Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Some Of Your Mid-Week Comments

A man was found dead in Olivia Newton-John's Jupiter, Florida home over the weekend, apparently a suicide, squashing rumors that the Aussie pop songstress scared the man to death by coming home early.  (Have you seen Livy lately?  She's positvely frightful looking!!!  I swear if she came up to me on the street and said "Tell me about it, stud", I STILL wouldn't know it was her.)  Why do these women keep doing horrible plastic surgeries?!?!?  The ratio of good ones to bad have got to be somewhere around 1:9993!  Too bad, too, because Olivia is (was?) a beautiful woman who could have aged gracefully.  When we saw her on "Glee" a couple of seasons ago she looked like a dummy from Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum.  This look isn't any less flattering.  (kk)

It was REALLY cool to read that the same day our Mark Bego interview went up on the site (promoting his new book "Burning Bridges", the story of Glen Campbell, written with Glen's daughter Debby) that Glen's brand new album "See You There" debuted at #1 on Great Britain's Country Album Chart!  WTG, Glen!  (kk)
Hey Kent,
The Mark Bego interview with Debby Campbell is interesting. I once read where her father Glen's favorite song he recorded was "Galveston". When I think of that song, I recall some other songs we heard that refer to the Vietnam War, "I Feel Like I'm Fixin to Die Rag", by country Joe McDonald, "Ruby, Don't Take Your Love to Town", by Kenny Rogers and the First Edition, and "Home", by Mac Davis. I looked up "Songs about Vietnam" on Wikipedia, and there are a ton of them listed, but not necessarily about that particular war. Even though we all want to forget about that time in American history, I always thought it would be cool to compile a CD set of those songs.
- John LaPuzza

A comment about concert ticket prices -  I agree that they're way expensive and I always say 'what recession?' when I see concerts sold out, but since I started doing a lot of backstage work, I have a little different perspective. I was amazed when I first realized how many people get paid to put on a concert! It's not just the artist, it's also the police and security at the venue, the stage hands, teamsters, electricians, carpenters, lighting guys, pyrotechnic guys, wardrobe people, hair and makeup, bus and truck drivers, production assistants, cooks, guest services and food service people at the venue, and on and on. Amazing when you see what it takes to put on a 3 hour concert! Still think they're too high, but maybe this helps explain some of it. 
No doubt about it, there are all kinds of hidden "support" costs that go into putting on the show.  And read some of the riders required to obtain some of these artists ... airline tickets, hotel accommodations, food for the entire band and crew, insurance cost ... it all adds up very quickly.  Ultimately, it ends up being the fans who foot the bill.  That's why it is SO impressive to see a village like Elk Grove Village put on a Three Dog Night concert for free.  Their out of pocket on that show had to be out of sight!  (kk)
As mentioned last week, Jimy Sohns' Saturday's birthday show at the Blues Bar has been cancelled ... however, you can still see Jimy perform this Saturday in Rockford if you're interested.  Here's the scoop: 
This Saturday! August 24th, 2013! Bring your friends and family out for a night of dancing and rockin'! There is going to be a Vietnam Veteran Benefit, with a sort of 1950's / 1960's sock-hop style to it!
Jimy Sohns and The Shadows of Knight All-Stars will be performing! 
The information is below:
Where: Don Carter Lanes / Shooter's Bar and Grill
4007 E State St
Rockford, IL
(815) 399-0314
en: August 24th, 2013, 9PM to 1 AM
The Shadows of Knight All-Stars are:
Jimy Sohns (Vocalist and founding member of The Shadows of Knight)
Michael & Cindy Gotshall (Longtime members of The Shadows of Knight)
Greg Brucker (Bassist and touring member of the Cryan Shames)
Rick Barr (Drummer and touring member of The New Colony Six)

Jimy has started a new Facebook Page and has enlisted his buddy Conor to help keep it current.
Shadows of Knight Facebook page  
That's a good thing as the site hasn't been updated since 2012 ... and is still listing shows for 2008!!!  What's the point of having a website that publishes your itinerary if you don't keep them up to date?!?!?  The whole idea here is to let fans know where you're at so that they can come to see you!!!  We see this more and more with some of these artists.  They now have all kinds of resources available to them to stay in touch with their fans but then don't USE those resources to do so.  I just don't get it.  (Of course you can reach a nationwide audience of oldies music fanatics by listing your shows on our Forgotten Hits web page, too ... if you're so inclined!)  kk

"Sad Sweet Dreamer" ... I love that song ... forgot I knew it ... THANKS!
Thanks to radio for depriving us of yet another Top 20 National Hit ...
(Sad Sweet Dreamer) ...
And thanks to Forgotten Hits for reviving it.  You guys rock!
In the early portion of the 1970's, our weekly top 40 radio station's survey was composed of 40 songs or records. The bottom  portion was composed of 10 records which were classified as EXTRAS. The next 10 were classified as HIT BOUND. The top 20 were classified as songs in position #'s 20-#1.
For the week of December 23, 1971, Think's ONCE YOU UNDERSTAND made its initial appearance on the survey in the EXTRA category. It eventually peaked at lucky #7 for the lucky week of January 13, 1972.
You are right about it charting twice, the second time on a different record label The initial label was Laurie Records. FYI, the flip was called GATHER written by the two gentlemen who wrote ONCE YOU UNDERSTAND.
This is one of those records I had forgotten about until I read the comments in FH from one of your readers.
Larry Neal

That's what we're here for.  We even remember the bad ones!!! (lol)  Thanks, Larry!  (kk)
You did it again.  I have not heard "Loving You Has Made Me Bananas" for 45 years -- yet today I can't get it out of my head.  I don't know whether to thank you or curse you.
Thanks for your Monday Morning Memory Testers.  Starting from the top ... I know 2 ... 3 ... and 6 ... but I enjoyed listening to the rest, too.

