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The Sunday Comments ( 04 - 27 - 14 )

re:  Another INCREDIBLE Ticket Offer ... 
From The Arcada Theatre and Forgotten Hits:  
Last week we gave away a pair of tickets to see Dean Torrence and The Surf City All Stars at The Arcada Theatre in St. Charles, IL.  THIS Week we're giving away several pairs of tickets to see Micky Dolenz of The Monkees AND The Cowsills ... all on one big show ... THIS FRIDAY NIGHT (May 2nd).  
This is going to be one hell of a show ... and one that we were REALLY looking forward to ... but our schedule doesn't allow us to be there ... so once again, we're asking you to be our eyes and ears ... and file a full report on the concert.  
Thanks to the kind generosity of Ron Onesti, we have FIVE PAIRS of tickets to give away to Friday Night's Show!!!  (As first revealed here in Forgotten Hits last week, Micky's going to do a Q&A with the audience after his performance ... so this really IS a VERY special treat!)
Email me NOW to get in the running for a pair of tickets to see this great, great show ... all of The Monkees' hits ... GREAT hits by The Cowsills ("The Rain, The Park and Other Things", "Hair", "Indian Lake" and much, much more) ... ALL on the same stage Friday Night!
We'll draw the winners on Wednesday so DON'T DELAY!!!  Send your entries to:
... or just click the link above ... and you'll be entered to win!  (kk)  

re:  The Wrecking Crew:
We've been telling you guys about this excellent film for over seven years now ... and it FINALLY makes it way to the Chicagoland area next month.
Hoping you'll come out and join us for one of these screenings:
Tuesday, May 13th, at The Arcada Theatre in St. Charles, IL and
Wednesday, May 14th, at The Rialto Theater in Joliet, IL
This is a "must see" screening.  Forget all the cliches ... these guys truly DID provide The Soundtrack To Our Lives, growing up in the '60's.  You'll be AMAZED by not only the volume of tracks they were involved with ... but how many of these turned into monster-sized hits from that decade.  ANY style ... The Beach Boys ... The Monkees ... The Mamas and the Papas ... the Phil Spector Wall Of Sound ... and even Frank Sinatra ... EVERYBODY wanted these cracker-jack musicians on their sessions.
Don't miss this opportunity to see this film locally ... let's give Producer Denny Tedesco a warm Chicago welcome.  ("The Wrecking Crew" has "toured" and played all over the country ... and Denny has told me several times that at each and every screening, he meets people who are there because of the coverage we've given his film in Forgotten Hits ... let's make this the biggest reception of all!)  kk
And, speaking of great music / documentary films, "Wages of $pin II" was given its world premier in Los Angeles last week at The James Bridges Theater on the UCLA Campus.  This is one you won't want to miss either ... a look inside the music industry, circa the late 1970's.  The preview clips we've seen are nothing short of amazing ... and the film is already playing to high praise.  Check it out when it hits an area near you.  (kk)    

re:  Chicago:
Hey Kent,
With all the recent posts about the Chicago music scene, it’s funny how one thought always comes to my mind when I hear the words, Chicago and Music. From the album, “CHICAGO 3, (1971) I always think of the album track, “FLIGHT 602. Written by Terry Kath, this song is so totally out of context (in my opinion) with what the band was doing at that time. To me they were still a rock and roll band with a horn section. (MAKE ME SMILE, 25 OR 6 TO 4, FREE.) As they moved to a way more soft pop sound, (something they did with great success) with Peter Cetera doing many lead vocals, this song has CROSBY, STILLS and NASH written all over it. Play the song and 98 out of 100 people would swear it’s CS and N.
I actually had to look this one up ... but you're absolutely right.  Readers can check out a sound clip here:  Click here: Chicago III Remastered] 05 Travel Suite Flight 602 - YouTube
re:  And Chicago Gold:
Hi Kent - 
Having seen these shows' back in the day", bringing back Chicago Gold would be fabulous. If Arcada / PBS don't work out, here's my suggestion: Pilster contacts the City of Chicago to stage the show at Pritzker Pavillion, tying it in with Stroud / The Drive / WLS / WTTW / beer sponsor, etc.(?). Chicago paid for a tribute to Don Cornelius at Pritzker a few summers ago and the place was absolutely packed.

