Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Comments On Our Burton Cummings Series

We received a phenomenal response to our Burton Cummings interview ... more comments than we could possibly run.  

Here are some of the best ...  

Just finished your Burton Cummings interview ... it's awesome! Great job!  (Let's give away a couple of tickets!)
Ron Onesti, President / CEO
Onesti Entertainment Corporation
The Historic Arcada Theatre
And that we will!  Thanks, Ron ... 
Readers ... get your emails in to me as soon as possible ... 
We'll collect them all week long ... and then next Friday, the 20th ... exactly ONE WEEK BEFORE THE SHOW, we'll pick our winner ... a pair of free tickets to see Burton Cummings LIVE at The Arcada Theatre on Friday, September 27th, courtesy of Ron Onesti and Onesti Entertainment.  You MUST be able to attend in order to enter.  It's an EXCELLENT opportunity to see one of the greatest voices in rock and roll history ... a true living legend, live in concert ... so don't delay ... email me TODAY!!!  (kk) 

Best. Interview. Ever. Seriously, kk, you blew the doors off with this one.  I'd say it belongs in Rolling Stone so that the whole world can read and enjoy it -- but forgotten hits has become WAY cooler than Rolling Stone!  Thank you so much for sharing this with us.  Forgotten Hits just keeps getting better and better.  
Thank you, Janice ... and whereas normally a compliment like that would mean so much more, we all have to remember that the idiot running Rolling Stone ALSO heads up The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame ... and he has yet to find The Guess Who even worthy of a nomination, much less induction into his hallowed Hall. Here's the thing about Jann Wenner, a guy who has obliterated ANY sense of respect he ever had in the music industry ... his cocky, arrogant, know-it-all, "I know rock and roll and you don't" attitude has rendered his opinion and organization useless to virtually all of the rock and roll world.  He has been SO off the mark with his decisions about who gets in and who doesn't that the status that SHOULD be associated with Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction means absolutely nothing anymore.  Meanwhile, he continues to use and exploit artists that he would otherwise ignore as "not worthy" to help sell his magazine and drive folks to his website.  
Case in point:  The Monkees.  No how, no way are these guys EVER going to be taken seriously enough to be inducted into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame ... they weren't even a "real" band ... they were a pre-fab, television concoction created to sell records and appeal to a teeny-bop audience ... and Jann Wenner would be the first to tell you so.  Yet when Davy Jones died, Rolling Stone did a full-blown spread on his career.  When the other three reunited to tour again, it was big, front-page news in Rolling Stone, down to "exclusive interviews" with Michael Nesmith ... ANYTHING to help sell magazines, all the while blatantly laughing and snubbing their noses behind their backs.  
The Guess Who remain the biggest rock and roll act to EVER come out of Canada.  The fact that they've never even been CONSIDERED for Rock And Roll Hall of Fame induction is EXACTLY what renders that organization useless and meaningless in the mind of the world.  Truth is, The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame has virtually ignored Canadian artists all together ... save Neil Young and (last year) Rush, you won't find ANYBODY else "worthy" enough of induction.  Randy Bachman went so far as to publicly call them "prejudiced against Canadians" last year.  There's enough evidence here to support that theory.  
So while I thank you again for your compliment ... I, too, think this is one of the best pieces we've ever done on the site ... the thought of seeing it run in Rolling Stone (who, by the way, doesn't accept outside manuscripts ... again, Wenner's a complete control freak!) just doesn't hold the same appeal that it might have thirty years ago when Rolling Stone Magazine was still considered "relevant".  But thank you just the same ... and I appreciate the kudos! (kk)  

Hi Kent!
Love Burton Cummings!!
I saw him in the early 80's. He opened for Alice Cooper. I thought that was such a strange combo at the time. Ask him what he thought of it? I thought his show was better than Alice's, as well :)
I love reading your stuff.
As you know by now, we've already talked to Burton about this strange pairing.  (I had seen him not six months before that Alice Cooper show warming up for Melissa Manchester ... how's THAT for musical diversity?!?!?)  kk 

Check out this clip ... Burton talks about some of the acts The Guess Who opened for in the early years ...

