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Helping Out Our Readers

re:  Helping Out Our Readers:  
>>>I know this is a LONG SHOT!!! ... But maybe you or one of the dedicated Forgotten Hits fans can pull this one from somewhere.  I'd like to know the song and artist of an instrumental (the worst kind of song to not the know the title to) track used in an episode of The Mary Tyler Moore Show.  Here's the episode on Hulu.  This is front the 1st season, and the song appears around 9:15 and continues throughout a very odd scene for The Mary Tyler Moore Show, with an outdoor montage of footage. 
The title of this episode is "Bess, You Is My Daughter Now" from the show's first season.  This song has been used in the series at least one another time, albeit in a short snippet only.  It might just be generic TV music, but this full length song leads me to believe this track might exist somewhere.  Now I have a hunch the artist might be Patrick Williams, who was responsible for scoring several films and shows.  His personal website confirms some work on The Mary Tyler Moore Show.  William's body of work is quite extensive. Anyway, it is a long shot, but any way somebody might be able to put a name to the song I linked to, or maybe even a confirmation that it is indeed part of Williams' work?  Thanks Kent and FH Readers.  (AJK) 
>>>I investigated Patrick Williams' site and, based on what I'm hearing here, I'd have to say that it's a real strong possibility that he supplied the music for this track.  It seems his "incidental music" used in both The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Columbo regularly get comments and requests.  But it ALSO sounds like most of these snippets never even got song titles ... he was just told to fill "x" minutes of screen time and come up with something based solely on that criteria.  He also doesn't own any of the rights to his own music ... so he has no way of making it available to interested parties and, surprisingly, it sounds like there have been THOUSANDS of requests over the years.  I received this response from Jason Lee, an associate of Patrick Williams with a bit more detailed explanation.  (kk) 
>>>My name is Jason Lee.  I work with Patrick Williams, and was forwarded your message in hopes that I could assist you.  It's a tough inquiry, as all of that music is owned by FOX (formerly MTM Enterprises). Often times there were no actual "titles" to the pieces other than a cue# and the length of the piece.  Pat does not have any of the music from that show in his personal archive, as it's owned by FOX, so it's pretty much impossible to track down the information you're looking for unless you were to contact the studio directly ... and even then, I can't imagine it being an easy task.  Pat gets requests almost daily for his music from the Marry Tyler Moore Show and especially the work he did on Columbo.  Unfortunately, we're not able to re-release any of this music or make it available for people to enjoy.  Thanks for your inquiry, Kent.  Sorry I don't have a better answer for you.  (Jason Lee) 
I was recently introduced to SoundHound and Shazam by a friend I had asked to help me ID a song for which I didn't have a name and artist.  Apparently these and a handful of other apps and programs just need as little as a hummed tune to ID the song name and the artists who have recorded it.  It isn't a perfect science (what is?) but can you even imagine the technology it takes to perform this magical miracle?  BTW, I'm not promoting anything ... and I don't have stock. 
I think the biggest key factor here (in this case anyway) is that it's highly likely the song doesn't even have a title!!!  Theoretically, that leaves nothing to identify.  I still suggest just burning the audio to your computer from the Hulu link ... because even if we could eventually nail down the actual name (assuming there even is one!), Patrick Williams wouldn't have the rights to this music anyway ... despite creating it!  (kk)  

>>>I'm trying to produce a documentary about the local Boston, MA, music scene in the 60's and was writing to ask if you could post this on your website. I'm trying to find any archive video from the mid 1960's concerning some local Boston, MA, Rock Bands that anyone might have in their archives that they could share or may know of that might have aired on any local TV or news shows on any networks from the years 1966 - 1969. The main bands I'm looking for footage of are Orpheus, Pandoras, Ill Wind, Teddy & The Pandas, Rockin' Ramrods, Barry & The Remains, Ultimate Spinach, Beacon Street Union or any one else associated with that scene at that time. I know a lot of these bands had done some TV over those years so I'm hoping some may be around.  Any help would be much appreciated.   (Lenny Scolletta)  
I don’t know about local Boston broadcasts, but there are a couple of national videos from The Remains. One was from Hullabaloo in ’66 and also they were on Ed Sullivan in ’66. They do “Diddy Wah Diddy” on Hullabaloo, and a song not on their LP or single on Sullivan. Both are in color and very cool. I know there is also an Orpheus video of “Can’t Find The Time” floating around. Off the top of my head I can’t remember the show. You tube is also a good place to try & find material.  

Has the strong similarity between Mike Curb's "Burning Bridges" and Pink Martini's "Splendor In The Grass" been discussed on FH?