Hi Kent -
What a GREAT IDEA having the Chicago Groups and Dee Jays together for a show!
I like your idea of including Spanky Mc Farland.  Her voice is comparable to Mama Cass Elliot.
What about including Michael and the Messengers, who had a hit with "Midnight Hour"? Weren't
they a Chicago group??
When in doubt, ask the master.
Actually, Michael and the Messengers were a Wisconsin group who scored big here in Chicago on the USA label with their remakes of "Midnight Hour" (#5) and "Romeo And Juliet" (#12).  I don't know if a touring version of this group still exists or not ... I know they went through several incarnations back in the day ... even during the hit years!
Speaking of group reincarnations, Spanky McFarland actually took over the Mama Cass role when The Mamas and Papas reformed later and toured after Cass' death.  (Daughter MacKenzie Phillips substituted for Mama Michelle, too, leaving either both original Papas ... Denny Doherty and John Phillips ... or, more often than not, the late Scott McKenzie covering the John Phillips spot.)  I got to see both versions of this group in the early '80's and it was a real treat ... always one of my favorites.
Response to a Chicago Gold Show has been VERY positive ... here's hoping some of these wheels are in motion behind the scenes as I type this!  (kk)    

re:  Paul Revere and the Raiders:
Hi Kent, 
You may have already seen this but I just ran across it and thought I would send it to you. They were so young and cute, including Dick.

This is a GREAT clip ... thanks for sending.  (Were we ever really this young?!?!)  Pretty amazing to think that this was 1979 ... 35 years ago!!! ... and that even then it had been 14 years since the original hit version of The Raiders first appeared on "Where The Action Is".  Everybody looks great ... and they had to have a ball doing this.  Thanks so much for sending.  (kk)

re:  How Cool Is This???:
When we call our FH Buddy Paul Russo and his wife says he can't come to the phone right now because he's sitting on the throne, I guess that could mean just about ANYTHING these days!!!
Paul owns the coolest ice cream shop on The Jersey Shore (appropriately named Cool Scoops) and we had the pleasure of spending the night with Paul and his family and visiting his establishment a few years ago on our East Coast Trip.
As it turns out, his son Paul is the Visual Effects Coordinator for the INCREDIBLY popular HBO Television Series "Game Of Thrones" (and even won an Emmy in that capacity last year!)  The series films on location in both Los Angeles and Ireland and Paul Sr. got the chance to visit BOTH sets this past year, which is where he was photographed sitting in King Joffrey's Throne (shortly before the character was killed off in the series!)  That's the REAL DEAL shown in the photograph above!
And check out the cool tie-in he's come up with for his Award-Winning Ice Cream Shoppe!
Seriously, does it get any cooler than this???
For information on how you can order your own Cool Scoops / Game Of Cones T-Shirt, drop him a line at ... and be sure to set one aside for me in a 2XL ... this is Frannie's #1 Favorite TV Show ... and she'll probably want to sleep in this every night!!!  (kk)

re: We Lost Deon Jackson Last Week:  
Jackson scored a #11 Hit in 1966 with "Love Makes The World Go Round" (a record that topped the charts in Detroit and Philadelphia ... and reached #19 here in Chicago).  After his One Hit Wonder success, Deon became a teacher and counselor ... and was working right here in the Wheaton, IL, area.  (I had no idea!)  Incredibly, in a perfect example of "that was then, this is now", a personal remembrance notice posted on the school's on-line bulletin board after news of his death circulated said that Jackson never told his students about his past fame until they found an early performance of his posted on YouTube!  (kk)

Grim Reaper Ron Smith reports ...