In fact, you'll find an entire Burton Cummings Channel on YouTube, featured videos posted by Burton himself.  (Some GREAT stuff here, most of which was filmed by Burton's videographer Lillian Sarafian, who has been capturing Cummings on tape for over thirteen years now.  (Much of this will soon see the light of day in a brand new video series called "Ruff", which Burton mentioned in our interview.) kk    

When you talk to Burton Cummings (a big comic book collector) ask him about his comic book collection ... and the age old question D.C. ... or Marvel?  
See you there on the 27th!!
Mike DeMartino
President of the Lovejoy Music Club
Hey Burton, which is it?!?!?  (I was always a DC fan myself growing up ... some day I'll have to tell you about my life-scaring comic books moment ... even all these years later it's one of my life's most emotional memories!!!) 

We've heard from a number of readers who picked up tickets to the Arcada show after reading our interview.  There are still a few seats left ... but you'd better hurry.  Complete information here:
Click here: Arcada Theatre | Oshows

Hey Kent,
Great interview with the awesome voice, Burton Cummings!!!!!  Now you have to interview Dave Clark of the Dave Clark 5 and, if you do, you could ask him why it took so long to release his stuff and is he hiding any more songs he hasn`t released yet???  I hear he has more stuff but hasn't released them, but I could be wrong.   
Joe Wojdan
Keep up the good work!!!! 

Great and enjoyable interview Kent. I immediately checked my inventory of Guess Who and Burton Cummings songs on my computer and found holes in my Guess Who material and went on Amazon and purchased the Guess Who Ultimate Collection, even though I had many of the songs. Now I only have to convert a somewhat bizarre song of theirs from vinyl called "Your Nashville Sneakers" that I always liked to complete my favorites of theirs.
It's a travesty that Jann Wenner has kept this great group that epitomized rock and roll out of "HIS" hall of fame.
Danny Guilfoyle

"Your Nashville Sneakers" is one of MY obscure favorites, too ... in fact, we featured it as part of the series!  Thanks for the kind words, Danny ... much appreciated.  (kk)   

Hi Kent,  
I am loving reading the Burton Cummings interview.  
I got to see The Guess Who on their Share the Land tour, and saw one of their reunion shows as well. 
My home in North Dakota wasn't far from theirs so I think we always felt like they were a local band. 
We even heard songs like His Girl on our local radio stations. 
He always seems like he really likes to talk about music not just making it, but the songs that were big influences on him. I wish he was coming to the Twin Cities. 
"His Girl" is a GREAT early effort. Incredibly THAT one charted in England ... #45 in 1967 ... but didn't chart HERE or in Canada!!!  (Maybe it's because it has that real Dave Clark Five / "Come Home" feeling at the beginning???)  Great song 'though ... and I'll bet most of our readers are unfamiliar with it ... so that's a good one to run today.  (kk)

I think "His Girl" would have been a GREAT "break-through" hit for The Guess Who here in The States had it been given the chance ... but in reality, it wouldn't have had the MASSIVE impact that "These Eyes" did ... so in the end, things probably worked out for the best just the way they did.  Even so, I don't think "His Girl" should fall into the "completely forgotten" category ... it's a damn good record!  (kk)

Hey Kent,
Good Burton Cummings interview! The Guess Who was one hell of a band! Under rated in a lot of respects. Bus Rider is one of my favs!!
One of mine, too ... and they played the hell out of it here in Chicago.  I always felt this deserved to be a Two-Sided Hit as this was a KILLER B-Side ... but I have always maintained that it was the use of "God-Damn Glad" in the lyrics (circa 1970) that knocked it out of the box.  (Apparently a lot of folks agree ... in our Top 200 All-Time Favorite, Forgotten B-Sides Survey a few years back "Bus Rider" came in at #51!)  The A-Side was "Share The Land", a Top Ten Hit in its own right.  (kk)

