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The Sunday Comments ( 07 - 13 - 14)

OMG, It's Sunday the 13th!!!

But we're not going to let THAT deter us ... here's a chunk of what's been on your minds this past week:

re:  The Local Scene:  
Hi Kent -  
Great info on the Chicago Groups. Anxious to read Jim Peterik's and Carl Giamarese's autobiographies.  As was mentioned in your email, I also believe THE MOB is an overlooked group. I had the opportunity to see them perform live and they were FANTASTIC. The album they released had very good, sophisticated song arrangements. It is too bad "I Dig Everything About You" didnt get better distribution. It is one of my favorites.  

Kent - 
Thanks for the recent Forgotten Hits blog you did on The MOB.  
One of the bloggers mentioned hearing our MOB Promo Spots on WLS and would like to hear them again. They were very creative and pretty funny. 
Please refer your MOB fans to
If they go to the page marked “INK”, there will be another page that will come up saying “RADIO SPOTS”.
Thanks, Kent.
LOTS of great stuff on this site, Jim, thanks for sending!  You can not only listen to several of these vintage radio ad spots but also peruse the complete history of the band, see photos and order music right through the site.  Good stuff for sure!  (kk)  

And, speaking of great spots ...

Guess I should have sent these before your Chicago stuff ran, but I was "workin' like a dog." 

Thanks for the book shout out and more, guys!  
Keep Rocking!

I have visited the Mob website a few times ... an incredible amalgamation of info and music!  Histories of more bands, too.  You can even hear their first Cameo single there.  I had forgotten about that.  The Mob performed this song on "Where the Action is" in 66. 
The video of the Centuries was great to see.  I wish Carl would share more memories.
As for the Capes of Good Hope, they are a bit of a Chicago mystery to me, too.  I have their 45s, including a British copy, and I think I have a photo somewhere.  Certainly a couple of songs have a distinct Left Banke influence, while others have folk sound. 
For anyone wondering about Jim Peterik's new autobiography, it is a very revealing, no holding back story beginning with his childhood and through his early bands and life through the Ides and Survivor times and on to today.  His personal life throughout his career is chronicled as much as his music.  He even talks about the Ides quick trip to Florida when "You Wouldn't Listen" was huge there, as seen in this week's survey.  Quite a life revealed!
Clark Besch

Kent --
Many thanks! This explains a lot, especially why there was "radio silence" after all those near-saturation Mob spots. I remember the spots themselves a little differently, but that was what, 47 years ago?
They had a great BST feel, and should have done a lot better than they did, along with the Capes of Good Hope and the Will-o-Bees, who were channeling either Spanky or the New Seekers. I traded a couple of emails with Janet Blossom (their female lead, now Janet Lussier) some years ago and suggested an interview, but she was shy and declined.
Good luck and keep in touch!
-- Jeff
The Will-O-Bees' "It's Not Easy" is a classic.  Same with "Winter's Children" by The Capes. 

re:  Disco Demolition: 
The 35th anniversary of Disco Demolition?  I saw that on the news this morning. Almost forgot about that disaster. I remember it very well when it happened. What an idiot Steve Dahl was and still is as far as I am concerned. 

I was not at Disco Demo night, but saw the highlights on the sportscast that night. I thought it was pretty funny from a distance. I thought the idea was great, but it was probably the wrong venue! It should have been at a Ted Nugent or AC/DC concert or something like that. Anybody up for a Rap / Hip-Hop Demolition Night????? The Cubs aren’t any good ... why not at Wrigley this time!!!  

Steve Dahl wrote his own piece remembering Disco Demolition ... it ran in Crain's Chicago Business and offers some interesting perspective some 35 years later.  (I think Steve's being a little "selective" with his analysis ... it was, without question, the single biggest moment in his career ... and was, without question, a calculated move.  While I've read that he had concerns that nobody would show up, those fears quickly dissipated when the stadium crowd reached capacity ... and spilled out over into the streets by about 15-20,000 fans!)  It exceeded EVERYONE's wildest imagination ... and truly DID get out of hand.  The field was destroyed ... people DID get hurt (as fights broke out all over the park) ... it was (from a baseball perspective anyway) an embarrassing disaster ... but it caused Dahl's career to sky-rocket out of the stratosphere ... and, bottom line, THAT was what mattered most to Steve Dahl at the time.  (kk)

re:  Frankie Valli / The Four Seasons / Jersey Boys:
If you didn't get a chance to see it on the 4th, Vintage Vinyl News has Frankie Valli's entire 4th of July performance up for viewing, all part of PBS' 38th Annual "A Capitol Fourth" concert celebration.  
Click here: Watch: Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons Perform at A Capital Fourth ~ VVN Music

And, speaking of Frankie Valli, FH Reader Tom Cuddy sends us this report, which he describes as ...

And, speaking of Frankie Valli interviews, here's a brand new one from our Songfacts Buddy Carl Wiser ...
Hey Kent.
We just posted an interview with Frankie Valli, who talked about what oldies radio means to his career. Here's the link: Well,
Carl Wiser

Meanwhile, Vintage Vinyl News (by way of Billboard Magazine) reports that Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons music is doing very well on the Billboard charts again this week ...
Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons consider their assault on the U.S. Albums chart in the wake of the release of the film Jersey Boys.
Although the film has not done well at the box office, the group's music is steaming up the charts, taking two of the top three albums by veteran artists.  The 
Jersey Boys soundtrack drops 15 to 18, making it the top selling album for the week by a veteran. The Very Best of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons rises 35 to 33.
If this music is being purchased by NEW fans of The Four Seasons (and not older fans ... which would stand to reason as most of us already OWN this music!) it goes a LONG way toward proving my point that if radio would simply allow exposure to some of these "lost" tracks on the air, new fans will be won over on a regular basis ... and go out and purchase this music.  Radio benefits ... the record companies benefit (as they've already got all this material stuffed away in their vaults anyway ... so re-releasing it costs them virtually nothing) ... listeners benefit (by FINALLY get more variety up and down the dial) and new fans benefit by discovering some "new" music that's been around for DECADES, lying dormant somewhere because of radio's refusal to acknowledge it.  (kk)

