Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Another Guest Concert Review


I saw rock 'n roll royalty Saturday night.
Who can forget the erstwhile Cynthia Robinson wailing "All the Squares Go Home" on Sly and the Family Stone's classic "Dance to the Music?"

Watching Cynthia and two other original "Stone" band mates along with fresh blood at Ron Onesti's Arcada Theater was truly one of the great musical treats I have enjoyed over the past ten years.

The "Family Stone" peaked with "Hey Music Lover" but had the crowd on its feet throughout its 90 minute set. Their lead guitar player was just exceptional.

However, we aren't done yet.

I saw a horn section prior to Cynthia and company that reminded me of the golden days of Wayne Cochran and the powerhouse C.C. Ryders. The James Brown Experience pulled out every trick in the
Papa's musical bag, reaching a peak with "Cold Sweat." Honestly, the Brown Experience which featured about 18 different singers and musicians was just nasty good.

Yes, this reminded me of golden days the old Regal Theater, Pervis Spann's Burning Spear, and the Happy Medium at one Rush Street.

God knows, Ron Onesti doesn't need me to boost his stock, but the guy amazes me. His passion and desire to bring to life so many vibes we treasure is really a gift.

Chet Coppock
Host: Chicago Blackhawks Heritage Series