Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Some Of Your Mid-Week Comments

re:  The Hit Parade Hall Of Fame:  
Hi Kent -
I am happy to announce the 2014 nominees to the Hit Parade Hall of Fame.
The Coasters
Joe Cocker

Jim Croce
Bill Haley & Comets
Herman’s Hermits
The Hollies
Whitney Houston
The Kinks
Reba McEntire
Conway Twitty
Sarah Vaughn

John Rook   

re:  On The Radio:  
Hi again Kent -
I clicked on the link you posted for the forgotten 45s program but got very little info that affects us individual listeners. Do you or Ron Smith know or have a list of stations who offer this as well as their other features? I'd love to know who uses them in the Chicago and also the Phoenix area.
Steve Davidson
I found that a bit odd, too ... why promote the show ... and then offer no way to HEAR the show?!?!?  So I did a little bit of digging and found this link:   
Click here: LoudCity - Forgotten45s

Eventually, they'll also post the cities and times this program will be airing.  I listened for a little while the other night ... but never heard ANYTHING that I would have featured in a program of this context of my own ... so it may be a bit of an acquired taste.  (kk) 

Doing a little deeper digging I'd say a far better option would be THIS link here:  
Click here: PodOmatic | Podcast - Forgotten45s
These are archived programs ... but the very first one I clicked on played an alternate version of Elvis' hit "Ain't That Lovin' You Baby" ... hardly a "forgotten 45" ... since this version was NEVER released as a 45.  Plus I found his logo VERY interesting ... and, shall we say, somewhat familiar looking ... don'tcha think?!?!  (kk)
That's the T-Shirt that Frannie designed for us back in 2001 ...  

And then here's the logo for "The Forgotten 45's" Radio Program ...  hmmmm ... even down to the type font!!!  Interesting!
FH Reader Tom Cuddy sent us an interesting profile of legendary disc jockey Casey Kasem from The Hollywood Reporter:
Now we just need them to expand this list to 490 more songs, and I think that's a good start.
Honestly, they need to make a list ... the most over-played songs on the radio ... and then give them a rest ... put them on hiatus for six months or so in an effort to make us appreciate them again.  It's not that we hate these songs ... quite the opposite ... we LOVE these songs.  Radio has just beaten them to death to the point that they're now unlistenable.  ANY alternative is the preferred option.  Add more to the play list ... and then mix it up a bit ... and bring these songs back in moderation ... and we'll all appreciate them that much more.  (kk)

re:  Scott Shannon:
Still lots of buzz about Scott Shannon stepping down from his WPLJ gig in New York City ...
We haven't heard anything from him (so Scott if you've got a special statement you'd like us to run, please send it our way!!!)
Meanwhile ...
In this newspaper interview Scott Shannon said the two things he'll miss about leaving WPLJ are:
1 = The Christmas Show at Blythedale ... and
2 = The Summer Blast - Off at the Jersey shore
"I never minded the hours," he said.  "It's only hard from 3:15 to 3:20. Then it's smooth sailing."
Frank B.

And this from FH Reader David Salidor:

Click here: Scott Shannon, Pioneering Radio Figure, Abruptly Departs Breaking News on Pop Culture, Arts,    

Any truth to the rumor that  SCOTT SHANNON's  'surprise' retirement announcement from NYC radio
last week was to join the staff of  FORGOTTEN HITS? 

Now wouldn't that be sweet?!?!?  (kk)   

re:  The Saturday Surveys:  
Cool to see the old KFXM chart from July, 1963.  Larry Lujack would join their staff only three months later!  Love seeing Colorado's surfer group the Astronauts at #6 and Brian Hyland's cool history lesson at #8! 

