Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Helping Out Our Readers

Here's some answers to our last edition of Helping Out Our Readers ... http://forgottenhits60s.blogspot.com/2014/12/helping-out-our-readers.html ... along with some brand new questions and challenges!!!  

Ron & Kent ... 
Thanks for answering my Elvis question.
Keep the answer handy.
Since my memory is getting worse, it'll probably be two years, instead of four years -- before I ask the same question (for a third time).
Frank B.

>>>I was doing a Google search for information about the band Horatio and, as you can see, it’s not a trio but a group who sang the song.  The song charted on Billboard in July 1969 at #119, but I’ve not been able to find any other info about this band.  Any clues?  (Jennifer V.)  
I was interested in finding out more about Horatio, and ran across an interview with Vicki Spencer, who was in that group and several others in the 60s ... here's the link for the interview: 
Happy days!  

Don Rehrer   

>>>Seems to me there was another club in Elgin called The Lottery that had bands and booze so maybe that takes it out of teen clubs. Also there was a Mousetrap Club for a short while in Elmhurst ... either on a Lake Street or the Frontage Road ... was about a half mile east of Coffee Break and believe me the clientele did not mix with each other.  I cannot believe the Riddles played there ... I thought they were loyal to the CB.  (Jim Sather)
>>>Calling Guy Arnston, calling Guy Arnston ... can you help out with this one?  (kk)   
Sorry, Kent. I have a lot of teen and other clubs on a list, but neither of these. 

>>>I was looking for two songs, & you had one: 7-up [the only good one, #38].  the other one I wanted was "lemon up".  it was sung in a soft voice reminiscent of the 1910 fruitgum company, or the ohio express.  all i remember is, "we've got the juice of one whole lemon in lemon up".  i loved the song except for one thing: the singer was one of those people who couldn't pronounce the short "e" properly if you spread it on his tongue & clapped him on the back.  he kept singing "limmon", for which i have no patience.
i tried finding the songs on-line; i thought they'd be on a site like youtube, but, no such luck. anyway, thank-you, & good luck!  (m.r.greene-peluso)  
Hi Kent-    
One of your readers wrote about "Lemon Up". As far as I know, it was just a commercial jingle for a shampoo! I remember it well. Our family bought the uniquely packaged stuff many times (See photo). 

All the best in 2015, 
Mike Lane

Hey Kent,
Happy new year!   I like the 1965 surveys.
  Here's one you might be able to answer, or perhaps it's for "Helping Out Our Readers."  

The year was 1968, and there was a record of a guy giving what amounted to a monologue along these lines:  “Two Hearts – Two Minds – Before One Another – Before One God – in One Love – To Create one Flesh …" and so forth.  In the background was some instrumental music.  Memory tells me it was a version of "Love Is Blue," but I could be wrong about that.Ring any bells?
Henry McNulty

Cheshire, Connecticut
Definitely one for "Helping Out Our Readers" as I don't recognize it at all.  (Funny because when I first read it I thought of the opening of the Ben Casey series ... and then "Deteriorata"!!!  (lol)  Maybe somebody out there will come up with the CORRECT answer!  (kk)

I had a white label 45 in the 70's and lost it in the 90's. Not only can't I find it anywhere, but I can't find anything on it nor anyone who has ever heard of it. Sung by a female, it was on an independent label, and the chorus was "Michael Michael Michael life is but a garbage pail ... " 
It was probably a novelty record, but it was sung straight and serious. The song title had parenthesis and part of it was "The Unexpected ... " something or other. I can't recall the entire title because it was one of those ridiculously long titles that had nothing to do with the lyrics. 
Any clues? Thanks and Happy New Year. 
Charles F. Rosenay!!!  
Liverpool Productions LLC  
Another new one on me ... anybody???  (kk)  

Hey Kent,
When I was a kid, I had a good friend who was a huge fan of "Mad" Magazine. I always thought "Mad" subscribers were just a little weird. I wonder if "The Simpsons" or "South Park" were inspired by it. 
Anyway, my friend would insist that I thumb through the latest issue. Included in one of them was a promotional "flexi-disc" of a song from the new album, "Mad Twists Rock N Roll". The song was "She Got a Nose Job" by The Dellwoods. I thought it was great. Of course, he had to buy that album. I have to admit that some of the songs on it had clever lyrics.
Do you know anything about The Dellwoods or if the album charted? When I see an actor or actress with a new nose, I always think of that song!
- John LaPuzza

I remember reading Mad Magazine (and "Cracked", too) when I was a kid ... I wasn't a serious follower and never had a subscription, but if one happened to come my way, I always checked it out.
Mad used to release these flexi-discs somewhat regularly back then ... the most famous one I remember was "It's A Gas", which we've featured several times before here in Forgotten Hits.  (I don't remember "She Got A Nose Job". 
I don't even know if The Dellwoods was a real group ... I tend to doubt it ... probably more of a studio creation to put together this novelty recording ... and many of the others that graced the magazine).  There were some pretty clever people involved in the twisted creation of "Mad".
As such, The Dellwoods never charted in Billboard.  However, a "Various Artists" LP WAS released in 1962 called "Mad 'Twists" Rock 'n' Roll" and it featured "Nose Job" as well as eleven other tracks.  Believe it or not, it climbed as high as #108 on The Billboard Top 200 Albums Chart, where it charted for fourteen weeks!  It was released on the Big Top record label (catalog number 1305).  (kk)

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Hey Kent & Forgotten Hits folks - 
A friend of mine who doesn't have online access is looking for live, televised, etc. performances by The Drifters.    Anything from '53 to '63 but before Rudy Lewis' death.
If anyone knows of any source or connection that could help with this, please e-mail me here at blub1256ber@aol.com.  
I know it's a long shot, but thanks in advance! 
Passing it along to the greatest oldies fans on earth!  Good luck!  (kk)