Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday Morning Madness

We've got a fair amount of catching up to do again this week ... we've been stock-piling your comments during our Top 100 Hits of 1960 - 1963 Countdown ... so we'll run a batch today and then a few more mid-week.  Enjoy!  

re:  BAM!  BIFF!  POW!  SOCKO!: 



Outstanding FH for this Monday. Enjoyed it immensely.
Personally I never watched the television show BATMAN all that much. To show you just how old we are getting, I believe that actor Adam West is in his eighties.
CALIFORNIA NIGHTS by Leslie Gore was excellent.  Always did like POISON IVY (the song) as well as the flip I'M A HOG FOR YOU, which was also played here in OKC.

TWO FACES HAVE I was a record that was number one with writer Robert Louis Stevenson.  (Get it?)
BATMAN'S GRANDMOTHER was a huge novelty record here in OKC. Always did like the break-in type of records. Dickie Goodman was the best.
I believe that was the Markett's version of BATMAN as opposed to the Neal Hefti version.
You said you tried to get as many villains as possible. Wasn't there a character know as Mr. Freeze? Hence the record out of 1958 by Tony & Joe with the dance THE FREEZE.
Speaking of Robin, in 1963 singer Bobby Vee had a big record with the song NEVER LOVE A ROBIN here in the OKC area.
Finally, I don't know if you remember this record or not, but I thought of another novelty break-in record out of 1966 by a group which called themselves the Keyhole Peepers. The record was KEYHOLE PEEPERS INTERVIEWS BATMAN & ROBIN.
Larry Neal

Enjoyed this morning's visit to Gotham City, Kent. Sad that John O'Neil, the real whistler on "I Was Kaiser Bill's Batman", was never credited.
David Lewis  

Re your "Batman" compilation --
Although its popularity in the United States was certainly not hurt by the immense popularity of the TV show "Batman," the song "I Was Kaiser Bill's Batman" has nothing to do with the Caped Crusader. "Batman" is a (mostly antique and mostly British) term for a soldier assigned as an officer's personal manservant.  What that, or this song, has to do with Kaiser Friedrich Wilhelm Viktor Albrecht I can't say -- but that's what a "batman" is. 
Henry McNulty 
Old Saybrook, Connecticut
Thanks for the information ... I had no idea.  (But, just for the record "Rockin' Robin" wasn't REALLY about The Boy Wonder either!!!)  We were just having some fun ... which we try to do all the time here in Forgotten Hits.  Enjoying the ride?  Then be sure to tune in tomorrow, same Bat-Time, same Bat-Channel.  (kk)  

You left out the oddest of odd Batman records!  WCFL played this song for a week.  The Brothers Four did one of their best and funniest records in "Ratman and Bobin in the Clipper Caper" where they foil arch enemy Lawrence Welk!
Clark Besch

Wow, I've never heard THIS one before!  (kk)  

The Batman stuff is great - Jan & Dean's Batman single and comedy album are under-the-radar classics!
Click here: ? Jan and Dean - Batman - YouTube
Click here: ? The Joker is Wild from Jan and Dean Meet Batman - YouTube 
Click here: ? Jan & Dean - "Batman" - in STEREO - YouTube  
Click here: ? Jan and Dean Meet Batman Part One - Comedy Routines - YouTube 
Click here: ? Batman Theme from Jan and Dean Meet Batman - YouTube  
Click here: ? batman -jan and dean.wmv - YouTube 
Click here: ? Jan & Dean - The Flight Of The Batmobile - YouTube  
Click here: ? Jan and Dean - Batman - YouTube Click here: ? Jan and Dean meet Batman Mr.Freeze - YouTube 
Click here: ? Jan and Dean Meet Batman Part Two - Comedy Routines - YouTube  
Click here: ? Jan & Dean - Robin - The Boy Wonder - YouTube 
Click here: ? Jan & Dean/Batman - YouTube Click here: ? Jan & Dean - The Joker is Wild - YouTube  
I'm sorry ... and I'm trying to be as objective as I can be here ... but there's a very good chance that it's crap like this (as in ALL of the above) that are keeping Jan and Dean out of The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame!!!  (What were they THINKING?!?!?)  kk  

Kent ...  
I, too was a great Batman Fan ... in '66 I was 10 years old and I thought the show was the greatest thing on tv ... (had a HUGE crush on Julie Newmar)!!!!!!  I also had the original soundtrack album from the show with the original Neil Hefti theme and a bunch of filler music, too. Damn ... those were the days!!!!!!!  
I'd be remiss NOT to feature the infamous Neal Hefti theme ... along with this ... a GREAT compilation clip of Batman and Robin climbing up the wall.  Check out all of the celebrities who were chomping at the bit to film a cameo on the hit television series!

