Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Helping Out Our Readers

>>>I'm looking for the title and composer of a gorgeous classical guitar composition that came along right around the same time as Classical Gas.  I believe it also made the top 40 but I'm not sure though.  (RolePole07)  
I will guess that the Classical Gas song your reader is thinking of is the TREMENDOUS followup, "Baroque-a-Nova" by Mason Williams himself (???)  Attached here.
Clark Besch

>>>I'm trying to produce a documentary about the local Boston, MA, music scene in the 60's and was writing to ask if you could post this on your website. I'm trying to find any archive video from the mid 1960's concerning some local Boston, MA, Rock Bands that anyone might have in their archives that they could share or may know of that might have aired on any local TV or news shows on any networks from the years 1966 - 1969. The main bands I'm looking for footage of are Orpheus, Pandoras, Ill Wind, Teddy & The Pandas, Rockin' Ramrods, Barry & The Remains, Ultimate Spinach, Beacon Street Union or any one else associated with that scene at that time. I know a lot of these bands had done some TV over those years so I'm hoping some may be around.  Any help would be much appreciated.   (Lenny Scolletta)
Cool that you are doing this documentary on the "manufactured" Bosstown Sound.  At least partially it was manufactured, much to the dismay of some groups caught in it.  I would suggest this website below for info and you will find some great stuff.  I listened to WBZ in that 66-68 era when they played the Bostown groups constantly at late night.   http://www.punkblowfish.com/BosstownSound.html   
Clark Besch  

Hi Kent, 
My brother, Clive Topol, said I should try and see if you can help me find the title to an unknown 60s song.
My previous searches on the internet and Shazam have come up zilch.
See attached mp3 file.  I really have no other information on it.
Thanks for any help you can give.
-- Sterling Topol

Hi Sterling!  
Unfortunately I don't recognize it ... but that doesn't mean that somebody else on the list won't know what it is ... so we'll give it our best shot and see what comes back.  Stay tuned.  (kk)   

And the great referrals continue ... now let's see if collectively we can help these people!   

Dan Isbell suggested I contact you regarding a song I can't find on any list, yet it was played quite a bit in the NYC area, circa 1959 - 1960. It is by the Impalas, titled "Bye' Everybody", or something like that. Did it ever chart? Where can I get a copy? Thanks. Sincerely,  
Sam Berger   
While I'm personally not familiar with this tune (I only know their hit "Sorry ... I Ran All The Way Home), I did find it on Gemm.com ... and, if you act quickly, you can pick it up for about twenty bucks right now ...  
Click here: Peggy Darling/'Bye Everybody - Impalas: - GEMM.com
Or you can listen to it for free right now on YouTube:
Many, many thanks. I'll go with the free version ... I just like to hear it now and again.
Sam Berger   

Good afternoon,  
I came across your website in hopes of finding the identity of a singer who might have been obscure or mainstream. The singer's material was sampled on a song titled " Driving Down The Freeway " by a hip hop artist named Young Buck. I will provide you with the line he sings as well as finding the instrumental on YouTube.  
The singer sings as follows:  
You, you, you with your funny fun, fun.  
Looking up at the sunny, sun, sun.  
Butterfly cheeks and Lemon cut hair, hardly a worry and never a care.  
In her eyes the color of love, in your eyes the color of love  
As for the instrumental, simply go on YouTube and type in Driving Down The Freeway Instrumental and it will pop up.  It's 4 mins and 10 secs long, however, you'll only need to hear the first 16 secs of the song to hear the guy whose being sampled. Can you please help find out who he is? Thank you in advance.  
Mark Theristal    
Click here: ? Young Buck - Drivin' Down The Freeway (Instrumental) Hi-Tek - YouTube

I was listening to some old air checks last night and came across this.  I thought I knew most every song from this era.  The check is from Spring / Summer of '74.  The jock is Madison Wisconsins' Charlie 'Rock And Roll' Simon.  Do you recognize this song?  
Phil - WRCO

Nope ... sure don't!!!  And I don't see it charting at all in Billboard ... a local hit perhaps?  (I can't find it on YouTube either ... so this one seems to be a REAL obscurity!!!)  kk  

Kent --  
The Deep End in Park Ridge came up in conversation the other day among some 60-something friends, and I was the only one who had never been.
I'm pretty sure you mentioned a book recently that had some discussion of the Chicagoland clubs, but I can't find the reference. I'm genuinely curious as to what I missed way back when. I grew up just a few blocks from The Bat Cave in Old Edison Park and knew from the grapevine what it was. Alas, my parents thought of it as just half a notch better than a bordello. My friends with more liberal parents also went to The Deep End and The Hut in Des Plaines. I've attached a photo of The Hut in 1965 that's been kicking around the Web. Does anybody know where this was? Or The Deep End?
Finally, I'm pretty sure that there was a second music club in Old Edison Park for awhile, maybe a half block from The Bat Cave, circa 1966. I don't remember the name, but it looked pretty scruffy from the outside. I don't think it was there for very long. Would be interested to hear more about the clubs generally, and the ones in the NW quadrant
-- Jeff Duntemann
   Colorado Springs, Colorado

I was too young to do any clubbing in the '60's ... and, as such, missed out on some incredible shows in and around town from what I've heard.  I'm running your inquiry in Forgotten Hits ... but I've also forwarded a copy to Dean Milano, who knows all about such things.  Let's see what we hear back.  (kk)