Deon Jackson, best known for the #11 pop hit, "Love Makes The World Go Round," died at his home near Chicago on April 19th. He was 68. Born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Deon was signed by producer Ollie McLaughlin while still in high school. After a couple of regional Detroit hits on Atlantic Records and much touring, he broke through with his composition of "Love Makes The World Go Round" on the Carla label in 1966. The song reached #3 on the R&B charts. Three more singles, however, failed to crack the top 60, but Deon kept performing -- a fact that he kept secret from his students at a Wheaton, Illinois, school where he later served as a counselor. They finally discovered him in 2008 on YouTube.

re:  This And That:   
Sad to hear about Glen Campbell.  There are a couple of specialty care facilities for Alzheimer's patients within a couple of miles of my home. It's possible Glen is living in one of them. Whatever the case, this disease is awful in the way it wipes out a person's real personality. This phase can go on for many months or even years as the deterioration progresses. We wish Glen and his family grace and peace as this process takes its toll on all involved. 
David Lewis  
It sounds like he's in pretty bad shape ... so this must have escalated pretty quickly.  He has actually become a danger to himself and needs constant monitoring.  (One report I read said that he will drink virtually any mixture of liquids and has even ingested cleaning fluids.)  Obviously we wish him the best ... and his family the patience to deal with all they're up against.  Let's instead remember all of the beautiful music he gave us for so many years. 
As tipped in this column last week, watch for a new Glen Campbell biography to hit the streets in September, written by his daughter Debby and noted biographer Mark Bego.   (kk)

Speaking of books, I'm reading THIS one right now ... "Turn Up The Radio!  Rock, Pop and Roll in Los Angeles, 1956-1972" by Harvey Kubernik.  Here's a recent review from LA Magazine:  
It's a beautifully done, MASSIVE read, much of which is told in the words of the movers and shakers who were there and part of the scene at the time ... a VERY enjoyable read, packaged "coffee table" book style, jammed pack with photos and memorabilia from back in the day.  If you grew up during this rock and roll era of radio, you will want to devour this book!  (kk)  
Click here: Turn Up the Radio!: Rock, Pop, and Roll in Los Angeles 1956–1972: Harvey Kubernik, Roger Steffens, Tom Petty: 9781

>>>Hey Dave, if you're reading this, we'd love to interview you for Forgotten Hits, too .. but it would have to be a no-holds-barred deal where we can address some of the issues and concerns raised by our readers over the past few weeks.  (kk)  
Hope you get this one! 
I would LOVE to talk with Dave Clark ... but could ONLY do this if NO topics were off limits and we could do some serious investigating (with some serious soul-searching on his part) ... and I don't think he would EVER agree to that ... I believe he just thinks too highly of himself to tear any of those wall down.  (kk)

Paul McCartney keeps announcing more US tour dates ... as mentioned last week, he's heading back to Chicago in July and will be making a first-ever stop in Lincoln, Nebraska.  And, as expected, he will perform to close down old Candlestick Park in San Francisco, the site of the very last Beatles concert EVER on August 14th.  (Actually, this was McCartney's idea ... after closing down old Shea Stadium a couple of years ago, he suggested that he do the same for Candlestick, especially because of the historical significance it holds in Beatles lore.)  Other tour dates can be found on McCartney's website ... and, as we mentioned above, new dates are being added all the time.  (kk)  
Click here: Out There - Paul McCartney Official Website

