- Gary Theroux
This one got quite a few more votes during the elimination rounds ... but will it be enough to make the final list???
Stay tuned ... The Top 50 Favorites go up on the website on Wednesday, May 8th!!! (kk)
A runner up to my top 10 tv themes is one that I still get requests for ... Here Come The Brides (Seattle by Bobby Sherman) Phil Nee
I was hoping to vote for The Garry Shandling Show, but I guess it didn't make the cut. (Doug)
Kent, honorable mention to Sherwood Schwartz's very short-lived sitcom (1967-68 if I'm not mistaken) "It's About Time" -Bobster
ALL of these titles were faced with the single-digit dilemma ... I like all of them, too ... but not enough of us voted to keep them in the running. Too bad! (Honestly, based on where the votes fall right now, I'm not so sure any of them would have made it if we counted down The Top 200!!!  lol)
So ... I don't get it.
Are you stacking the deck by allowing revotes to get these titles a few more votes, and at this point not allowing others to get voted on at all?
Sounds very Chicago election stealingesque, to me.
Not exactly ... it's just that with nearly two dozen titles now passing the 200 vote mark (and two titles with over 300 votes) ... plus a total of 41 more that have surpassed 150, any title hovering around the 1 - 9 vote mark simply wasn't going to make the final cut anyway ... so why waste those votes when we can narrow the list down to the real contenders instead and then have you re-vote for your favorites? Seemed we'd get more realistic results this way. Like I said above, I personally voted for both "It's Garry Shandling's Show" and "It's About Time" ... but neither of those shows ever got past 8 votes ... and that won't get them into our Top 50. (In fact, looking over the list, you'll be shocked by some of the GREAT titles that will end up just missing the final countdown.) LOTS of great television themes out there ... and SO much a part of our consciousness growing up. (kk)
Keep those votes coming, folks ... we're trying to build the DEFINITIVE TV Favorites Countdown.  We'll ask you to vote one more time on Friday when the "Leaders List" goes up on the site.