The Burton Cummings interview is one of the best you've done, Kent. Thanks to Burton and all who assisted. Fun reading!
David Lewis  
I pushed hard for this one as this music has meant so much to me for so many years.  I found Burton to be very supportive, forthcoming and cooperative.  And again I have to thank Road Manager Sam Boyd for setting this whole thing up for me ... as well as Burton's business manger Lorne Saifer, who worked behind the scenes to help this whole thing happen.  I believe the end result is one of our best efforts ever ... with a MAJOR music superstar.  (kk)   

I just mentioned the cool Burton Cummings interview on StumbleUpon, Twitter, and Reddit. I applaud your fine work in tracking down the songwriters, producers, musicians, and artists responsible for so much of my favorite music. 
All the best,
Thank you, Jeremy!  Readers, please help us to spread the word ... this was a GOOD one!!!  (kk)   

Please enter me in the drawing for Burton Cummings concert tickets. 
I was very fortunate to see Burton AND Randy Bachmann with the Guess Who a few weeks after the 9/11 events in New York, Washington DC and Pennsylvania. I’m not sure of the circumstances of the re-uniting of the group but it was a short-lived reunion. They appeared at the Milwaukee Auditorium, with Joe Cocker opening. After an opening of Shakin’ All Over (with Burton doing a fabulous job on vocals and keyboards - sounding exactly like the original recording) Burton gave a short but stirring salute to the spirit of the American people, ending with a promise to the terrorists, “You have no idea what you are going to receive in return for this” (sic). I’ve always felt fortunate to have seen this performance and would love to see Burton perform on the 27th.
I’ve also seen the Zombies twice in the past three years and they do a great job. Colin Blunstone has kept his outstanding voice and Rod Argent is not only a gifted organist but possibly the coolest senior citizen on the planet. 
Keep up the great work and please pick my name for the tickets.
Bob Verbos, 
New Berlin WI. 
P.S.  My wife and I saw .38 Special last week at the Utah State Fair.  This is the third time I’ve seen them, and they always put on a great show.  They also have a Chicago connection, since Jim Peterik co-wrote several of their hits, including their biggest, “Hold On Loosely.”   
lol ... oh, if it was ONLY that easy!!! (lol)
We saw .38 Special a few years ago ... and Peterik showed up to play with the band during their encore ... great show.
We also saw that Guess Who reunion show, too ... right after 9/11 ... at The Rosemont Theater.  GREAT show with Joe Cocker as the opening act.  We had second row balcony seats as it was a complete sell-out.  I remember that we were supposed to meet some friends who had main floor seats downstairs but with the heightened security, the ushers wouldn't let us in to say hello, even during the break between acts.  I was totally bummed as ONE of those friends was going to introduce us to Burton after the show.  Sadly that never happened and we still haven't had the pleasure.  (Hopefully that'll change at the show at the Arcada.)
Anyway, consider yourself entered ... but as I type this you're one of 37 people (and there's only ONE pair of tickets to be given away).  But you can certainly BUY tickets for this show ... so please be sure to visit the OShows Website after Friday if it turns out you're not the lucky winner!  (kk)

