Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Helping Out Our Readers

re:  Helping Out Our Readers:

>>>Most folks probably don't realize that Phil Everly recorded "The Air That I Breathe" first, prior to the hit Hollies version!  (kk)
Albert Hammond actually had it out first, on his It Never Rains In Southern California LP in 1972. Phil followed in 1973.
Tom Diehl
I suppose that would make sense ... since he WROTE the song!!! (lol)  Thanks, Tom!  You'll find it below.  (kk)

I've still got to give MAJOR props to The Hollies for hearing something that just wasn't there in the original ... Albert Hammond's version is about as stripped down as can be ... and the Phil Everly take (featured the other day in Forgotten Hits) really just adds the typically expected Everly Brothers-sounding harmony ... but The Hollies do a full-blown assault on this track, with layers of vocals enhancing the song's richness and fullness.  Years later Julio Iglesias would record it again with The Beach Boys providing the background vocals!  (kk)  
Click here: ? Julio Iglesias The Air That I Breathe w Beach Boys [1984] 1100 Bel Air Place.flv - YouTube   

I was reading your fine blog and came across this discussion from 6/14/13 regarding the Youngtones and a song called Come On Baby.  This song was put out on the Brunswick label in August of 1958, record number 9-55089.  Hope this will solve that little mystery for that Scottish gentleman. 
Pete G. 

Please thank Glenn Murphy for the question about the New Colony Six and, just in case it would be news to you, Kent, Gerry (Van Kollenburg) told me that “Run” was the flipside of I Don’t Really Want To Go”.
Ray Graffia, Jr.
Thanks, Ray.  We featured that A-Side a while back in Forgotten Hits.  "Run" doesn't sound like anything else at all that The New Colony Six recorded ... I'm not sure I could have picked it out of a line-up myself!!!  (kk)    

With all of the freezing rain yesterday and today, I thought this was a good song to play.   
Do you remember this song by a group with ties to Wisconsin? 
Phil - WRCO
I sure do ... I used to LOVE this song ... can't believe it never charted.  I remember buying the whole album for this tune but, as I recall, it was about the ONLY listenable track on the entire LP!  I had no idea The Movies had Wisconsin ties.
GREAT suggestion ... and perfect for the deep freeze we've all been in for the past week or so ...
Although I think HALF of our snow has melted now thanks to all the rain.  (Much better till it freezes up at night and makes it even more treacherous than before!)  And I heard there's supposed to be another polar vortex coming, too ... gotta love it!  Thanks, Phil!  (kk)
The leader of The Movies was Michael Morgan of the Messengers.
Wow!  I had absolutely no idea!  That puts you one up on me!!! 
This song always reminded me of "Back When My Hair Was Short" by Gunhill Road ... another GREAT Forgotten Hit you can feature on your program.  (When's the last time anybody heard THAT one ... outside of Forgotten Hits that is!!!)  kk 

I found your site while I was looking for an old song online.  I wondered if you have any info on a song I think was called "It".  It was on the flip side of a 45 record and one side had "The Twelve Days of Christmas With the Cleveland Browns". I'm curious who wrote and performed the song It.  I hope you can help me!  
Thanks in advance ~  
Allison S.
Wow - this is going to be a tough one ... obviously a VERY specialized recording for a very special market ... but we've got a lot of listeners in the Cleveland area so let's give it a shot!  Keep watching these pages, Allison ... you never know WHAT we're going to come up with ... we just may surprise you!!!  (kk)
And then ... I swear ... not thirty seconds later ...
OK, I found it!!!  It was a record put out by Walter and Bennett Elliott ... and I found TWO copies for sale at Gemm.com ... and you can pick up a near mint copy for just two bucks!!!! 
Click here: The Twelve Days Of A Cleveland Brown Christmas/It - Elliott Walter&Bennett: LP - GEMM.com
And you can listen to it again here:
Click here: ? It by Elliott, Walter & Bennett - YouTube Thank you so much!  You're the greatest.  Thanks again!