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The Sunday Comments (March 1st, 2015)

re:  ME-TV-FM / RADIO:    

Can't pick it up. Maybe once they are officially on the air, I can pick up.
Mike De Martino
I heard that from quite a few people this week ... but I've had no problems at all listening to them ... in fact, I've listened to virtually nothing else all week.  (I haven't tried this on a "home" radio yet ... but they come in fine for me in the car and I do a fair amount of driving every day.)  They're still not streaming yet ... but I think they will be soon.  It's just SO nice to hear songs that you haven't heard in eons on the radio again.  (kk)  

Thanks for the review of the new radio station. Although I have my loyalties to the Drive and WLS, I will give it a listen. I'm kinda a soft rock / singer / songwriter fan - never really got into heavy rock or 80's stuff. I hope tho, that they're not going to include Fleetwood Mac every hour - they're so overplayed on every 'classic rock' station I'm sick of them. They weren't the only ones who ever did a good song! I'll take some Dan Fogelberg or John Denver any day!
I've already noticed a few "key" artists who seem to pop up quite often on the station ... Dan Fogelberg is one of them ... James Taylor is another ... I've probably heard more songs by JT than anybody else this week.  I've also heard a bit more from Neil Diamond and Chicago ... but at least they're not playing Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" five times a day.  Incredibly there are people out there who seem to thrive on hearing it that often ... but I'm definitely not one of them.  In fact after an entire week of listening I can report that I never heard a single repeat ... that's not to say they didn't play songs more than once ... it's just that if they did, I didn't hear them ... so at least the rotation is such that they're playing them at different times of the day.  That being said, I've heard more Joni Mitchell and Judy Collins than I need to ... and if I have to listen to something by John Denver again, I'd rather it be one of his better-known hits than some obscure album track. 
In fact, the album tracks I've heard so far are NOT the type that will click with the majority of the audience ... at one point I heard three songs in a row that I didn't recognize ... which for me is nearly impossible.  But I've also heard (on three or four occasions now) eighteen GREAT songs in a row where each track was better than the one before.
I've got a hunch they're going through their library right now while they're testing the waters ... and it must be quite extensive based on what I've heard.  That's a good thing ... and something we've been pushing for for years.  You don't have to limit yourself to 200, 300 or 500 songs.  When The Drive does their A-Z special, we get 2000 different songs in a row without a single repeat ... there is no reason why radio can't be like that all of the time.  Hopefully as listeners respond to the website, telling the station what they want to hear, things will continue to improve ... who knows, the official play list may even expand!  (Examples of unusual choices:  this week I heard "You Baby" by The Mamas and The Papas ... which is not even one of their best album tracks.  Why not just play the hit Turtles version that everybody knows instead ... and is a FAR better-sounding recording?  Short of Bob Stroud on Rock And Roll Roots, nobody else in town is playing it ... and it's a GREAT tune!!!  And then, in what I can only assume must be some sort of gesture of fair play I guess, they played the Jose Feliciano version of "California Dreamin'" instead of The Mamas and Papas version.  Now I'll admit it was nice to hear Jose's take on this again ... something I may have only heard once or twice before in my entire lifetime ... and a spot "surprise" like that WOULD be a welcome change of pace from the boring, predictable, repetitive programming of radio in general these days ... but I certainly don't need to hear it ten more times in the next two or three months.  Hopefully a track like isn't in rotation ... but rather being used as Me-TV-FM's version of a "Wow! Factor" track.)
I believe they're still finding their way and things will continue to improve once everything settles in.  I've heard WAY more good than bad thus far ... so I'm optimistic.  (In fact some of these songs have been absent from the airwaves for so long it sometimes takes a few seconds to recognize them again ... the other night they played "Alibis" by Sergio Mendes ... a GREAT track ... I'll bet at least thirty times this week I had a genuine "Wow!" moment listening ... when's the last time that happened to YOU listening to the radio???)  kk 
One thing I stressed to the folks over at ME-TV-FM was the importance of keeping a Chicago-based connection to the new station.  As such, I was pleased to hear tracks by The Buckinghams, The New Colony Six and The Ides of March this weekend (in addition to several tracks by Chicago this past week.)  Ron Smith told me he also heard "It Could Be We're In Love" by The Cryan' Shames this week, a record that topped the charts here in Chicago for four weeks in 1967 ... so this is a REALLY good sign.  Again, other than Bob Stroud's program, you're not going to hear ANY of these tracks on any other station in town ... which is REALLY whack because I hear quite a few of them on Rewound Radio based out of the East Coast where some of these records barely made a dent!  I attribute this to Mark Zander's long-standing Chicago connection ... and MAYBE a little nudge from some other Chicagoland influences and listeners.  (kk)   

Another new online oldies station we wanted to tell you about ...  

