Sunday, September 1, 2013

The 60's: YOURS, MINE ... AND OURS!

So you're 60. I've been 60 for two weeks now and it's no big deal.
Spent my birthday on business in Vancouver. Went down to the swanky restaurant in the hotel for a nice New York Strip steak and had the entire place to myself throughout the whole meal -- even the lounge was empty. And a young blonde waitress catering to my every needs and my needs alone (and she didn't call me Grampa once). Now how much would I have had to pay to get exclusive use of a nice restaurant on my birthday?  
Of course, while I was gone, the Mail Lady decided my mail wasn't being picked up often enough and called the police all concerned. They proceeded to do a "wellness check" and smashed in my front door looking for me. Not priceless, but expensive enough.
Happy birthday, Kent.
-- Ron Smith 

Hi Kent!    
60? No way ... I always thought you were younger than me ... happy birthday!!!
Jim Shea

A Chuck Buell Birthday Basket just for you, Kent, 
"A Child of the Sixties" (meaning you spent your Wonder Years in the 19-60s! ) and who's now turning 60!  
First off -- Congratulations!  You've just set your own Personal Record for Most Consecutive Days Lived!  Not bad for someone who for a brief nano-second in time 60 years ago was the Youngest Person Alive!  
So for you now, all the "age" jokes really begin!    
Let's start with one that appears to have been inspired especially by you and what you do!

And now ~~~ 

A Special Chuck Buell Birthday Music Mix Just for You! 

I gathered together a few of our old "friends" to create this approximately two minute musical montage for you on your special day, Kent! 

So, turn your speakers up full and give a listen! 
(I promise you, it won't embarrass you or anyone else within hearing range!) 
Chuck  Buell

Kent --
Thanks for all the wonderful music memories.  Have a super fantastic groovy 60th birthday (aka 29) and keep on rocking on. 
Best -

Happy Birthday, Kent, you "old bastard"!  
A fine salutation, well earned, and the best is yet to come! Let me tell you about it.
I preceded you into this world by seven years so I humbly inform you that I was more fortunate than you since I experienced 'The Golden Age of Rock 'n Roll' earlier and longer than you.
I, too, still have almost all my hair and it is still reddish brown, I still am within 20 pounds of my High School graduation weight and work out regularly at the local YMCA.  I, too, have much too many favorite songs to restrict the list to a meager 200 favorites.  In fact, the list is still growing as I explore songs and artists I missed as I journeyed through the marvelous decades of the 50's, 60's and 70's.
I was laid off in 2001 and, fearful for my retirement, invested my entire 401K in a little company called Apple. I still can run a sub-5 minute mile, my wife is still turning heads when we go out and the only minor flaw that I have is that sometimes I lie!!!! ha ha
Have a wonderful 60th birthday and don't listen to people who tell you not to look back and live in the past, Hell, revisit it often and celebrate the wonderful carefree time that it was!
Sweet Dreams,
Thanks, Charlie, your birthday greetings cracked me up.  (And at OUR age we've got to be REALLY careful about how much jiggling we do!!!  lol)  kk
Sneezing becomes a challenge and you can't always trust a fart!  But hell, 'Life is Good' 

Hi Kent -
Congratulations from UK   
No decade has ever matched the 60's
A survey done by BBC two years ago with a national vote -
Britain's favourite year for music:
Winner:  1966
Have a good one
Love the t-shirt
Regards -

All the best to you on your day today!  You are only as old as you act (I always say)!  
Forgotten Hits just keeps getting better with age.
It was a great choice to start with 1967.  That has to be the greatest year in rock and roll history.  There is such a mix of every style of music.  Keep up the good work. 
Phil - WRCO   

Happy Birthday! 
While 1967 wasn’t my big music year, it was my kindergarten year, and for whatever reason I have always considered it my favorite year.  Come Back When You Grow Up was one of my sister’s 45’s and me and her kids played it a lot back when hand me down singles were all we could get.  My other sister kept us rocking by listening to CKLW day and night (who could forget the old bumper- “CKLW ... go to sleep ...”). 
CW Martin   

First of all, Happy Birthday Kent. 
I'm 56 but know what you mean about not being able to figure out how you could be this old. I don't feel any different than I did when we were all hearing this great music either.
I think my favorite Rock and Roll years were 65 - 69, but don't think I can narrow it down much from there.
Each one of those years had so much special and new music in it. What's weird to me is that really I didn't graduate until 1974, but when I look at the music from my high school years, it's great, but the music from the mid to late 60's just beats it hands down I think.
The 60's were such a creative period.