>>>One of our all-time favorite Forgotten Hits holds down the #5 spot ... "Andrea" by The Sunrays,  produced by Beach Boys Dad Murry Wilson!  And, speaking of The Beach Boys, you'll find them at #23 with "Barbara Ann".   (kk) 
I also noticed an unnoticed-by-most-of-the-nation Dino, Desi, and Billy tune at #33. Billy Hinsche was a Beach Boys band member for years.  
Then you'll just LOVE our special Sunday chart posting, featuring The Beach Boys ... on the Candix record label!  The Dino, Desi and Billy track "Please Don't Fight It" petered out at #60 on the Billboard chart ... but I remember having the picture sleeve for this record in my collection for quite some time.  (Somewhere down the line I must have sold it ... because I can't find it now!)  kk

Again, I want you to know that I thoroughly enjoy the posting of other radio station surveys in that I like to see what records charted that didn't necessarily chart on a national level and in particular here in OKC.
I really enjoyed looking at KLMS' survey and the songs being played.  There were some 7 or 8 records I was not familiar with. The first being Eddie Fisher's number one song MILK AND HONEY. I played it, liked
it. Didn't even know that he ever recorded for ABC Paramount.  The remaining records I found all but two on you tube and played them to see what they sounded like.
At the bottom where it listed the DJ's, Perry Murphy later became PD here in OKC at station KOMA in the late sixties.
Your last survey and Porky's Picks, any record by Buck Owens made our local survey and the song by Jim Reeves made our survey as well.
Enjoyed hearing ANDREA again but always liked I LIVE FOR THE SUN better. 

FYI, here in OKC all of the records which were on KFWB's survey exactly 52 years ago made our local survey as well. There was one exception, that being song number 28 with the instrumental MR. MOTO by the Bel-Aires.
I do have a copy of the record however, and am familiar with it, even though I haven't heard it in years. (Just got through playing it now). Incidentally, the tune MR. MOTO when it came out, was a record that was number one at the time with the actor Peter Lorre. (Some of your readers may have to think about this one.)

Hi Kent:  
Love this weekly survey idea! This is good stuff. I’ll send a ’64 one for you. Also, one note on your ’62 listing this week ... in the up & comers is the fairly obscure original version of Dick & Dee Dee’s ’64 hit “Thou Shalt Not Steal”. 
PS - One note about the survey. Two of the disc jockeys pictured went on to future broadcast fame. George Michael went out to Philly and New York, where he achieved legendary status. Eddie Doucette would become the voice of the Milwaukee Bucks NBA team and was recently honored in the Basketball Hall of Fame.    

re:  Beatles:  
Bravo! Kent, on your elaborate coverage of the Beatles' 50th. 
I know how much the Beach Boys' 50th celebration meant to BB fanatics. Now we get the same for the Beatles - Help! (Me Rhonda) 
I'm listening to the Huntley Brinkley Report from November 18, 1963) - 
Edwin Newman speaking over a live concert recording of the unknown new "quartet" - "One reason for the Beatles' popularity may be that it is almost impossible to hear them."  
What a now absurdly funny line! 

Here's a montage of stuff the Besch Brothers recorded from Dodge City, Kansas, DXing the country.  WLS and Ringo Ron here a lot!  There's KOMA in OKC and WNOE New Orleans and more.  Then the finale with WHK / KYW Cleveland concert as aired on the KYW show live for the September 15, 1964 event.  Jim Stagg, Jerry G, Dick Williamson and all the future CFL jocks and they warn New Orleans that "the Beatles ARE coming!!" (September 16th).  Then on to KC where promoter Charlie O. Finley wanted them to wear A's uniforms!
Footage of WHK sponsored concert:
Footage of interview with WHK, KYW personalities and Upbeat TVer Don Webster with closing interview:
ALL these tapes are authentic and taped by the Besch Brothers -- no ringers in here.  WABC in NYC sounds quite distant because it WAS!!! 