Oldies Online - No commercials - Put together by a popular San Diego Disc Jockey from the 70s named "Rich Brother" Robbin.  A very large playlist with some songs that maybe you haven't heard before, or in a long time. 
Larry White   

Been listening to 93 KHA - thanks, Whitey, for sending this -- just heard Rick Nelson's "Young Emotions" followed by "Sweet Inspiration" by the Sweet Inspirations.  I've been listening for a half hour and I've heard eight songs that one never hears on the radio anymore, including the one that's on right now -- "Heartbeat" by Buddy Holly. This is the song that inspired Peter Noone to name his first group the "Heartbeats", by the way -- your history lesson for the day! 
Now "Sometimes I Wish I Were a Boy" is on by Lesley Gore -- a two sided flop ("Hey Now") from 1964. Don't think I would have played that one.
Yikes -- "Cindy's Gonna' Cry" by Johnny Crawford -- another dud. Pretty pop but at least songs you never hear on the radio.
Now "Shoot 'em Up Baby" -- Andy Kim's minor hit from around '68.
I'm not sure how long a station like this can last because all of the obscurities but I guess I like it because it's not the same old same old. Doubt if I'll ever hear any group harmony or doo-wop but that's ok. 
"Raunchy" is on right now. It certainly is all over the place -- fine with me.
Whitey, you would have fought with me for sure if I had presented this play list for one of our shows, although these songs are more up your alley.
"Caroline No" right now -- nice to hear.
Thanks again for sending this,
So far, so good and a nice change.
That's kinda how I feel about our new Me-TV-FM ... it's the best thing going about 80% of the time ... but the obscurities and album tracks rarely measure up ... last night they played a God-Awful jazz version of "The More I See You", a song I LOVE by the way ... but this thing was falling apart ... I don't even know who it was by ... too many things like that that just don't fit the Soft Rock Hits of the '60's, '70's and '80's motif.  Hopefully they're still getting their sea legs right now and a lot of this will straighten out over time ... there are more than enough GREAT songs that don't get any airplay as it is ... you don't have to run a bunch of filler that NOBODY wants to hear in an effort to be "creative" ... those aren't "Wow" songs ... those are button-pushers ... and once they leave, they may not come back for awhile.  (I'm told that today the radio game is all about quarter-hours ... lose 'em for too long and it'll show up in the ratings book.)  Still WAY more good than bad though ... man, I would LOVE to help them smooth out their play list ... fine-tune a few things and watch this station take off.  (I'm almost afraid to type this as it may jinx things ... but today is my 7th day in a row of listening ... and I have yet to hear a single repeat.  As we all know, that's unheard of today in radio where repetition seems to be the name of the game.  I'm sure this won't continue once things settle in with jocks and commercials ... but it SURE is nice to listen to right now.) 
In the last half hour I heard:  "Delilah" by Tom Jones, "Make Your Own Kind Of Music" by Mama Cass, "Mornin' Girl" by Neon Philharmonic, "L.A. Goodbye" by The Ides Of March, "Cool Change" by The Little River Band and "Crazy Love" by Poco ... all within the same 30 minutes!!!  That's UNREAL!!!  You're not likely to hear ANY of this stuff anywhere else on the dial today ... not in Chicago anyway.  And it's REALLY nice to be able to listen in the car instead of having to be sitting in front of a computer to enjoy this music ... just leave the station set in one place and not have to push the button every time another repeat track or almost as annoying commercial comes on ... it's been a VERY nice change of pace.  (kk)  