David Lewis
I can honestly say "No" ... nor am I familiar with the Pink Martini track you're referring to ... I did a quick search on Amazon but the 30-second preview sounded nothing at all like "Burning Bridges" ... so I really don't know.  Have you got a copy to share with the class???  (kk)

I wasn't familiar with this band until recently. A young friend told me she enjoyed their music, and that they were well-known - so I decided to check them out. Less than ten seconds into this track you'll recognize it as "Burning Bridges" (written by Lalo Schifrin and sung by Mike Curb's friends for the flick "Kelly's Heroes.") You'll also hear a Russian classic in this track.
The story behind and about Pink Martini is quite interesting.
Click here:  
Fans of "The Sound Of Music" will find it cool to see that Pink Martini is working with the Great-Grandchildren of The Van Trapp Family!  (kk)

Got this request from Fred Glickstein of The Flock ...
Favor -  could you post this for me? I'm looking for a few people with whom I did musical projects in the late 70s, early 80s. I am doing a musical project and need to contact these folks. Please post the following info and have whoever replies send you the contact info.  
Here are their names: 
1. Steve Misic - Guitar, played in a group called the Strategic Air Command with me, Ron Karpman, Arch Terrance,  and Tom "Flash Commander" (Can't remember Tom's last name).
2. Tom "Flash Commander" - Like I said, don't remember his last name but remember that it sounded Polish. 
3. J.B. Skye - Songwriter and vocalist ...
Last I heard he was living on one of the Caribbean Islands.
It would also be great if anyone had any pictures of Strategic Air Command.
There is one more name and I'm working on getting his last name. I now have Kenny (The "Fonz") and he played keyboard and sang.
Thanks So Much,
Freddy Gee!   

I found your website on a google search. I have an instrumental from the late fifties / early sixties on cassette I've been trying to identify since around 1971! It was played on a Boston College radio station WERS when they had an oldies show on Saturday nights and was played as a News Roller intro. If I send you a copy of it on CD, you think you could take a shot at who the artist may be, or the name of it? 
Appreciate your time.  Wish I could get posted  somewhere as the theme has been eating my brain for almost 45 years!!!! 
John Sampson 
Leominster, Ma  
Instrumentals are always tough ... but if you'll send me an MP3 of this track, I'll be happy to post it on our website and see if we get any suggestions.  Thanks, John!  (kk)

And here it is!

I've never heard it before ... but maybe one of you has!  (kk)     

I'm looking for title and composer of gorgeous classical guitar composition that came along right around the same time as Classical Gas.  I believe it also made the top 40 but I'm not sure though.
Like I said without a sound clip, instrumentals are virtually impossible to guess at.  1968 gave us a few Top 40 Instrumental Hits:  Love Is Blue (odds are it isn't this one ... the "classical guitar" bit is what's throwing me here), Grazing In The Grass, The Horse, The Good The Bad And The Ugly, Soul Limbo, Soul Serenade and Ame Caline (Soul Coaxing) all hit Billboard's Top 40 ... and Mission Impossible just missed.  My suggestion would be to take this short list, slug them all into YouTube and see if you find the one you're looking for.  (kk)
I dont have a sound clip.  I know it has a lot of syncopation ... absolutely gorgeous.  I would like to the score to it.  Sorry, but no sound clip.
I'm also thinking that you should try the "Airport" Love Theme ... and the Theme from "Midnight Cowboy" ... neither is from 1968 but they're both still from around that era ... and perhaps more inline with what you're looking for.  There's also the "Phoenix Love Theme" from '66.  Maybe it's one of these. (kk)

Good Day, 
I have often heard a classic Rock N Roll protest song about Chicago that you can hear in the background the words "Go see Obama" but I cannot remember who performed the song or the title. I'm getting senile in my advanced years but still enjoy Rock music. Even today's rock music stirs my music appreciation for the genre. 
Would you please enlighten me to the title and group of that song? 
Best regards, 
Robert Whited 
still rocking @ 65
Not familiar with that one ... but it must be fairly recent if they're screaming about Obama!  (lol)  Anybody else out there have any ideas on this one?  (kk)  

Hi Kent -
I'm wondering if you would be able and willing to do me a gigantic favor by helping me to advertise my fundraising event to the Chicago people on your distribution list. Or even on the website??
I am head of a 501(c)(3) organization called OPPA (Orchestra Parents & Patrons Assoc) and we raise funds strictly for the Lyons Township (La Grange) high school orchestra. They're planning a trip to France in 2015 and our goal is to raise over $100,000 to help defray the cost for the families. Many of us can't afford the $3,700 price tag. This could very well be the one and only time some of these kids ever get to go out of the country. It's professional and educational experience that will be invaluable and unforgettable to them.
The talent schedule is as follows
LTHS orchestra
Far-Sighted (my son Mitch's band) with Special Guest Shirley King (BB King's daughter)
Buzz Kilman and the Blues Rocket Scientist. (Radio legend and star of Silence of the Lambs ... EMT operator in the elevator scene)
I'm inviting local celebrities to volunteer their time for a meet and greet that people would pay extra for. 100% of the proceeds will go towards this trip and the orchestra program as a whole. It's family friendly and there will be things for kids to do.
The flyer is attached. Thanks for your consideration!!
P.S. I'm also welcoming vendors to purchase space at the event.
I'm not really sure that this fits what we do here ... but having kids who were also very active (and prolific) in the arts, I'm inspired to do my part in helping your son Mitch and his class make the trip if only by letting the FH Readers know that such a fund-raising effort exists.  (And how cool is it that he's performing with B.B. King's Daughter?!?!?)
I don't really have a local "Chicago only" list ... but if any of our generous readers out there (no matter WHERE you are) feel inspired to contribute to such a worthy cause, I'll be happy to pass the information along.  (So if any generous, kind-hearted souls out there would be interested in helping some High School Kids pursue their love of the arts ... and take part in this trip to France ... please let us know.)  
Like I said, not normally what we do here, but I'M feeling especially kind-hearted today, too,  and I'm all for helping out a friend and fellow musically-inclined dreamer!!! (kk)