re:  The Saturday Surveys:  
Hey, did anybody else notice that on the KEWB Chart that we ran this week features Dino, Desi and Billy's hit "I'm A Fool" at #2 ... AND at #6?!?!  (Talk about needing some serious proof-reading!!!)  Actually, this chart is REALLY messed up ... in the caption under The Byrds photo at the bottom, they explain how The Byrds' latest hit is at #6 on that week's survey (which would explain the mix-up in the Dino, Desi and Billy listing ... except that The Byrds are REALLY at #10!!!)  And check out the date at the top of the survey ... July 12th ... 1695 (instead of 1965)!!! HOW on earth did all this stuff get past the stations?  (kk)  

re:  This And That:  
Paul McCartney returned to the US Stage on July 5th with a sold out concert in Albany, New York, where he performed for three hours (including two lengthy encores.)  My guess is that this was QUITE a bit more than his doctors would have recommended after falling ill to some mysterious Japanese virus several weeks ago.  Still Rolling Stone Magazine reports that Macca was in top form ... and clearly having the time of his life back up on stage again.  (Several new editions have been made to the song line-up, including a few more tracks The Beatles never got the chance to perform live on stage.)  Macca also did a show here in Chicago last week. 
You can read the full review / report here (as well as view the complete set list):  
Click here: Paul McCartney Bounces Back in Albany | Music News | Rolling Stone

McCartney also unveiled a brand new video for the song "Early Days" from his most recent album "New", featuring Paul jamming with Johnny Depp (Johnny's been in a few of McCartney's videos recently!) as well as a few others:  
Click here: See Paul McCartney Jam With Johnny Depp in 'Early Days' - Premiere - Video | Rolling Stone   

More Beatles news regarding "A Hard Day's Night" ... seems that the limited theatrical release was for 4th of July Weekend only ... the film will soon be opening wide on screens across America.  Read on.  (kk)
Restored 'Hard Day's Night' to hit 100 markets
Fifty years after "A Hard Day's Night" first hit theaters, the Beatles return to the big screen next month in a digitally restored version of their black-and-white feature film debut. With Criterion Collection handling the restoration, Janus Films initially planned the rerelease for 50 cities. Because of popular demand, "A Hard Day's Night" is now slated to open in 100 North American markets.
"This idea of a mid-summer family outing really appeals to people," Criterion President Peter Becker says. " 'A Hard Day's Night' plays well as the perfect inter-generational outing because people who grew up on the Beatles now have grandchildren."
Citing Richard Lester's innovative directing techniques, Becker notes, "The movie is just shot through with the spirit of freedom. The Beatle characters are lastingly charismatic, and the songs really hold up."
The soundtrack was remixed and remastered at Abbey Road Studios by Giles Martin, son of Beatles producer George Martin.
Criterion technicians scanned the original 35mm negatives at the hyper-crisp 4K resolution, then removed dirt and scratches.
"This isn't some tricked-out version of 'A Hard Day's Night,' " Becker says. "It's a carefully constructed restoration that will actually show better than prints that were used in the movie's original opening weekend." 

-- submitted by Dave Barry

By the way, that CBS Television Special "The Night That Changed America" was nominated for SIX Emmy Awards.  Airing on the 50th Anniversary of The Beatles' first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show (and featuring live performances by both Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr), it was a fun-filled night of musical entertainment and memories.  Congratulations to all involved.  (kk)  

The program is nominated for:  Outstanding Variety Special; Outstanding Directing for a Variety Special - Gregg Gelfand; Outstanding Music Direction - Don Was; Outstanding Writing for a Variety Special - Ken Ehrlich and David Wild; Outstanding Lighting Design / Lighting Direction For a Variety Special - Matt Firestone, Ted Wells, Matthew Cotter and Mike Zinman and Outstanding Sound Mixing for a Variety Series or Special - Larry Reed, Tom Holmes, Al Schmitt, Giles Martin and Josh Morton

Fest Website Offers Signed Editions of MoonGlow PR Beatles Authors 

For fans of the Fab Four who are unable to attend the Fest for Beatles Fans, their website has a limited number of signed and unsigned books from the MoonGlow PR stable of Beatles authors.  

MoonGlow PR is pleased to announce that the Beatles Store at the Fest for Beatles Fans website is offering signed copies of the latest books from her company’s best Beatles authors. 

“We’ve worked together with Mark Lapidos, owner of the Fest for Beatles Fans, to make sure that fans that are unable to attend one of the three fests that are going one this year in New York, Chicago or Los Angeles will have the opportunity to get these limited edition signed copies,” says Jennifer Vanderslice, owner of MoonGlow PR.  

Signed copies from the following authors are currently available at the Fest website: 

We’re Going To See The Beatles! by Garry Berman - An Oral History of Beatlemania as Told by the Fans Who Were There. 

She Loves You by Jude Southerland Kessler – The third book in the John Lennon Series follows John’s life from April 1963 to February 1964. 

Changin’ Times: 101 Days That Shaped A Generation by Al Sussman – A look at the cultural changes from November 22, 1963 through March 1, 1964 in America. 

Recipe Records: A Culinary Tribute to The Beatles by Lanea Stagg – Third book in the Recipe Records series celebrating 50 years of the Fab Four with 50 recipes.  

First edition signed copies of the following books will be available after August 15: 

Beatleness by Candy Leonard – A look at the sociological impact of the Beatles and their fans. 

The Beatles Encyclopedia: Everything Fab Four by Kenneth Womack - Insightful look into the Beatles' collective and solo releases, and the people and places that impacted their work.   

For more information the Fest for Beatles Fans or to order books by the authors represented by MoonGlow PR, go to: and search by title or author. 

