Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Sunday Comments ( 03 - 29 - 15 )

re:  Two-Sided Hits:
"P. S. I Love You" had a chart run when "Love Me Do" started falling down the charts.
When "I Don't Know Why I Love You" performed below expectations, Motown flipped it over and "My Cherie Amour" became a huge hit.
Of course there are many huge hits that started out as flip sides such as "Rock Around The Clock", "Runaround Sue", "The Wanderer", "Ooh Child" and even "Unchained Melody" by the Righteous Brothers.
Today's generation will never know, understand or appreciate the sheer joy in discovering a great B-Side on the latest 45 you bought back in the day.  After we ran our official ranking of The Top 200 Biggest Two-Sided Hits Of All-Time, we followed it up with our Forgotten Hits Reader Poll ranking The Top 200 Favorite, Forgotten B-Sides Of All Time. 
The criteria for this one was simple:
The song had to be the B-Side of a Top 40 Single ...
And it could not have been a Top 40 Hit on its own.
The results were staggering ... by far, the biggest poll turn-out we have ever had ...
Over 65,000 votes were tabulated ... which makes this the definitive list in my book.  (The oldies fans have TRULY spoken on this topic!)
You can find those results here:
For a while, this became a VERY popular feature on the radio, too ... several of the jocks on our list counted down various configurations of this list ... in fact, we even flew out to New Jersey and did a live Top 20 Countdown on Dave The Rave's "Relics And Rarities" Program ... which featured call-ins from many of the artists represented on the list.
I'm not aware of anybody counting down from this list recently ... and would love it if a few enterprising jocks on the list might take it upon themselves to do so.  (The last time we were supposed to be involved with one of these was on Jeff James' program on the old 103.9 FM here in Chicago ... but the station switched formats before we ever got the chance to do so and James was no longer with the station.  We even talked about doing a week-long YouTube series playing some of OUR all-time favorite B-Sides ... but that never happened either.)
If somebody on the list is interested in doing a dedicated countdown, please let us know and we'll help in any way we can.  I consider this to be one of our greatest achievements ... TOTALLY appealing to the REAL oldies music fans out there who DO remember the joy of making that B-Side discovery.  (kk)
About two sides of a record both reaching #1, in 2003 and 2004 Hey Ya! and The Way You Move by Outkast each reached #1 in separate chart runs.  They were part of the same physical single.
Ed Erxleben
Yep, I forgot all about that one!  And this is the perfect example of releasing something for everyone ... Frannie absolutely LOVED Andre 3000's A-Side "Hey Ya!" ... and you would often find her shakin' it like a Polaroid Picture when this song came on ... while I preferred the old-school feel of Big Boi's "The Way You Move" that graced the other side.
"Hey Ya" proved to be the bigger hit ... nine weeks on top during a 32 week chart run.  It was knocked out of the #1 spot by the record's own B-Side for a week in February, 2004.  (kk)  

