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The Sunday Comments ( 06 - 29 - 14 )

You from Joisey?  I'm from Joisey!
I saw Frankie Valli perform a couple of years ago in Naperville and his
singing was so spot-on as to be unbelievable. So I started watching to see if he was lip-synching (easy to do since I was in the second row). I can say for sure he wasn't, but his mic had to be run through an auto-tuner to sound that perfect.As for the finale of the "Jerey Boys" movie, I read that Clint Eastwood was asked to participate in the finale but declined saying, "A man's gotta know his limitations." Now maybe I'm seeing things, but I swear Clint's old "Play Misty For Me" co-star, Jessica Walter, was in the audience during the scene where Frankie is asked to come up and sing with Tommy's group. But I've seen no mention of it. As for the "Jersey Boys" audience -- 71 percent was over the age of 50 and 84 percent over the age of 35. If you want Hollywood to make any more films for older audiences, you'd better get out and see this one.
-- Ron Smith  
Our kids were every bit as anxious to see this movie as we were ... we've been buzzing about it for close to three years (when it was first announced that they would make a film ... and well before Clint Eastwood was attached to the project.)  We saw the same thing with "Mamma Mia" a few years before that.  The younger generation WILL fall in love with this music and embrace it if given the chance.  The hope would be that Four Seasons music would start to find its way back on to mainstream radio again ... but the reality has been they've pretty much been reduced to a One Hit Wonder ... and THAT hit was their last, "December, 1963", first released in 1976 and then again (in a remixed format) in 1994.   
Other than oldies radio (and even they've cut their Four Seasons play list down to next to nothing), you won't hear much else.  Hard to imagine a world without "Sherry", "Big Girls Don't Cry", "Walk Like A Man", "Rag Doll", "Save It For Me", "Bye Bye Baby", "Let's Hang On", "Opus 17", "Working My Way Back To You" and "C'mon Marianne" ... but sadly that's the world we currently live in.  (And they had nearly 20 MORE Top 40 Hits besides those!!!)  kk  

Have not seen the movie, nor know when I will get it into my schedule, but I love the idea that bringing attention to The Four Seasons will gain a new audience.  That DOES give it an automatic redeeming quality for me.  Of course, I'm wondering why my students are watching an "R" rated movie, but then I wonder that all the time.  Hopefully (in my naïve, half-full way) it is an older group of students who are experiencing this media.  
Shelley J Sweet-Tufano  
The R-Rating is primarily for the language ... which is consistently vulgar throughout.  (Hey, it's Joisey!!!)  Odds are they won't hear anything they haven't heard ... and probably said ... before.  I still recommend seeing it ... it's a great piece of '60's history and these songs deserve a place in people's hearts.  (kk)  

Thank you for saving me the price of a movie ticket. I had thought I wanted to see "The Jersey Boys", but it doesn't sound like it is a good investment. 
I say go see it ... there is enough redeeming material in the film to still make it worth seeing.  And let's face it ... we all LOVE this music anyway ... (and where else are you gonna hear it anymore?!?!)   
"Jersey Boys" is still worth seeing, despite all of its faults and flaws.  (And a HELL of a lot cheaper than Broadway tickets!!!  lol)  I think every time we saw the stage show it cost us something like $375!!!  (Tickets, parking, dinner ... now you can see it at the movie theater for about nine bucks a ticket!!!  And, in about six months, probably OWN a copy for around that $20 price tag, too!) kk

kk -
I loved Fred Vail's inside scoop on the Dennis and Carl at a 4 Seasons concert! 
Mega thanks,

I haven't seen the movie so in part I'm just reacting to what I've read.  I am planning to see it, because I was always a fan of the 4 Seasons. 
I'm actually glad that they didn't turn the movie version in to a giant jukebox and spent some time in actually dramatizing their career.  
Now if that first hour drags along, that's not good either. As far as being chronologically correct, the musical didn't do the songs in order either.  It really bugged me at the time, but it made sense for the storyline so I had to get over it.   <grin> 
Since the music is the reason that these people became famous in the first place it should have been spectacular and done as  well as it could have been with the recordings as the guidepost.  
Just my thoughts, and as usual, FH is the best thing to read every day on the planet. 
The "chronologically" aspect that bothered were little things like Frankie Valli singing "Silhouettes" on the street corner to distract a cop while his buddies made off with a safe ... except the movie showed this all taking place in 1951 and the song wasn't written until 1957.  There are at least three other similar examples of this early on in the film during their "formative" years ... music playing that just doesn't fit the timeline. 
Then you've got the whole Tommy issue drawing to a head.  Tommy gets busted for his underhanded dealings and is shipped off to Las Vegas, never to perform with the group again.  And then, at the same meeting, Nick Massi quits.  Although no actual date is given in the film, the implication is that these two events took place simultaneously ... and that Bob Gaudio quit the group a few weeks later to concentrate on songwriting and producing.  But the truth is Massi quit the group in 1965 ... and DeVito was still with them through 1970.  Gaudio didn't leave until 1971.  Suffice to say that some "dramatic license" was taken in telling the story. 
But it's still a story worth telling ... and one worth watching.  Again, I recommend our readers see this film.  Yes, you will be disappointed by several aspects of it ... but overall it's a celebration of the music that was a HUGE part of the soundtrack to our lives ... so I say go!  (kk)  

