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The British Invasion Countdown

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The five selections in today's FH are not responding as far as playing. However, I do remember your response a couple of weeks ago of why they are not. I am going to go over the April Fool's chart later on today when I get home from work. No need to reply to this email. Have a good week. Appreciate your work on FH.
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R.D. (aka Bob) FRABLE
Hey Kent,
I don't know if anyone else has mentioned this to you but the divShare songs you put on your blog have stopped working for me!
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We've received at least another dozen emails just like the three above ... so I thought I'd take a moment to let our readers know that this has absolutely NOTHING to do with our end of things ... the issue falls 100% squarely on DivShare themselves ... who now, after over THREE WEEKS of not working properly, STILL don't have their act together ... and have yet to respond to a single email through their so-called customer service / support department.
As such, we've started using another service (and, due to restraints enforced by this service regarding the amount of music they'll allow us to post) have been keeping the music to a minimum of late.  However, all of our Monday Morning 50 Year Flashback Survey pieces were put together weeks and (in some cases) months in advance and, as such, the music had already been "pre-placed" through DivShare ... which is why these tracks aren't playing now.  In fact NONE of the DivShare music on the site ... dating back as far as eight years ago ... is playing anymore ... because the source from which they originate is nonresponsive and, by all appearances, shut down.
That means that even The British Invasion Countdown from 2013 referenced below will be a "read only" review ... ANY and ALL music linked to DivShare has been shut down.
My hope, of course, is that they'll get back up and running again soon, which would make all these tracks "live" again ... but after three weeks with no response I'm feeling less and less confident that this will be the case.  (Kinda like our web counter that no longer exist!)  However there simply isn't enough time or resources to redo all this music so we'll ride the storm out for now and continue to hope for the best ... and post new music when we can as it relates to new features.
Meanwhile you can continue to enjoy Forgotten Hits for its editorial content ... we just may start featuring more YouTube clips on the site!!!  Thank you for your patience ... but this one is truly out of my hands.  (kk)
re:  The British Invasion Countdown:

One of your best Top 100 countdowns was the British Invasion one ... and I would love the chance to look through it again. Could you please tell me when you ran it on the Forgotten Hits web page?
Thank You Very Much.
Randy Anderson
The music of The British Invasion has always been close to my heart ... it's when I first discovered the radio ... and the sheer volume of music coming over from across the pond dominated not only what I heard but what most influenced my own musical tastes.
The British Invasion Tour is one of the hottest tickets out there right now.  (Sadly, we missed there appearance here in Chicago a couple of weeks ago.)
Last year we celebrated the 50th Anniversary of The British Invasion by running weekly radio station surveys from all over the country showing just how great an impact this music had on the music scene here in The States.
The year before, we put together a Top 100 Countdown of The Biggest Hits of the British Invasion, 1964 - 1965, with the help of Dann Isbell, who wrote the book "Ranking The '60's".  (In fact, Dann is putting the finishing touches on his follow up book, "Ranking The '70's" right now.)
Despite multiple checks and cross-checks between us, we BOTH missed a key title that belonged on this survey ... in fact, it was caught by a reader! ... and, as such, we corrected our error by assigning #37 1/2 to "Wonderful World" by Herman's Hermits.  (I can only tell you that it was embarrassing then and is still embarrassing now!)
The chart is not subjective or biased in any way ... these are the chart points earned by these records at the time of their original release and based on The Billboard Hot 100 Pop Singles Charts published for 1964 and 1965.  As such, they are the most accurate representation of popularity possible.
For Randy's point of reference, links to the entire series are featured below ... which allow you to relive the series in order (and in greater detail ... and even enjoy some of your comments relating to the series.)  This is also where the original music clips were posted ... but (as of today anyway) they are no longer active (However, if DivShare ever DOES get their act together, you'll be able to enjoy them there again at such time.)
Meanwhile, we've also recapped The Top 100 in abbreviated, Cliff Notes form below that.