First off, happy #60 to you. Does this mean in 10 years we're gonna do 70 days of the 70s? On one hand I hope so, on the other hand, I hope not. I gotta agree with Chet on 1968. I go back and forth on my fave 60s year. To me it's either 1968 or 1965 ... so for fun, I looked at my song selections on my home jukebox.  The majority of songs (48 of 80) are from the 60s, with the heaviest concentration being the years 1965 - 1968. It appears 1965 must be my fave year as 12 of the songs are from that year. 11 were from 1966, 7 from 1967, and 9 from 1968. I suppose if I were really ambitious, I'd go thru the rest of my 45s, LPs & CDs and see what years they cover. I suspect the 60s would be the majority. 
Once I got hooked in 1964, there was no turning back for me.  I loved nearly everything I heard that decade and then, years later, went back to discover what I'd missed.  I can make a good case for '65, '66, '67, '68 and '69 ... and '64 if only because of the whole Beatles thing and the light going off inside of me that still burns so brightly all these years later.  An exciting and fascinating time to be sure.  But 1967 has ALWAYS done it for me.  I swear I lived that entire year with the radio on ... and I still love each and every one of those tunes all these years later.  (kk)

Hey Kent!   
Well, welcome to the 60s finally.  And a very HAPPY one to you!!  
We've been there for over 50 years and still are  making new forgotten hits now.    
You are completely right about that age thing.
A good deal of it is state of mind, although in my case a little hair color doesn't hurt either.
Ken Evans  
Furvus of The Fifth Estate   

Hi Kent,
Wishing you a very happy 60th - you're brave to admit it in public - and thanks for all the work you do for forgotten hits - we may not always say it but we're glad someone's keeping it alive! Have fun today!
Figured there was no point in denying it ... and I truly can't get over it myself!!!  Besides, it gave me a GREAT excuse to feature some of my all-time favorite music this week.  (And a chance for some co-workers to say, "No way ... I didn't figure you were a day over 45"!!!)  kk  

Maybe I can make you feel old??  One song can sum up your life to this point!  Bring in old buddy Lieutenant Pigeon from just over 40 years ago.  Even IT is Mouldy Old Dough today!!  If you want to go 60/60, go back to its origins, "White Silver Sands" by Bill Black Combo in 1960 for your #60 birthday!
This week in August, 1967, I was on family vacation with my mom and dad and brothers in Texas!  I've attached the Ft Worth KFJZ chart I picked up that week.  It was there that I got the Cryan Shames' "It Could be We're in Love" with pic sleeve (#46 on chart).  Since I was on vacation, I did not make my own chart that week, but the week previous had the Shames at #1 with other national hits up there too, but #6 was "Step Out of Your Mind" and #7 "Out & About".  Harpers Bizarre TV theme "Malibu U" was a New Single listing on my chart, while "A" side was a King Z Klimber on KFJZ! 
It was fun to hear two of the three faves you attached were CD reissues I worked on too!  Raiders (#16 on KFJZ) and Turtles (47)!  Some pretty groovy tunes on all the top 40 charts on your 14th birthday.  I was a young 11. 
Not a big difference, except you are OLDER than Rock N Roll and I am younger!  1953 just won't cut RNR, but 56 falls in barely!  Hahahahaha!!
Hope you celebrate big time!  Have some mouldy old dough! 