A couple of things on the Burton Cummings interview.  I wish you'd have asked about the great B sides the Guess Who had.  SOOOOO many of the B sides got lots of airplay, even if not charted.  "Bus Rider", "Do You Miss Me Darling" and the ones that eventually became A sides on their own as well!  Also, the story behind one of the band's Canadian hits that came JUST before the breakthrough with "These Eyes" called "When Friends Fall Out."  That song seems to have been what happened to the group in the end, not in the (hit) beginnings!  GREAT song with "Moonlight Bay" influences.  Glad he mentioned "My Own Way to Rock" because I loved that one.  Another one I would love to have known more about was the sawn song "When the Band Was Playing Shakin All Over."  Got airplay around here (along with "Rosanne") and was a cool epitaph of sorts.  Their performance on Midnight Special in 76 (?) was great when they sand "Dirty" (lyrics switched around from LP version) and "Diggin Yourself," which I loved getting on tape back then off TV.  Made me believe there was no reason to think the Guess Who were about done.  
As for the Guess Who going around now without lead vocalist, it was a bit like that when Burton took over from Chad Allen and had to sing "Shakin All Over" without Chad, no??  
Clark Besch  
The memory of The Guess Who HOSTING The Midnight Special (right around the time of their "Artificial Paradise" album ... 1973 maybe?) is exceptionally vivid for me ... after hearing "Bye Bye Babe" (another song that absolutely should have been an A-Side ... and a HUGE hit), "Orly" and "Those Show Biz Shoes", I ran out and bought the album the very next day.  I did ask a few more questions about the transition from Chad Allan, lead singer, to Burton Cummings, lead singer, but unfortunately these fell into the "unaswered" category" by press time.  And I would have liked to have spent more time on some of the solo material as I have a whole list of favorites from this era as well ... but we simply ran out of time.  (I was able to feature a few of my favorite solo tracks during the interview, however.)  kk    

Hello kk!
When the 45 version of "American Woman" was released in early 1970, there was a rumor that the last phrase sung was "Goodbye American shit!" In the Charlotte, North Carolina, area the radio stations always spoke over the ending so it became a conspiracy thing and all the kids were buying the 45 and some would swear he said it. It did not hurt the phenomena either that some 45 record versions excluded that last line! Did you experience that phenomena in Chicago? 
Here is the last line (turn it up):  
Here's an excluded UK version ...  
I read once where Burton Cummings stated he was saying "chick" and it cleared it up for me. So that had to have been an issue! It certainly spawned a lot of sells of the 45 record in the Piedmont area of North Carolina! 
Also ... I don't think that The Guess Who gets proper credit in the category of FUZZ!  
The Guess Who's tune "No Time" from "Canned Wheat" set my fields on fire with that gift and made me really happy more of that style of guitar driven fuzz (twin guitar fuzz) that Davie Allan made famous was coming and coupled with Burton Cummings vocals made that song timeless (no pun intended)! A lot of fuzz songs were just harsh fuzz being true psychedelic ditties but there are some melodic well done tunes that had that special formula! "No Time" in both versions are standing proof as were several LPs from The Guess Who. These ears stand tall with that tune as well as others they played!
Loved reading that interview! 
I always heard it as "chick" ... so I guess I never really questioned it.  I don't remember there being any controversy on this at the time.
However, I DO remember something about The Guess Who being invited to perform at The White House ... and that some of the nation was shocked by this decision as "American Woman" was not considered very complimentary to the US (and women in particular) at the time.  I probably should have asked him about this (but had forgotten all about it until I read your email.)  Burton, if you happen to be reading this, what say you?  (kk) 

Hi Kent, 
Great job on the BC interview. 
It was some of your best work. 
Thank you 
Steve Sarley

Please enter my name in the free concert ticket give-away.  The Guess Who are one of my all-time favorites and I would love to see this show.
Like I said, we're only able to pick one winner ... but you can always visit the Arcada Theatre website and secure your tickets now before they're all gone.  I have a feeling this is going to be a VERY hot ticket ... especially based on the response we've received for our interview.  (In fact, I believe we had something like 1800 brand new readers ... all from Canada!!! ... who discovered Forgotten Hits as a result of this great word of mouth!  Awesome!  (kk) 
Just read the first installment of your Burton Cummings interview -- EXCELLENT -- so looking forward to the next two installments.  I find Forgotten Hits more in touch and more relevant than any other music publication -- THANK-YOU for all of your expertise and hard work -- it is greatly appreciated.  
For a real kick Google:  Blackbird Guess Who Pandora -- and listen to Burton Cummings' spot-on version of the Beatles song (after you click on hit PLAY SAMPLE).  It's on the Guess Who's album:  "Let's Go - The CBC Years" -- I think you will find it very impressive!
Best Regards,
Tim Kiley
Thanks for the kind words Tim.  I was listening to the "Let's Go" CD last week as a matter of fact.  In fact, that's where their version of "Time Of The Season" came from that I posted in Part One of our interview.  Interesting to hear the band as the were right on the cusp of hitting the big-time themselves.   Still playing songs by other artists on the TV show while their own first hit single "These Eyes" was beginning to climb the charts.  (kk) 

And then ...