MoonGlow PR is a public relations company that specializes in representing the best Beatles authors and experts across the universe.  More info at:  

Hi Kent,   
Just a note to remind you of "The Sixties" series featuring "The British Invasion" tonight on CNN!  Love all the issues of Forgotten Hits ... THANK-YOU for all your knowledge, time, and energy ... it is greatly appreciated!Best Regards, 
Tim Kiley 
The British Invasion episode is the one that "pre-launched" the series a couple of months ago ... sad to see it was only an hour in length when some of the other topics got the two-hour treatment.  I think I've seen all but maybe one of the ten episodes that make up this landmark series (but can always watch that one On Demand.)  Overall I've been pretty impressed ... but feel there are SO many other topics that COULD have been covered in greater depth.  A brief one hour retrospective of Television in the '60's barely did it justice ... and naturally I could have devoured TEN hours of the Music of the '60's.  I thought the Kennedy Assassination was EXCEPTIONALLY good ... saw a lot of things I hadn't seen before (and I've watched HUNDREDS of hours on this topic over the years.)  It would have been nice to see something like Sports Of The '60's ... think about it ... the very first Super Bowl ... The Miracle Mets of '69 ... GREAT players like Sandy Koufax, Mickey Mantle, Roger Maris (and his pursuit of Babe Ruth's home run record), Willie Mays ... Cassius Clay / Muhammad Ali ... Jim Brown ... I could EASILY fill an hour with highlight clips on this topic.  Regardless, it's a well-done series and I'm sure there are several episodes I'll watch again and again.  (kk)  

And here's some VERY important late-breaking news regarding Alice Cooper ...  (huh?!?!?)    


Photo ID left to right:
VP Jamie Richardson, CEO Bill Ingram, Marci Ingram, 
Sheryl Cooper,Alice Cooper, White Castle President Lisa Ingram, 
Corporate Relations Manager Erin Shannon

New York, NY (July 8, 2014) - Dreams can come true, as rock icon Alice Cooper can attest, following his induction into the White Castle Cravers Hall of Fame at White Castle headquarters in Columbus, Ohio on July 7th, 2014.

As a child of Detroit, Alice learned to love White Castle's iconic sliders at an early age, and has never lost his taste for them over the years.   He also learned to love rock and roll, and pursue his career in a band, and achieved induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2011.

Little did he know that another Hall of Fame, also in Ohio, was in his destiny.

Following a tour of White Castle headquarters led by Bill, Marci and Lisa Ingram (the company is a fourth-generation family-owned business), company VP Jamie Richardson conducted a brief  chat with Alice in a room full of White Castle employees, including a band that performed some of Alice's songs (he actually JOINED them for "No More Mr Nice Guy," much to their surprise), and then Alice was presented with a plaque commemorating his induction into their White Castle Cravers Hall of Fame.

Said Alice, "A lot of my fellow rockers are going to be envious of this honor."  Asked how it compared to being inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Alice responded "there's no comparison," carefully ducking the question.

The stop at White Castle headquarters took place on a day off during Alice's summer tour as Very Special Guests to Motley Crue on their "All Bad Things Must Come to An End" tour, which plays the Schottenstein Center in Columbus tonight as part of the 72 show run.  The summer tour continues through August 31, and then resumes in autumn, October 10 through November 22. 

Alice has often talked about his love of White Castle in interviews and on his syndicated "Nights With Alice Cooper" radio program, and served White Castle at the party following the premiere of the "Super Duper Alice Cooper" documentary at the Tribeca Film Festival in April in New York City.  The documentary, produced by Banger Films (same team that produced the award-winning Iron Maiden and Rush documentaries), has recently been released in both DVD and Blu-Ray by Eagle Rock Entertainment

See Alice Cooper on tour in 2014 -- tourdates at

Listen to Alice Cooper on "Nights With Alice Cooper" --

Growing up in Chicago, we've had access to White Castle hamburgers my whole life.  (If you've never had the experience ... I hesitate to use the word "pleasure" ... it's a unique cuisine to be sure ... but totally addictive!)  What I've learned over the years is that the BEST way to enjoy them is to sit on the pot WHILE you eat them ... and eliminate the next step all-together by combining the entire experience into one life-altering moment!  (I used to love to take out-of-town visitors to White Castle the night before they left Chicago, giggling to myself the entire next day as to what their flight-home experience must have been like, clamoring for use of the bathrooms at the rear of the plane ... especially during "fasten seatbelts" moments!)  kk

A pretty cool video exists of Ron Dante singing "Sugar Sugar" where he is in a band and ALL members of the band are him doing all the parts.  I don't see it on youtube, but I have it somewhere.  It's kind of like Mungo Jerry's video for "In the Summertime" where the guy plays all instruments in performing the song. 
Clark Besch  
Yes, I've seen it, too ... I even checked Ron's website and didn't see it there.  However, I DID find it on youtube ... here it is below:

Non-Performing Cowsill Richard passed away last week.  He had been battling lung cancer for some time.  (As to WHY Richard was never allowed in the band, you've GOT to check out the incredible Cowsills documentary that came out last year ... it's "Must See" entertainment.  (kk)

And, speaking of great documentaries, here's a piece on the new Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart documentary, "The Guys Who Wrote 'em" ... which I have STILL yet to see!!!  (Can't wait to finally see it 'though!!!)  kk

