Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Fool's Day

While looking through his HUGE stash of radio station surveys from all over the country (and beyond!), Clark Besch found THIS gem from CHUM in Canada, spotlighting the biggest hits of "April Fool Week, 1965"!

You'll be able to figure out most of the real song titles and artists ... (have a go ... it'll be fun!) ... but some of the jokes, if relevant at the time are pretty outdated now to render as obscure ... and then some!  Still some pretty clever titles abound ...

"That'll Be The DAY" (by Doris and Dennis)
An early solo hit by David Clayton Thomas, four years before he joined Blood, Sweat and Tears
"One Kiss" by The Locked Braces!
Game Of Love by The Tennis Players
The Georgie Fame hit "Yeh Yeh", retitled Yeh Yeh (Yeh) by The Beatles, who also gain tribute through "The Boy From New York City", credited to The Red Sullivan Show.  (The Fabs also held the #1 Spot with their two-sided hit "Spoil The Party" / "Ate Daisies".)
Gotta love the group Ajax and The Bleach Boys!  (bet they were stronger than dirt!)
"Dairy Cross The Jersey" by Gerry and the Milkmen and "Bing Of The Road" by Bob Hope.
Even some not-so-subtle political commentary like "Stop In The Name Of Hate" by Georgie Wallace!!!  (Ouch!!! But spot on!)

Have some fun with today's special chart ... Thanks again, Clark, for putting us in an April Foolery Mood!

An Oldie But Goodie ...

If April Showers bring May Flowers ...
Then what do May Flowers bring???

Why Pilgrims, of course!!!