In a conversation with Ron Smith ( earlier this week, he brought up the interesting point of how radio stations rarely use their call letters today.  It's true (although some of the AM stations with legendary call letters like WLS and WGN still do) ... here in Chicago, our "Classic Rock" stations are simply known as The Loop, The Drive, The River and The Fox ... we've got The Mix, B-96, KISS-FM, US99, K-Hits and now both Me-FM and My-FM ... can an all-Lulu station called Oh Me Oh My - FM be far behind???  We've gone through Y103.9 and The Lite ... and countless others over the past few years.  We grew up on WIND, WLS (The Big 89, The Rock of Chicago and, on the FM-side for short spells in the '70's and '80's, Disco DAI and Z-95), WCFL (or Super 'CFL), WBBM, WMAQ, etc.  Radio stations today seem to be much more "catch phrase" oriented ... another part of radio's evolution I guess.  Isn't it funny that each wants to be known singularly for their name more so than for the music they play?  Why else would they all be drawing songs from the exact same play list?  Again, this is part of what has made Me-TV-FM stand out so much for me this past week ... it's not so much that every song is great (although most of them have been) ... it's the fact that SOMEBODY in town is FINALLY playing something different ... which is what we've been preaching for fifteen years now ... especially these last couple of years when listening to the latest Geico commercial is often WAY more entertaining than listening to the music the radio station is playing.  God, I hope these guys smooth out the rough edges and succeed ... it'll FINALLY prove my point that the listening audience CAN accept and embrace more than the same 200 songs every single day!  (kk)

Examples of album tracks that listeners will relate (and respond) to that work ...

I love the blog and read it regularly.  I especially like the charts.
I grew up in Central Wisconsin so the Chicago Top 40, so close to home, are always interesting. As are the other regionals.
Great work.
Thank you.
Vic Gerard
Vintage Vinyl News is reporting that "new release day" will move to Friday worldwide later this summer.  (For years, new releases have always come out on Tuesdays here in The States.)  This may ultimately have some impact on the "immediacy" of the Billboard Charts ... but, as Asia taught us, only time will tell.  (kk)  

LOVE THOSE SURVEYS!!! Wait a minute! Wouldn't this be a good title for a rockin' song, maybe recorded by someone like Freddy Cannon, maybe somewhat similar to his 1966 tune DEDICATION SONG?  
WHY DON'T THEY UNDERSTAND by Tony Conigliaro sounded like a cross between Ricky Nelson and George Hamilton IV, who of course did the tune earlier in 1957. In fact just a couple of weeks ago, I got out G. H. IV's version and played it because I was reminded of it earlier in the day. 
I learned something today for the first time by going over WKBR's survey. In the section PERSONALITY PICKS OF THE WEEK, was a record called THE SQUARE, a narrative, recorded by Dick Whittinghill on Dot. I did not know that this had been recorded by anyone else. 
Let me explain. 
In early 1965, Don Wallace, who did weekday mornings - afternoons here in OKC on WKY 930 (Noon - 3 PM), recorded that narrative. It made it into the top 20 on WKY's weekly survey in April of that year. He recorded it on Foundation Records with the flip being the Paul Peterson tune MY DAD. Through the years for whatever reason, I have always thought that Don Wallace wrote that. Apparently not. On the label it says it was co-written by Charles Brower and Billy Vaughn. Which begs the question if any other DJ's recorded it in other markets. Needless to say, WKY's crosstown competitor at the time KOMA, did not play the record. I have emailed Don Wallace to find out any additional information on why he came about recording this narrative. 
One final thing, speaking of narrative type of records. I guess probably one of my all time favorites has to be Walter Brennan's 1960 DUTCHMAN'S GOLD.  
Larry Neal  
Larry Lujack used to play Walter Brennan's Top Ten Hit "Old Rivers" and refer to it as the first rap song.  (lol)  Let us know if you hear back from Don Wallace.  Maybe some other deejays on the list might be able to answer your question as to whether or not this track was recorded by different jocks in different markets.  I'm really not familiar with "The Square" at all.  (kk)  

