Thursday, February 12, 2015

It's Our First Forgotten Hits Give-Away Of The Year!

Bill Buster of Eric Records just sent us copies of two recent releases he produced for a UK reissue label called Complete 60s ... and we're going to share a copy of each with two lucky Forgotten Hits Readers!

The first is "Complete Pop Instrumental Hits of 1959" and it gives you EXACTLY what it promises ... EVERY Instrumental Chart Hit from 1959 that made Billboard's Hot  100 Pop Singles Chart ... there are 66 in all on two discs, including 21 songs on CD for the very first time.

Highlights include the STEREO DEBUTS of such classics as "The Happy Organ" by Dave "Baby" Cortez, "Petite Fleur" by Chris Barber's Jazz Band, "Sleep Walk" by Santo and Johnny (voted as Your All-Time Favorite Instrumental Hit by our Forgotten Hits Readers a short while back), "Red River Rock" by Johnny & the Hurricanes, Wild Weekend by The Rockin' Rebels and much, much more.  Not just the biggest instrumental hits of 1959 ... but ALL of  the Instrumental Hits that made the charts that year.  (A complete track list is available here:

"Rock And Roll Symphony No. 1"  features lush orchestral pop arrangements with a real old-school rock & roll back- beat of classic standards performed by artists like Enoch  Light, The Knightsbridge Strings, Percy Faith and Raymond Lefevre covering tunes like "The Theme From 'A Summer Place", "Soul Coaxing", "Smoke Gets In Your  Eyes", "Deep Purple", "Blueberry Hill", "Cry", "Only You" and "Harbor Lights" ... along with the complete LP "Back Beat Symphony" by The 101 Strings playing 3-minute pop versions of  classical themes like Tchaikovsky's Symphony #5, "Romeo And Juliet", "Rigoletto  Rock" (Verdi), "Choppin' Chopin" and others, all in audiophile fidelity and the kind of “wide” stereo you remember from the early  days.

Sound samples of all the songs on both CDs are available on this website ... where you can also order the albums:    


Enter here to win a copy of these great new CD's, courtesy of Bill Buster of Eric Records and Forgotten Hits.   

It's really very simple ...

We're helping Bill compile a little information regarding the current buying trends and habits of the oldies audience out there ... OUR audience ... we want to know how they currently learn about new releases and make new CD purchases.  In an era of declining CD sales, Bill needs to know how you would find his compilations (both past and future releases) if we didn’t tell you about them!

Please take just a couple of minutes to answer the three questions below ... and you'll automatically be entered in our special drawing to win a copy of one of these hot, new releases!

Please answer as honestly and as thoroughly as you can ... and we'll throw your hat in the ring.  (Just email the survey back to and we'll take it from there!)  Then at the end of the month we'll pick two lucky winners from all the entries received and award each of them a copy of one of these hot new CD's.

1) Are you still buying physical CD's (vs. streaming and downloading music) and do you PREFER  to buy such CD's? 
(Sure, I'll spot download a track or two here and there but if it's something I REALLY want, I want to be able to hold that CD in my hands, read and study the liner notes, look at the pictures, learn more about each track.  Certainly I can't be the only "old school" guy out there, can I?)

2)  If you're one of the ones who still prefers buying REAL CD's, WHERE do you buy them?  Do you still  visit "brick and mortar" stores?   If not, which websites do you visit most often, and why? (Please name  your favorites in both categories)

3) And finally, If you're one of those who still prefers buying REAL CD's, how do you find out about NEW  RELEASES, especially in the oldies compilation field, 1955 - 1980? 
(Back in the old days, I couldn't WAIT for my  next issue of ICE Magazine to come out, letting me know about ALL of the new releases planned for the next few months.  I would literally make a list after devouring each and every issue and carry it with me in my pocket  everywhere I went just IN CASE I happened to be some place where they might have exactly what I was looking for.  Sadly, those days are gone and so are most of the stores I'd frequent).   
So how and where do you learn about new releases of interest TODAY?  Please be as specific as possible.
We'd LOVE to hear from you and will make it all worthwhile by awarding a free CD to a couple of lucky winners who participate in our survey ... thanks again, Bill, for your generosity. 

And be sure to check out the Eric Records site for LOTS more music from the '50's, '60's, '70's and '80's!