Good memories.  We played Come Back When You Grow up so much, we had alternate lyrics to it (Not fit to print, though, we were little kids!).  Anything by the Guess Who is a welcome breath of childhood.

You asked in today's FH if the following tunes would clear off a dust ball or two.  Did they?  Let me tell you what it reminded me first thing.
The first record by Guy Marks I haven't heard on the radio in decades.  I seem to remember him singing it one night on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.
The fourth song reminded me of the Tom Jones' version, even though I liked Ashton, Gardner & Dyke's version better.
The fifth song reminded me of Kenny O'Dells' version which if memory serves me right, was the most played here in OKC.
The sixth song by Bobby Vee reminded me of local (retired) DJ here in OKC, Dale Wehba, as the one who broke that record nationally, (at least according to him).
The final song by Oklahoma's own Roger Miller reminded me of his ENGLAND SWINGS  and one of his very earlier records from 1960, IN THE SUMMERTIME.

That actually WAS the Kenny O'Dell version that I featured.  (I liked the symmetry of following Kenny's hit with a Bobby Vee song since the two competed for chart space with "Beautiful People".)  I always liked that song ... an under-rated hit to be sure.  Here in Chicago, they played BOTH versions ... WLS went with the Bobby Vee version (it hit #6) while WCFL pushed the Kenny O'Dell version.  (Kenny's peaked at #17).  Nationally, it was a pretty close contest, too.  Bobby Vee's version went to #22 while Kenny O'Dells' take stopped at #31 ... which I never really thought was fair since Kenny also WROTE the song!
As for "Ressurrection Shuffle", Ashton, Gardner and Dyke won that contest hands down here in Chicago, climbing all the way to #5.  (Nationally it stopped at #37).  Tom Jones' version charted as the B-Side of his hit "Puppet Man", peaking at #38.
For some reason I always got Guy Marks and Corbett Monica mixed up.  (Maybe Corbett performed "Loving You Has Made Me Bananas" on The Joey Bishop Show or something ... because this confusion dates back to 1968!)  Seriously ... where ELSE are you going to hear THAT one?!?!?  And while he made a career writing and recording novelty hits, I've always liked Roger Miller's serious songs, too ... "One Dyin' And A-Buryin'" (about a friend committing suicide) and "Husbands And Wives" (about divorce) are two of my all-time favorites of his.  (kk)

Great site! I wish more of your music was all on one page, but I am enjoying your offerings and reading your notes as well.
Your story about the woman on the "Whipped Cream / Taste Of Honey" album was beyond words. I have the album but never gave any thought to the woman on the cover. However, reading that she was three months pregnant at the time is certainly a Herb Alpert trivia question for the future. (Speaking of Herb, do you remember how many weeks we had to listen to, "Zorba The Greek?" every day on the radio?)
I am familiar with Guy Marks, "Loving You Has Made Me Bananas." As a novelty record collector, along with Elvis, Beach Boys, Beatles, and country, I bought the 45 just for the title, not knowing who Guy Marks was.
I discovered that Guy was on an episode of "The Dick Van Dyke Show," where he played the love interest to Sally Rogers.  Buddy and Dick suspected that Guy only wanted to marry Sally for her writing ability. Sally, of course, could not see it. So, Buddy and Dick wrote a stand up routine for the happy couple as a wedding present.
When Guy tried out the material, he quickly dropped Sally for the lights of Vegas where he knew his routine would make him a star. Sally was heartbroken but realized that her co-workers were trying to save her from a broken heart further down the road.
You really made me feel old when I heard, "Think- Once You Understand." I had almost forgotten about it, having heard it in the early 70's when I graduated high school.
As long as you never mention, "Dear Mr Jesus," by Sharon, I won't feel ready for the bone yard.
Hey, Ed, welcome aboard!  Glad you're enjoying Forgotten Hits.  The website only allows one week worth of material to post at a time but you can always scroll back to catch up.  (I've been doing this for 14 years now ... it'd be pretty hard to capture that in a page or two!!!)
"Loving You Has Made Me Bananas" got a better reaction than I expected.  Seems like more people remember this record than anybody would have figured.  That's the thing I like most about doing Forgotten Hits ... triggering some of those long-forgotten memories as radio rarely strays from the 300-song proven play list anymore.
Hope you'll continue to check us out.  We post nearly every day.  And  if you'd like to receive periodic reminders to check the site (or for special events), just drop us a line and we'll add you to the FH Reminders Mailing List.  (kk)

Speaking of great Forgotten Hits, I thought THIS one might sound especially good today ... what a GREAT overlooked song!  (kk)