Friday, April 18, 2014

50 Years Ago This Weekend ... And Even MORE Of Your Dave Clark Five Comments

50 Years Ago This Weekend: 
New on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart this week were DIANE by THE BACHELORS (often lumped into The British Invasion despite their real origins in Ireland) at #74, BILLY J. KRAMER AND THE DAKOTAS, another act managed by BRIAN EPSTEIN, manager of THE BEATLES, with LITTLE CHILDREN (#87 with a bullet) and WHY (#88), another song recorded back in the Hamburg days by THE BEATLES with TONY SHERIDAN on lead vocals. 

Back in the "meat of the charts", CAN'T BUY ME LOVE was enjoying its third week at #1 (pretty remarkable in that this was only its fourth week on the chart overall!)  TWIST AND SHOUT held at #2 (it reached #1 on both of the other national trades, but for some reason NOT in Billboard.  It was #1 here in Chicago, too … and just about EVERYWHERE from what I've seen.  To this day it remains one of their best-loved singles.)  DO YOU WANT TO KNOW A SECRET? cracked The Top Ten, coming in at #5, THE DAVE CLARK FIVE's GLAD ALL OVER was at #7 and SHE LOVES YOU was at #8. 

Other British hits in The Top 20 that week include BITS AND PIECES (another hit by THE DC5, now at #11), NEEDLES AND PINS by THE SEARCHERS at #13), and a couple more BEATLES tracks, PLEASE PLEASE ME (#16) and I WANT TO HOLD YOUR HAND (#19).  The Brits were also represented at #32 with HIPPY HIPPY SHAKE (by THE SWINGING BLUE JEANS), #45 with I SAW HER STANDING THERE, #49 with ALL MY LOVING, #50 with THANK YOU GIRL, #51 with DUSTY SPRINGFIELD's STAY AWHILE and #55 with YOU CAN'T DO THAT.  (That makes 11 BEATLES singles in all ... with ten in the Top 60).  

For the second week in a row an American act holds down the top spot on The WLS Silver Dollar Survey.  (Last week it was "Suspicion", the Elvis sound-alike record by Terry Stafford, and this week it's "Crooked Little Man (Don't Let The Rain Come Down)" by The Serendipity Singers.)  "Suspicion" would rise to the top again next week and sit there for two more weeks before being replaced by a two-sided hit by Jan and Dean, "Dead Man's Curve" backed with "New Girl In School".  The British Invasion acts wouldn't recapture the #1 Spot until May 15th when "Love Me Do" / "P.S. I Love" began its four week reign on top of the WLS Chart. 

This week "Can't  Buy Me Love" is at #3, now coupled with its B-Side "You Can't Do That", "Glad All Over" is at #5 and "Thank You Girl" / "Do You Want To Know A Secret" is at #8 (with "Secret" making its first WLS chart appearance … but "Thank You Girl" still being shown as the A-Side … the same thing happened here with "Shut Down" and "Surfin' U.S.A." by The Beach Boys … and a few years later … for a week anyway … with "Steppin' Stone" / "I'm A Believer" by The Monkees.  As such "Steppin' Stone" actually logged a week at #1 as the A-Side of the record!) 

"Bits And Pieces" is at #10, "Twist And Shout" at #12, Jimmy Griffin's version of "All My Lovin'" at #14, and "Beatle Time" by The Livers at #28. 

New on the charts this week are "Yesterday's Gone" by Chad Stuart and Jeremy Clyde (#26), "Not Fade Away" by The Rolling Stones (#33) and "Stay Awhile" by Dusty Springfield (#37).  I have NO idea why "I Only Want To Be With You" by Dusty didn't chart here … I absolutely remember hearing it at the time.  (It did, however, make our Top Tunes Of Greater Chicagoland Chart, peaking at #34 … but that survey wasn't tied to any specific radio station at the time … and in 1964 about the ONLY place you were going to hear this stuff was on WLS … WCFL wouldn't start up for nearly two more years!)   

The Dave Clark Five:   

Folks are STILL writing in about The Dave Clark Five / PBS Documentary Special ... only now we seem to be receiving far more negative reviews than positive reviews.  (In all fairness it may be more accurate to say fans were "disappointed" than to say the special wasn't any good.  If you're a fan of this music, you welcome ANY opportunity to see and hear it again!)   