Hi Kent ...  
Jersey Boys was a joke! Thirty year old guys who are supposed to be a lot younger sounding like Chipmunks.  Not the story of the early days of Rock, not believable! 
At The Hop is waiting to be made!  The real story of the early days of Rock and what it was like to be young and be a part of this new and exciting new music! 
I hope things are good with you my friend! 
Lots of love,  
John Madara   
Still hoping you get your chance to make your movie, John ... I know how much time and energy you've put into this. Who knows ... maybe this will spark a sudden interest in music of the '50's and '60's again!  (kk)  

I liked your review ... and, mostly agree, although looking at the Top 3 movies - they were all based on familiar territory ... as, I guess Jersey Boys was, too.  
It'll be interesting to see how it continues to grow ... and, it will.  
Since we've seen the movie I've seen more reviews sway toward the positive side ... so I think good word of mouth will brings folks to the theater.  (When one considers that something like 13 million people have seen the stage show worldwide, an opening box office of only $13 Million is pretty disappointing.  Of course MOST of those 13 million probably saw it multiple times, just like we did!  Lol)  Regardless, I still consider it a film worth seeing.  After several days of reflection, I wish it wasn't quite so dark and depressing ... it's almost as if they weren't even allowed to enjoy their own success, based on the way this is presented ... and we all know this couldn't have been the case. WAY too much pre-story ... and not enough of the hit music we all know and love ... I think the film could have had a better "balance" overall ... but it is what it is ... and that's STILL a film worth seeing.  (kk)

Hey Kent,
After reading all the reviews in FH, I think I'll wait for the release of the "Jersey Boys" DVD. I can actually see why Director Eastwood didn't want to duplicate the stage production. (Remember how bad "Chorus Line" turned out?) Maybe Clint will listen to the critics and create a "Director's Cut", by adding more important material and songs, and cutting the monotonous scenes. Maybe he can re-record the bad vocals or electronically tweak them, as well. We will wait and see.
- John LaPuzza
Unfortunately, I think Clint released his version of "the director's cut" ... what he needs is some outside help with an ear more in tune with how to best present this music.  With both Frankie Valli and Bob Gaudio available, why were they shut out of the process?  I think Eastwood made the movie HE wanted to make ... but a little "compromise" here and there would have made it a far more enjoyable film to watch.  (kk)

I saw the first showing of Jersey Boys at a theater in New Jersey where I live. Yep, Jersey Girl here.  Unfortunately,  I am not a NY Times movie critic and would like to keep my comments concise.  I enjoyed the movie, Jersey Boys!  It was biographical and a pretty "spot on" about guys from the poor side of town making it big. It's a "rags to riches" story and shows that with talent, hard work, perseverance, knowing the right people, the ability to stay out of trouble with the underworld, being in the right place at the right time, and getting a break can really pay off - fame and fortune.   I enjoyed the music and dancing etc. - very entertaining.  On a historical note, I learned a lot about Bob Gaudio and how he was the force behind the band. I never knew the big contribution that he made by writing many of the hits for this group.  Also I never knew Bob Crewe was so involved with producing the music.  As a young girl, I was grateful to have seen the Four Seasons  perform in 1963 in NYC and grateful they made a favorable impression on me. I have remained a Four Seasons fan. If you are a Four Seasons fan, I highly recommend this movie.  True, maybe it could have been produced better, but I think it was good as is.   As they say, "it is what it is."  In other words, "Let's Hang on To What We Got." :))   

Saw the Frankie and 4 Seasons a few years ago and noticed that he may have been lip syncing parts of songs, but looking at his backup singers I noticed one of them was always singing the lead. When Frankie got to the part of the song that he couldn't reach, he just backed off and the backup singer was heard. The Beach Boys do the same. So somebody will always be on that high note.  

Last week we told you about a radio program hosted by our FH Buddy DJ Stu Weiss in which he interviewed Ronnie Allen, who worked for Casey Kasem for many years. 
We are happy to report that that interview is now available for streaming ... so if you missed it last Friday Night, you still have the chance to catch it here on the web:  
The interview with Ronnie is up at No# 64 on the Interview Page ...

Casey Kasem's family and close friends celebrated him in the same way much of America did — by listening to his unmistakable radio voice.  
Mourners at a small private memorial Saturday for Kasem heard his old radio shows, including "American Top 40," where he introduced music from Jimi Hendrix, Joni Mitchell and the Bee Gees.   The ceremony came a week after Kasem's death in Gig Harbor, Washington, at age 82.  
Family representative Danny Deraney tells The Associated Press that about 100 family members, close friends and business associates gathered at the memorial at a church in the Bel Air neighborhood.   
Kasem's three children all spoke, and pop music arranger David Campbell played a violin version of Stephen Sondheim's "Send in the Clowns," one of Kasem's favorite songs.  
-- Ken Voss

Wanna remember the great radio days with Casey Kasem?  You can hear tons of airchecks of Casey at Reel Radio site for $12 yearly contribution.  Casey has 8 of the top 40 download on the site currently!  Have the Beatles ever had that?  Probably.  Anyway, latest is a video as well on the site and coming July 4 weekend, you can hear Casey celebrate Elvis' career here:    
Hmm.  Elvis & Casey.  Makes me wanna play an old fave, "Elvis & Marilyn".