 #100 - TELL ME - The Rolling Stones  (1964)

 # 99 - IF I LOVED YOU - Chad and Jeremy  (1965)

 # 98 - AS TEARS GO BY - Marianne Faithfull  (1965)
She had a hit with it before The Stones did.  (Of course dating Mick Jagger at the time certainly didn't hurt!)
# 97 - AIN'T SHE SWEET - The Beatles  (1964) 
When The Beatles did their first Hamburg recording session, backing up Tony Sheridan on "My Bonnie" and "The Saints", there was enough time left over to cut one on their own ... so they picked THIS old ditty, which became an American Hit several years later when ANYTHING remotely related to Beatlemania was gobbled up by pop culture! 
# 96 - EVERYBODY KNOWS (I STILL LOVE YOU) - The Dave Clark Five  (1964)
The Dave Clark Five would have TWO hits called "Everybody Knows" ... this was the first one from 1964.
# 95 -  CATCH THE WIND - Donovan  (1965)
Great Britain's answer to Dylan 

 # 94 - MATCHBOX - The Beatles  (1964)
Carl Perkins was reportedly IN the studio when The Beatles cut some of his tunes in 1964.

 # 93 - I'm CRYING - The Animals  (1964)

 # 92 - HEART OF STONE - The Rolling Stones  (1964)

 # 91 - I DON'T WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN - Peter and Gordon  (1964)
The Beatles have 19 of The Top 100 songs in this countdown ... in addition, they're represented by five others written for other artists like this one, a hit for Peter and Gordon in 1964.
 # 90 - HERE COMES THE NIGHT - Them  (1965)
America's first introduction to the magic of Van Morrison.

 # 89 - A WORLD OF OUR OWN - The Seekers  (1965)
In addition to their bigger hits "Georgy Girl" and "I'll Never Find Another You", The Seekers also scored with this long-forgotten gem back in 1965.
# 88 - I LIKE IT - Gerry and the Pacemakers  (1964)

 # 87 - COME HOME - The Dave Clark Five  (1965)
# 86 - DON'T LET ME BE MISUNDERSTOOD - The Animals  (1965)

 # 85 - I'M A MAN - The Yardbirds  (1965)

 # 84 - BEFORE AND AFTER - Chad and Jeremy  (1965) 

 # 83 - MARIE - The Bachelors  (1965)

 # 82 - IT'S ALL IN THE GAME - Cliff Richard  (1964)
Despite over 100 hits on The British Pop Charts between 1958 and 2002, he didn't have his biggest hits here in The States until the mid-'70's when tracks like "Devil Woman" and "We Don't Talk Anymore" finally caught on.  (Incredibly, he was Elvis-like in the UK!)  Records on the US chart prior to that were sporadic at best ... but this was one of them from 1964 that did make its way through.
# 81 - I'LL BE THERE - Gerry and the Pacemakers  (1965)
These guys covered a wide variety of musical styles in their brief career ... great ballads, straight up rock and roll ... even show tunes ... and, in 1965, they even covered a Bobby Darin B-Side!
#80 - P.S. I LOVE YOU - The Beatles ( 1964)
Speaking of B-Sides, this was The Beatles' first flip side to their first British hit ... it proved to be a Top Ten Winner here in The States, too.
#79 - EVERYONE'S GONE TO THE MOON -Jonathan King  (1965)
#78 - YOU'VE GOT TO HIDE YOUR LOVE AWAY - Silkie  (1965)
Another Lennon - McCartney penned tune, this one from their film "Help!"

#77 - AND I LOVE HER - The Beatles  (1964)
And one of their own from their other movie ... you know, the black and white one.
#76 - NOBODY I KNOW - Peter and Gordon  (1964)
More John and Paul for others ... this time given to the brother of Paul McCartney's girlfriend at the time, Peter Asher.

#75 - I ONLY WANT TO BE WITH YOU - Dusty Springfield  (1964)

#74 - DON'T THROW OUR LOVE AWAY - The Searchers  (1964)
#73 - THE WEDDING - Julie Rogers  (1965)
A BEAUTIFUL Forgotten Hit from 1965.
#72 - TOBACCO ROAD - The Nashville Teens  (1964)
#71 - I SAW HER STANDING THERE - The Beatles  (1964)

#70 - TRUE LOVE WAYS - Peter and Gordon  (1965)
One of my all-time favorite readings of this Buddy Holly tune.
#69 - HOW DO YOU DO IT? - Gerry and the Pacemakers  (1964)
The Beatles were supposed to record this song but didn't want to ... so George Martin told them, "Fine, then come up with something better" ... so they did ... and "Please Please Me" became their first British #1 Record!