Hi Kent,
Just finished "Burton Cummings Part 2" -- really EXCELLENT interview -- Glamour Boy, one of your all-time GREAT Burton Cummings' songs.  Really loved that you brought up the fact that his music covers so many genres.  Another tune of his in the jazzy category is "Sing Shiny Stockings" off the Dream Of A Child CD and another stellar tune of his is "Heavenly Blue" off the Woman Love CD, but I am sure you have heard them all.  Loved the song you featured of his in the Country genre ... I had not heard that one before.  I am sure you are getting a ton of feedback on your interview with Burton -- GREAT stuff -- looking forward to the final installment tomorrow.  That's a helluva double-bill, The Zombies and Burton Cummings -- now there's an artist line-up that would have no trouble playing until breakfast -- love that song by the Zombies, "You Make Me Feel Good!"  Have a GREAT weekend!
Thanks Again,
Tim Kiley  


Hi Kent,
Again, GREAT interview with Burton Cummings ... I really enjoyed it.  Also thanks for featuring "Albert Flasher" in Forgotten Hits today, certainly one of the Guess Who's most durable hits -- it has almost a little history like Bob Seger's "Old Time Rock & Roll", a song that only charted at #28 in Billboard but when "Old Time Rock & Roll" was featured in the movie "Risky Business" it went on to become a classic (much the same with the Righteous Brother's "Unchained Melody" in the movie "Ghost").  "Albert Flasher" only charted at number #29 in the U.S. but was featured in the movie "Almost Famous" and when you hear Burton sing it, watch the crowd and you'll see why this song has had the longevity it has -- when you hear Albert Flasher you know that Burton has tapped into a vein of gold in timeless magic rock n' roll much the same as a Fats Domino, Little Richard, or a Jerry Lee Lewis song.  Listen to the song "Lucille" by Little Richard, absolutely timeless -- it's the same with Albert Flasher, just like a good Canadian whiskey, it just gets better with age.
When Burton Cummings joined the Guess Who in January of 1966, shortly thereafter the first song he recorded in the studio that he did lead vocals on with the Guess Who was a song that Neil Young wrote (as you know, Neil spent his junior high and high school years in Winnipeg) called "Flying On The Ground Is Wrong" that spent time on the Canadian charts -- give a listen to it, and you'll see it sounds even better than the version recorded by Neil Young's Buffalo Springfield with Richie Furay on lead vocals.  It'll give you an idea of how the Guess Who sounded right before the collaboration of Burton Cummings and Randy Bachman took their music in the direction that they became even more famous for.  You take the talent of Burton Cummings, and you stir in the Winnipeg music scene, and add a bit of British Invasion with a sprinkle of youth and dreams and you come up with a whole lot of great music, happy record companies, and loyal fans -- fame was only a by-product.  I think Burton would be the first to tell you that his career wasn't about the gravy, it was about the potatoes, music always was his mistress -- though the Guess Who brought him fame and creature comforts, I think to this day the band that remains a soft spot in his heart is the Deverons -- whereas the Guess Who meant the business of music, the Deverons meant the fun of music -- and when you see him perform, you'll see he still is having fun -- and when you go to the show you will, too.  I think to him music always had the feel of "Mom, look what I colored in school today!"  He has never forgotten the person that made it all possible for him.  You are in for one helluva show.
Tim Kiley