Sadly, it seems (much like in the case of Casey Kasem) the children of Glen Campbell are having a similar struggle, trying to determine the best care for dad right now.  (Glen has been suffering from Alzheimer's Disease for the past several years.) Vintage Vinyl News has the full report.  (kk) Click here: Glen Campbell's Family Feuds Over Care ~ VVN Music

>>>I didn't know that a group known as the 4 Jokers had a version of TRANSFUSION. I assume that's the old Nervous Norvus song. I couldn't find the 4 Jokers' version online. (Larry Neal)  
>>>"Transfusion" by The Four Jokers, that was a real record, released on Diamond Records.  (kk)  
And here is the mp3 (not that anyone asked me for it!)

The Diamond Records label that Transfusion came out on is not related to the New York City label where Ronnie Dove became that label's biggest hitmaker ... though since you asked (ok, so you didn't), I'll give another plug for the brand new release, Ronnie Dove: The Complete Original Chart Hits: 1964 - 1969, from Real Gone Music, again. 

This is absolutely the definitive collection of Ronnie's hits. Two of the hits make their CD debut on this collection (one being previously available only as a later recording on cd). Only 5 of the 21 songs are presented in mono, which is due to the absence of stereo sources, be it disc dubs or master tapes. Even some of the mono tapes are long gone ... but these songs have still never sounded better.   
Though the cd has not been officially released yet, Real Gone Music has begun to ship orders placed directly through them (and the first 100 customers get a booklet or tray liner autographed by Ronnie himself!) The inside tray liner will appeal to Forgotten Hits "Saturday Surveys" fans in that it shows a survey with one of Ronnie's hits in the #1 position. Comments on the collection have been mostly positive, with many people exclaiming that the songs have never sounded cleaner or better. With several songs making stereo debuts on CD, and several songs appearing on this cd from newly discovered Diamond label tape sources, this is THE definitive collection to have of Ronnie's hits. Even though I co-produced the cd with Marty Wekser, I'm not biased about the cd at all (ok maybe a litle). However, I AM definitely the most critical of this cd, and my wife and I have listened to it in our car several times and it has sounded absolutely stellar. I couldn't be happier with the outcome of how the cd turned out. The audio, the artwork, the entire package is wonderful. It blows all previous cd's of Ronnie's music out of the water.  
Anyway ... back to Transfusion by the Four Jokers. Have you heard the version by Scatman Crothers? It showed up on one of those budget EP's with four knock-off versions of tunes on it ... and notice how they seem to all use the same screeching sound for the sound effects (also heard on I Want My Baby Back by Jimmy Cross). 
Tom Diehl  

Wow, Kent!  
What a picture at the start of Art Fein's article. I'll bet that group shot could be duplicated in almost any city in America at that time. That photo alone was worth reading the article.  
I was trying to recall what we called the hair style, first the pompadours held up with 'wave set' then of the opposed curls coming down the forehead and the Duck's Ass "DA" crease at the back of the head ... I want to say a "TC" or Tony Curtis, but my memory fails me. The cigarette hanging from the lip, the defiant look, the raised collars ... oh man, what trip back to the fifties!  
Going to the Mickey Finn store to buy 'Garrison Belts with big four corner buckles, and putting 'taps' on our 'Engineer Boots' just to antagonize the teachers. What innocent fun we had driven by the emerging Rock N Roll music, and the harbinger of raging hormones and the best times of our lives.  
Once again a fine read, thanks,  

Check out the CRM Internet Radio Channel ... brand new this week is the all '80's channel ... and coming soon is an all '90's channel.  Meanwhile, you can listen to the '60's and '70's channel right now ... or ANYTIME you like!  
Click here: CRM Radio Network  
A brief synopsis:  
The CRM Radio Network -- exclusive Internet radio stations tailored for Chicago audiences and found on the Chicagoland Radio & Media website -- has launched its second station: "Chicagoland Radio - The 1980s."    
The new station, "Chicagoland Radio - The 1980s" plays nothing but music from 1980-1989. As was the case with the CRM Radio Network's first station "Chicagoland Radio - The 60s & 70s," all of the artists heard on the station are from Chicago or have a deep connection to Chicago. The music selected spans more than a few genres, including rock, pop, power pop, new wave, punk, soul, R&B, blues, and jazz. Chicago radio DJ parody songs are sprinkled in, as well as a song or two about Chicago, which are not necessarily by Chicago area artists. In addition to all of the big hits, there are also some deeper tracks that received local radio play, but may not have achieved national chart success, as well as rarities.Of course, all of the major record label Chicago area superstars are featured, including Cheap Trick, Survivor, Chaka Khan, Chicago, Peter Cetera, REO Speedwagon, Earth Wind & Fire, Richard Marx, Steve Goodman, Styx, Tommy Shaw, Dennis DeYoung, The Blues Brothers, Dan Fogelberg, Denise Williams, Herbie Hancock, Insiders, Material Issue, Ministry, Enuff Z'Nuff, Jump 'N' The Saddle Band, Koko Taylor, and Muddy Waters.Chicago acts signed to major labels but unable to find national success are here, as well, including Off Broadway, The Elvis Brothers, Nicholas Tremulis, Naked Raygun, Skafish, Wild Blue, Siren (aka Red Siren), The B'zz, Holland, Tami Show, and Big Shoulders.  
 Many local artists released albums and singles on their own or on small-time labels. While big in Chicago, they never achieved the national fame they were hoping for. Biggest among them was probably The Kind and Phil 'N' The Blanks. Other acts like them heard on this new station include Big Twist & The Mellow Fellows, Dick Holliday & The Bamboo Gang, Mr. Myers, Bohemia, M&R Rush, Jak Makral, Take Me, All Night Newsboys, Big Daddy Kinsey, Vanessa Davis Band, Get Smart, Loose Lips, Rude Guest, Slammin Watusis, and The Edseys.Chicago radio personalities with songs heard on this station include Jonathon Brandmeier, Bob Wall, Steve Dahl, and John Records Landecker.More tracks will be inserted on a constant basis and requests for artists/songs are always welcome.  
Coming very soon will be yet another Internet radio station, "Chicagoland Radio - The 1990s."  
All of CRM's Internet radio stations will stream on a 24/7 basis and are free to use.  
The CRM Radio Network can be accessed via the Multimedia tab at the top of each page on the website or via this direct link HERE.  
The stations will also be heard soon via the TuneIn radio app and eventually via the new iTunes Radio app/website.The new all-80s radio station joins the '60s/'70s station which launched earlier this month, as well as CRM's retro television stream, CRM-TV, which launched last month.   