Vintage Vinyl News files this report on the sentencing of Rolf Harris ...  
Convicted pedophile Rolf Harris will be released from prison in the week of his 90th birthday after being sentenced to five years and nine months jail.
Harris was found guilty of all 12 charges of sexual assault on four girls between 1968 and 1986. One of the accusers was a childhood friend of Rolf’s daughter Bindi who testified that she was abused by Harris during family holidays when she was 13 years old. Harris argued the “affair” began when she was 18. His youngest victim was seven or eight at the time of the assault.In handing down the sentence Judge Nigel Sweeney said “You have shown no remorse for your crimes at all. Your reputation lies in ruins, you have been stripped of your honours, but you have no-one to blame but yourself.”The case brings to an end what was a remarkable entertainment career which has since seen Harris stripped of his ARIA Hall of Fame award, his BAFTA and now most likely his numerous royal honours including the CBE. Queen Elizabeth II awarded Harris the Order of Australia in 2012.
The 84 year old entertainer was one of Australia’s first international successes. He achieved a Top 10 hit in the UK in 1960 and USA in 1963 with Tie Me Kangaroos Down Sport. The song reached number 1 in Australia. Harris re-recorded the song in 2000 with The Wiggles.Rolf Harris was also a television star in Australia and the UK, especially on children’s television. Rolf Harris’sCartoon Time rang for 10 years from 1979 on the BBC and Rolf’s Cartoon Club was broadcast from 1989 to 1993 on ITV.Harris was the first artist to perform at the Sydney Opera House when it opened in 1973.
The five year nine month sentence seems to have been designed to keep Rolf in jail until just after he turns 90. With birth birthdate of March 30, 1934 the timing of release would see his out of jail at age 90 and one week. However new charges are brewing for the shamed entertainer and if more cases go to court, Rolf’s sentence could be extended.Lawyers for Harris now have 21 days to appeal this sentence.
Rolf Harris could be a free man as soon as early 2017.
Justice Sweeney sentences Harris to a total of fives years and nine months. Without early release that would see the convicted pedophile free the week before his 90th birthday. However, Harris could be out in half that time, possibly January 2017, as he will be eligible for early release when he has served half the sentence. “Should you breach the terms of that licence, including by the commission of further offences, you will be liable to recall,” the judge stated in his closing remarks.
The sentence seems unbelievable soft for the repeat offender pedophile who for one case (count 2) will only serve 6 months imprisonment. In that case the victim testified, “…Rolf Harris took advantage of me and made me feel ashamed. That an adult man could do what he did to me made me feel so powerless. He treated me like a toy that he played with for his own pleasure with absolutely no regard for what he was inflicting and then getting on with his life as if nothing had happened….”
At the time the victim was 15 years old. Harris was 50.
Count 3, 4, 5 and 7 were seen as the most serious of the assaults.
In the Judges closing remarks he said of Count 3, “You committed the offence in breach of trust, and it was further aggravated by being committed in ‘C’’s own home. You left your wife and ‘C’’s parents downstairs and you went up to ‘C’’s bedroom on the top floor of the house. You spat on the fingers of one hand, put that hand down her jeans and knickers, and digitally penetrated her vagina. The episode lasted for about a minute until she managed to get away”.
“On Count 4 you indecently assaulted ‘C’ after Xmas 1980 when she was still aged 15 and you were aged 50. Again you were visiting the ‘C’’s with your wife. Again you committed the offence in breach of trust and it was further aggravated by being committed in ‘C’’s own home. You left your wife and ‘C’’s parents downstairs whilst you went up to the TV room on the first floor where ‘C’ was. You spat on the fingers of one hand, put that hand down her dungarees and knickers and digitally penetrated her vagina. You continued for up to a minute until she managed to get away”.
In Count 5 against his daughter Bindi’s friend staying with the family on holiday, “On this occasion after Bindi had got up, and whilst she and/or your wife were in the house, and again in breach of trust, you went into the bedroom where ‘C’ was still in bed. You took her pants down, spat on the fingers of one of your hands, and digitally penetrated her vagina (Count 5), then you took off your glasses bent down to her vagina and started licking it.”
During Count 7 “Again ‘C’ was visiting Bindi at Bray and was sleeping in one of the two single beds in Bindi’s room. On this occasion, whilst Bindi was still asleep in her bed and ‘C’ was in the other bed you entered the room, again in breach of trust, pulled ‘C’’s pants down to her ankles, spat on the fingers of one hand and digitally penetrated her vagina (Count 7), then you licked her vagina again keeping an eye on Bindi (who was still asleep).”
The sentences that I impose are as follows:
Count 1: 9 months’ imprisonment.
Count 2: 6 months’ imprisonment consecutive.
Count 3: 15 months’ imprisonment consecutive
Count 4: 15 months’ imprisonment concurrent
Count 5: 15 months’ imprisonment concurrent
Count 6: 12 months imprisonment concurrent
Count 7: 15 months’ imprisonment consecutive
Count 8: 12 months’ imprisonment concurrent
Count 9: 12 months’ imprisonment consecutive
Count 10: 9 months’ imprisonment concurrent
Count 11: 9 months imprisonment concurrent
Count 12: 12 months’ imprisonment consecutive
In consideration of the sentence, the judge said he took Harris’s age into consideration.
In his remarks he explains the sentence:
“On your behalf I am asked to take into account a number of matters in mitigation, including the following:
(1) With the exception of ‘C’ the offenses were brief and opportunistic.
(2) The fact that you have no previous convictions and have led an upright life since
1994 ‐ albeit it is accepted that that must be tempered by the reality, underlined in the Attorney General’s Reference (above), that you got away with your offending for years.
(3) The fact that you have a good side, that there are many people who know you who speak well of you, and that over many years you have dedicated yourself to a number of charitable causes.
(4) The fact that you are not in the best of health, as attested to in the report of Dr Fertleman, and that therefore, although capable of serving a prison sentence, it will be particularly tough on you.
(5) The fact that your wife, who you help in looking after, has various health problems, as attested to in the report of Dr Mitchell‐Fox.
(6) That you should be enabled to spend your twilight years with your family.
Harris has also been ordered to pay the legal expenses of the victims. It is estimated the Australian entertainer is worth $26 million and has over $3 million in cash in his personal bank account and around $4 million in his company account.    