#68 - WE GOTTA GET OUT OF THIS PLACE - The Animals  (1965)

#67 - THE LAST TIME - The Rolling Stones  (1965)

#66 - BAD TO ME - Billy J. Kramer and the Dakotas  (1964)
Another Lennon and McCartney gem that should have been a MUCH bigger hit had it not been stuck on a B-Side here in America.  It topped the charts on its own back home in Jolly Ol' England.
#65 - NEEDLES AND PINS - The Searchers  (1964)

#64 - WILLOW WEEP FOR ME - Chad and Jeremy  (1965)

#63 - DO YOU LOVE ME - The Dave Clark Five  (1964)
The DC5's interpretation of a Motown Classic that really rocks!
#62 - I LIKE IT LIKE THAT - The Dave Clark Five  (1965)
More by The Dave Clark Five ... these guys placed a total of 11 hits in the special Top 100 Countdown.

#61 - ANY WAY YOU WANT IT - The Dave Clark Five  (1965)
Wow! Three in a row from The DC5!!!
#60 - I GO TO PIECES - Peter and Gordon  (1965)
Another beautiful gem by these two ... this time a Del Shannon tune. 
#59 - HEART FULL OF SOUL - The Yardbirds  (1965)

#58 - YOU'VE GOT YOUR TROUBLES - The Fortunes  (1965)
Here's one of those that always makes you feel good ... at the very least it should be in medium rotation on the oldies stations.
#57 - JUST A LITTLE BIT BETTER - Herman's Hermits  (1965)
A Forgotten Hit by Herman's Hermits that certainly deserves better ... this is a GREAT little tune!
#56 - IT'S NOT UNUSUAL - Tom Jones  (1965)
A great lead-off track  by this Welshman with the sock in his pants!
#55 - DIANE - The Bachelors  (1964)

#54 - YOU TURN ME ON - Ian Whitcomb  (1965)
Always good for a giggle!
#53 - I'M INTO SOMETHING GOOD - Herman's Hermits  (1964)

#52 - TELL HER NO - The Zombies  (1965)

#51 - GOLDFINGER - Shirley Bassey  (1965)
There's no mistaking the booming voice of Ms. Shirley Bassey!
#50 - SHA LA LA - Manfred Mann  (1965)
And you thought all they did was "Do Wah Diddy Diddy"!

#49 - ALL DAY AND ALL OF THE NIGHT - The Kinks  (1965)

#48 - FERRY 'CROSS THE MERSEY - Gerry and the Pacemakers  (1965)
Another personal favorite
#47 - GO NOW - The Moody Blues  (1965)

#46 - A SUMMER SONG- Chad and Jeremy  (1964)
#45 - TIRED OF WAITING FOR YOU - The Kinks  (1965)
Proving that The Kinks could do more than rock, too!

#44 - FOR YOUR LOVE - The Yardbirds  (1965)
The third ... and biggest ... entry for these guys on the countdown.

#43 - SHE'S A WOMAN - The Beatles  (1964)

#42 - CAN'T YOU SEE THAT SHE'S MINE - The Dave Clark Five  (1964)
Man these guys turned out a LOT of great hits in 1964!
#41 - TIME IS ON MY SIDE - The Rolling Stones
#40 - SILHOUETTES - Herman's Hermits  (1965)

#39 - HAVE I THE RIGHT - The Honeycombs  (1964)
#38 - YOU REALLY GOT ME - The Kinks  (1964)
#37 1/2 - WONDERFUL WORLD - Herman's Hermits  (1965) 
See above regarding this glitch

#37 - WISHIN' AND HOPIN' - Dusty Springfield  (1964)

#36 - GLAD ALL OVER - The Dave Clark Five  (1964)

#35 - CATCH US IF YOU CAN - The Dave Clark Five  (1965)
#34 - DON'T LET THE SUN CATCH YOU CRYING - Gerry and the Pacemakers  (1964)
#33 - BECAUSE - The Dave Clark Five  (1964)
#32 - LITTLE CHILDREN - Billy J. Kramer and the Dakotas  (1964)
#31 - BITS AND PIECES - The Dave Clark Five  (1964)

#30 - I KNOW A PLACE - Petula Clark  (1965)
A VERY solid follow-up to her chart-topping debut "Downtown".
#29 - I'LL NEVER FIND ANOTHER YOU - The Seekers  

#28 - WHAT'S NEW PUSSYCAT? - Tom Jones  (1965)
#27 - DO YOU WANT TO KNOW A SECRET? - The Beatles  (1964)