>>>Scott Shannon is talking to Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad right now.  The Happy Together Tour is coming to New York. Scott said the first live act he ever introduced was Grand Funk Railroad at some park in Tennessee.  (Frank B.)  
That would be Centennial Park, scene of the Nashville Music Festival, August 22 - 24, 1969.  
David Lewis   

Hi Kent -
Thank you SO MUCH for the information on Brian Wilson's tours in Ireland and England plus his new CD coming out!!
Too bad there are still bad feelings between Brian and Mike Love, but you have to give Mike Love credit, at 73, to continue his Beach Boys tours with Bruce Johnston to keep the original Beach Boys sound going to old and new generations of fans.
Brian didnt have the opportunity to expand his talents in the sixties as he does now and that is great! Happy 72nd Birthday to him.  
Will be at the Happy Together Tour in August. Saw all the acts before except for Grand Funk Railroad. Hope to see you there.  
We should be at the Aurora show.  I've never seen Mark Farner or Mitch Ryder before ... the show is definitely taking on a "heavier" edge this time around.  (kk)

Hello Kent,  
I hope you are doing well.  I just wanted to let you know that I have a lot of pictures to send you very soon.  Since the concert in Jackson, Tennessee, I have attended a number of concerts.  I saw and met Johnny Rivers at Knuckleheads Saloon in Kansas City, Missouri, Peter Noone at City Center Square in Overland Park, Kansas and Don McLean and Judy Collins, also at Knuckleheads. (Judy Collins did not meet or greet any of her fans).  
I had a great trip last weekend.  I arrived in Newark, New Jersey, on Friday morning and drove to Tarrytown, New York, on Friday Night to see the Happy Together Tour featuring Gary Lewis, Mitch Ryder, Mark Farner, Chuck Negron and Howard Kaylan and Mark Volman, the Turtles!   What a great venue and concert!  
The next day I had lunch with Floyd Marcus (Original Member of the 1910 Fruitgum Co.), his wife Lorraine and daughter Ashley at my hotel.  Then it was on to Cousin Brucie's Palisades Park Reunion II as a guest of Mitch Schecter and The Rip Chords at the New Jersey State Fair.  I had a fantastic time there, meeting and talking with Neil Sedaka, Chubby Checker, The Del Satins and Larry Chance and the Earls.  I really had a great time with Mitch and Amy Schecter, Richie Rotkins and my friends, Frank Jeckell and Mick Mansueto of the 1910 Fruitgum Company. 
I am excited about sharing this all with you very soon and I have more concerts in the future.  I am still waiting to hear the final lineup for the KOOL 103 Caravan Of Stars in Jackson, Tennessee in October.
Take care,
Jim Foster
Hi Jim! 
Sounds like you've been as busy with concerts as I have been lately!  
Johnny Rivers is coming here in August ... that'll be my first time to see him ... and I saw Peter Noone last month as well.  I'll most likely hit the Happy Together Tour again, too, when it returns in August. I've already got a couple of reviews to put up on the site but got side-tracked with some of these other special features we've been running lately. I suppose sooner or later we'll eventually get to it all!  (lol)  Meanwhile, I'm looking forward to your next report.  (kk)  

Hey Kent,  
You mentioned Joel Whitburn's reference books -- I frequently use his book to research records I play on The FLip Side.  I'm glad I took your recommendation and bought his "Top Pop Singles," 13th edition. I really depend on it!  
Mr. C.  
Joel's books are unquestionably the Chart Bibles when it comes to this kind of stuff ... and now with the complete chart history of Cash Box Magazine and Music Vendor / Record World, there isn't ANY information you can't have at your fingertips when pulling together this type of research.  They are, in a word, INVALUABLE to me.  (kk)
The new "Cash Box Looking Ahead" book started shipping last week ... and the next edition of "Top Pop Playlist, 1970 - 1984" isn't far behind. (kk)

It sounds like putting together the proposed eight-hour Beatles mini-series announced last week by NBC may not be a walk in the park ... apparently NO licensing agreement has been made regarding use of the music ... and an eight-hour television special about The Beatles WITHOUT any of their music would draw an audience of "none"!!! 
Nobody's throwing in the towel yet ... but it sounds like there's some serious negotiating that needs to be done!  (kk)

In other Beatles news ... 