>>>Hmm, "Beatle Flying Saucer" at #56??  Must be like the Buchanon and Goodman "Invasion" 45 in the US about that time.  (Clark Besch) 
>>>"Beatle Flying Saucer" by Ed Solomon ... There was a fairly successful break-in record that got played here quite a bit in Chicago at the time ... "The Invasion" by Buchanan and Greenfield.  (Buchanan was one half of the old Buchanan and Goodman team ... Dickie Goodman was making his own solo records by this point ... and, believe it or not Greenfield was Howie Greenfield, long-time song-writing partner of Neil Sedaka!)  It fizzled out nationally but went to #22 here in Chicago.  (kk)

I couldn't help but wonder if Ed Solomon was actually Ed Salamon, a Forgotten Hits Reader and regular contributor who recently interviewed Melanie about her new book ... so I HAD to ask him!!!  (kk) 
No, not me ...  
Ed Solomon was a pun on Ed Sullivan
Ed (the other one)  
Does anybody out there have a copy of this record?  (I wonder if it was a record at all ... or just something created by the radio station like John Landecker, Steve Dahl and Jonathan Brandmeier used to do with their parody songs.)  If it exists, I would LOVE to hear a copy!  (kk)  

Leave it to Tom Diehl to come up with a copy ... apparently released on Diamond Records.  Here it is! Even Diamond Records jumped on the Beatle bandwagon by issuing The Beatle Flying Saucer by Ed Solomon in February 1964, which may be the very first break-in record to use Beatles songs. Nice to see that it charted on CKWS, I do have a Canadian pressing of the 45 as well. I have no idea who the voice behind "Ed Solomon" is.
It's funny because the Buchanan and Greenfield track used "simulated" Beatles "yeah, yeah, yeah"'s ... probably for fear of getting sued by Capitol Records or EMI ... so this is kinda cool!  I remember that Dickie Goodman eventually used the line "He's a real Nowhere Man" in his "Batman And His Grandmother" break-in hit in 1966.  Thanks, Tom ... I a real break-in freak and didn't even know that this one existed!  (kk)

My wife was driving to her Saturday morning Zumba class when my home phone rang. She asks "David, who was the first DJ to play The Beatles in the USA?"  I immediately said "Dick Biondi." She says "Well, I figured you'd know. He's being interviewed on NPR." By this time it's one minute 'til the top of the hour and the interview is over. Did any FH Fans hear it? 
David Lewis 
I figured the whole world knew by now!  (lol)  Still one of our most-read, best-circulated pieces.  
I forgot to mention the other day when speaking of the passing of Chicago and Cleveland Dee Jay Jerry G. Bishop that he became the midwest Beatles rep with The Fab Four toured the States in 1965 ... was photographed numerous times with the band as sort of our "radio spokesman" ... and broadcast live reports alongside The Beatles from their hotel rooms.  

From the sounds of things, some of these exclusive interviews were even considered for national release by Capitol Records at the time ...  
Click here: AOL Image Search result for ""   

Paul McCartney was all over the tube and internet again this past week ... an appearance on The Jimmy Kimmel Show, blocking of a section of Hollywood for a live performance, his appearance at the iHeart Radio conference and more press about his brand new album.  TONS of links to choose from ...
Hollywood Blvd. shut down for Paul McCartney concert
Posted By: Robert Lachman
Posted On: 9:03 p.m. | September 23, 2013
By Randall Roberts
Paul McCartney doesn’t really need the publicity, but when he desires it he sure can make a dent. On Monday he and his band shut down a stretch of Hollywood Boulevard to perform a handful of songs for a lucky few thousand as part of “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” Many in the crowd had been waiting much of the day for a chance to catch the ex-Beatle in action.
Flanked by the El Capitan and Dolby theaters, McCartney was pushing his forthcoming album “New” by doing a few songs for TV, but stuck around for a set that included older songs we wanted to hear.
His list was full of big-ticket songs. He and his touring band tore through Beatles classics “Hey Jude,” “Let It Be,” “Back in the USSR,” “Magical Mystery Tour,” “Birthday,” “Lady Madonna” and more, and peppered in solo and Wings songs such as “Band on the Run,” “Another Day,” “Jet” and three new works, including the excellent title track.
-- submitted by Dave Barry