re:  Me-TV-FM:
Sounds like local folks are already becoming disenchanted with our brand new Me-TV-FM ... which is really too bad because they are SO close to doing this right ... they have, without question, the most expansive play list in the city of Chicago ... literally THOUSANDS of songs have already been aired, a very large percentage of which haven't received airplay in ages ... decades in some cases ... and I can honestly say that I am absolutely AMAZED on a daily basis by something they've pulled out of the "hits archive" to feature again ... but ... and it's becoming a bigger and bigger but ... MOST of the time there doesn't seem to be anyone watching the store.  More and more often I find myself wondering if anybody working for the station is actually LISTENING to the station!!!
If so, then why would they play SEVEN James Taylor songs in a five hour period?  Two Linda Ronstadt songs back-to-back ... and, on far too many occasions to count, songs by the same artist one or two songs apart?  They also seem to be stuck in a programming loop ... we're starting to hear more and more of the same songs ... in the same SEQUENCE ... on a daily or bi-daily basis, often at the exact same time of day.  (Groundhog Day, we salute you!)
I've also heard things like "Strawberry Letter 23" at LEAST 23 times now in the past two weeks ... (worse yet, it's being used in a television commercial now, too!) ... and at least another dozen songs played over a dozen times in that same time frame.
When you have a play list this extensive, there is NO reason to have to resort to this ... and I really don't think it's intentional ... it truly feels like nobody's paying attention.
As stated in this column before, if this is still the "construction zone" (as they continue to refer to it) then why aren't things improving?  If anything, they seem to be getting worse ... and it's frustrating many of the listeners who switched over to enjoy this newfound variety a couple of weeks ago.
Of course, you won't hear that from the station.  While they've yet to go "live", they are airing phone comments praising their work so far ... these now run between blocks of music all day long.  (Naturally they're not going to air any negative comments ... like my suggestion that they rename the station JT-FM ... for James Taylor / Fleetwood Mac ... two artists that I'll bet I've heard over one hundred times now since the station first signed on the air.) 
And the obscurities seem to be coming up far more often, too.  When you listen to a block of six or seven songs and don't recognize three or four of them, you're absolutely going to lose your audience.  It isn't just a case of programming something different ... it actually has to SOUND good coming out of the radio.  Simply put, most of these DON'T.
And now they're broadcasting on TV, too ... channel 877 (same as their 87.7 radio signal) on Xfinity Cable ... which is a simulcast of what's playing on the radio that you can now enjoy as background music when you're at home (with no fear of signal drifting ... which I have yet to experience, by the way ... but still seems to be a problem in certain areas of the city according to other Forgotten Hits readers).
I'm not quite sure I get the concept, however.  
The whole time the music is playing, the screen displays the current traffic pattern.  If you're home watching and listening to this on your TV, you are not IN traffic ... so how is this perceived to be a worthwhile "service" to the community?  The only time you care about traffic is when you're IN traffic ... NOT when you're sitting at home!  They'd be better running something similar to Xfinity's Music Choice Channel, which show photos of the artists and offers interesting tidbits about them and the song that's playing.  Seems to me not much thought went into this "cross-over" concept.
Something else I don't quite understand ...
I heard Mark Zander on The River again ... how exactly does THAT work???
It sounds like he's still got a weekend gig there (or maybe he's just filling in???)
I would think that it would be kinda hard to keep track of what your new radio station is playing if you're off spinning the hits somewhere else on the dial!
Yet for all my complaints (and I will admit to turning the station off more often than ever these past two weeks), they are STILL playing the best variety of music on the radio in Chicago today ... which is why I haven't given up hope yet.  Like I said at the onset, they are SO close to nailing this ... yet they are just not quite connecting in the way they so easily could ... if only somebody was paying attention.  (kk)  

Dear Kent; 
Naturally, I have an allegiance to WLS FM, since I host Notre Dame football on the 890-AM side.
However, being a guy who can't get enough rock 'n roll, I have sampled the new 87.7.
However, I conceded defeat when they played a typically listless tune by Seals and Croft followed by a number by the immortal Gogi Grant.
Gogi Grant? What's next - Perry Como sings Lawrence Welk?
I swear I've heard "Ice Man" Jerry Butler sing "Moon River" at least 11 times. "Your Precious Love" apparently isn't on the station's play list.
The station has yet to define its branding, so I'll cover the tabs.
87.7 is background music, made for the nursing home of your choice.
I'll hang up and wait for the station to get nasty and drop "Hotel California" on me.
Frankly, the outlet might have been better off staying as a lackluster all-sports station. Bring back Ben Finfer or some other non entitity?
Over / Under? The experiment will last 10.4 months - maybe.
Chet Coppock 

I am already getting tired of the me radio station, and find myself switching more and more to other stations ... too redundant, too much of certain groups and too much LITE ROCK!
Mike De Martino   

While we haven't heard back from anybody at Me-TV-FM about our on-going radio commentary, we DID receive a press release from them this past week regarding a special night of programming they're putting together for the television network ... here's the scoop on an upcoming special featuring Vince Gilligan and some of his favorite classic TV shows.

Good afternoon! 
Here’s some TV news for you about Vince Gilligan and MeTV Network.
MeTV, the country’s top rated classic TV network, is seen in 93% of the country and has 169 affiliates. Vince is a fan of our network and together, we are showcasing four classic series that were influential to him: The Twilight Zone, The Honeymooners, Taxi, and Columbo ... during this four hour ‘Vince Gilligan’s Island of MeTV’ special on Sunday, April 5, a day before the season finale of Better Call Saul. Bob Odenkirk also makes an appearance in this special.   

Vince Gilligan’s Island of MeTV 
The Influential Creator of Breaking Bad and Co-Creator of Better Call Saul
Hosts a Night of His Favorite MeTV Shows April 5!