‘The Beatles Encyclopedia’ by Dr. Kenneth Womack to be released June 30th   

The Beatles Encyclopedia – a two volume set, about the historical, cultural, and musical influence of the Beatles, is to be released June 2014.  
Dr. Kenneth Womack is pleased to announce the release of his latest book – The Beatles Encyclopedia: Everything Fab Four.  This 1116 page, two volume set is a comprehensive study of the people and places associated with the Beatles’ achievement from their formative years through the present day.   The Beatles Encyclopedia: Everything Fab Four will be officially released on Monday, June 30, 2014, but is currently available for pre-order online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. 
Mr. Womack and his new book will be making their debut at The Fest for Beatles Fans in Chicago, August 15 – 17, 2014.  Along with signing, selling and discussing his books, Ken will also be giving several presentations throughout the fest weekend. 
Kenneth Womack received his doctorate in English from Northern Illinois University.  He is currently the Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor of English and Integrative Arts at Pennsylvania State University in Altoona, PA.  He is the author two previously released books about the Beatles, including Long and Winding Roads: The Evolving Artistry of the Beatles and The Cambridge Companion to the Beatles.   
For more information on Kenneth Womack and The Beatles Encyclopedia: Everything Fab Four, go to:   

Now would also be a great time to put in your order for Candy Leonard's forthcoming book Beatleness: How The Beatles and Their Fans Remade The World (Arcade, August 2014; ISBN 162872417X), available just in time for the July re-release of the newly remastered Beatles' classic A Hard Day's Night.  

Candy’s unique, fan-centered, sociological approach to the entire Beatle phenomenon includes a fresh take on the film’s subversive messages about age, gender, and class, and shows how the film­—and the Beatles’ “disruptive charisma”—paved the way for the cultural revolution we refer to as “the sixties.”   
Early reviews of Beatleness:  
"[Beatleness] is breezy, smart and open-hearted, and everyone who grew up with the band—or wants to know what that was like—will appreciate its insights and feel its emotional impact.” - Anthony DeCurtis, contributing editor, Rolling Stone  
“I love this book! It’s an incredibly hip and astute account of all the Beatles’ major happenings that affected so many people around the world who were riveted to their every move. I can’t wait to read it again!” - Will Lee, Grammy Award–winning bass player and studio musician, Late Show with David Letterman and Fab Faux 
“A fascinating study of the Beatles’ resounding impact upon late-twentieth-century American culture. . . . While hundreds of Beatles books stake claims about being the definitive work, Leonard’s Beatleness finally gets to the heart of the matter, offering readers new insights into the unusual and lasting nature of Beatles fandom."- Kenneth Womack, author of Long and Winding Roads: The Evolving Artistry of the Beatles and The Beatles Encyclopedia: Everything Fab Four  
For more information about Candy Leonard and Beatleness:

Something Tells Us We're Into Something Good ...
New York / New England "Danbury Fields Forever" Music Festival Announces Special Guests of Honor  
The New York / New England regional Beatles-themed festival, "Danbury Fields Forever," has announced its two very Special Guests of Honor: KARL GREEN of the original HERMAN'S HERMITS, and IAN LLOYD of Stories ("Brother Louie"). The Music, Foods & Arts Festival will "come together" Saturday, July 26 & Sunday, July 27, 2014 at Ives Concert Park, 43 Lake Avenue Ext in Danbury, Connecticut (on the campus of Western CT State University). Doors will open at noon, and the music will continue until 8pm daily.  Music / songwriter Karl Green was a founding member of Herman's Hermits, one of the super groups of the British Invasion, and mainstays on the cover of endless teen magazines. Although Peter Noone was the lead singer and continued on to many years of fame, Karl Green played bass and harmonica, wrote songs for the group and was back-up vocalist. In the Herman's Hermits' first full-length motion picture, "Hold On!," Green was the second Hermit billed after Noone. Before resurfacing in the U.S. for this festival and some East Coast gigs, Karl Green was still in the music business in the U.K., managing sound systems for the Queen Elizabeth and Festival Halls in London. Karl will be at Danbury Fields Forever only on Saturday, July 26. 
Musician / singer Ian Lloyd formed The Stories in the early 70s with Michael Brown (The Left Banke / "Walk Away Renee"). With one of the most distinctive and powerful voices in the history of rock music, Ian Lloyd has been heard across the globe beginning in 1973 with his performance on Stories' #1 hit "Brother Louie" and then scored a follow-up hit with "Mammy Blue." Lloyd's other vocal credits include Foreigner. Since then Ian released several solo albums and collaborated with many other artists. His last solo album won the GMMA for its title track, O-de-Po, and Ian has since performed Beatles sets at Beatles Expo and at February's "NYC FAB 50" fiftieth anniversary celebration. Ian will be at Danbury Fields Forever only on Sunday, July 27. 
"Danbury Fields Forever" is in its third year, with 20 bands per day playing the music of The Beatles, solo material and songs from the 60s. It's the first time the event is two days, and the first time there will be special guests. Both Special Guests will be there in the early part of the days, meeting fans, taking photos, signing autographs and also performing on stage. Bands include The Hofners, AfterFab, The Oh-Nos, BeatleHead, The Mystery Tour, One Sweet Dream McCartney Tribute, Lennon Legacy, Rotary, The Way-Back Machine, Studio Two, Pat Horgan's Thunder Road, Charlie Guitar, Genetic Control, Pete Santora's George Harrison tribute, Bill Connors Empty Garden Elton John tribute, and the national touring show, Beatlemania Again. School of Rock students from New York and CT will also be performing, as well as winners from "Star On The Web."  
In celebration of the 50th Anniversary of The Beatles' U.S. arrival in 1964, one-day "Ticket to Ride" admissions to the Festival start at only $19.64. Advance ticket available at: Tickets will be higher at the door. There are also V.I.P. tickets available, discounted two-day passes and hotel packages. For guests staying overnight, there is a reduced rate hotel package which includes accommodations and breakfast for only $79 per night. Visit and check the "hotels" page for hotel info. 
"Danbury Fields Forever lll" is presented by Charles F. Rosenay!!!'s Liverpool Productions, the same company that presented "NYC FAB 50," The Beatles' 50th Anniversary Celebration in New York City in February, and organizers of the annual Magical History Tours to Liverpool & London ( This year there will also be more Beatle and memorabilia dealers and vendors, exhibitors, along with a larger variety of food options available. A portion of ticket proceeds benefit charity. Information as follows: 
Facebook:  Facebook Events Page:   
Advance Tickets:  
Info by phone: 203.795.4737 
Artists or line-up subject to change. Not affiliated with Apple Corps Ltd. 
As The Beatles sang, "It's guaranteed to raise a smile." 
And to paraphrase Herman's Hermits, "Something Tells Us We're Into Something Good."