And you can join John Lennon in Bermuda, circa 1980, thanks to this new app available through iTunes:
Fifty-one years ago, Liverpool typist Freda Kelly started spending her lunch break at a tavern so she could watch four rambunctious musicians rock the stage covering songs by Little Richard and Chuck Berry.
Within months, the Cavern became world famous, and Kelly found herself running the Beatles' fan club.
As recounted in Ryan White's new documentary, "Good Ol' Freda," Kelly worked from a back room of an appliance store run by Beatles manager Brian Epstein.
"The film's emphasis is on the early days, before the Beatles were really famous," White says. "Freda was a fly on the wall, so she's been able to humanize John, Paul, George and Ringo as boys rather than superstars."
Through his uncle Billy Kinsley, a member of Liverpool band the Mersey Beats, White knew Kelly for years before learning that the shy secretary spent her late teens in the company of the world's biggest pop group. The last member of the Beatles' inner circle to go public, Kelly turned down lucrative offers to write a "tell-all" memoir, according to White.
"Freda's the least money-tempted person I've ever known in my life. When we went into her attic and an envelope full of George Harrison's hair fell out of a book, I said it must be worth tens of thousands of dollars. Freda thought it was disgusting that I would even mention that."
-- submitted by Dave Barry 

And, of course, last week was Part One of the Glee Beatles Take-Over on the hit Fox television series.  They performed a TON of Beatles tunes including "Help", "Got To Get You Into My Life", "You've Got To Hide Your Love Away", "Yesterday", "A Hard Day's Night" and a pretty decent version of "Drive My Car" ... but the two highlights of the evening can be found in these video clips, courtesy of Rolling Stone Magazine:
Naturally, we'd always prefer to hear The Fabs sing their own versions of their hits ... but with the incredible fan-base this show has, my bet is that original Beatles sales went thru the week last week ... and will continue to do so after Part Two airs on Thursday evening.  (kk)  

Does anyone know about this group? Steve Miller had an Ardells and there were at least two others (Pennsylvania and Florida). I am curious about the recording of Effenanny that came out in '63 in two versions. I have played both in my surveys of music 50 years ago that I do weekly on KPOO.
Charlie Miller 

>>>Looking for the b-side song ... something like oop oobioe do … unsure of the a side … Four Seasons maybe?  Can you help?  (Mike Stransky)  
The 4 Seasons record you're looking for is That’s The Only Way [peak #88], which was a very low charter and the flip of New Mexican Rose [peak #36] from the fall of 1963. It pops on occasionally on my MP3 players. That’s The Only Way hit the top 40 in BUF, PHI, PIT and LOU.  Like kk, I first heard of Cliff Richard via Blue Turns To Gray. 
Thanks to Tom Diehl, we've got this one to share ... sorry guys, but this one sounds kinda scary!!! (kk)

>>>Regarding The Tornados, there's no 'e' in their name.  (Doug Thompson)  
>>>Check out this eBay link ... you'll find their name spelled BOTH ways ... with the "e" and without!  Weird!) Click here: telstar tornadoes in Music | eBay (kk)    
In Canada and England (where The Tornados originated), you'll see that it was spelled WITHOUT an 'e' on the end. 
Either the U.S. record company or someone at Billboard mistakenly added the 'e' to the end of their name. 
Just like Vice President Dan Quayle infamously (and mistakenly) adding an 'e' to tomato.  There simply isn't one.
Check out and you'll see, there's not an 'e' in site.
Doug Thompson (Toronto)

That explains it.  Even Joel Whitburn's book shows the group's name with an "e" because that's the way the record label printed it here in The States.  (kk)