Clark Besch

I just took a quick glance at the review of the Washington, DC Beatles Anniversary Concert.  Good day to get my coffee, sit and read.  I saw Scott Arch's name mentioned in The Beatles tribute review.  Scott was part of a Beatles Tribute band 12 years ago here in the northeast that was solidly booked for high school band fund-raisers.  I remember paying for blocks of seats for my own children, their friends, and staff from my school.  At the first performance we saw, my then teenage daughter said to me, "I know 'Paul' is our favorite, but I can't keep my eyes off 'John'."  I had been thinking the same thing.  I have not seen Mr. Arch in five years, but if he is even close to the re-enactment style he had, it is definitely worth a watch.
Shelley J Sweet-Tufano
I think these guys who perform in these Beatles tribute bands are pretty committed to their roles ... so it doesn't surprise me at all to hear that he's still out there doing it.  (We've got several here locally that have really made a name for themselves by putting on elaborate shows covering The Beatles' entire career.)  kk

I loved the Beatles Anniversary show.  It proved the power of the songs because they are very good even when interpreted differently by various artists.  My two favorites were the 'young' Imagine Dragons and, although I am not a Eurythmics fan, I could viscerally feel the love they displayed singing to Paul and Ringo.  I, too, would have preferred a little more vintage replay of the actual show. 
Initially I was troubled by the way they try to overdo everything today and promote their Brand (Grammys / RIAA) ... it's all about them but even their brassy over-hype couldn't take away from the innocence of the early Beatles and the great fun and joy they brought to America that day.
A funny tale ... we were married in 1971 at a "built for weddings" building that included stock bands. I asked the band to play 'Something' by the Beatles for our first dance. The bandleader responded "We don't know anything by the Beatles" ... ha ha.  Thankfully and beautifully my sister sang it A Cappella and it was wonderful.
Have a great weekend,

In Thursday's Comments Page, Henry had a list of four songs which were Beatle inspired.  

The two that immediately came to my mind were as follows:  
1. Buchanan and Greenfield - The Invasion, out in 1964 and
2. Allan Sherman - Pop Hates the Beatles, also out of 1964
I believe there were others though I can't think of any offhand. The one by Allan Sherman may have been an LP cut only.
Larry Neal

And I thought of "Ringo, I Love You" by Bonnie Jo Mason ... who, of course, was actually Cher, recorded in her pre-Sonny days!  Listen closely and you'll be able to tell right away!  (kk) Click here: ? Cher (Bonnie Jo Mason) - Ringo I Love You - YouTube

>>>Loved the show, but glad I passed on the $300 tickets (cheap seats on Stub Hub) when I was there. The place was huge to be in the back.  (Bill Besch)
That might have been worth the $300, when I think about spending $80 or $90 for Cher and James Taylor here.  In 64, tickets to see the Fab 4 in KC were $5 and it did NOT sell out!  Yes, Frampton did well and the Eurythmics did OK too. 
I have to say that "Can't Buy me Love" WOULD indeed have been a GREAT choice.  It began the second Beatlemania attack (Love Me Do / Ain't She Sweet / Do You Want to Know a Secret / Twist And Shout, etc) in 64 followed by the glut of 45s from "A Hard Day's Night" in August. 
Had "You Can't Do That" been a Macca song, Will Ferrill could have came out and clamored for "More cowbell!" 
I liked seeing Ed Sullivan in a Beatles wig and the photo of the George "stand in"!  Certainly, the spinning large 45s behind SHOULD have featured the original label graphics of the MANY labels they recorded on.
Might have been good to have Peter Asher help with harmony vocals on a song.  Gordon left us a few years ago.  Clapton shoulda been there to play. Maybe he was??
The big thing was for the comments for John and George.  Nice from the two remaining.  It left me wanting the MANY more songs left to hear.

Got this great story on the White Album from a friend of mine at 
We took an in-depth look back at The Beatles' "White Album" in honor of its 40th anniversary a few years back (along with the help of noted Beatles Historian Bruce Spizer).  You can read that report here:
Click here: Forgotten Hits - Forgotten Hits Salutes The 40th Anniversary Of The Beatles' White Album    