Cool to see some other charts from my birthday week, 1967.  Back in the old days when I, too, used to keep my own personal survey (based on a combination of the local and national charts), I called mine "The Sound 60 Survey" ... and also listed 60 tunes per week.  Man, I wish I still had some of those.  I think they ran from about 1964 thru maybe 1975.  Then I went back later and recreated The Top 20 weekly lists from the '50's, expanding to 30 in 1961, 40 in 1962 and 50 in 1963, all leading up to the debut of my first Sound 60 Chart.  It was cool to see the COMBINATION rankings of the sources available to me at the time.  (Kinda like what Randy Price has created now with his Super Charts ... and one of the early inspirations behind that whole concept!) kk   

I decided to go thru and see what I ranked as MY number one on your birthday on years that I created my own record charts back in the good ole days.  Here's what I picked fave on your birthdays:
1963 / 4 / 5 I charted records then, but no charts around your birthday.
1965: Save Your Heart For Me - Gary Lewis & Playboys
1966: Over Under Sideways Down - Yardbirds
1967: It Could Be We're in Love - Cryan Shames (#1 actually week before and after with no chart on YOUR week)
1968: 1-2-3 Red Light - 1910 Fruitgum Co. (#2 was "Down at Lulu's"!)
1969: Honky Tonk Women - Stones
1970: All Right Now - Free (in middle of 7 week run at #1, most ever by any song.  BTW, chart shows NC6 just played Wichita on Aug 23!)
1971: How Can You Mend a Broken Heart? - Bee Gees (#1 on my Lp chart was Ides' "Common Bond" with "Tie-Dye Princess" single at #7).
1972: Nights in White Satin - Moodies (NC6 play Omaha with Sailcat on 9/3)
1973: Brother Louie - Stories
Couldn't find my 74 and 75 charts and stopped first week of 1976.

Also Guys,
An AT40 site is counting down the top hits from Chicago weekly for a while.  It includes youtube links to hear the songs.  Just started this week:

Again, a very happy big 6-0 to you. Hey! It could be worse. You could be 6-1.
A few years ago a former DJ in Tulsa, OK, used to sign off from his show by saying that this "rock and roll" music will keep you young in spirit and mind, not body of course. I kind of found out that to be true.
Finally, in one of your songs which you stated was virtually ignored on a national level, the Third Rail's 1967 song of RUN RUN RUN was one of those songs which was played on one of our two top 40 radio
stations here in OKC but not the other. Always did like it. Have got a copy.
The Third Rail hit peaked at #19 here in Chicago ... nationally it stopped at #53.  A touch of social commentary bubblegum, I guess ...  maybe a bit like "It's Good News Week" from a few years before.  (kk)   

>>>Speaking of instrumentals, our FH Buddy Davie Allan was knocking on the door just outside The Top 40 door with "Blues' Theme" (#41) kk
Just think if Davie Allan & The Arrows would have been properly given some exposure to go along with the Blues' Theme 45 RPM record that reached #41 in Chicago in 1967 without any promotion after being released in 1966! I'm sure they would have been treated by the parents of America much like when The Rolling Stones hit. You can't enter into Garageland without passing by the gatekeepers. And as mean as they looked I know they would not trip you. Definitely intimidate you and laugh knowing that Link Wray & The Wraymen who are just ahead would!  
Actually "Blues' Theme" did VERY well here in Chicago ... it peaked at #3 here.  "Theme from 'The Wild Angels'" made our local charts, too, reaching #37.  BOTH of these records performed better here in Chicago than they did on any of the national charts.  The #41 reference for "Blues' Theme" was that records chart performance for the week including August 27th, 1967 ONLY, as it appeared in Billboard.  It would peak at #37 in Billboard a couple of weeks later.  (kk)   

If you think it's tough turning 60 what about the rock stars turning 70!

Bill Hengels   

Wow, Kent ... 98.6?  Now that's a song I haven't heard since high school!
Rich Silverman 

Hope the 60s are good to you, Kent. I'm only 369 days behind you, and share your sentiments about how an old man is supposed to act and feel (and think). I'm just not even close - and don't have any intention of going there. We all know people even in their early 50s who seem to have shut down by choice. I don't get it. Love the shirt, by the way.
Yesterday, two different websites discussed this Herman's Hermits track appearing on the charts during the final week of August, '67. Written by Donovan, it's certainly different from their usual sound.
David Lewis    

Happy Birthday Mr. Kotal.
I, too, will be reaching that milestone a little later this year.
I thoroughly enjoyed today's kick-off of the sounds of the 60's ... what a great time it was.
Many more to come.
Thank you.  (Yeah, I guess at 60 I finally DO have to accept the fact that I'm "Mr." Kotal!!!  lol)  kk   

Happy Birthday, my friend!
I know that rolling over the odometer at this milestone must seem somewhat surreal, 'cause I'm coming up right behind you in your rearview mirror.  But you've still got a full head of hair, a hobby you're passionate about, and a nation-full of pen-pals and friends as a result.  So you're living large!
As always, thanks for your fellowship, your good work and for keeping us all entertained.
All my best wishes for another great decade!

