Thursday, August 28, 2014

Thursday This And That

Congratulations to Scott Shannon and his WCBS-FM Morning Team ... they just hit #1 in New York City!  It's Scott's first time at #1 since 1988 when he had the top-rated show with Z100, according to The New York Daily News, who did a spotlight feature on him last week. 
However one quote from Scott had a few FH Readers shouting "Traitor!".  During the course of the interview, Shannon said "The station has done the right thing by moving its music forward into the '70's, '80's and '90's" ... which turned off a few readers (and, I'm sure, loyal listeners as well.) 
I should point out, however that the REST of his quote (not repeated above) went on to say "Personally, I miss '60's music, but I can play that for myself."  And he does ... every day ... on The True Oldies Channel.  I suppose the PERFECT mix would be to feature only music from the '50's, '60's and '70's on The True Oldies Channel to pacify the die-hard oldies music fans (as well as Scott's own personal taste in music) ... and then concentrate on the '70's, '80's and '90's for his WCBS-FM audience (and go for the ratings!)  It's hard to argue with what's working ... and having the #1 rated show in New York City tells me (like it or not!) it's working!!! (kk)  

And, speaking of Scott Shannon ...  

Kent ... 
On Saturday (8/23/14) Scott Shannon went to a friend's wedding in Cleveland.  Scott was told that he has a plaque in the DJ section of The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. He's never actually seen it. This was a perfect opportunity to check it out. 
It was there --- but --- they still have him working at WPLJ.  They have to update the information about his move to WCBS. Lucky he checked it out! Now they can correct his radio history.
Frank B.  

One more ... 

We shared this awhile back ... but I've got to feature it again.
Scott Shannon tells the story about the time that Eric Carmen invited him to be in his new music video.  (This was back during Scott's VeeJay Days at VH-1).  Once all the details were worked out and Scott realized the logistics of sorting all this out in order to make the video shoot, he politely bowed out saying that it just didn't make sense for him to do it.  Carmen (not so) graciously accepted Shannon's decision and cast someone else as the deejay in the clip.  But watch closely at the end of the video ... where you'll find a giant Scott Shannon poster that is soon the target of several darts being throw at it during the fade out of the song!  (Paybacks are a bitch!)  Funny stuff from two real pros.  (Gotta love it!)  kk

Star Vista / Time - Life has some GREAT titles coming up for the very first time ... 
(I'm going to have to get a second job!)   

The 6-CD Deluxe Edition of "Motown 25" (the first time any of us saw Michael Jackson doing the moonwalk with TONS of extra special features, featurettes, interviews, etc.)  $79.95   

"The Wonder Years" - The COMPLETE Series - man, I've been waiting YEARS for this to finally come out on DVD!  (Music licensing rights held it up)  $249.95 (ouch!)   

"The Midnight Special" - a brand new 11-Disc collection of highlights from the great Wolfman Jack-hosted late night series  ($99.95)  

You'll find tons of other great titles listed on their website, too:  
Click here: StarVista Entertainment CD and DVD Collections - Time Life    

A little Micky Dolenz press from the UK ...   

FH Reader (and DJ) Stu Weiss sent us a vintage Bill Haley interview done for Armed Forces Radio back in 1962.  It's too long to run here (30 minutes) but if you'd like me to send you a copy, just drop me an email and I'll be happy to send it along.  Thanks, Stu!  (kk)

During your discussion of Chicago's two stations WLS and WCFL playing different versions of the same song, you gave an example for artist Giorgio.  That triggered my mind to a record he came out with in 1969 called LOOKY LOOKY on Atco. It's the only record that I know of by him that made our survey here in OKC. I always did like it. In fact, I just played it twice before I sent you this e-mail. Don't know if you remember it or if it made your local survey.  In my playing of Giorgio's (Morodor) LOOKY LOOKY, in the background I noticed the singers singing remnants of the Rivington's tune PAPA-OOM-MOW-MOW. Coincidence or on  purpose, I don't know. Also, to be honest with you, I have never known anything really about the artist Giorgio
Larry Neal
In 1972, Giorgio may have just been a young electronic synth / pop performer from Italy (his version of "Son Of My Father" is nearly identical in every way to the bigger hit version by Chicory ... we once did a whole spotlight feature on these two tracks ... and how difficult it is telling them apart), but a few years later he was the go-to guy for film soundtracks.  (He also helped guide Donna Summer's career, producing numerous hits for the disco queen ... and worked with Blondie on their movie hit "Call Me".  In addition, Moroder also provided part of the music soundtrack to the 1984, 1988 and 2008 Olympics!)  Amongst his extensive film credits:  Midnight Express, Top Gun, American Gigolo, Scarface, Flashdance, Cat People, Metropolis, Electric Dreams and several others.
"Looky Looky" never made Billboard's Hot 100 Pop Singles Chart ... but was a regional hit in several markets.  We featured this one, too, back in our "Son Of My Father" spotlight a few years ago.  It never charted here in Chicago.  (kk)