Beatles Author Debuts Third Book at U of Penn Beatles Symposium -
Jude Southerland Kessler – author of the John Lennon Series will be debuting her third book in Philadelphia at the ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’ Beatles symposium on February 27th.Beatles expert, author and radio show host, Jude Southerland Kessler, is proud to announce the Philadelphia debut of her third book, She Loves You, at the opening reception of the University of Pennsylvania’s Beatles symposium on February 27, 2014.  The reception is free and open to the public.  Appearing with Ms. Kessler at the reception will be EMI recording engineer Richard Langham who worked as the second engineer during the Beatles recording of their Please Please Me LP.  
On Saturday, March 1, Kessler will give a presentation, titled ‘Strawberry Fields Forever: Liverpool / The Beatles / John Lennon’, during the two day symposium that will include such notable speakers as Walter Everett, Larry Kane, Al Sussman, Donna Parsons and Anthony DeCurtis.  Registration is required to attend.
She Loves You, the third book in the nine-volume biography John Lennon Series, opens with John Lennon and Brian Epstein’s trip to the Spanish Riviera in May, 1963, and takes the reader on a 900+ page journey with Lennon through the Beatles first tour of the U.S.A. in February 1964.  The book’s Foreword is written by Larry Kane (the only U.S. journalist to accompany the Beatles on their 1964 and 1965 tours of America) and the prologue is by Bill Harry (schoolmate of Lennon and the creator of Mersey Beat magazine).  Other books in the John Lennon Series include: Shoulda Been There – covering Lennon’s life from October 1940 to December 1961 and Shivering Inside – covering December 1961 to April 1963.  ‘Tomorrow Never Knows: The Beatles in Text and Images’ runs from February 27th through March 1st at the Kislak Center for Special Collections, Van Pelt-Dietrich Library, University of Pennsylvania, 3420 Walnut Street, Philadelphia. 
For more information on Jude Southerland Kessler and her John Lennon Series books, go to:
NINE volumes?!?!  At over 900 pages each?!?!?  My God, who IS this guy, Harry Potter?!?!?  (Actually I guess most would agree that John Lennon led a more interesting life than Harry Potter EVER did ... and I've read Jude's first book in this series.  No doubt about it, these are mammoth reads ... but if you're interested in learning every detail of John Lennon's life, THIS is the place to do it!)  kk

I'm listening to Wild Wayne interviewing Lloyd Price.  Lloyd just said that Ed Sullivan rehearsed his show at Lloyd's nightclub " Turntable. " Maybe you could ask Andrew Solt about that.
Frank B.
I'll ask ... but I don't think it's true.  Sullivan ran a serious "boot-camp" of rehearsals the full week before his program aired ... and they often taped the dress-rehearsal show, too, just in case something had to be edited in later.  I find it hard to believe that they would have done any off-site rehearsals.  (kk)

UPDATE:  Got this back from Andrew Solt ... apparently he'd never heard it either ... but has no way of knowing for sure ... or checking ... 
Hi Kent -
Sorry that I can't be of any help on this. I don't have a clue and don't know who would.
Doing a bit of further checking, I see that according to Wikipedia (NEVER the most reliable source for these things, but nevertheless), Price owned a nightclub called "Turntable" in the '70's ... and, since The Ed Sullivan Show went off the air in 1971, I'm thinking this makes it even LESS likely that anything Sullivan-related ever went on there.  (kk)

And, speaking of Beatles fact-checking, we just received this from FH Reader Don Effenberger:  
Click here: Fact Check: That claim about the Beatles? Let it be |

That second Sullivan show (on February 16th) was quite different from the first.  The second was on a big stage with tons of people in attendance.  The sound quality was worse (IMO) than that at the Sullivan theatre a week earlier, but the crowd was mostly better behaved I think, too.  The one BIG thing was that this show had was the great three part harmonies of Lennon / McCartney / Harrison all at one mic on "This Boy."  That is something we never saw in the first show and never saw again on TV live again here.  The mix was bad sometimes with Lennon or McCartney's mics too low making one stand out prominently too often.  They recorded the afternoon practice, too, before an audience and that is more interesting to watch.  For one thing, Ed is not dressed up much and I think I remember Lennon making some funny comment that is not in the evening show.  
Clark Besch
It does seem to be a bit more "relaxed".  I think The Beatles were enjoying their fun in the sun ... not something they were accustomed to seeing back home in Great Britain.  "This Boy" was the stand-out highlight for me, too ... but a solid performance all the way around.  (I was surprised they repeated so many songs from the week before ... but I guess they had some specific records to sell.)  I liked when David Letterman asked them (during the 50th Anniversary Television Special) how they came up with the set list for that first program.  I'm sure a considerable amount of thought went into it.  Watching it back now, the program kicks off with Paul primarily featured as the lead vocalist of the group, knocking out "All My Lovin'" and "Till There Was You" (an unusual and unlikely choice in my opinion.)  On the next three numbers you get more of a sense of The Beatles as a "band".  (kk)