No doubt about it, Burton has a soft spot for The Deverons ... that's really when it all started for him.  But if The Deverons were the vehicle that got him into show business, then The Guess Who became the express train that took him to the top.  We've heard from a few readers over the years who remember seeing Cummings with The Deverons and being able to tell very early on that this guy had something special ... and was going to make it big.  He probably would have ended up being a star either way.
"Albert Flasher" has always been one of my favorites ... it almost feels like Burton wrote this one as a piano warm-up exercise!  He is ALL over the keyboard ... and I've always felt that this should have been a MUCH bigger hit.  (I think part of the problem was the flip-side, "Broken", split the vote and, as such, NEITHER track became as big as they deserved to be.
Having seen The Guess Who, Burton Cummings and/or Randy Bachman close to fifteen times now, you don't have to tell me how entertaining this show is going to be ... I can't WAIT to see him again!  (kk)    

This is a wonderful interview.  Congratulations!
Bob Rush

Your Burton Cummings Interview was a home run -- no wait, I take that back -- a GRAND SLAM! 
I have read many articles and interviews on Cummings and the Guess Who in the past but nothing ever as in-depth as your piece.  You guys covered it all.  Kudos on a job well done.

Great job on the Burton Cummings interview, Kent.  I never had the opportunity to talk with him during my radio heyday, so I was pleased to see that he's a great guy and still has the enthusiasm of a youngster with regard to music -- his and others' as well.
And you're right -- Cummings and Bachman's version of "Don't Talk to Him" is terrific. 
Oh, the broadcasting and format myths we could bust if someone would just give us a little radio station at the end of the dial ...

Scott Paton      

What an excellent job, and what a thrill it was to learn about Burton and learn about him beyond the records.  I loved the Cliff Richards cover, and that take on You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet was wild!  Jealous of you getting to go see him on stage.  
CW Martin
I can't wait ... but it IS a real kick to be able to take another Chicago-area Forgotten Hits Reader to the show, thanks to Arcada Theatre head-honcho Ron Onesti!  Meanwhile, there are still a few good seats available:
www.oshows.com (kk)  
Two other great Guess Who tracks I wondered if you knew (I'm sure you do) that weren’t hits but shoulda been are A Wednesday In Your Garden and Flying On The Ground (Written, I’m told, by Neil Young).
You'll find BOTH of these tracks mentioned elsewhere in today's comments page ... obviously fan favorites!  (kk)  

Really, really enjoyed the Burton Cummings interview.
Loved all their classic-hit songs ... was great to re-think about those songs again, especially "Share The Land" (which I had forgotten about!) ... great, great track.
David Salidor
It sounds like some of our Forgotten Hits Readers having been telling Burton about our publication ...  

Very cool ... so he finally figured out that your operation's pretty rockin' (you've really picked up steam since you first got going) ... Definitely will let the Guess Who fans in our group know about it. 
I've yet to read today's second piece, but the first was brilliant, dude - and I have posted the link in a couple places and gotten FB likes and comments about what a great interview this is.  I'm sure Burton was impressed at how well-informed you are.

I have him as a friend on Facebook and have dropped him a couple of notes about the site as he had appeared on there a few times recently and that he should check it out as it would be a good read if nothing else, but that you do a great job interviewing people and it has a large following. Next thing I know ... you have this coming up! LOL  Dunno if the extra push did any good, but I am glad you finally got the interview from him. He personally writes a lot on his FB page about stuff in the past, so this one should be good!