Here's some feedback based on the latest batch of comments we've received ...  

I don't care what anybody says - I thought the PBS Special was fantastic.  I've already ordered a copy of the dvd.  It was just so good to hear this music again and see some of the clips, many of which I've never seen before as well as others that I haven't seen in nearly fifty years.  

The Ed Rudy DC5 interview album has been on my search list for decades.  I even asked Ed Rudy, who is still alive, about reissuing it along with his Rolling Stones interview LP combined on a single CD but he didn't sound all that interested.   I do have the Stones one and his Beatles interview LP, and both are quite revealing.   The Beatles one has been reissued but the Stones and DC5 -- sadly, no. All the best, 
Doing a quick search I found (incredibly!) a SEALED copy of the Dave Clark Five interview LP ... hey, and it's only $185!!!  (lol)  A little rich for me right now ... but I, too, would love to hear it.  Might anybody out there have an audio copy to share?  Thanks!  (kk) 
Hi, Kent. 
While I do not know how many different Radio Pulsebeat LPs (interviews conducted by Ed Rudy) were produced in the mid-'60s, there were at least four: two featuring the Beatles and one each by The Rolling Stones and The Dave Clark Five.   Ed Rudy today operates his own website (  and through it sells the contents of the two Beatle interview LPs remastered onto a single CD.   As for the Stones and DC5 material, it has sat unreissued for decades.  A number of years ago I e-mailed Mr. Rudy and suggested he combine the Stones and DC5 content onto a single "British Invasion" CD but he's never done it.   Now that the DC5 PBS special has garned some traction, I again wrote to him with the same request and this time got a different -- but still inconclusive -- answer: 
Dear Gary, 
Thank you very much! 
It is an excellent thought! 
Ed Rudy 
I have a vinyl copy of Ed Rudy's Stones LP but have never been able to score -- at anything close to a reasonable price -- a copy of the DC5 one.   The DC5 made at least one other (possibly one-sided) promo-only interview album released by Warner Bros. in 1965 to help hype their movie "Having A Wild Weekend."   If a FH reader has a clean copy of both or either of those DC5 interview LPs and wouldn't mind burning the audio on them to a CDR for me, I would be very grateful.  Perhaps in exchange I could offer sealed copies of some of the many multi-disc CD box sets of various kinds I've put together for direct-mail marketing over the years.  I always interested in audio interviews I do not have with hitmakers of all eras. 
I've seen the "Having A Wild Weekend" disc listed a few times, too ... a quick check this morning turned up the picture sleeve only ... but no vinyl ... on eBay.  If somebody out there can move a little quicker than Mr. Rudy to get us a copy of these two interview discs, please let me know ... 'cause now I'D like to hear them, too!!!    Thanks!  (kk)  

Of course I saw and read your Sunday feature on the Dave Clark Five snubbing by The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.  We were so looking forward to seeing Mike at the induction.  All the ducks were in a row so he could appear, but in this case, the last bit of fund-raising for the van and the American trip, helped us more than we were able to help Mike.  Wait ... I think it really helped Mike to see himself as loved through the eyes of others.  We wanted him to know.  I never met Mike in person.  It didn't matter.  There is a musical spirit that binds me to the people and times.  I believe they were where they were supposed to be, and I was where I was and am, supposed to be. 
Did you say that you have a bootleg of The Tribute to Mike Smith concert?  Always good to share with your friends, Kent.  Exasperating that it was never released.  Would have been a great fund-raiser. (which was what it was supposed to be in the first place)  There was much questioning about this whole thing as it was unfolding. 
Shelley J Sweet-Tufano   
Funny thing is I saw it advertised in any number of places ... in fact, had already ordered a copy and then had my money returned when the whole deal fell through.  We were in communication with Gordon Waller at the time who was both hurt and frustrated by the fact that this disc was not going to see the light of day.  Sadder still, Gordon passed away a short time later.  You know, if Dave Clark ever truly realized where his meal ticket came from, HE would step in and get this thing released so that the public can see and enjoy it ... and raise money for Mike's family ... but it's pretty unlikely that that'll ever happen ... because as we all know in HIS eyes, HE was pretty much the sole reason for the band's success.  (kk)   