re:  Jimi Hendrix:
Thanks for the great info on Jimi.  Unlike you, I think he is God, though.  I bought Are You Experienced in 1968 (age 11) and still have it.
IMHO - Most amazing fact - only four LPs released during his lifetime.
Do you know of any recordings of Jimmy James & The Blue Flames available?  Thanks. 
Robbie Cordo
Yes, and probably close to 400 SINCE then!!!  (lol) I'm sure there must be all kinds of tracks floating around on the Internet featuring Jimmy James and the Blue Flames.  I asked FH Reader Ken Voss (himself a MAJOR Jimi Hendrix fan ... his screen name is VoodooChild!) to see if he could offer any suggestions for you ... and was quite surprised by his answer ...
There are no known recordings of Jimmy James & The Blue Flames. This was a period when Hendrix was playing with Curtis Knight, and there are dozens of releases with material from that period.
Meanwhile the "Experience Hendrix" Tribute Tour is in full gear this spring ... scroll back through our pages to see if there's a date and a city near you.  (kk)

And, speaking of Jimi Hendrix, a recent court ruling reinforced his family's rights to market his name and image ... 

This week the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals issued a comprehensive 45-page opinion reversing a 2011 decision by U.S. District Court Judge Thomas Zilly that held that the (State of) Washington's Personality Rights Act (WPRA) was unconstitutional. The Ninth  Circuit ruled that the WPRA is constitutional as applied to the facts of the case.  
Experience Hendrix, founded by James "Al" Hendrix, the late guitar great's father and sole heir, is owned and operated by the family of Jimi Hendrix and  oversees and manages the legendary artist’s internationally recognized copyrights, trademarks, and service marks, and related intellectual property rights. Led, since their inception by a team of family members chosen by Al Hendrix during his tenure as Chairman, the companies today are headed by Jimi’s sister, Janie L. Hendrix, President & CEO. Through their administration of his recordings, songs, trademarks, service marks, name, image, and likeness, and related IP rights, these companies oversee Jimi Hendrix’ legacy and continue to license and create products, services, and events that closely promote and mirror Jimi’s unique vision.   
This week's ruling underscores the Hendrix companies' continuing and exclusive right to license products bearing the Hendrix name, image, and likeness.   Judge Zilly had entered a permanent injunction prohibiting Andrew Pitsicalis and his companies from using the words "Hendrix" or "Jimi Hendrix" in any domain names and from using a headshot logo and a "Jimi Hendrix" signature logo to sell products. A federal jury awarded Experience Hendrix $1.7 million in damages for Pitsicalis’ infringing activities that Judge Zilly subsequently reduced.  The Ninth Circuit ruling calls for a new trial of the amount of damages caused by Pitsicalis' infringement of trademarks held by Experience Hendrix.   
Experience Hendrix CEO Janie Hendrix expressed her commitment to preserving Jimi Hendrix’ legacy by requesting the courts to enforce Experience Hendrix’s  federally registered trademarks. She noted, “We are committed to preserving our ownership of these federally registered trademarks.  The permanent injunction has enforced our marks and prohibited Mr. Pitsicalis’ infringing activities.  At the new trial, we will request the jury to return a verdict against Mr. Pitsicalis for the full measure of damages available to us under the law.”
Look for more comments tomorrow!  (kk)