Hi Kent,
We get very few "oldies" shows here in Nashville, so I'm really looking forward to this next Tuesday (4/29):
"This one of a kind musical event stars the original classic rock artists performing their biggest hits! Backed by the popular Steve Jarrell and the Sons of the Beach Band, legendary artists Billy Swan, Dickey Lee, Bruce Channel, Robert Knight, Clifford Curry, Melanie, Pat Upton of Spiral Starecase, Dallas Frazier, Bucky Wilkin of Ronny and the Daytonas, Gary Talley of the Box Tops, Jimmy Gilmer, Henry Gross, Buzz Cason aka Garry Miles, and special guests will rock the rafters of The Franklin Theatre in a magical 2 hour spectacular concert! "
The concert was put together by Buzz Cason as a benefit for 2nd Chance 4 Pets, an organization for which his wife volunteers. tickets sold out the same day they went on sale.  All the artists, except Pat Upton, live in the Nashville area.
Ed Salamon
Nashville, TN
Sounds like a hell of a show ... some of these artists NEVER tour!  Please report back to us with a full review!  (kk)
Speaking of concert reviews, here are a couple of readers' clarifications to Shelley's Doo Wop recap from last week ...

Kent,I am sure you already know this but in Shelley's review of Dick Fox's Spring Fling Doo-Wop concert, the one song title by the Capris as she remembered as being BRING HOME TO ME was of course MORSE CODE OF LOVE, which I believe that the Manhatten Transfer later recorded.She said she wasn't familiar with Jimmy Beaumont and Skyliners. She mentioned the phrase SHOOBY DOO WOP. This was probably from their 1959 song IT HAPPENED TODAY.

Hi Kent,
Glad to read Shelley Sweet-Tufano's review of Dick Fox's Spring Fling Doo Wop Concert.
I didn't attend the show, but I've seen those acts many times, so maybe I can fill in a couple details.
The Capris' song would have been "Morse Code of Love" not "Back Home To Me".
The song in the Marcels' "High School Memories" medley was "Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye", not  "For A Million Years".
The Skyliners' "Shooby Doo Wop" was most certainly "It Happened Today" and the "one last title I can't remember at all" was likely their million selling hit "Since I Don't Have You", later a hit for Art Garfunkle, Don McLean and Ronnie Milsap. Coincidentally, I saw The Skyliners perform to a standing ovation last month in Pittsburgh. Jimmy Beaumont sounds better than he has in years. Ironically, the only comments I overheard about Donna Groom was how well she filled out her dress, but for the record it was a black dress not the melon one that Shelley noted.
Lou Christie's "Hold Me" was "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me", made popular in the 60s by Mel Carter. Lou IS one of the most dynamic 60s performers. I guess that's why he tops the bill.
Ed Salamon
Attached photo is Ed Salamon (center) with The Skyliners last month at the final "Roots of Rock' show in Pittsburgh.
"Since I Don't Have You" is probably the song I remember most by The Skyliners ... I've written before about how I first discovered this song in the film "American Graffiti" in 1973, almost fifteen years after it first was a hit (#12, 1959).  It grabbed me immediately at the time ... so much so that I bought the entire soundtrack album just for this one song.  (Of course, I wasn't disappointed ... there were so many other great late '50's and early '60's songs on this two-record set that I was well on my way to building a "solid gold" collection of my very one, just with the purchase of this one LP!)

All this does is re-illustrate my point of how introducing a new generation to this great, unforgettable music will generate new, devoted fans each and every time. 
At a recent concert at The Arcada Theatre, a young attendee (maybe 30-35) turned around to talk with us during the intermission, telling us how his dad introduced him to all this great music at an early age ... and how he's been a fan ever since.  He rattled off hits by The Everly Brothers, Rick Nelson, Elvis, et al, all of which he includes amongst his favorites.  Radio TRULY has blinders on when they write off this timeless music as "disposable".  (kk) 

A cool article sent in by FH Reader Frank B ... about the ageless Dick Dale!