I agree with most of these comments about the DC5 PBS documentary.  I liked the old footage and hearing the songs again, even in snippets. At least it was the DC5 recordings. I've watched too many cheesy music bio productions that can't obtain the music rights. Watching it made me annoyed and angry at Dave Clark. He bought up the old Ready Steady Go shows banking on a 60s nostalgia craze ... then he locks away his band's efforts. He did his band mates a terrible injustice by being so greedy. What on earth is Whoopi Goldberg doing anywhere near this show? Minus 20 points. And Sharon Osborne?  Minus 20. The Time blab at the end was more Dave self indulgence. Where's Lenny Davidson?  He's still alive, best I can tell. I think I heard last he was teaching guitar and playing in a church band ... probably for food. It was interesting to hear Sir Paul comment about his former pop star rivals. I wonder what kind of deal was going on behind the scenes. Did Paul owe him one for RSG footage in Beatles Anthology? Don't get me wrong ... I love the old songs. Anyway You Want It, Bits and Pieces, Over and Over, Try Too Hard, Glad All Over rock as hard as anything in the 60s or Seattle in the 90s or anything. Dave wasn't THE band but I suspect he was his own Allen Klein. If Dave is trying to be forgotten he's on the right track. He owes Tom Hanks big time. I think he owes Sex Clark Five too although their following may eventually overtake the Tottenham bunch. Thanks  
Matt Reynolds    

>>>I wasn't willing to stay up until two to watch the Dave Clark Five special, and my DVR can't record off of the TV  (John LaPuzza) 
Can you find out from John what his DVR records off of?  Is it his toaster?  His Microwave?  His radio? 
I have to admit, I was a little baffled by that one, too!!!  Sounds like it's been on a couple of times already ... and the DVD is available for pre-order with a mid-May release date ... so I think I'm just gonna buy it and enjoy the two hours of extras!  (kk)   

Hey Kent,  
One more quick comment regarding the DC5 PBS Special - for all we heard on the special about what a great live band the DC5 were, we never get to hear them live! In every clip we ever see, they are lip synching. This has been incredibly disappointing for a long time and I was hoping the special would give us a few actual live performances to peruse. Other than a brief Nineteen Days and Georgia On My Mind (which wasn’t very impressive), we got more canned performances.  The special was overall very disappointing - completely irrelevant commentators, nothing but plaudits and a tribute to Clark’s ego. Too bad. 
Greg Favata - NC6 
You didn't find it incredibly entertaining to learn that Whoopi Goldberg wanted to do The Dave Clark Five?!?!  (lol)  Clark has ALWAYS manipulated his band's performances ... even back when the "Ready, Steady, Go" shows came out, the DC5 appearances were cherry-picked and edited in ... FROM OTHER SHOWS!!!  They weren't even RSG performances!  I get the whole idea of always putting your best foot forward ... but I agree with you ... within the context of this "in-depth" profile of the band, it WOULD have been really nice to see them in action once or twice.  (Maybe on the bonus footage???)  kk   

>>>I was just happy to finally see some of this incredible footage again ... in better quality than all the bootleg tapes I've had for decades now.  I'm hoping the DVD release (with two additional hours of bonus footage) will concentrate more on the music and the other members of the band. (kk)  
Hey Kent: 
Yep, it’s better than nothing at all, I give you that. DC would be better served just offering a DVD of all the clips he feels like releasing. That would be great. Also, it was weird in Milwaukee when they came in ’64. You had the banner contest, where the winner got his banner on the LP cover. You had the promoter of the show double selling tickets so that the place was completely jam-packed. It was nuts they say. Also, there are pictures of young kid on stage who looks like he’s passed out, which was my friend Barry!! He was nearly crushed at the stage and luckily some security person saw him and lifted him on stage. Close call!! Ken     