Photo of Herman's Hermits with Karl Green far left (and Peter Noone center)

Beatles Related:   
Badfinger Legend Joey Molland Releases 'Demos Old And New' and 'This Way Up' CDs On Gonzo MultiMedia
London, UK – On the heels of his critically acclaimed new solo album 'Return To Memphis', Badfinger legend Joey Molland has released two hard to find, sought after albums on UK's Gonzo Multimedia - 'Demos Old And New' and 'This Way Up'!
Signed to the Beatles' Apple label in 1968 as The Iveys, the band quickly changed their name to Badfinger by 1969. The group would go on to score four consecutive worldwide hits from 1970 to 1972: “Come And Get It” (written and produced by Paul McCartney), “No Matter What”, “Day After Day” and “Baby Blue”. In 1971, a cover of the Badfinger song “Without You” by Harry Nilsson became a number one hit on the Billboard charts. Though the band suffered major tragedies throughout its career, surviving member Joey Molland has continued to keep the Badfinger flame alight through concerts and recordings over the past 30 years. And now he is back with a fantastic new album 'Return To Memphis', which was produced by Carl 'Blue' Wise and recorded at Willie Mitchell's Royal Studios in Memphis.
This collection of demos, old and new, come from various parts of his long career, only to confirm what an extraordinary songwriter Joey Molland is.  
In 2001, Joey Molland released the critically acclaimed album 'This Way Up' independently. CD Universe describes the album as: “ … one of the best solo discs that ex-members of the Beatles never made." It bears repeating - 'This Way Up' contains the essence of what was great about those early solo Beatles albums, not surprising because Molland played on some of them. The surprise is that a sideman from those sessions has created a mini-masterpiece rivaling, and on some songs equaling, those classic and important recordings. 13 perfectly constructed songs by Molland do more than just carry on a tradition - they combine to give proof that this style of music is still so very vital.”  
Joey's latest CD 'Return To Memphis' has been garnering major press worldwide and follows the major buzz surrounding the Badfinger track “Baby Blue” being played during the finale of A&E's hit TV series 'Breaking Bad'.  
Says Joey, “I did the record in Memphis and so it's called 'Return To Memphis'. I started out loving Memphis music ... Elvis and all that. A lot of great rockers came from there. So I opted to go down there and make a record and it was a great experience.”  
Originally from Liverpool, Joey now resides in the US, where he continues to perform with Joey Molland's Badfinger. Along with Joey on guitar and vocals, the current lineup features Mark Healey (bass / vocals), Steve Wozny (keyboards / vocals), Mike Ricciardi (drums). For updated tour information check Joey Moland's official facebook page at  
To purchase Joey Molland 'Return To Memphis' CD:  
For more information:   

Check out Clark Weber and Dick Biondi on a rare LP cover that I own!  Hope you got to see Clark this week!  
Clark Besch

We did ... but it really wasn't quite all we were led to believe it would be.  It was still nice to visit a little bit ... he brought former WLS mid-day man Bernie Allen up with him, too (and I got to talk a little bit with Bernie's daughter, who drove him to the event.)  They had "School Of Rock", a talented bunch of child musicians (all of whom looked under 14 years of age) who really nailed some great Beatles music ... instrumentally.  (Vocally, not so much ... I don't think I heard a song all night that was played ... and SUNG ... in the same key!!!  And it was INCREDIBLY loud, making any REAL conversation virtually impossible to carry on.  But I will say these are VERY talented musicians who really nailed the feeling of this music that predated them by a couple of generations!)
As for the art gallery, there was a nice assortment of photographs and paintings ... ranging in price from about $1200 to $12,000 ... which is a little steep for me (knowing that I'd have to display whatever I bought on the fridge!  lol)  Ringo was NOT there Tuesday night ... but attended Thursday Night, where he signed and posed for pictures with those who DID dip into their pockets.  (Kinda sucks though if you went through the whole hassle of going downtown Monday and Tuesday and then having to come back on Thursday to get it signed ... but again I'm just not a real "downtown" person!)  Not a very attentive audience to the WLS portion of the show (which is too bad because back in 1964 when The Beatles first hit, WLS was IT ... there was no other rock or Top 40 radio station in Chicago playing this music and these were the guys ... Weber, Allen, Ron Riley, Art Roberts, Dex Car, Don Phillips ... that were playing it.  As host Greg Brown (currently of WLS-FM) pointed out, this was a time when the deejays were nearly as popular as the artists.  But those of us who DID strain to listen (above the noise of the constantly talking crowd) got to hear some great radio stories from back in the day.  DEFINITELY could have been better organized so, in that respect, a bit of a disappointment ... but ALWAYS cool to visit with these guys who SO shaped our world back then.  (Clark even had his secretary come up for a moment ... she's the one who compiled The Silver Dollar Survey back then ... and talked about how they gathered their information from about 25 local record stores, radio airplay and requests and Billboard Magazine ... so that was kinda cool, too.) kk