Facts like this sadden me (see below about Drake) ... 
Also the fact that Lil Wayne broke Elvis' record of most Hot 100 Billboard hits. Of course you can add another 31 Top 100 hits that Elvis had before the Hot 100 began in 1958 and he would then still lead Lil Wayne 139-112. 
It's really become a bit of a very bad joke already ... to compare Drake's accomplishment (charting 14 tracks from the same album, most of which will drop off the chart completely in the next week or two) to the power of Beatlemania.  (I suppose many of our "purist" parents felt the same way when Roger Maris broke Babe Ruth's home run record back in '61 ... for YEARS that record bore an asterisk because Maris hit HIS home runs during a 162 game season while Ruth accomplished the feat in just 154 games).  Clearly chart methodology has changed since 1964 ... Beatles fans didn't have the option to buy every individual track off their two then available albums the week of March 7th, 1964, and have those tracks count as part of Billboard's chart analysis ... although, in all fairness, MANY of those tracks WERE released as singles at the time as both Capitol and Vee Jay flooded the market with product, capitalizing on the "mania" that was afoot.  But to compare Drake's accomplishment to Beatlemania in ANY degree is ludicrous ... he certainly didn't have the impact ... and I REALLY doubt if he'll have the influence fifty years from now that The Beatles had on our entire society and culture, much less the MUSICAL impact and marketability they made for the next several generations to come.  (If they're still releasing Drake compilations fifty years from now I guess we can talk.)
As for the whole Elvis thing, it's been an on-going bout of ridiculousness.  First they cut out his first two-and-a-half years on the charts (when he made his biggest impact) ... then artists like Mariah Carey pass him with #1 Singles (not that Mariah isn't great ... but she ain't NEVER gonna be Elvis!) ... and now Lil Wayne gets credit for chart hits simply by guest-appearing on hits for other artists.  (Checking Whitburn's latest Top Pop Singles Book, which runs through 2012, Lil Wayne only had 54 charted hits ... are you telling me he doubled his tally in the next two years???) 
The Cast of Glee charted 279 times between 2009 and 2012 ... ain't nobody EVER gonna top that ... and they're STILL charting every week with the music featured in the television series.  (The show ends in about three weeks so that'll be the end of the reign ... but by then they'll be WELL over 300 charted tracks ... not necessarily "singles", mind you ... and again most of these hits charted a week or two at best ... but in this day and age of being able to download individual songs from any available source, it really seems like apples and oranges to me ... Elvis and The Beatles, who both released more product than any of their contemporaries during their respective rulings of the charts, didn't have EVERY SINGLE TRACK THEY EVER RECORDED available for purchase in a one-by-one basis.) But NO artist who has come since has EVER had the universal impact that these two mega-stars enjoyed. 
If Billboard is going to make the distinction of "The Hot 100 Era", they should ALSO take into consideration the digital age of music availability.  MOST would agree that REAL The Top 40 Era ended in the mid-to-late '70's once FM took over the airwaves.  Today's "Hot 100" allows for individual tracks to stay on the charts for two years (remember when Paul Davis set the record for charting 40 weeks with "I Go Crazy"?  Nothing like that had ever been done before ... and it wasn't even a #1 Record!) and factors in YouTube views which has absolutely NOTHING to do with sales or radio airplay.  It's a WHOLE different method of tabulation ... and should be calculated accordingly.  (See, you're not the only one pissed off by this sort of crap!)  kk  

For those who wish to check out what Radio London had as THEIR hits of the week in 1965 along with our charts, click on dates here:   
Clark Besch  
This is a VERY cool site ... will all kinds of chart information and photos for each weekly chart posted.  Thanks, Clark ... I'll be spending some time here!  (kk)


'Could it be the right time'?  Yes, I think it could.  I think it is.  

You mean Dr. Eugene Landy ... Eugene Levy is an actor. Jack  
Oops ... we slipped.  (That's what happens when you type faster than you think!)  Although from all I've read, by most accounts it sounds like Dr. Eugene Landy was a pretty good actor, too!  (kk)  

WOW!!!  I am so excited to see this movie!!!  Love Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys.   Thanks for the info.  I had NO IDEA idea they were putting together a feature movie. WooHOO!!!  I will be the first in line!   LOL  


Thanks for the conversation! I know what you mean about Jimmy Page - but the quote is allegedly his. If he says he didn’t see Jimi, I guess he didn’t - hard to believe or not. But I am glad you brought Bill Graham up -- I have read Bill Graham’s account of how he took Jimi to task and told him he played a shitty set at one of the Band of Gypsies shows -- and Jimi went out and played his ass off in the second show, etc. But there are only four shows that were performed and I have heard them all. I don’t hear any show with crappy playing (there are mistakes and problems as the band was testing new songs out of stage and jamming ... but there’s no show that’s just bad) - where’s the show Graham says was so lousy??? It doesn’t exist and I have concluded that Graham’s story is mostly egotistical  bullshit. 
I don't know that I interpreted this to mean that Jimi did a "bad show" ... as much as I thought Graham was taking him to task about showboating it out there (again, referring back to my comment about "theatrics") rather than just playing his ass off and letting the music speak for itself.  I don't know that many fans would say that Jimi was capable of playing a bad show ... then again I can't help but believe that SOME of that might also be attributed to just how high he was that particular night!  lol  (kk)