Hey Kent, 
Just heard the news of the death of Tommy Erdelyi (7/11). Tommy was the last surviving “original” member of the Ramones. Talk about a rags to riches story, how four “street” kids from Queens with minimal musical talent and training became one of the most influential rock and roll bands of all time. How many 1000’s of high school kids picked up a guitar after listening to a Ramones album and told themselves, “I can do that”.
   In the early 70’s, a lot of the music was by solo artists with a touchy, feely message. Then came “Disco” and the Ramones said, “ENOUGH”. What ever happened to rock and roll radio? Even though their music was rarely played on the radio, they had legions of fans, all coming from their “live” shows and word of mouth from fans who were in attendance. 
   So many classic favorites of mine,  Blitzkrieg Bop, Sheena is a Punk Rocker, Rock And Roll High School. I Wanna Be Sedated. (If I named them all I would fill up your entire page for the day.) From, “Do You Remember Rock And Roll Radio”?, such simple lyrics. (Do you remember Hullabaloo, Upbeat, Shindig and Ed Sullivan too? Do you remember Murray the K, Alan Freed and high energy?) Short two minute songs, straight to the point.
   So after 22 years, 14 studio albums and 2,263 “Live” shows, the band called it quits. Their last show was in Hollywood (August 6th 1996). They finished their career with their version of the Dave Clark Five classic, “Any Way You Want it”. They walked off the stage with little fanfare and Joey’s final words were, “Thanks, A lot. Good Night.” 
   My Three Favorite Ramones quotes of all time are: (3) At a news conference, a reporter ask, “Why are your songs so short”? The bands reply was,”They are actually very long songs, we just play them really fast”. (2) At Joey’s funeral, Tommy did the eulogy and said, “I could stand up here all day and tell you about Joey, but if Joey was here, he could say it all in two minutes and twelve seconds”. (1) A writer from the “Village Voice” was doing a review of a Ramones show. His tag line for the article was, “THE RAMONES: THE ONLY BAND THAT PLAYS AN HOURS WORTH OF MUSIC ...IN 45 MINUTES”. “Thanks”, Kent for the space. This helps me out a lot, R.I.P. Joey, Johnny, Dee Dee and Tommy. 
Ironically, I was just talking to somebody at work about The Ramones the other day ... hard to believe they're all gone so soon.
While never really my cup of tea, I certainly cannot deny the impact they had in this very short period of time.  Who knows ... maybe now radio will feature a song or two by the band.  (Unfortunately, that's usually what it takes ... you've got to die first before radio will program a record that isn't on "the list"!!!)  kk

SIRIUS/XM -  If the firing of Anthony Cumia from the Opie & Anthony Show didn't make you end your subscription (I did after nine years), take advantage of the 'aftermath' ... Cancellations
have hit them hard ... now they're practically giving the 'service' away ... Call and threaten
cancellation unless they give you the following offer ... YOU'LL GET IT EASILY ...
(Anthony will be doing his LIVE FROM THE COMPOUND video / podcast daily in the near

And our FH Buddy Rich Appel tells us about MORE changes going on at Sirius / XM right now ...

And how about some Classic Croce???

American Folk Legend Jim Croce Sees Brilliant Career Overview In Rarities Of His Greatest Hits Including A Previously Unreleased Concert From 1964! 
Los Angeles, CA – On July 22nd, the legacy of folk singer Jim Croce will see added to its distinguished  discography, the release of Lost Time In A Bottle, a 24-track collection of rare versions of all his greatest hit songs including “Time In A Bottle,” “Operator,” “Bad, Bad Leroy Brown” and “I Got A Name.” The collection will be released by Cleopatra Records first on CD, with a 2LP vinyl version set to follow shortly thereafter.  
Between the years 1966 and 1973, Croce released a mere five studio albums and 11 singles, 2 of which made it to number one on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart. Sadly, we lost this incredible artist on September 20, 1973. His body of work however has lived on in a timeless state as new fans and old have embraced the incredible songwriting that has made him into the legend that he is today.
Included on Lost Time In A Bottle, is a previously unreleased radio concert from Cazenovia College in 1964. Recorded near the beginning of Jim’s career, it is a marvelous showcase of the storytelling skills and sparkling personality that the world would soon come to love.
1. Next Time, This Time (Harper College 2/5/73)
2. New York’s Not My Home (Harper College 2/5/73)
3. You Don’t Mess Around With Jim (Harper College 2/5/73)
4. Careful Man (Harper College 2/5/73)
5. A Good Time Man Like Me (Demo)
6. Tractor Trailer Story Intro (Harper College 2/5/73)
7. Speedball Tucker (Demo)
8. Operator (Demo)
9. Hard Time Losin’ Man (Demo)
10. Seems Like Such A Long Time Ago (Demo)
11. It Doesn’t Have To Be That Way (Harper College 2/5/73)
12. Bar Story Intro (Harper College 2/5/73)
13. Roller Derby Queen (Harper College 2/5/73)
14. One Less Set Of Footsteps (Harper College 2/5/73)
15. Dreamin’ Again (Harper College 2/5/73)
16. Bad, Bad Leroy Brown (Demo)
17. Time In A Bottle (Demo)
18. I Got A Name (Live 1973)
19. Charley Green, Play That Slide Trombone (Cazenovia College 1964)
20. San Francisco Bay Blues (Cazenovia College 1964)
21. Washington At Valley Forge (Cazenovia College 1964)
22. La Bamba (Cazenovia College 1964)
23. Seek And You Shall Find (Cazenovia College 1964)
24. Woke Up This Morning (Cazenovia College 1964)

To pre-order the CD at Amazon:
To pre-order the album on iTunes:
Our FH Buddy Bill Hengels recorded that show at Harpers College back in 1973 ... MANY years ago we "sneak peeked" a couple of tracks after he sent the masters to Croce's widow in the hopes of eventual release.  (A few tracks made it out here and there ... but this is probably the most complete collection ever released commercially.)  kk

This one sounds kinda interesting ... a tribute to the music of John Fogerty and Creedence Clearwater Revival ... 