Eric Clapton's 'Journeyman' Album (Featuring George Harrison, Chaka Khan, Daryl Hall, Robert Cray, Phil Collins and others) Is Now Available On Hybrid SACD “ of the greatest rock / blues guitarists on the planet!”  
Camarillo, CA - Much to the elation of Eric Clapton fans across the globe, Marshall Blonstein's Audio Fidelity has released Clapton's 'Journeyman' album as a limited numbered edition Hybrid SACD! Eric Clapton is a true legend. 'Journeyman' reached #16 on the Billboard album chart and became Clapton's first solo studio album to go double platinum. Like any of his best albums, there is no grandstanding to be found on 'Journeyman' ... it's simply a laid-back and thoroughly engaging display of his virtuosity. The album was heralded as a return to form for Clapton, much of it has an electronic sound, mostly influenced by the 1980s rock scene, but it also includes blues songs like “Before You Accuse Me,” “Running on Faith,” and “Hard Times.”  
“At the center of it all is Clapton's guitar work ... stinging blues and soaring pop.”
There is an all-star assembly of guests: Dire Straits keyboardist Alan Clark, George Harrison, Chaka Khan, Daryl Hall, Robert Cray, Cecil and Linda Womack, Phil Collins and Gary Burton. Among the highlights are several cuts that feature slide-versus-slowhand guitar dueling with Cray. George Harrison is particularly impressive on his little masterpiece “Run So Far,” playing guitar and singing harmony vocals.
A couple of tracks rank among Clapton's best from any decade.  The strongest commercial single is “Bad Love,” which won the 1990 Best Male Rock Vocal Performance Grammy Award, and reached the No. 1 position on the Album Rock Chart. “Pretending” is a firm mid-tempo rocker that also reached the No. 1 position on the Album Rock Chart and and includes one of his most assured vocal performances ever.
Clapton sounds more convincing than he had since the early '70s. Not only is his guitar playing muscular and forceful, his singing is soulful and gritty - he seems to have struck the perfect balance between the fiery blues of his youth with the pop flavorings of his later years.
TRACKS:  Pretending / Anything for Your Love / Bad Love / Running on Faith / Hard Times / Hound Dog / No Alibis / Run So Far / Old Love / Breaking Point / Lead Me On / Before You Accuse Me
Produced By Jill Dell'Abate & Russ Titelman
Mastered by Steve Hoffman at Stephen Marsh Mastering

I have been sent no fewer than eight notices about this new Bert Berns book.  Getting excited.  I NEED more reading time!  Actually, I need someone to pay me to attend concerts and read books.  (otay Shelley :-P)
Shelley J Sweet-Tufano
If you ever figure out a way to make that happen, please let me know ... I'm in!!!  (kk)

re:  The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame:  
Got this from a couple of readers who still think the public can in any way, shape or form influence The Nominating Committee of The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame: Honestly, you can save yourself a TON of time and effort collecting signatures (not to mention a postage stamp!) 'cause the AIN'T gonna listen ... but hey, knock yourself out!  (kk)

re:  The Saturday Surveys:  
One error in the KRGI Nebraska chart, # 28 listed as "Women" by Pete & Gordon is actually "Woman" by Peter & Gordon
This song was written by Paul McCartney under the pseudonym Bernard Webb.  McCartney even went so far as to create a fake bio for Webb, stating that he was a student living in Paris.  Some Capitol 45 pressings had 'written by A. Smith' instead of Bernard Webb.
In reality, McCartney wanted to see if he could write a hit song using another name rather than the now more than famous Lennon-McCartney credit.  The duo (or possibly McCartney alone) had written three previous Peter & Gordon hits, all charted in 1964.  "A World Without Love" (#1), "Nobody I Know" (#12) and "I Don't Want To See You Again" (#16).
It worked ... "Woman" made it to #14 on Billboard's Hot 100.  Within a couple of weeks, word leaked out that it was really written by Paul.  McCartney had been living in the Asher home at the time and was dating Peter's sister, Jane. For 1980's "Double Fantasy" album, John Lennon wrote and recorded a totally different song also called "Woman".
Doug Thompson (Toronto)  