I really enjoyed the Six Degrees of Separation thing today, Kent. I constantly connect things through these kinds of associations. Good tracks, all.  I guess my mind works that way, too.

Hi Kent,
Happy birthday!.
Just dropped in to let you know the Vanilla Fudge's Keep Me Hangin' On made my day.
It still sounds really good on my headphones.  It was so radical at the time but at the same time strangely faithful to the Supremes' version.  That and Turn Around, Look At Me brought back a lot of good memories.
Once again, two COMPLETELY diverse songs that still sound great together, don'tcha think???  (kk)

Hi Kent,
Another band out of Michigan was ? & The Mysterians, and "96 Tears" was not only a number 1 hit for them in 1966, but the song was part of every garage band repertoire in the U.S. at that time.  Though Rudy Martinez had the lead vocal, certainly the most catchy and identifiable part of the song was Frank Rodriguez's Vox organ riffs.  To me, like Bob Dylan's "Like A Rolling Stone", Al Kooper's organ-playing really was a main ingredient in making this a classic song.  You can't argue with the song-writing and identifiable style of Bob Dylan but Al Kooper's part really was the hidden ingredient in making this a hit at the table!  It's the same thing with Keith's "98.6" or Robert Knight's "Everlasting Love" the instrumentation really brings these records home -- but like so many songs, it's the gumbo of everything together that makes a hit record -- like Burton Cummings says:  "a record is like a photo that captures a moment in time!"  And like so many artists whom we go to see in concert, we always hope they can duplicate the sound that made their song a hit we loved to listen to on the radio at that moment in time! 
Hope you had a GREAT birthday Kent!
Tim Kiley 

A Very Happy Birthday, my friend!!!!!!!!!!!
WOW!!!!!  The big six 0 you still look like a 40 year old!!!!
I hit the big 57 in July and I still feel like a 25 year old ... I just can't find one!!!!!!  LOL 
Many more Happy Birthdays ... and keep up the great work!!!!!!!
I've been with ya since the very beginning of FH ... and it keeps getting' better with each year!!!!!!!!!
As I've stated before, I was in radio for a long time, and I love the OLDIES ... and every time I click FH, I learn something NEW.  Quite impressive my friend!!!!!!!
Stay Healthy and keep the hits coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pete Garrison   

And thanks to all of you out there who tried to cheer me up on my somewhat traumatic day with advice like:
60 is the new ...
30  (Stacee)
40  (Geoff)
59 (Chet)
Remember age is just a number ... it's just that 60 is a REALLY big number!!!  (Jim)
And then this reality check, courtesy of Chuck Buell ...
>>>Somebody told me earlier today that "60 is the new 59"  (kk)
Ah, don't let anybody kid you.  60 is 60!  And it's just fine! Plus, if anybody is going to fool around with age numbers, that'd be me! 
I, being born on Leap Year and therefore having an Official Birthday only once every four years, when I turned 60, I actually only turned 15!  Ta-dah! 
Now then, always remember, you are the product of Four Billion years of evolutionary success!  That alone is pretty cool no matter what your age! 
Thanks, Chuck ... but I can't help thinking that I'm now over 400 years old in dog years!!!  (lol)  kk   

Besides the countdown that we helped to put together for the '60's Channel over at Sirius / XM, you'll find a couple of OTHER holiday countdowns going on this weekend ...
Kent ...
If you want to listen in -- It started on Friday at 11:00 AM (Eastern Time).
Frank B.
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And Scott Shannon's doing the Coast-To-Coast Road-Trip this weekend on The True Oldies Channel ... songs with cities and states in the title.
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'60's on a SUNDAY:
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