Blues Music Award Winners Trampled Under Foot & Mike Zito Lead An Array Of Stellar Blues Artists On A Salute To Creedence Clearwater Revival! 
Also features Blitzen Trapper, Duke Robillard, Sonny Landreth, The Mynabirds, and more!
Los Angeles, CA - Proving once again that good songs know no bounds or genre, a host of superstar blues artists bring their immense skills and talents to bear on the classic rock canon of John Fogerty and his legendary Creedence Clearwater Revival. The result is a fascinating new perspective on the widely celebrated and deeply influential music of the great CCR! The project will see a release on CD this July 22 on Cleopatra Records.
Founded in California’s San Francisco Bay Area in the late ‘60s, Creedence Clearwater Revival had their first taste of major success in 1969 with “Proud Mary,” a rollicking slice of swampy roots rock that rolled on the river to the No. 2 spot on the Billboard charts, and quickly became the group’s most covered song including an unforgettable 1971 version by Ike & Tina Turner. Hit after hit followed: “Bad Moon Rising,” “Green River,” “Down On The Corner,” “Fortunate Son,” and an absolutely astonishing string of 6 platinum-selling albums. Fogerty & Co. had not only achieved immense commercial success but they also came to be appreciated by music critics everywhere as one of the quintessential American rock bands, and fittingly were inducted into the Rock Hall Of Fame in 1993.
Since the group’s breakup in 1972, numerous bands and artists have offered their own spins on CCR’s greatest songs, but none as unique as the versions heard here. Kicking things off is slide guitar legend Sonny Landreth’s brilliant transformation of “Fortunate Son’s” punchy, iconic riff into a shifty, multi-note melody as vocalist Mike Zito (of Royal Southern Brotherhood) sings along. Portland’s own Blitzen Trapper, a critical favorite of the blues-folk revivalist set, turns in a dirty stomping, harmonica and organ infused take on the classic “Proud Mary,” while another indie favorite The Mynabirds offer an appropriately spooky “Bad Moon Rising.” One of the biggest names in modern blues, the great Duke Robillard, shines on a heartbreaking rendition of “Who’ll Stop The Rain,” and what better way to close the album than with the 2014 Blues Music Awards winners for Contemporary Blues Album Of The Year, Trampled Under Foot, who stir up a potent gumbo of gritty vocals and shimmering guitar on “Born On The Bayou.” These treats and many more await fans of CCR, blues music, and lovers of timeless Americana rock!
1. Fortunate Son - Mike Zito & Sonny Landreth
2. Bad Moon Rising - The Mynabirds
3. Proud Mary - Blitzen Trapper
4. Down On The Corner - Spirit Family Reunion
5. Have You Ever Seen The Rain - Dead Man Winter
6. Looking Out My Back Door - LeRoux
7. Who’ll Stop The Rain - Duke Robillard
8. Up Around The Bend - South Memphis String Band
9. Susie Q - Will Wilde
10. Run Through The Jungle - Smokin’ Joe Kubek & Bnois King
11. Green River - Kirk Fletcher
12. Born On The Bayou - Trampled Under Foot
To pre-order the CD at Amazon, visit:
To pre-order the digital version on iTunes, visit:

News this week that Stevie Nicks will be joining the cast of "The Voice" next season as a witch ... I mean as an advisor.  They certainly have attracted some of the biggest names in music to this program ... but are still looking for their first big, major break-out star.  (kk)

Rolling Stone Magazine has a nice piece on Barry Gibb in their new issue ...

re:  Recent And Up-Coming Shows:
FH Reader Ken Voss tells us: 
The latest installment of the Experience Hendrix Tour will be kicking off on September 19th in Hollywood, FL at the Seminole Hard Rock and will conclude on October 18th in Oakland, CA at the Fox Theater.  Experience Hendrix Tour dates:
Sep 19 Hollywood, FL - Seminole Hard Rock
Sep 20 Clearwater, FL - Ruth Eckerd Hall...

Sep 21 Jacksonville, FL - Florida Theater
Sep 23 Melbourne, FL - King Center
Sep 24 Atlanta, GA - Cobb Energy Centre
Sep 25 Birmingham, AL - Alys Robinson Stephens PAC
Sep 26 Nashville, TN - Schermerhorn
Sep 28 Austin, TX - ACL Live @ Moody Theater
Sep 29 San Antonio, TX - Tobin Center PAC
Sep 30 Austin, TX - ACL Live @ Moody Theater
Oct 2 Houston, TX - Bayou Music Center
Oct 3 Durant, OK - Choctaw Events Center
Oct 4 Newkirk, OK - First Council Casino
Oct 5 Tulsa, OK - Brady Theater
Oct 7 Mesa, AZ - Ikeda Theater
Oct 9 Valley Center, CA - Harrahs Rincon Theater
Oct 10 Los Angeles, CA - Greek Theater
Oct 11 Indio, CA - Fantasy Springs Casino
Oct 12 Avila Beach, CA - Avila Beach Resort
Oct 14 Santa Cruz, CA - Civic Auditorium
Oct 15 Santa Rosa, CA - Wells Fargo Center
Oct 16 Davis, CA - Mondavi Center
Oct 17 Lemoore, CA - Tachi Palace
Oct 18 Oakland, CA - Fox Theater

And, speaking of Jimi Hendrix, the recent film "Hear My Train A-Comin'" has just been nominated for two Emmy Awards ... and is now available on DVD and Blu-ray!  More info from Bob Merlis ... 