Yeah, it's been over 50 years since Webermania hit Chicago's shores and (air)waves.  Bob Sirott sat down and took us down memory lane this week on his WGN radio show.  Hear some of the podcasts here:  
View the footage of WLS personalities Don Philips, Art Roberts and Ron Riley greeting the band as they come up to the stage at Cominsky park in 65.  Clark helped emcee the other show that day.

>>>On your WNWC chart from June 22, 1966, one of the three Up and Coming singles is a great, lost single called "Stop! Get a Ticket"  by the Clefs of Lavender Hill.  This is one of the first records released on the Columbia Records new subsidiary label at that time, Date Records, later the home of Peaches and Herb, the Arbors, and others.  The label was run by Tommy Noonan, one of the key people in the chart department at Billboard for many years. This record was played in many markets, including both WKBW and WYSL in Buffalo, but never had simultaneous radio action to get it to move up the chart.  An excellent example of a "lost" great record from this period of time.  It just validates what you do with the Saturday Surveys and how much many of us, especially me, appreciate it!  (CLAY PASTERNACK)  
>>>I'm not familiar with this one ... but it looks like it went to #80 on The Billboard Hot 100 Pop Singles Chart in 1966.  (Prior to being released on Date, it was pressed on the Thames record label.)  kk   
The Clefs of Lavender Hill had FOUR singles released on Date records, a label which began in 1958, issued a few singles, and then remained dormant for several years before being revived in January of 1966. A full album's worth of material had been recorded but unissued after none of the subsequent singles did anything on the charts. It was finally issued on cd in stereo (with two non LP single sides in mono as bonus tracks) a few years ago.  
I don't buy too many CD's anymore (never have, really, as I've always prefered vinyl, but I love this group and I love this entire cd). 
-- Tom Diehl  

>>>Who would ever think that in the heart of Tennessee there is a 50,000 watt powerhouse oldies station playing more great oldies than probably any other station in the country?  Jackson is located between Memphis and Nashville.  How many stations have you heard play Billy Stewart’s ‘Summertime’ and Spirit’s ‘I Got A Line On You’ lately?  It was so refreshing to hear some great oldies while searching the dial through all the country music stations in Tennessee.  (Jim Foster)
This station played The Shames' "Sugar and Spice" this afternoon as I was driving through rural West Tennessee. Long, long time since we've heard this one in the Southland. David Lewis  
Yep, it's getting tougher and tougher to find radio stations that play the REAL oldies anymore ... with any kind of variety anyway.  The other night Frannie and I stopped at Long John Silver's to grab a quick late night snack ... and were shocked to hear "Ma Belle Amie" by The Tee Set playing when we walked in.  We literally looked at each other in total disbelief.  What a shame that a legitimate Top Ten Song can't even get played on a station that CLAIMS to play the oldies anymore.
Another case in point ... last week I conducted an experiment at work.  (OK, here comes another Forgotten Hits Soap Box Moment!) 
They've moved my office to another area of the building so, for the first time in AGES, I am now able to listen to the radio at work.  We have three distinct areas so set them up to play three DIFFERENT radio stations continuously throughout the day.  There was just enough bleed through to hear what was going on on the other stations but not enough to take away from what you were personally listening to.
Two of the stations were set to stations playing the "Classic Hits" format ... one local Chicagoland station and one Internet station.  I set mine to The True Oldies Channel.  And, in the course of an eight hour day ALL THREE STATIONS played the EXACT same songs with eight exceptions ... and ALL of those exceptions came from Scott Shannon's True Oldies ... I can't remember what they all were but two that stood out were "Travelin' Man" by Rick Nelson (nope, NOBODY's gonna play something THAT old on the radio anymore!) and "Master Jack" by Four Jacks And A Jill, which he featured as a Forgotten 45, explaining its success as more of a regional thing.
The DOWN side is that I had to hear "Maggie May" by Rod Stewart THREE times because they all played it ... which was also true of at least two dozen OTHER songs featured throughout the day.  NO variety at all ... nobody stepping outside the box.  And even True Oldies, which SHOULD be featuring a wider selection of variety because they date back further than the other stations, seemed to be playing the exact same stuff the majority of the time.  This included more and more songs from the '80's, by the way.  (I swear sometimes it just feels like the radio stations pull six greatest hits cd's and then feature everything they can from those cd's during the course of the day ... this seems ESPECIALLY true of artists like John Mellencamp, Journey, Bob Seger, Fleetwood Mac and Elton John of late.  Seriously, how can EVERY radio station be pulling songs from the exact same play list?!?!  Doesn't ANYBODY want to stand head-and-shoulders above the rest of the pack?  I just don't get it!  (And don't use the excuse that "this is what the listeners want to hear" ... because they can hear that ANYWHERE!!!  Yours isn't the only station that's playing it ... every radio station in America is playing it ... so what makes YOUR radio station stand out?  Seriously, you'd better think of SOMETHING ... because once again I find myself bringing six CD's with me for the commute to and from work these days, as there is absolutely NOTHING worth listening to on the radio dial anymore.  No surprises at all ... and that's a REAL shame.)  kk

Mike Love talks about the next Beach Boys tour with Endless Summer Quarterly Publisher David Beard ... and a very special VIP Package that's available. You can catch a wave (and all of the details) here:   
Click here: Mike Love brings cool VIP experience to upcoming shows. - National Beach Boys |

And FH Reader Tom Cuddy tells us about a rare, free show that Cliff Richard is doing in New York City!

