Friday, February 6, 2015

Bowzer's Doo-Wop Concert

As promised yesterday, here is a review of Bowzer's Doo-Wop Concert, submitted by Forgotten Hits Reader Shelley Sweet-Tufano ...
Bowzer is very proud of the fact that his idea of presenting a Doo Wop Concert at the Mohegan Sun in CT has endured for 14 years.  Am I surprised?  Yes, and No! 
I guess I am surprised that people ARE as smart as I think they should be when it comes to music participation, BUT not surprised because (just as I just said) it totally makes sense that the enjoyment of music lasts a lifetime. 
I went, again, to his concert with friends.  We have done this for more than half of the 14 years, and would have been attending longer, but we hadn't met yet.  It was cold, icy and my friends were stuck in accident traffic, causing us to miss the first 1/2 hour.  However, for the remainder of the three hours, we were there soaking up the warm and fuzzy memories. 
So below I give you: MY MUSINGS   

I was VERY little when I first listened to Doo Wop and other 50s music.  It brings back feelings of security and love that surrounded my days and completed my nights.  I was a stage dancer from age five, and danced to these songs, enjoying every beat and harmony. 
When we walked in, Peggy March was singing.  You know she was 15 when she first appeared on American Bandstand?  But I tell you, I have never had any trouble believing she would indeed 'follow him'.  Wherever he would go! 
And The Capris?  Are they named after the Isle, or the stylish pants that are longer than pedal-pushers, but shorter than a full length pant leg?  I remember seeing female movie leads 'twisting' in them, as well as Laura Petrie on the Dick Van Dyke Show.  'There's a Moon Out Tonight' is for sure a romantic harmonic dialogue that even me, as a 5 year old, could relate to. 
When The Delfonics saunter out, my friend says, "Look at him dance!  What a great thing to watch!"  For sure, one of their back-up singers puts on a bouncy, almost break-dancing, show that out leagues many younger singers. 
Shirley Alston Reeves will always be known to me for 'Soldier Boy', no matter how many other hits The Shirelles had.  She is a classy dressing, vibrant singer, reminding me of the dedication it took then, to love and support our troops and in particular ... that special someone who left with your heart. 
The first half ends with Joel Siegel and his Tokens singing 'Portrait of My Love' ... There could never be a portrait of my love.  For nobody could paint a dream.  How beautiful is that?!  Did you know that when Joel's granddaughter was 5 years old, her friends did not believe he was the voice on 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight'?  She had to take him into kindergarten for show and tell and make him sing the song in front of them.  Never underestimate the force of a five-year-old. 

Phase two of the show hits hard with Bowzer and The Stingrays.  I have not been out walking much this winter, nor doing the yoga and dance dvd's that I have to make sure I remain active BUT I did not hesitate to jump up to twist, watusi, and fly with Bowzer!  As I jumped up, a friend just reached over to hold my purse, knowing I was ready to TWIST THE NIGHT AWAY.  A little Hand Jive while seated, gave my hands the rhythm work-out they need to keep in shape.
'Under The Boardwalk', 'Up On The Roof', and 'This Magic Moment' came from Charlie Thomas and his Drifters.  Smooooth, hips swaying and synchronized; they always deliver style, eloquence and musicality. 
The headliner was Jay Black and, if you permit me to ONLY critique his music, I find it startling in its strength and delivery.  He was suffering from a windpipe infection, and yet, 'Cara Mia' was exactly as you would have wanted to hear it from your memories.  His son Jason, even yelled, "Again!" over and over after they finished.  And Jay DID sing the opening again, refusing to re-sing the song in its entirety.  Charlie Thomas came out to give support during Jay's version of 'This Magic Moment', which was truly a heartfelt attempt to aid a performer with a medical handicap. 

So Bowzer, I plan to attend the XVth show next year.  You announced Anthony and the Imperials and I'm sure some of my other faves will again come back.  Maybe even Kenny Vance will be ready. 
Yes, memories of a warm and fuzzy childhood.  Thank you.
Shelley J Sweet-Tufano