First time I've heard the "A. Smith" story ... yeah, McCartney's "Bernard Webb" situation was one of the world's worst-kept secrets at the time.  We recently shared the story of how John Lennon hated "A World Without Love" (an all-Paul composition) and refused to record it ... so Paul gave it to his girlfriend's brother instead.  (I wonder what John said when it went all the way to #1!!!) 
We've seen SO many typo's on these charts from back in the day ... you really have to wonder if anybody was checking them at all!  (kk)

I have discovered something here tonight in going over my past surveys. WALK TALL by the Two of Clubs apparently didn't make our survey. However, for one reason or another, I remember it being played a lot.  Also, I have another record by them HEART which also I failed to find as making the survey. Both records of course on Fraternity Records.
LISTEN TO THE BAND by the Monkees was very big here in OKC. It peaked at #6 in August of
1969, several months after it made the survey of which you posted.

Nationally "Walk Tall" peaked at #62 in Record World where it started for ten weeks.  (How it managed a #92 showing in Billboard is beyond me ... that's a full thirty places lower!  And they only charted it for three weeks.)  That tells me that this is one of those records that gained airplay at different times around the country.  (Here it Chicago it was a #9 Hit on the WLS Silver Dollar Survey ... and we've seen it ranked in The Top Ten on SEVERAL charts from various points around the country.)  Joel Whitburn's book also tells us that this song was featured in the Sandra Dee film "Doctor, You've Got To Be Kidding" ... (but quite honestly I don't think that film had ANYTHING at all to do with the song's success ... or failure!)  "Heart" bubbled under in Billboard for two weeks, ultimately peaking at #125. 
"Listen To The Band" experienced a similar fate ... it started off as the B-Side of the record ... the label was pushing the Davy Jones-sung "Someday Man", which is the song we heard here in Chicago (although it never charted ... by 1969, The Monkees weren't making much of an impression on the charts.)  DeeJays flipped the record over and "Listen To The Band" eventually passed the peak of the A-Side, reaching #57 in Cash Box (compared to a #74 showing for "Someday Man".)  I think the marketing strategy here was that Monkees singles were supposed to be sung by either Micky or Davy ... but the Michael Nesmith penned and sung track quickly became a fan favorite ... and it still holds up as one of their better recordings. (In fact, I doubt if Micky or Davy were even ON this track!!!)  
They sang it "live" in their "33 1/3 Revolutions per Monkee" television special and The Monkees (sans Nesmith) have performed it as part of their live show for decades.  Now that Mike's back touring with the group it's gaining even more appreciation. 
Much like "Walk Tall", it peaked at different times in different cities ... this one absolutely should have been a Top 40 Hit ... but it never gained enough momentum at the same time in enough cities to climb higher than #57.  (kk)

kk ...
I am LOVIN' these charts!!!!! It's nice to see what was popular other than the National Charts and, amazingly enough, some of these songs I am not even close to familiar with LOL!  You got me doin' song research again!!!!  Do you ever get charts from WPGC or WINX back in the D.C. area?  Again THANKS for your wonderful research and time spent bringing all these memories back.
Keep up the GOOD work!
Pete Garrison
Nearly all of the charts we've been running were submitted by our readers ... so if you've got some DC Charts you'd like us to share, send 'em along.  Keep in mind that we're pre-posting these ... in some cases a month or two in advance ... so if you've got something to send, start with July ... and be sure to send them in JPEG format.  (That goes for all you other chart collectors out there, too!)  kk

>>>The BIG surprise may be the reissue of "Louie Louie" jumping from #14 to #3 ... this record hit its peak in late 1963 / early 1964 the first time around ... when it was re-released in '66, it charted for just two weeks in Billboard, peaking at #97.  (kk)
Actually, NOT a big surprise.  I think as the year goes by, you will find charts I send to you will bear out "Louie Louie" as a local hit in EVERY year 1963 thru 1966!  In 1967, an updated version took its place finally in the re-write "Beg Borrow & Steal" by the Ohio Express!  Larry Neal has no doubt already mentioned that "Louie" was #1 on KOMA in OKC in 1965!