Last week it was announced that CNN has purchased the rights to the Glen Campbell documentary "I'll Be Me" and will begin airing it in June.  I can't wait ... for some reason this film never made it out here to Chicago ... no idea why ... and I've been looking forward to seeing it for quite some time.  (Thought after both a Grammy and Oscar nomination it might be out on DVD by now ... but it sounds like that won't happen until AFTER the CNN showing.)
I know Tim McGraw was Glen's personal touch to perform the tune at the Oscars but I felt his performance fell flat ... it just didn't have the emotional impact that hearing Glen sing it does ... truly a VERY moving and personal connection.  (kk)  

Looks like another win for The Turtles ...
Vintage Vinyl News is reporting:

Judge Rules Against Sirius / XM And For the Turtles in Copyright Case

With all the talk about Dion regarding Buddy Holly earlier 
this month I figured this would be of interest to Forgotten hits readers. Might be a fun, or at least an interesting listen?



THAT PHILLY SOUND has compiled 25 of its best songs into one amazing CD.  The featured artists include Len Barry, Bunny Sigler, Johnny Madara, The Formations, Hall & Oates, Chubby Checker, The Assembled Multitude, Electric Indian, Johnny Caswell, Anthony and The Sophmores, Billy and The Essentials, Maureen Gray, Cindy Scott, The Tymes, The Spokesmen, The Pixies Three, The Secrets, The Sherrys, Naomi & Harris, The Hi-Tones and Grover Mitchell.

The CD is presented by songwriter/record producer, John Madara, through That Philly Sound, which is dedicated to the music that came out of Philadelphia during the 50's and 60's.  Many of the songs on the CD were written and produced by John Madara and partner, Dave White.   They also wrote and produced such timeless classics as AT THE HOP (Danny & The Juniors), ROCK AND ROLL IS HERE TO STAY (Danny & The Juniors, written by Dave White and Produced by John Madara), THE FLY (Chubby Checker),YOU DON'T OWN ME (Lesley Gore, written by Madara & White and produced by Quincy Jones) and 123 (Len Barry, who also co-wrote the song with Madara & White).  These and countless other hit records by Madara & White helped to make up "The Sound of Philadelphia."  In October of 2013, Madara & White were inducted into the Philadelphia Walk of Fame by The Philadelphia Music Alliance. 

Please go to THAT PHILLY SOUND to purchase other rare Philly, and learn more about the artists and people behind the scenes.

Facebook Logo Like us on FACEBOOK for up-to-the-minute news and interesting       information that we would love to share with you.

All songs have been digitally restored and digitally mastered.

Thanks for your support!

THAT PHILLY SOUND -- The #1 site for Philly music!

Speaking of new releases on CD, I wanted to take a moment again to thank everybody who participated in our recent online survey for Eric Records.  Why Bill Buster is still digesting all of the results, he DID pick our winners this week in the free CD give-away.  Congratulations go out to Stephanie Campbell of District Heights, MD, Guy Arnston of Algonquin, IL and Ted Scott of Englewood, CO ... each will receive a free CD courtesy of Eric Records.  (We're hoping Bill will find the time to share his impressions of the survey results with our readers next week.)  kk

It is often difficult to find Lou Christie's concert schedule.  
This was just sent to me from Lightning Line so I wanted to forward it to you.
Sad postscript:  Lou and Lesley Gore were scheduled to appear together in the April slot.
A show I would have LOVED to see.  (I've never seen Lou Christie live in concert either ... wish he'd schedule a trip here to Chicago!)
Thanks for sending, Shelley ... at least our readers on both coasts can check him out!  (kk)
Lou Christie Tour Dates
Mar 9, 2015 - Catskills, NY - Villa Roma
Mar 21, 2015 - Westbury, NY NYSB Theatre
Apr 4, 2015 - Pittsburgh, PA - Benedum Theatre
April 22,2015 - Palm Springs, CA McCallum Theatre
April 25, 2015 - New Brunswick, NJ - State Theatre
May 16, 2015 - White Plains, NY Westchester County Center
June 6, 2015 - Arcadia, CA - Arcadia Performing Arts Center
Aug 15, 2015 - Long Branch, NJ - Outdoor Park
Sept 12,2015 - Lancaster, PA - American Music Theatre
Oct 3, 210 - Roslyn ,NY - Roslyn High School
Nov 1-8, 2015 - Malt Shop Memories Cruise
Nov 20, 2015 Poinciana, FL - The Social Club   

Hey Kent,
This one has come up a number of times over the years ... and we've featured both the US and UK hit versions of the single ... which, as you say, are drastically different.  (Maybe it's because it's the one I grew up with but the US lyrics just seem to fit the meter of the song much better than their UK counterparts.) 