Jimi Hendrix: Hear My Train A Comin’, Fuse Films / Thirteen’s American Masters-produced documentary on the life of Jimi Hendrix that aired on PBS late last year, has just received two Emmy nominations: 
Outstanding Picture Editing For Nonfiction Programming:  Gordon Mason, A.C.E., Editor; Stephen Ellis, Editor; Phil McDonald, Editor  
Outstanding Sound Mixing For Nonfiction Programming:  Eddie Kramer, Music Mixing; Steve Crook, Re-Recording Mixer
Directed by Bob Smeaton, Hear My Train A Comin’ provides an in-depth look into the upbringing and expeditious ascent into stardom of one of the most beloved musical personalities of the 20th century. Released by Legacy and Experience Hendrix, LLC, the DVD and Blu-ray versions contain a multitude of bonus features that never aired. 
DVD and Blu-ray editions of Jimi Hendrix: Hear My Train A Comin’,  released by Experience Hendrix LLC through Sony’s Legacy Recordings include special content not seen in the American Masters broadcast version as follows: 
MIAMI POP FESTIVAL:  5.1 Stereo - Never before released color film footage of the group’s legendary May 18, 1968 festival performance, including “Foxey Lady,” “Tax Free,” and “Fire” in addition to interviews with festival promoter Michael Lang and engineer Eddie Kramer. 
NEW YORK POP FESTIVAL:  5.1 Stereo - Never before released color film footage of the group’s July 17, 1970 festival performance, including “Message To Love,” “Lover Man,” “All Along The Watchtower,” “Purple Haze,” and "Voodoo Child (Slight Return)".
LOVE & PEACE FESTIVAL:  Newly discovered film footage of Jimi Hendrix’s final performance on September 6, 1970 at the Isle Of Fehmarn, Germany.  Includes “Killing Floor,” “Spanish Castle Magic,” “All Along The Watchtower” and “Foxey Lady”.
TOP OF THE POPS:  March 30, 1967 appearance featuring the group performing “Purple Haze”  
American Masters: Jimi Hendrix - Hear My Train A Comin' is directed by the award winning director Bob Smeaton (Festival Express; The Beatles Anthology; Jimi Hendrix: Voodoo Child; Hendrix 70: Live at Woodstock).  Susan Lacy is series creator and executive producer of American Masters.  The expanded DVD features an array of special features highlighted by never before released film footage featuring performances filmed at Miami Pop, the July 1970 New York Pop Festival and the September 6, 1970 Love & Peace Festival at the Isle Of Fehmarn in Germany—the final performance by the Jimi Hendrix Experience.  The high definition DVD features new stereo and 5.1 surround mixing by Hendrix's engineer Eddie Kramer.  The documentary is a production of Fuse Films and THIRTEEN's American Masters in association with WNET. 

Got this from FH Reader Alex Valdez:

Last month THE HISTORY OF ROCK 'N' ROLL WITH GARY THEROUX was named "The World's Best Online Radio Program" at the New York Festivals International Radio Programming Awards in Manhattan.   The daily 2 1/2 minute feature runs three times a day Mondays through Fridays over and   Samples from THE HISTORY OF ROCK 'N' ROLL have run from time to time on Forgotten Hits.  

On Saturday July 26, HISTORY OF ROCK 'N' ROLL host Gary Theroux (who also wrote and co-produced the legendary 52 hour Billboard award-winning version) will make a rare noon-to-8 PM public appearance as host of The Fab 4 Music Festival in Danbury, CT's Ives Concert Park.   Subtitled "Danbury Fields Forever," it'll be the first day of a two-day event honoring and celebrating The Beatles 50 years after their American debut.  There'll be exhibits, Beatles vendors, loads of food and drink and more than 20 tribute bands performing Beatles music -- both their hits as a group and as solo stars.   Ticket prices start as low as $19.64.   You can learn more about the festival by calling (203) 795-4737 or by visiting
More on the convention for organizer / promoter Charles Rosenay ... 

New York/New England regional Beatles-themed festival "Danbury Fields Forever" Announces SCHEDULE
The New York / New England regional Beatles-themed music festival, "Danbury Fields Forever," will "come together" Saturday, July 26 and Sunday, July 27, 2014, at Ives Concert Park, 43 Lake Ave Ext, Danbury, Connecticut. Doors will open at noon, and the music will continue until 8pm daily.
The Music, Foods & Arts Festival is in its third year, with 20 bands playing the music of The Beatles, solo material and songs from the 60s. The Schedule of Entertainment is as follows:
Noon - Doors Open
12:20 Welcome Comments from MC Gary Theroux,'s "History of Rock 'n' Roll"
12:30 Charlie Guitar (solo guitar virtuoso) 
1 pm Special Guest Appearance by Karl Green, Herman's Hermits founding member and bassist
1 pm School of Rock New Canaan
1:35 Proclamation of "Beatles Weekend" by Mayor Mark D. Boughton
1:45 Pat Horgan & Thunder Road (Garage Band Beatles set)
2:30 Pete Santora of Beatlemania (solo Tribute to George Harrison)
3:15 Fools On The Hill (Milford CT Beatles band)
4 pm Genetic Control (Psychedelic Beatles band from The Bronx)
4:45 Beatlehead (female-lead Beatles band)
5:30 Studio Two (Cavern Era throwback)
6:15 The Oh Nos (solo and rarities tribute)
7 pm The Hofners (Connecticut's foremost Early Beatles band with Ed Sullivan/1964 50th Anniversary Celebration set)
Noon - Doors Open
12:20 Welcome Comments from MC Ken Michaels, "Every Little Thing" radio show
12:30  School of Rock Westchester
1:15 Ian Lloyd Band (from the 70s rock band The Storie) 
2 PM Bill Connors (Empty Garden Elton John tribute)
2:30 One Sweet Dream (McCartney + McCartney-lead Beatle)
3:15 AfterFab (solo Beatles set)
4 pm The Way-Back Machine (Fairfield CT retro rock band)
4:45 The Mystery Tour (Beatles' Sgt. Pepper costumes set)
5:30 Lennon Legacy John Lennon Tribute Show (all-Lennon)
6:15 Rotary (rockin Hartford CT area Beatles band)
7 pm Beatlemania Again (National Touring Show recreating The Beatles' Ed Sullivan Appearance for the 50th Anniversary Celebration)
MC Ken Michaels
To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of The Beatles' U.S. arrival in 1964, one-day "Ticket to Ride" admissions to the Festival start at only $19.64. Advance ticket available at: There are also V.I.P. tickets available, discounted two-day passes and hotel packages. Tickets will be higher at the door.  In addition, there are Beatle and memorabilia dealers and vendors, exhibitors, along with a food court.
"Danbury Fields Forever lll" is presented by Charles F. Rosenay!!!'s Liverpool Productions, the same company that presented "NYC FAB 50," The Beatles' 50th Anniversary Celebration in New York City in February, and organizers of the annual Magical History Tours to Liverpool & London ( A portion of ticket proceeds will benefit a designated charity. 
For further info, visit website:, e mail:, or phone (203) 795-4737. 
As The Beatles sang, "It's guaranteed to raise a smile."