Has Forgotten Hits ever done something on misspoken (or, I guess, mis-sung) lyrics?
One that springs to mind is Bobby Vee's singing "One of these days you're going to be sorry" in "The Night Has a Thousand Eyes" from 1962.  As written, the words were "One of these days you're going to be crying," to rhyme with "without really trying" in the next line.  Unaccountably, instead of "crying," Bobby sang "sorry," and they didn't bother to do a retake.
In "Do You Want To Know a Secret," George Harrison sings "I've known a secret for the week or two," when the words really are "I've known THE secret for A week or two."   There are several other mis-sung lyrics in the Beatles' catalogue -- mostly in remakes of American records in which they had to figure out the words simply by listening to the radio.
Joan Baez famously botched some of the words to "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down" (1971), again, she later said, because she mis-heard the Band's original.
I'll bet Forgotten Hits' followers could come up with a big list -- might be fun --
Henry McNulty
Old Saybrook, Connecticut
Over the years we've run literally dozens and dozens and dozens of "misheard" lyrics ... but I don't think we've ever done a feature on "mis-sung" lyrics before ... all I do remember a piece that David Lewis sent in a few years ago pointing out the "Do You Want To Know A Secret" error. I guess it was so urgent to get some of these records out back in the '60's that it was just easier to let these little ones go.  (I remember John and Paul each singing different lyrics on a voice of "Please Please Me", too, that's quite obvious.)  kk  

>>>The police report did not state what Eagles song was playing at the time of the incident.  
(Annie Reuter)
>>>Because the NAME of the song would be the most relevant point of this article, right?!?!  (kk) 
>>>Police claim all three were intoxicated at the time of arrest.  (Annie Reuter)  
Way more important than which song was playing, really.  

Seeing this picture gave me a quick headache ... like you get when you drink something cold too fast.
Dr Robert
Chicago released their brand new single "America" last week.  The song was written by Lee Loughnane who, last time around, selected Forgotten Hits to WORLD PREMIER their latest recording.  (Hmmm ... looks like we got passed over this time around!!!)
That's OK, Lee, no hard feelings ... here's a link to sample their new track:
Click here: VVN Music: Listen: Preview of Chicago's New Single "America"   

One of the Youngtones in Far Rockaway has passed away. I knew him as Freddy.  He died 9/26/2013. 
What a voice.
Dom Verdi  
Although The Youngtones never really had a national hit, their name has come up numerous times over the years in Forgotten Hits, especially amongst doo-wop aficionados.  Sad news to pass along.  (kk)  

Other Music News Headlines from the past week ...
Christine McVie joins Fleetwood Mac on stage to perform "Don't Stop"
Mick Jagger to become a Great-Grandfather!
Paul Simon has a couple of career retrospectives coming out in October ... "The Complete Album Collection" is exactly that ... EVERY release of his solo career, packaged together in one collection.  In addition, look for a new set called "Over The Bridge Of Time, 1964 - 2011".  This one covers both his solo career as well as selected works from the Simon and Garfunkel years. 
And have you seen the new Ray Charles postage stamp?

And this timely piece of news comes from Ron Smith of fame ...
A momentous occasion occurs next Saturday as an all-but-forgotten artist turns 70. I know the Chicago radio stations will ignore this, but I was sure, given your love for countdowns, that you'd want to cover
1) Abracadabra - 1982
2) The Joker - 1974
3) Rock'n Me - 1976
4) Fly Like A Eagle - 1977
5) Jet Airliner - 1977
6) Take The Money And Run - 1976
7) Swingtown - 1977
8) Jungle Love - 1977
9) Heart Like A Wheel - 1981
10) Living In The U.S.A. - 1968 & 1974
When's the last time you heard these songs on your radio?
- Ron
Thanks, Ron!  I couldn't wait ... I had to dig Steve Miller's Greatest Hits out right away and stick it in the car ... this way I can enjoy a whole WEEK of celebrating this seldom-heard artist!  (kk)  

Got this from a couple of readers last week ... past my bedtime so I never got to see it!  (lol)
A nice plug for the Wrecking Crew last night on David Letterman!  Cher as guest spoke mostly about her 60's memories including the Wrecking Crew (see about 10 minutes into the youtube video below).  Letterman even mentions seeing the film a few years ago!!
Clark Besch
Start watching at about 9:45. Cher and Dave talk about The Wrecking Crew and then they talk about Rock History.
David Lewis