Diane Diekman (who has written biographies on both Marty Robbins and Faron Young ... and publishes a weekly Country Music Newsletter distributed via email) is reporting about a new Kenny Rogers Exhibit in Nashville:  
Kenny Rogers is celebrating his 76th birthday and the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum exhibition, Kenny Rogers: Through the Years. A crowd of 700 fans came to the new CMA Theater when he was interviewed by John Rumble, senior historian at the museum. Kenny, a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame, talked about his years as recording artist, record producer, actor, author, and photographer. As for singing partners, he said, "Everybody sings better on a duet. It's like running a hundred-yard dash. You can run it as fast as you think you can. But if you put someone faster next to you, you're going to run faster." One of his duet partners, Dolly Parton, is already in the Country Music Hall of Fame, and Kenny asked fans to push to get Dottie West, another duet partner, inducted.
She also gives a short review of Kenny's EXCELLENT biography "Luck Or Something Like It" ...
I purchased the 2012 Kenny Rogers memoir, Luck or Something Like it, when I was thinking about writing a Dottie West biography. Although no co-writer is credited, Kenny acknowledges Patsi Bale Cox working on the book until her death from lung cancer and then Allen Rucker finishing the job. Kenny grew up in the housing projects of Houston, where, he says, "We were poor people, but living in the projects, we really didn't know it because we were all in the same boat." He was in college in 1959 when invited to join a jazz band as a bass player. He said he only played guitar and not very well. He was told, "There's more demand for bad bass players than bad guitar players." He became part of the New Christy Minstrels in 1966 and helped form the First Edition in 1967. (The first concert during my freshman year at Augustana College in 1968 was the New Christy Minstrels, followed two months later by the First Edition.) The name was changed to "Kenny Rogers and the First Edition" with the release of "Ruby, Don't Take Your Love to Town" in 1969. When he went solo, "Lucille" became the first of his 20 Number One country songs on Billboard--including duets with Dottie West and Dolly Parton. This well-balanced book covers his music, his movies, his personal life, his many friends, and his love for photography. Looking back, he says, "You've been singing songs for fifty years, and you realize that the most treasured things you have are your family, your friends, and your memories."
I thoroughly enjoyed Kenny's book ... you can find our review (as well as a 4-Part Series that traces Kenny's entire career) at this link below:
And if you'd like to subscribe to Diane's weekly newsletter, just shoot her an email here (and tell her that Forgotten Hits sent you!)

Kent ...
"Shake Your Booty!"
Frank B.
We're going to see them tomorrow night!  We saw KC a couple of years ago at The Arcada Theatre and it was a real fun and entertaining show.  This time around, Ron Onesti has pulled out some of the seats to create a dance floor right up in front of the stage.  (I haven't heard yet if he's gone all out and done the light-up disco dance floor or not ... but this is going to be a blast no matter what!)  If you're able to come out, please do ... this is a show that's guaranteed to make you smile!  (kk)

