Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Still Having Fun With This

I consider it a crime against nature that the ONLY song you're guaranteed to hear today by Elvis Presley is "Suspicious Minds".

Granted, it was a HUGE #1 Hit ... and it's a GREAT song ... but this means that The King's entire recorded output before 1969 has been permanently eradicated from the airwaves ... and I'm sorry, but that's just WRONG!!!

We've covered this before in Forgotten Hits ... Elvis had 123 other charted Billboard Hits before "Suspicious Minds" reached the summit in 1969 ... and radio seems content to ignore each and every one of them.  Instead of rotating perhaps another 40 great songs that listeners would LOVE to hear once in a while, they play "Suspicious Minds" fifteen times a week instead!

So our suggestion here is skip one rotation today and play THIS one instead ...

Same theme ... and the bonus is the guy even SOUNDS like Elvis!!!  (Not to mention the fact that it was #1 in virtually every city in the country back in 1964 when Terry Stafford had his biggest hit ... a song that out-Kings the King in my opinion ... Elvis' own version pales in comparison!)

How about this?  Instead of playing "Crazy On You" by Heart fifteen time a week, save yourself some time and play this one instead!

Think about that for a second ... if you add up all the time the deejay will save by not having to say "on you" every time that Heart record plays ... and multiply that by 40 - 50 times a month ... why, lo and behold you just MIGHT have enough time to squeeze in another playing of "Jack And Diane"!!!

Here's one ... since you're going to play "Call Me" by Blondie several times a day anyway, surprise your audience by announcing "Call Me" ... and then giving THIS one a spin!!!

For all of us out there who have od'd on Steve Miller, try this break in the action ... 

Next time ... instead of spinning "The Joker", give THIS one a test drive!

And here's one more, just for fun.

One of the cleverest songs ever written has got to be "Life's Been Good" by Joe Walsh ... LOVE it!!!  But they've played it to death ... it's reached the point that I can't even appreciate the essence of the song anymore ... and that, too, is a crime against nature.

Wanna shake up your audience?  Play 'em this one instead ...

Got some suggestions of your own?

Send 'em in ... and we'll try to feature a couple more each week.

The whole concept here is:

Instead of THAT ... play THIS ...

Who knows ... maybe SOME day radio will actually get the hint!!!

Separate yourself from the pack ... 

Step outside the "CLONES" ...

And venture into the "Forgotten Hit Zone"!!!

Dare to be different ...

Play the unexpected!

(C'mon ... we DARE ya!!!)