March 26, 2015 - MeTV, Memorable Entertainment Television, America’s #1 All Classic TV Network, brings the star power of New Hollywood to viewers across the country with the ‘Vince Gilligan’s Island of MeTV’ special event this April. Vince Gilligan is the visionary creator of the contemporary hit series Breaking Bad and co-creator of the new series Better Call Saul on AMC.  
Vince is one of pop culture’s most talented and influential voices and his shows have set the benchmark for exceptional TV with iconic characters. It’s a perfect fit that this prominent and popular storyteller would be a fan of the classic television series and memorable characters showcased everyday on MeTV.    
MeTV invited Vince to pick some of his favorite shows from our deep library and host a special night for fans we call ‘Vince Gilligan’s Island of MeTV’ airing Sunday, April 5.  "Shows like The Twilight Zone and The Honeymooners made a big impression on me growing up.  Now, decades later, I find myself staying up late into the night re-watching old episodes of those series and many more on MeTV. I’m thrilled to have the chance to share a few of my favorite shows with fellow classic television enthusiasts," said Vince Gilligan.    
Vince has chosen MeTV shows he’d want on his own version of Gilligan’s Island. He’ll also have some help on the island; Better Call Saul star Bob Odenkirk will join him as they share stories and laughs about the MeTV shows they love.  ‘Vince Gilligan’s Island of MeTV’ is scheduled to air on Sunday, April 5 from 6 - 10 pm ET.  
The shows being featured during this special include:
The Twilight Zone: “Nervous Man in a Four Dollar Room”
The Honeymooners: “Better Living through Television”
Taxi: “Cooking for Two”
Columbo: “Murder Under Glass”
The Twilight Zone: “The Grave”  
“To have Vince Gilligan be a super fan of MeTV is thrilling,” said Neal Sabin, Vice Chairman of Weigel Broadcasting Co. “Knowing that some of the timeless, memorable programming airing on MeTV helped shape his creative genius and a new generation of classics like Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul is a wonderful thing.”  
Weigel Broadcasting Co. is a Chicago-based business, family owned since 1965. Weigel and its affiliated companies own and operate network and independent television stations in Chicago, Milwaukee and South Bend, Indiana. In addition, Weigel is the leader in the multicast television network space with MeTV, Memorable Entertainment Television being the number one rated and distributed network in the space, as well as the MOVIES! TV Network in cooperation with the Fox Television Stations, Inc., H&I Heroes & Icons, plus the new DECADES Network in partnership with the CBS Television Stations.

re:  Radio Today:
Noted columnist Sean Ross (Ross On Radio) ran a recent article about "What Happens When The Safe List Is No Longer Safe".  
For readers totally fed up with the redundancy that has become terrestrial radio these past few decades, you'll totally be able to relate to what Sean is saying ... not at all unlike what WE'VE been saying for the past fifteen years here in Forgotten Hits.  

For the last few years, most programmers in the "Greatest Hits" format have been programming mostly those '60s titles that endured with later generations. But now the '60s are down to almost nothing at many major-market Classic Hits stations. If there's no "safe list" for '60s songs anymore, what should those channels specializing in the '60s play? Should the format be given back to people who were there? Should there be a '60s format for people discovering the music now. They're questions we'll be answering about the '70s in the not too distant future. So what to do "When The Safe List Is No Longer Safe." 

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re:  Last Chance To Cast Your Votes: 
Have you filed your IRS Form yet?
The deadline is Wednesday, April 1st.
After that, Rich Appel will tabulate all of the votes received and put together his annual countdown of the Top 1040 songs that meet YOUR criteria of It Really Shoulda ... Been A Top Ten Hit.
Full filing details can be found here ... as well as information on when and where you can tune in to listen to the various countdowns that will accompany the results ...

Here’s everything you need to know about the 8th annual I.R.S. (“It Really Shoulda” been a Top 10 hit!).
To file your I.R.S. form, simply go to by the April 1st deadline. Everyone who files AND leaves his / her mailing address is eligible to win the prizes we’re giving away, such as the books Ranking the ‘60s and the not-yet-out Ranking the ‘70s.
Over the weekend preceding the deadline for that other I.R.S. - April 10 - 12 -  Rewound Radio will play back this year’s I.R.S. 1040, based on the songs you declared on your I.R.S. forms. As always, we’ll count down the upper 10% - the I.R.S. Top 104 - that weekend: Part 1 starts 6 pm Eastern on Friday, April 10, on Bob Radil’s show; Part 2 plays back on “That Thing with Rich Appel,” on Sunday, April 12, at 6 pm Eastern.
If you haven’t joined our Facebook group, where there’s currently lots of pre-I.R.S. activity, here’s where that is: For any other questions about I.R.S., email me anytime at Thanks!
And here's another Listen Live Link to Rewound Radio ... if you don't already have this great station bookmarked on your computer, do it NOW!!!  It doesn't get any better than this for musical variety!