Image of The Mystery Tour courtesy of Liverpool Productions


TITLE: Danbury Fields Forever lll: New York / New England Fab 4 Festival 
DATES: Saturday, July 26 - Sunday, July 27, 2014
HOURS: 12:00 pm NOON - 8 pm daily
LOCATION: Ives Concert Park, 43 Lake Avenue Extension, Danbury CT 06811
PHONE: (203) 795-4737

Hi Kent -
Been doing some shows again. On the 4th of July, I played at the "Silent Movie Theater" (that cries out for a joke).  We'll be at Huntington Beach Pier on the 13th, The "Tiki Oasis" in San Diego on 8/15, "Viva Cantina" in Burbank on the 17th and "Cafe Nela" in L.A. on the 31st.
Also working on the 50th anniversary album of "The Arrows" for next year.
Thanks again,
Davie Allan

And be sure to check out our buddy Ron Onesti's new program ... "Backstage With Ron Onesti" ... featuring music and interviews with many of the stars who are appearing at his Arcada Theatre!  

I am REALLY excited!  WGN has a new digital station and they have asked me to produce MY OWN SHOW on it!  It is WGN.FM and will be on Fridays at 9 am, just after The Jonathan Brandmeier Show.  Not only can you listen, but it will also be a streaming podcast so you can watch it, too!
It's called "Backstage with Ron Onesti ... ALL ACCESS" and will give listeners a behind-the scenes visit with some of the biggest names in show business! 
This week's edition (and my first show) will feature '85 Bears Superbowl Champs Dan Hampton, Otis Wilson and Steve McMichael, STYX frontman Dennis DeYoung, Twisted Sister superstar Dee Snider and WGN on-air personalities Bill Jeff and Wendy Snyder.
Tune in anytime ... it's on WGN.FM!
-- Ron Onesti  

re:  Clips of the Week ... And Then Some!!!: 
Can you believe someone is giving us over 10,000 concert videos for FREE from one of the biggest collections in the world??  Many are FULL concerts, some are single songs.  Most of these don't need a last name, because you know who I am talking about!  The Boss, Aretha, Van, Allmans, the Dead, CSN, Band, Huey, Who, AC/DC, Santana, Costello, Chicago, Stones, Byrds, Marley, Neil Young, Ringo, Zevon, Airplane, Monkees, Brian Wilson, Quicksilver, Fogerty, Muddy Waters, Crenshaw, Tull, Thorogood, Etta, Tina, Bonnie, Brubeck, Neville, Lou, P-Funk, Corea, Jarreau, Police, Jimmy Cliff, Procol, T-Birds, Stevie Ray, NRPS, Buddy, Palmer, Gabriel, Paul Rodgers ... ALL added yesterday to youtube!! 
Read this:   
Music Vault Releases For Free Over 17000 Archived Concert Footages To YouTubeToday, online concert footage archive Music Vault is releasing 17,318 videos on its YouTube, give or take a few. "There are probably a couple that will fall out because we still need to go through and scrub for quality," says Bill Sagan (no relation to Carl), CEO of Wolfgang's Vault, the music and memorabilia archive that includes Music Vault along with Concert Vault,, and "We do the best we can with the masters we’re given, but for something 50 years old that’s been sitting in a 90-degree garage -- which we occasionally get -- the quality is not good enough to put up." 
Though Wolfgang's Vault started making its plethora of decades-old, legendary shows available online in 2009, today's haul marks the company's largest.  
The main reason it has taken so long, according to Sagan, once again comes down to numbers. Since his company's collecting began in 2002, 92,000 tapes -- most "decrepit," "in some cases falling apart," Sagan tells Billboard -- have been laboriously transferred, mixed, and mastered until they're of internet-worthy quality; or at least, better than the Grateful Dead bootleg live recordings scattered throughout YouTube. 
Norton LLC, Sagan's company that owns Wolfgang's Vault, started his massive compendium with legendary promoter Bill Graham's (a.k.a. Wolodia "Wolfgang" Grajonca, hence the name) archive of footage from the 35,000 concerts he put on worldwide. After acquiring Graham's archive from Clear Channel -- which purchased his company, Bill Graham Presents, in 2011 -- Sagan went on to acquire archives including Newport Folk Festival, Newport Jazz Festival, and syndicated radio show King Biscuit's Flower Hour, along with their copyrights. In total, Norton has invested $56 million in the properties. 
Until this point, access to the Vaults, Daytrotter, and Paste has been subscription-based. Concert Vault memberships, for example, range from $3.99 a month to $39.99 a year. The main reason Norton is putting all these videos online for free right now, says Bill Antonucci, video director, editor, and shooter for the sites, "is because of the incredible reach that YouTube provides. We are very proud of this content, and we believe that it deserves the largest audience possible." 
One of his favorite videos, he adds, include Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band at the Capitol Theater in 1978 for his Darkness on the Edge of Town tour. "The show is in September, and for whatever reason, he decides to open the second set with 'Santa Claus Is Coming to Town,'" he tells Billboard. "When you're the Boss, you can do things like that." Others include the Allman Brothers' performance of "Whipping Post" at the Fillmore East in 1970, the Who at Tanglewood the same year, and the Meters reuniting in New Orleans in 1980. 
The Music Vault YouTube, which is already active, has already amassed over 20,000 daily views and 600,000 over the past month. Right now, only single-song videos are uploaded, but Antonucci hopes to get full concert footage up in the future.  
The site is subdivided into themed lists like Legendary Drummers, Best of the Grateful Dead, and Leading Ladies of Rock, along with channels for Daytrotter and Paste Magazine's live performances, which live only on Music Vault (neither of those sites has a YouTube). Subscribers to Music Vault's YouTube will also receive alerts on their favorite artist's birthdays or anniversaries. 
"With our partnership with YouTube, we are able to do put [these videos] in front of millions of music fans young and old from all over the world," says Antonucci.  list=PLhnmhDNF1JJgwcvV9zOXTa3WpCSRrvge5&v=cjGGrcDlcLs   
View the videos here:

Here's a clip that Frannie found of the original "School Of Rock" movie cast, ten years later, featuring Jack Black performing in Austin.  SO cool to see that all these kids kept the music thing going ... and some of them look EXACTLY the same!!!