Over the past several years at least four or five people on the list have mentioned that they thought they could hook us up for an interview ... but it never happened.  Honestly, it looked like this one might fall through a couple of times, too, but with the show coming up in a couple of weeks, I really pushed to keep this on track.  Fortunately, Burton's road manager, Sam Boyd, is a long-time Forgotten Hits Reader and really enjoys what we do here ... so he helped to set the whole thing up.  Burton called me at an appointed time and we talked for about 45 minutes.  Meanwhile, I had emailed him DOZENS of questions both before and after our phone conversation ... and then he began emailing me back responses to cover some of the topics we missed during the first go 'round.  (Even at that, there were still several more questions that ultimately got dropped from the website interview simply because we never got around to them.)  Incredibly we were still talking late Tuesday Night / Wednesday Morning ... so I had a rather frantic Thursday trying to get enough edited in time to still hit my self-imposed deadline of Part One going up on the site on Friday ... certainly the most pressure I've ever put on myself to do so (I've probably got 15 hours in Part One alone!) ... but it was important to me to have this run two weeks before the show so that fans would still have the time to get a ticket.
I've heard from several people that he can be difficult at times ... but I saw absolutely no evidence of that.  In fact, most of the interview felt like two old friends, talking about their shared love of music ... as Burton Cummings is, himself, a FAN ... and, as he told us, quite the collector.  Many of those same people (along with quite a few others) wrote in to say that they were amazed at how much I got out of him ... but we haven't even scratched the surface yet ... as this was after Part One ran on the site.  I've still got two more days to go and the best, as they say, is yet to come. 
I found him to be COMPLETELY behind me on this (and I've heard he's been quite complimentary of the results so far) ... very cooperative, very forthcoming and very appreciative of my wanting to get the facts down and help push the concert ... so time will tell if we do more ... who knows, maybe he'll become a regular Forgotten Hits reader and contributor, too.  But I've gotta tell you ... as a life-long fan, this was an INCREDIBLY cool thing for me to do!!!  (kk)

kk -
You raised the bar when it comes to rock interviews with your piece on Burton Cummings.  (Thanks a lot, ya bastard!)  I guess I can cross him off my bucket list ... you covered it all ... there's nothing left to ask him!
All kidding aside, you did a GREAT job with this and with, from what I understand, a sometimes difficult interview subject.  You two seemed to definitely have hit it off and it shows in the final outcome.
Sincere compliments on a job well done ... Forgotten Hits just continues to grow and I, for one, am very happy to be part of the forgotten hits family.
This one meant a lot to me ... no question.  Burton mentioned an online group of fans of his called "the faithful" and I would be remiss not to do the same.  Just about a year ago, I was sitting here computer-less with no financial means to solve this problem.  For all intents and purposes, I was struggling with the very real possibility that, after nearly fourteen years, this might be the end of Forgotten Hits.  But a group of devoted readers got together and raised donations to get us back in the game.  Were it not for them, this interview might never have happened ... so once I again I thank MY "faithful".  Tell you what ... scroll back and look at the work we've done here in the past year ... the idea that NONE of this would have happened is literally unthinkable to me.  SO many new opportunities have presented themselves in the past year and, thankfully, I was around to take advantage of the majority of them.  So thank you again, the Forgotten Hits Faithful, who have stuck with us for all these years ... and are encouraging me to keep it going for at least another sixty!!! (I'm not sure THAT'LL happen ... lol ... but hey, right now I'm feelin' pretty good about what we've accomplished here!)  kk 

If you are a fan, join our group on Facebook.  Burton drops by from time to time.
We will be playing the September 7th concert on www.fenx.us on Sunday if you would like to listen.
In fact, I will be running a series of Burton Concerts from this year and last.    
The Guess Who at the Cresentwood Centre 1966 with Chad Allan and Burton Cummings 
The Guess Who reunion at the Cresentwood Center in Winnipeg in 2000 with the 4 originals including Jim Kale Burton Cummings in Cornwall 2012 
Burton Cummings at the Red Robinson Vancouver 2012 Burton Cummings Live at the Imperial Room Toronto 1982 Burton Cummings Solo Live at the Red Robinson  
Tuesdays, Burton's long time Album designer has a show.  Ernie Celafu from Pacific Eye and Ear, which runs at 8 pm Eastern. 
And thank you for running (and crediting!) my photo of Burton and the band on your website ... you'll see one of photos included in inner sleeve of the "Massey Hall" CD, too.
Kevin Suter

Awesome interview ... Burton emailed me that he had a great talk with you.
Thanks for doing it and if you need anything else let me know.
Sam Boyd
Tour Manager

Kent ...
Enjoyed your Burton Cummings interview.  
According to Ron Smith's Book "Eight Days A Week," 9/17/1975 - " Guess Who Day " is declared in Winnipeg.
Frank B.

Well, that would be TODAY!!!  So Happy Guess Who Day everybody!  (kk)