This song only got to #48 in Billboard in 1966 but was a much bigger hit in Chicago, where it peaked at #3.  However despite that non-Top 40 national status, it seems to be a favorite amongst our readers.  Here are both versions again for comparison's sake.  (kk)

Got this from FH Reader Danny Guilfoyles. 
Wow!  Check out THIS line-up!  (Now that's what I call CRUISIN'!!!)

Hello Music Fans! 

FEB 29 – MAR 5, 2016
Ø Celebrate Memories of the '60s - long hair, bell bottoms, tie dye T-shirts, peace signs and most of all, the FUN DANCING MUSIC. It was a time when innocence gave way to a new consciousness about ourselves and the world we lived in, and there was a fun new sound for the good times
Ø Live Nightly Performances
Ø Round-the-clock Interactive Programs with the Stars including Panel Discussions, Hosted Game Shows, Wine Tasting, Trivia Games, Cooking Demonstrations, Make Love Not War Vow Renewals, wonderful reminiscing and more
Ø Special Themed Events including a Black Light Ball, Psychedelic '60s Dance Party, Bell Bottom Blast and more
Ø Luxurious Accommodations in the Sun-Splashed Caribbean for 5 Wonderful Nights
Ø And MORE EVENTS to come!

  • The Flower Power Cruise is the opportunity to re-live a special time when the music and the artists themselves, empowered us, and made us feel like we could really make a difference.  It was music that wrapped itself around our hearts and never let go!
  • Sailing onboard the CELEBRITY CONSTELLATION (5-Star Rating)
  • Cabin prices starting at $1299.00 per person
  • If you book with EXCELLENCE IN TRAVEL, we will provide a PRIVATE MICKY DOLENZ EVENT, COUPON BOOKLET (VALUED OVER $400), T-SHIRT, TOTE BAG, LUGGAGE TAGS, LANYARD and Services from a CERTIFIED TRAVEL PROFESSIONAL & GROUP LEADER.  Other Events being planned for our Valued Clientele!
  • Give us a CALL for more info and to SIGN UP at 937-879-5702
  • Questions?  Email us at
  • SIGN UP TODAY and be entered in a drawing for a DVD of DAVY JONES last interview or other prizes
If you are a Group Leader and want to promote this cruise, please contact me at  You will have 2 options, one is to get paid $25.00 per cabin or put the $25.00 per cabin money towards the cost of your cabin if the cruise booking comes through my travel agency.
Excellence in Travel will deliver a couple of value added amenities:  (1) EIT Special Private Event with Micky Dolenz; (2) Coupon Booklets (issued by Travel Agent); (3) EIT Gift Pack (Tote Bag, Lanyard, Luggage Tags) and (4) EIT will be escorting the group on the sailing. 
This cruise will not be announced “OFFICIALLY” until Monday, Feb 23rd.
Kind Regards,  

Cruise, Group & Romance Specialist
Monday - Friday 11:00AM - 8:00PM EST
A Veteran Managed Company

And, speaking of Micky Dolenz, here's more news from one of the hardest working men in show business ... 

Kent -
Thinking your readers might want to read this piece on my site since old record people are often also old car people.  Donna Loren tells the story of a car named Betsy.
Bob Merlis / M.F.H.

I just spent 90 minutes of my life that I'm not getting back, watching the PBS rerun of Motown 25. Granted it would be impossible to showcase every act, but pretty much the whole program seemed forced. They couldn't somehow convince David Ruffin and Eddie Kendricks to keep it together for one nite to perform with their old mates? If I were Mary Wilson and Cindy Birdsong, I'd be cringing watching the finale. Of course T.J. Libinsky isn't any prize either.  I'd rather an act sing one or two songs in their entirety, rather than a medley. Where's Gladys Knight? Lotsa luck ever seeing Rare Earth. Maybe the special made sense at the time, but it has not aged well.
We talked about PBS airing this again a few weeks ago ... and I saw that here locally it was on three times yesterday ... I didn't bother with it because I bought Frannie the deluxe DVD version for Christmas which has all kinds of rehearsals, outtakes and unaired footage ... plus, reportedly, a major meltdown by Supreme Diva Diana Ross.  (Haven't watch THAT yet either so I honestly couldn't tell you.)
It WAS a major moment at the time ... I know I certainly enjoyed it ... but that was a long time ago.  Short of Michael's moonwalk footage, I haven't seen anything else in a long, long time. Will have to check it out.  (kk)   