Visit for tickets

Good morning, Kent,
Not surprised to see the story of Roy Orbison's "Oh, Pretty Woman" as one of your featured items in today's "Forgotten Hits." Ironically, yesterday (Sunday) I was thinking about the most lucrative musical copyrights and the Orbison classic came in at #9.
Four of the top 10 songs were featured in movies -- three of them the titles of the movie -- and three are also Christmas classics: "The Christmas Song," "Santa Clause Is Coming To Town," and "White Christmas," which is also the #1 selling single of all-time -- a reported 100,000,000 to 300,000,000. Whatever is the exact number, there will certainly never be another. The various artists, most notably Bing Crosby, and the songwriter, Irving Berlin, were actually PAID for each sale:)
FYI: Here are the Top 10 most lucrative song copyrights of all-time:
10.) The Christmas Song
9.)   Oh Pretty Woman
8.)   Every Breath You Take
7.)   Santa Clause is Coming To Town
6.)   Stand By Me
5.)   Unchained Melody
4.)   Yesterday
3.)   You've Lost That Loving Feeling
2.)   White Christmas
1.)   Happy Birthday
Yes, the #1 most lucrative song was written by the Hill Sisters (Patty and Mildred) in 1893 as an alternate version of the classic, "Good Morning To You." Supposedly, any time it is sung at in a 'group setting,' (non-related people), a performance fee is due the writers and publisher (Warner Brothers Music). Also, any time it appears in a movie or television program they are paid $10,000 to $25,000, depending on which source is cited. In just two years (2016) the EU (European Union) copyright will expire and in 2030 the US copyright will expire.
Fred Vail
Treasure Isle Recorders, Inc.
Music City, USA

Last week we told you about the new 3-CD Hollies set celebrating their 50th Anniversary ... now comes word of a 2-Disc Set featuring "The Essential Kinks" ... which pretty much covers everything you'd want to hear by these guys (although I would have much preferred the studio versions over the live versions of Kinks Klassics like "Lola" and "Till The End Of The Day".  Full details can be found here:    Click here: Preview: "The Essential Kinks" ~ VVN Music

As another admirer of "Hi-De-Ho", you might want to feature the writer's version from Carole King's "City" group album with the song titled "That Old Sweet Roll."
Also, here's Andrea Carroll's "Please Don't Talk to the Lifeguard" for comparison to Diane Ray's hit version.  I think Andrea's is better, myself.
Clark Besch

Yes, I've heard Carole King's original version before ... all I can say is Blood, Sweat And Tears sure did a soulful interpretation of this one!  It's my all-time favorite by them and I've never gotten tired of it. (Can't say the same about a couple of their other early hits!  lol)
I've never heard the Andrea Carroll version before but our readers sure seemed to be familiar with it.  Not sure I prefer it to the Diane Ray version ... but then I'm not real fond of the song overall!  (lol)  Thanks, Clark.  (kk)

Now that the money has been raised for a DVD release, folks are starting to wonder when they're going to finally receive their copy of "The Wrecking Crew".  Denny Tedesco tells us they're still editing (and adding tons of extras) but hopes to have the discs ready to ship soon.
Meanwhile, he's just posted another great "outtake" ...
He's also still doing select screenings of the film at various locations.  Here are three upcoming dates in September:
September 14th - 7 pm - 34th Annual Music Conference - Los Altos Hills, CA
September 19th - 7 pm - Bessie Smith Cultural Center - Chattanooga, TN
September 27th - 7 pm - Plaza Playhouse Theater - Carpinteria, CA
More details on The Wrecking Crew office web page:

Congratulations to the newest inductees into The Rhythm And Blues Hall Of Fame ...
Michael Jackson / Marvin Gaye / Whitney Houston, The Delfonics, Chubby Checker, The Dells, The Sweet Inspirations, The Spinners, The Impressions, The Funk Brothers, Russell Thompkins, Jr. of The Stylistics, The Whispers and Norm N. Nite.   

And finally, resolution for the asshole who ripped off the money raised at last year's Streetsboro Sonny Geraci Benefit Concert ... Bill Thompson plead guilty to grand theft by pocketing over $20,000 raised by the concert.  Thompson will be sentenced for his crime and is obligated to settle with Geraci's family.  More details here:
Fans, friends and supporters have been outraged over this entire chain of events.  Hopefully the court will finally set things right.  (kk)

re:  Diggin' Forgotten Hits:
Thanks for all the hard work you put into FH.  I appreciate it and enjoy the publications!

I gotta tell ya - I can't believe how much work you must put into this fuckin' thing!  'Cause you just keep it goin'.  I know how much work it was for me to keep The Cryan' Shames going and I've kinda lost the fire in my belly to keep it goin' ... and it takes fire to keep it goin' ... but even after all this time, you've still got the fire.
Jim Pilster / The Cryan' Shames

Where on earth do you find the time to put this much work and effort into Forgotten Hits?  Not only to do it ... but to do it every day ... and organize the comments ... and then RESPOND to all the comments.  I don't know how you do it and I tip my hat to you ... because we all sure appreciate it.