Hi Kent,
I was recently thinking about a couple of 60's top 40 radio station themes. KFWB's logo became "Image Pt 1" by Hank Levine and actually charted; KRLA's was "That's Where It's At" by the T-Bones. Can you or your readers think of any other radio ID's that were made into full-length recordings that were released on 45's?

-- Gary E. Myers / MusicGem
I know quite a few programs had "theme songs" ... the first one that immediately comes to mind is "Play Those Oldies, Mr. DeeJay" by Anthony and the Sophomores, a big hit in Philadelphia and other spots up and down the East Coast that did virtually nothing anywhere else. (It actually DID chart here in Chicago but never made the national trades.)  The song is still be used as the theme song for several Doo-Wop Internet Radio Programs.  (Here in Chicago, popular radio favorite Art Roberts used to do a program called "Hey Baby, They're Playing Our Song" ... which I believe inspired local Chicagoland Songwriter James Holvay to write a song by that title which became a Top Ten Hit for The Buckinghams in 1967.  Actually, Holvay wrote FOUR big hits for The Bucks:  "Kind Of A Drag", "Don't You Care", "Hey Baby" and "Susan".) 
Several jocks have written in in the past talking about their theme songs ... in fact, we were shocked to learn that Scott Shannon used to sign off every day with "Cherish" by The Association!  But as far as RADIO STATIONS using a particular theme, I'm guessing these were pretty few and far between ... but let's see what the list comes back with.  (And if you've got copies of a couple of these, let me know!)  kk   

Hi Kent -
Saw your excellent write-up on the group the New Colony Six with several song postings. Wondering if you might have (or be able to post) the b-side of their last single, Run, which came out on MCA. 
Actually, we just DID that!!!  Scroll back to January 4th of this year and you'll find it there.  A B-Side that sounds nothing at all like anything else the band ever did.  (kk)   

Can you please help me by naming left to right the members that are pictured here?

I am sure that a guy named Gus Pedigo is second from the left, as he was on the recording of the album Last Kiss.  Can you verify that and supply the names of all of the pictured?

Thank you so very much  
Just to be sure, I went to Sid Holmes, who wrote a very definitive book about the history of "Last Kiss" ... and played with The Cavaliers for quite awhile.  He tells us:  
Top L to R:  Lewis Elliott - Gus Pedigo - Roland Atkinson - Buddy Croyle - Mike Hodges
Pettigo is deceased.
Lewis, Roland, and Buddy cloned Wayne Cochran's second recording of "Last Kiss" note for note in the studio in San Angelo, Texas in 1964. Former member Jim Wynne (not shown) from the '62 group played piano. His piano work was the only original part of the recording. Frank sang it 64 times in a three hour period one afternoon before getting the master. Roland Atkinson claimed for 40 years that his girl friend sang behind Frank. After searching for 40 years and finally running her down in Odessa, Texas, she said he was full of it, as she'd never been in a recording studio. Roland also claimed the short tour they were on September of 1964 was the Dick Clark Show of Stars ... more b.s. It was a whirlwind tour that featured the Animals who had just arrived in the U.S. with their #1 hit "House Of The Rising Sun." Frank was the opening act, as "Last Kiss" was #63 on the charts at the time. A short time later they appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show.
The guys pictured above played behind Frank in the studio a few weeks after the record hit and managed to record some of the worst songs in history. The girl who sang behind Frank on Last Kiss is still unknown today as her voice was dubbed in a few days later.
Keep in touch as Rodney Wilson (Frank's son) and I have been going after royalties as when Last Kiss was recorded he was under an exclusive contract with me covering 1963 - 1966. 
Take care,

By the way, you can pick up a copy of Sid's book "Rockabilly Heaven" here:  
Click here: West Texas Music Hall Of Fame
It tells the WHOLE story behind the hit song "Last Kiss" and the band that recorded it, J. Frank Wilson and the Cavaliers.  (kk)