Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Saturday Surveys (November 8th)

This KOMA Chart from Oklahoma City, OK, circa 1964, holds a few surprises, kicking off with this week's #1 Record ... "Shaggy Dog" by Mickey Lee Lang, a record barely managed a Top 40 showing in Billboard (#38) that year.

In fact the entire Top Ten seems to be all over the board ... "Last Kiss" by J. Frank Wilson and the Cavaliers is at #2, followed by Lorne Greene at #3 with "Ringo" and Dean Martin with "The Door Is Still Open To My Heart" at #4.  Travis Wammack is in the Top Ten with "Scratchy" and so is Elvis (who holds at #10) with "Ain't That Lovin' You Baby".  The lone British Invasion Top Ten Hit belongs to Chad and Jeremy with "A Summer Song", which drops to #9 this week.

Looks like KOMA opted for the George Jones version of "The Race Is On" ... it sits at #13.  Jack Jones (no relation) typically had the pop hit while George's "raced" up the country chart.  It ranks just below this week's highest premier, "Have I The Right" by The Honeycombs, a record that had already topped our charts here in Chicago.

It's also kinda cool to see Nat "King" Cole at #20 with "L-O-V-E", a song that has since become a pop standard, despite stalling at #81 in Billboard, who favored the flipside, "I Don't Want To See Tomorrow."  KOMA showed both titles as a two-sided hit.

Talk about a radio station that went its own way ... check out this KRCB Chart from 1972!!!

The #1 Record belongs to Sparks with a track called "Wonder Girl" ... the best this record was able to do in Billboard was "bubble under" at #112!!!

There are a few other "unknown" chart hits shown here ... how about "Melanie Makes Me Smile" at #4 for Terry Williams?  Or "Oh, What A Lovely Day" at #9 for Tommy Maruso?  "I Know" by Wright's Wonderwheel at #12?  And how about the Wolfman Jack record at #17 ... "I Ain't Never Seen A White Man" ... what the hell is THAT record all about?!?!?  (FH Reader Tom Diehl, who sent us the Wright's Wonderwheel track, tells me that noted keyboardist Gary Wright fronted this band ... evidently something he did in between Spooky Tooth and his solo career.)

You'll also find some recognizable fare here ... the usual hits by The Doobie Brothers, The Eagles, Elvis Presley, America and Jim Croce ... but some of these off the wall titles DEFINITELY make you take a little bit closer look at this chart!!!