Hi Kent.
Just wanted to let your readers know that my next show will be on Wednesday night, March 4th (and every other Wednesday Night thereafter), beginning at 9 PM, Mountain Time at
I have also been meaning to share with you this little piece of info for a while, since I came across it about a year or so ago.
There is a great hidden talent in Upstate New York that you might want to promote on Forgotten Favorites.  There is a musical group called "It's My Party".  This is not your average oldies group!  First off, the musicians, founded by John Giotto, play nearly dead-on versions of classic tunes from the 60s.  Second, the singers are always three teenage girls in 60's attire and coifs (over the course of the years, the 'older' teens are replaced with younger equivalents).  The singers are about as close to the 60's girl groups as you'll get if you are looking for actual singing teenagers in the 2010's, and like the musicians, are very close-sounding to the original.
Many of their songs are on YouTube and are enjoyable to watch, and especially to listen to over and over again:
"Will You Be Staying After Sunday":
"Wonderful Summer":
"You Baby" (NOT The Turtles Version):
Interview With The Girls:
There are some of their other performances in the YouTube sidebars as well.  Their website is
They mostly play in the New York State area, but perhaps someone might want to put them in a bigger spotlight outside of their home base as an opening act for an actual oldies artist somewhere.
Let me know what you all think of this great group!
Uncle T. Jay
Pretty damn good!  This would be a fun group to see.  (I actually sent their video of "I Couldn't Live Without Your Love" to Tony Hatch, who wrote and produced the hit for Petula Clark ... and a couple of videos to Ron Onesti as well ... this would be a fun show to bring to The Arcada Theatre!)  kk

re:  Diggin' Forgotten Hits:

Hey Kent -   
Just stumbled across your terrific website again and thought I'd drop you a quick note to see how things are going. I assume you are still putting a lot of time into your site … why not ... it's great! 
Nothing has changed from my end ... still broadcasting University of Maryland Football and Basketball games as well as the Washington Nationals pre and post game shows on TV ... also voicing over some TJ Lubinsky specials or his my music series. Life is good!!
Johnny Holliday
Hi Johnny!  Great to hear from you again.  Glad to hear things are going well.
Please feel free to drop by ANYTIME and share your memories with our readers ... you must have SO many great stories to tell.  (kk)  

Good COLD again Morning, Kent
Due to weather, illnesses, and availability of time-offs, my concerts in February have turned out to only include Herman's Hermits Starring Peter Noone. 
The first one was a mini-Noonefest in Ridgefield, CT, and a train ride into NYC to see their show at BB King's.  This past weekend they made an appearance at Mohegan, coming in before a storm ... leaving right behind the storm.  Although I can meld the reviews into something exhibiting the differences venues offer, I have not sent you anything due to the fact that it does make them Herman's Hermits heavy.  Next month, I have Chuck Negron at Mohegan and a DooWop concert on Long Island.  And hopefully more opportunities as the weather softens.  I do however, have some insight to share that I received:
One of my new students is an autistic boy who has been home-schooled up till now.  He is age-placed in 3rd grade, and this has been a learning curve for him most assuredly.  He was crying the other day, and said, "Mrs. Tufano, can I talk to you about something ... privately?"  We went over to the coat cubbies and he said, "I always thought that all teachers sucked, but you have been so nice to me!"  I deserve the academy award for keeping a straight face in a comedy situation.  I thought about this.  I even asked our new principal if she wanted to add that to my yearly eval.  "You don't suck!"  Not sucking has set me free, and I think I might add that classification to my reviews and my teaching.
"Well, they didn't suck!"
In writing your book review, please tell me if the book sucked.
Just wanted to impart some levity during these VERY cold winter days.  Out of the mouths of babes ...
Oh, Kent ... I've been noticing that your music blog doesn't suck.
Not sucking is something we've strived for for the past fifteen years ... so it's nice to be reassured every once in awhile that we're succeeding ... in not sucking that is.   Thanks, Shelley!  (kk)