If anyone has  “The History Of The Dave Clark Five”  1993 CD they got a good glimpse of what a PBS documentary of The Dave Clark Five would be like. To start off with, you have the cover of the CD which has Dave Clark’s mug and half of faces of the rest of the boys. If you turn to the last page of the booklet you’ll see Dave’s same mug  shot and the other half of the boys faces. The booklet and pictures are also primary Dave Clark just like the PBS special.   
Dave gives no credit to the amount of writing that Mike Smith and Lenny Davidson did but if you check the 50 song breakdown on the CD you’ll see that Dave Clark collaborated with someone on all but two of their songs. The 13 page write up the CD booklet was done by a Ken Barnes who must of heading up the Dave Clark Fan Club. There are two pages of photos which are headline clipping from the newspapers. They also are primarily Dave Clark headline captions. “We Want Dave”, "They All Want Dave”, “Dave Clark Crushed”, “Riot Over Dave Clark”, “Dave fans banned by airport”, "Dave gets A Jet For U.S. Tour",  “Pop Star Dave Is No. 1”, “Dave Has Good Reason To Be “Glad All Over”.  Was “DAVE” an abbreviated  name used for “The Dave Clark Five” ???  I always thought it was DC 5.   
You really get the sense of Clark having some type of Svengali / Rasputin hold on the boys in the band. I haven’t run into any bad mouthing from members of the group. There is an interview with Mike Smith that I listened to where the interviewer tried to get Mike to dish the dirt out on Clark but he wouldn’t. The closest thing to a negative that Mike gave was when talking about  the collaboration of Clark & Smith on “Glad All Over”.    
Mike Smith said that Dave Clark told him they needed to come out with their own material so Mike went home and wrote “Glad Over Over”.  The collaborating extent of Dave’s contribution to the hit was playing on it and putting it on his produced single and Greatest Hit LP.  The credit for the writing of “Glad All Over” reads Dave Clark – Mike Smith. Apparently, if you check all the DC5’s original material there’s not a song that Smith or Davidson penned on their own.  
Reviewing past articles on Mike Smith's passing, the two that stand out are the benefit concert held after his accident and the death notice which says his estate was a modest 66,000 pounds.  Dave Clark’s contribution to the benefit concert was letting the DC 5  songs be used for one night.   
Jerry Kamper     
Kent -  I read something recently that explained that DC5 songs were sometimes left off oldies playlists simply because stations didn't have access to them. Since the songs weren't released on CD until 1992, this would make some sense. With scant radio play and no compilations showing up in the racks, the group was out of sight and mind. Wondering if any Forgotten Hits readers can confirm. 
Carl Wiser   
I can absolutely tell you that this is true.  Dave Clark, for all his self-proclaimed marketing genius, REALLY blew it with this decision in my opinion.  (Not unlike Allen Klein and all the Cameo / Parkway stuff)  By locking all of this material away in the vaults (I suppose in the hopes of generating more mystique, interest and, ideally, a big pay day down the road), what he REALLY did was a HUGE disservice to these artists by making their music unavailable to the general music-loving public ... people who listen to the radio and then go out and buy the music that they hear. Some of the better oldies stations took the extra steps to buy "oldies 45s" of some of The Dave Clark Five's best known hits in order to keep them in rotation ... there were also a couple of foreign greatest hits collections that came out during that period of time ... but, for the most part, you just couldn't get your hands on this material unless you were willing to pay big bucks for it.  But THAT money went to the collectors, NOT to Dave Clark or his bandmates ... so in MY mind anyway, it's one of the biggest bone-head moves in music history.  PLUS he denied himself the opportunity to keep this music out there and introduce brand new generations to the thumping beat of the Tottenham Sound. Here in The States, The Dave Clark Five had 18 Top 40 Hits between 1964 and 1967 ... we've typically heard the biggest:  "Glad All Over", "Bits And Pieces", "Can't You See That She's Mine", "Because", "You've Got What It Takes", "Over and Over" and "Catch Us If You Can" ... but that leaves nearly a dozen OTHER great hits by the wayside. With SO many people talking about The DC5 again thanks to this PBS Special (albeit not always in the most positive light, as we've seen by the comments that we've received!), perhaps this marketing genius will FINALLY make some of this other material available again for the whole world to enjoy.  (kk)