Have you tried to sing along with the new Michael / Justin song? I even clicked on the Youtube video that shows the lyrics. I just can't do it. You can't actually sing all of the words ... they just don't fit. 
My local radio station is "The River", 106.7. They have been doing this thing that started a couple weeks ago. This is the third week. They are playing all of their songs in alphabetical order. This is everything they have which they say is a little over 2000 songs. They do this from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. weekdays. It has really been kind of cool. I certainly have heard things I haven't heard for a long time and some things I don't ever remember hearing before. I like the way they advertise it, too. They say, "106.7 the River playing all our music from A to Z in alphabetical order because we are the only one that can away with it." 
Maybe this isn't unique but it is fun. 
P.S. Kynlee Brooke Harding 7lbs 4 ozs was born at 7:17 a.m. on 06/16 ... I am officially a Great Grandma. Congratulations!  Our oldest grand-daughter just turned nine ... so I'm thinking we have at least another 10-12 years till we hit that milestone. (I hope so anyway!) 
Here in Chicago The Drive has been doing their A-Z feature for YEARS now ... what's nice is that you not only get to hear stuff you never hear otherwise ... but they also mix it up every time they do it (which is about four times a year!)  So even then you don't hear the same 2500 songs each time.  (And I just LOVE trying to guess what the next song will be ... I'd say overall I'm right about 60% of the time ... which is still pretty good since they DO mix it up each go 'round ... but hey, I love being surprised as much as the next guy!)  kk

>>>I remember the Price Guides for "Rhapsody In The Rain" even listing the number etched in the wax so that the buyer could determine which pressing he was purchasing without actually having to listen to the record!  (kk)
Except the price guide isn't quite right on it. They say the clean version of the song has DJ etched after the matrix number in the trail out area when, at least on my copy, it's just a "-2" with no mention of DJ (and I've also had it on an off-center promotional pressing, which likewise did not have DJ etched anywhere in the trail-out, but was the clean version of the song).
-- Tom
The early price guides that I recall had an entirely different matrix number etched into the wax ... I remember being able to determine this way on early pressings which was which ... because BOTH versions were commercially available in the stores at the time ... not just as a "dj" copy. (I see now that the current price guide only shows the "DJ" reference you mention above ... but I swear the older guides had two distinctly different numbers shown.  Anybody got an old 45 Price Guide handy that will bear this out???) kk

>>>Before I left my home just now, I had the television turned on briefly to see what was happening.  There was a commercial that came on (and again I wasn't paying attention to the  product being endorsed), but what did catch my attention was the song being played in the background.  I simply could not believe it. Kent, are you familiar with record that came out in 1960 on Dot Record label with a song called LOVE ME. The singer on the label was simply known as The Phantom. I don't know or can't remember his real name. I have the record, it made our local survey. Anyway, the song or portions thereof, were playing in the background. It somewhat boggles my mind just what person or persons came up with this song of some 54 years ago to use in the background of this commercial.   (Larry Neal)
>>>I'm not familiar with this one at all ... but I see that Joel Whitburn's new book refers to it as a "Classic Non-Hit 100 Song".  He says The Phantom was actually Jerry Loft, a rock-a-billy singer who wore a mask and whose vocals were similar to those of Elvis Presley.  (Now Orion ... who pretty much did the exact same thing many years later ... I've heard of!!! But not this guy!)  NO idea what would inspire an ad agency to pick up on this one ... unless they, too, grew up loving this track and finally found a place to feature it!) 
Hey, I think I just found it ... is this the one???  (kk)
To answer your question, the song you posted LOVE ME by the Phantom is the one I have at home and is the one which I heard in the commercial, which again whose product I don't even remember. How that song was picked as background, well, your guess is as good as mine. 

Several weeks ago we ran a very high-quality clip of The Dovells performing "The Bristol Stomp" in a movie. John LaPuzza now tells us where this movie can be found!  (kk) Hey Kent,   
Here is the movie, that featured The Dovells singing "Bristol Stomp" in the video you posted. It was one of those "Hurry up. Let's make a movie about The Twist" sequels. I'd still like to see it sometime.  
- John LaPuzza

Speaking of cool clips, have you seen this one?  The David Bowie / Mick Jagger video clip for "Dancing In The Streets" with no music (but new sound effects added) has become all the rage ... over a million hits the first few days!  (If you thought it looked ridiculous then, it looks even MORE so now!!!  lol)

On a related note (?), our best wishes for a speedy recovery go out to Merry Clayton, seriously injured in a car accident earlier this week.  Merry, of course, was the featured female vocalist on The Rolling Stones' rock classic "Gimme Shelter" ... and was one of the singers profiled in the award-winning documentary "20 Feet From Stardom."  (kk)

And, speaking of great music documentaries ...

June 28, 2014 3:00 PM 
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July 1, 2014 7:30 PM 

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