Friday, March 7, 2014

50 Years Ago This Weekend

Leap year kicked in this past week in 1964, throwing all of our anniversary dates off by a day ... but we're still doing our best to recreate the evolution of The British Invasion once a week here in Forgotten Hits. 

On the Billboard Magazine chart dated March 7, 1964, THE BEATLES kicked off the month with three of the top four singles in the land … I WANT TO HOLD YOUR HAND (still #1, now for the SIXTH straight week), followed right behind by SHE LOVES YOU (#2) and PLEASE PLEASE ME (#4).  Dusty's record I ONLY WANT TO BE WITH YOU has stalled at #14 while I SAW HER STANDING THERE, GLAD ALL OVER and MY BONNIE continue to climb (at numbers 18, 23 and 31 respectively.) 

New on the charts are THE SEARCHERS, at #75 with NEEDLES AND PINS (you may recall it premiered here in Chicago a week earlier), a song (ironically) written by American Sonny Bono!  Rounding out The Hot 100, you'll find HIPPY HIPPY SHAKE by THE SWINGIN' BLUE JEANS at #80 and FROM ME TO YOU (the flipside of the U.S. re-release of PLEASE PLEASE ME, but a #1 Hit on its own back home in Jolly Ol' England) at #86, giving THE BEATLES a total of SIX songs in The Hot 100 this week.  

Here in Chicago, The Beatles hold down the Top Three Spots on the WLS Silver Dollar Survey dated March 6th with "She Loves You", "I Want To Hold Your Hand" and "Please Please Me".  "I Saw Her Standing There" is at #8 and "Twist And Shout" is brand new at #10 in its first week on the chart.  This gives The Beatles exactly HALF of the Top Ten Records in Chicago. 

Other British Acts making a showing this week include The Dave Clark Five at #12 with "Glad All Over", Cliff Richard at #20 with "It's All In The Game", The Searchers at #25 with "Needles And Pins" and The Swinging Blue Jeans premiering at #29 with "The Hippy Hippy Shake".  In "related" news, you'll also find The Viceroy's hit "Liverpool" at #32 while The Carefrees debut on the chart at #23 with "We Love You Beatles".


On TV, Ed Sullivan welcomed The Dave Clark Five for the very first time on his March 8th program.  (They performed "Glad All Over".)  They were back a week later to do three more songs ... and became favorites of The Ed Sullivan Show, appearing a total of a dozen times over the next four years.   
Click here: Dave Clark Five | Ed Sullivan Show   

And, speaking of The Dave Clark Five ...   

Forgotten Hits Reader Tom Cuddy sent us this great piece of news the other day ...   
Click here: PBS gets 'Glad All Over' about Dave Clark Five

Next to The Beatles, The Dave Clark Five were, without a doubt, my favorite British Invasion Act at the time ... one of the most exciting Christmas Gifts I ever received was their first "Greatest Hits" album ... ALL hits and no filler ... I played it Over And Over (pun intended) again and again till I started to wear out the grooves!  (Their singles were pressed SO loud that they sounded distorted every time you played them.  Now granted, that was part of their "sound" ... but at times it was just too much ... especially on the crappy little record player that I had at the time ... so getting the LP with CONSIDERABLY clearer sound was quite a bonus!)  And I played the heck out of it.  
I'm looking forward to seeing what PBS has put together ... Dave Clark has always been pretty tight with sharing his archives ... he owns the rights to virtually every appearance they ever made! ... so it'll be interesting to see what they've come up with ... although I hear it's pretty much a career retrospective, 1964 - 1970.  Be sure to check your local listings starting on April 8th to see when this will be showing in your area.  (kk)  

More on Tottenham Quintet ...  

Over the years it has been reported that Ed Sullivan REALLY favored The Dave Clark Five ... and that, in fact, the group appeared more times on his program than any other act ... other than Topo Gigio, of course! 

But I've seen that number of appearances distorted SO many times over the years that I couldn't help but wonder what the REAL number of appearances really was. 

So I went right to the source ... Andrew Solt, who owns the rights to EVERY Ed Sullivan Show ever broadcast.  (Andrew's official Ed Sullivan Website ... link above ... shows the count at 12 ... but the USA Today article we link to above puts the number at 18.)  I've seen 15, 16, 18, "over 20" and 24 reported by other media sources ... but WE wanted to report the REAL number.

Andrew connected me with Greg Vines, the guy in his organization who maintains the logs of EVERY Sullivan broadcast.  (Not only is Greg the guy who would know ... but he also has the official documentation to back it up!)

Here's what he told me:    

Hi Kent, 

Regarding The Dave Clark Five ... the reason for the discrepancy is a little complicated.  They appeared on the show 16 times, but three of those appearance were repeats ... and one was film clips of earlier performances.  We don't count the repeats or film clips so that's how our number comes to 12.  

Here's a breakdown of their appearances:  

03/08/64  (honored above)  
11/01/64 – REPEATED ON 7/11/65 
02/14/65 – REPEATED ON 8/8/66 
02/20/66 – REPEATED ON 7/24/66 
04/24/66 – ON TAPE & IN STUDIO 

Hope this helps.   

All the best,

Greg Vines
SOFA Entertainment
Andrew Solt Productions
Los Angeles, CA 90069

Thanks, Greg, it sure does!!!  (Again, you can always count on Forgotten Hits to bring you the most accurate truth possible!  And, in this case, the definitive correct answer.) 

Inspired, I decided to do a little more digging.  

Here's what The Dave Clark Five performed during each of those "new" appearances:

03/08/64 - Glad All Over
03/15/64 - Do You Love Me, Bits And Pieces, Glad All Over
05/31/64 - Can't You See That She's Mine, Do You Love Me
11/01/64 – (REPEATED ON 7/11/65):  Any Way You Want It, Because
02/14/65 – (REPEATED ON 8/8/66):  Everybody Knows, Any Way You Want It
06/20/65 - Glad All Over, Come Home, I Like It Like That
11/14/65 - Over And Over, Catch Us If You Can
02/20/66 – (REPEATED ON 7/24/66):  Over And Over, At The Scene
04/24/66 – ON TAPE & IN STUDIO:  Catch Us If You Can, Try Too Hard
06/12/66 - Look Before You Leap, Please Tell Me Why
11/20/66 – FILM CLIP – NOT IN STUDIO:  Sitting Here Baby, Nineteen Days
3/26/67 - I've Got To Have A Reason, You Got What It Takes
12/21/69 – FILM CLIPS FROM EARLIER PERFORMANCES - This was a clips show that spotlighted British Artists The Beatles, The Dave Clark Five, The Animals, Petula Clark, Herman's Hermits and The Rolling Stones (along with other highlights broadcast live from Ed's stage during the 1960's.)  

Wow! That show already sounds better than anything that's on TV today!!!  Also included were performances by Diana Ross and the Supremes, who performed a medley of Baby Love, Stop! In the Name of Love, Come See About Me, My World Is Empty Without You, You Can't Hurry Love, The Happening, You Keep Me Hangin' On, Reflections, Love Child and I Hear a Symphony along with their latest (and last hit with Diana Ross) Someday We'll Be Together.

And finally ...

Don't miss our buddy Carl Wiser's interview with Dave Clark ...

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