We heard from Denny Tedesco, producer of The Wrecking Crew documentary, too ... a week or two ago we mentioned the new Kickstarter campaign which, if successful, will finally push things over the top to allow for proper licensing to FINALLY see this movie released.
Hi Kent,
I wanted to let you know that we're going for it in about three weeks.  I'm going to do a kickstarter for the last $250,000.  It's a lot of money but I can't keep going on with the small grueling road that I've taken, so we're going to do Kickstarter.
I've met so many of your readers over the years doing the screenings.  I'm hoping you'll continue to support our cause and let them know about this last step toward getting the film released.
Thanks, Kent.
Take care,

Over the weekend, Chicago's Jerry Butler received his inductee trophy from Allen Shaw of the Hit Parade Hall of Fame during an appearance in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  Here are a couple of photographs as well as a v
ideo, of the live, on stage presentation.
John Rook 

Lots of press this past week about America's Pop Music Hall Of Fame ... here's a link to the site ... where music fans can vote for their favorites ... imagine that!!!  A Hall Of Fame that actually LISTENS to the fans!!!
Nominees for next year's ballot include The Bee Gees, Tony Bennett, Pat Boone, The Carpenters, Chicago, Dion, The Everly Brothers, The Four Seasons, Connie Francis, Buddy Holly, Elton John, Carole King, Dean Martin, The Monkees, Ricky Nelson, Roy Orbison, Patti Page, Gene Pitney, The Platters, Simon & Garfunkel, Smokey & Miracles, The Supremes, Three Dog Night, Dionne Warwick and Andy Williams.  
Winners will join this year's inductees The Beach Boys, The Beatles, Johnny Cash, Ray Charles, Nat King Cole, Perry Como, Bobby Darin, Neil Diamond, Brenda Lee, Johnny Mathis, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Bobby Vinton and Stevie Wonder.
Iconic songs inducted to date are: 1940s: “White Christmas” by Bing Crosby; 1950s: “Hound Dog” by Elvis Presley; 1960s: “The Twist” by Chubby Checker; 1970s: “American Pie” by Don McLean.
First-time nominees are selected by a panel of musicians, disc jockeys and journalists based on artists’ breadth and depth of pop hits, as well as influence – include Dion, Buddy Holly and Carole King.  Artists must have placed a hit on the Billboard charts between 1945 and 1970 to qualify.
You'll find quite a bit of overlap here with John Rook's Hit Parade Hall Of Fame ... BOTH organizations allow the fans to vote for their favorites and honor those who had the greatest impact and chart success.  NOT so much with The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame (which may as well move into Jann Wenner's basement ... because those inductees only seem to matter in his own reality.)  As such, you won't find Tony Bennett, Pat Boone, The Carpenters, Chicago, Nat King Cole, Perry Como, Connie Francis, Dean Martin, Johnny Mathis, The Monkees, Patti Page, Frank Sinatra, Three Dog Night, Bobby Vinton, Dionne Warwick or Andy Williams anywhere NEAR a ballot, much less a formal induction!

Keep up the good work. Would love to see Burton Cummings, especially after your piece.
Ken Voss
Better grab those tickets fast!  Less than 100 seats are still available as I type this. It's going to be one hell of a show ... Burton Cummings with The Zombies!!!  Unreal!  (kk) 

Kent ...
Your interview with Burton Cummings was SPOT ON!!!!!  What a cool dude ... I'm glad to see that he is still passionate about all of those old great songs ... shame he and Randy can't reconcile their differences 'cause a Guess Who Reunion would be KILLER!!!!!! 
As always, keep up the great work you do, because all us oldies fans and old time radio folks sure as hell appreciate it!!!!!!! 
Rock On!               
Pete G 

The Burton Cumming Arcada appearance is right around the corner -- wish I wasn't 1100 miles away -- it's a helluva GREAT show!  I look forward to your review.
Tim Kiley
We'll run our review of the Burton Cummings Concert later this week.  We met SO many Forgotten Hits Readers there that night ... and man, what a night it was.  The Zombies ... Burton Cummings ... BOTH artists were in top form and brought their A-Game to the stage.  Highlight of the night was visiting with Burton backstage after the show.  Stay tuned ... it's coming up soon!  (kk)

Sent in by Gary Pike, formerly of The Lettermen ...

Have you watched that new BBC Program "Last Tango in Halifax"???  GREAT to see some of us older folks still gettin' the lovin'!!!  (kk)