#26 - LOVE POTION NUMBER NINE - The Searchers  (1965)

#25 - OVER AND OVER - The Dave Clark Five  (1965)

#24 - PLEASE PLEASE ME - The Beatles  (1964)

#23 - CAN'T YOU HEAR MY HEARTBEAT - Herman's Hermits  (1965)

#22 - GAME OF LOVE - Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders  (1965)
#21 - EIGHT DAYS A WEEK - The Beatles  (1965)      
#20 - SHE'S NOT THERE - The Zombies  (1964)

#19 - TICKET TO RIDE - The Beatles  (1965)
From the film "Eight Arms To Hold You" ... according to the original record label anyway!
#18 - A WORLD WITHOUT LOVE - Peter and Gordon  (1964)
A beautiful ballad given away by the songwriting team of Lennon and McCartney.  I'd have to rank this one and Billy J. Kramer and the Dakotas' hit "Bad To Me" as two INCREDIBLE hits sacrificed to help other artists in Brian Epstein's stable.
#17 - I'M HENRY THE VIII, I AM - Herman's Hermits  (1965)
Second verse, same as the first! 

#16 - I'M TELLING YOU NOW - Freddie and the Dreamers  (1965)
Can you listen to this song without fighting the urge to jump out of your seat and start your morning exercise routine ... heavy on the jumping jacks?!?!? 
#15 - TWIST AND SHOUT - The Beatles  (1964)
Their biggest Beatles hit not written by Lennon-McCartney ... and still a radio staple today ... an all-time favorite ... and, simply put, just a GREAT recording.
#14 - LOVE ME DO - The Beatles (1964)
Their British break-through hit stalled at #17 back home ... but topped the charts here in America a couple of years later when we finally caught on!

#13 - GET OFF MY CLOUD - The Rolling Stones  (1965)

#12 - THE HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN - The Animals  (1964)
Introducing many of us teenagers at the time to British Blues for the very first time ... and we LOVED it! 
#11 - A HARD DAY'S NIGHT - The Beatles  (1964)
Theme song to their first film
#10 - I FEEL FINE - The Beatles  (1964) 
Talk about your chart domination!  Even 20/20 hindsight places The Beatles with SIX of the The Ten All-Time Biggest British Invasion Hits.  Amazing! 

#9 - HELP! - The Beatles  (1965) 
Title song from their second film ... the color one (formerly known as "Eight Arms To Hold You", I guess!!!) 

#8 - YESTERDAY - The Beatles  (1965) 
A classic that finally endeared The Beatles to our parents, too.  Redemption at last.  Still one of the most recorded songs in history.  

#7 - DO WAH DIDDY DIDDY - Manfred Mann  (1964) 
And who'd expect THESE guys to rank so high on the list?!?!?  But this one was a MONSTER ... and it STILL sounds every bit as fresh today.  Every generation since has discovered and fallen in love with it.
#6 - MRS. BROWN YOU'VE GOT A LOVELY DAUGHTER - Herman's Hermits  (1965) 
Peter Noone is still charming his audiences around the globe.  People tend to underestimate the impact of Herman's Hermits ... but there was no greater British success next to The Beatles.  Sure, people today talk about The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, The Who and even The Dave Clark Five ... but it was Herman's Hermits who were really second in line to the British Royalty Crown on the US charts.  Most of these other acts "grew" into favor after the initial wave of The British Invasion had passed.  But The Hermits were there from the start. 

#5 - CAN'T BUY ME LOVE - The Beatles  (1964) 
When "Can't Buy Me Love" hit #1, The Beatles had the Top Five singles in the United States ... an unheard of feat never duplicated before or since.  It was their first "real time" #1 Hit here in the States, released simultaneously around the world to unparalleled success.  With advance orders of over one million copies, it broke every record ever made.   

#4 - DOWNTOWN - Petula Clark  (1965) 
Yes, mostly it was the British Invasion Groups that dominated the charts in 1964 and 1965 ... but Petula Clark landed a MONSTER hit with this Tony Hatch tune.  And, incredibly, Petula had just turned 33 years old when her record landed at #1 on our US Chart!  (We didn't care ... she was British and she was hot!) 

#3 - SHE LOVES YOU - The Beatles  (1964) 
The Beatles knocked themselves out of the #1 spot with this one, dethroning their American break-through hit "I Want To Hold Your Hand."  John Lennon once said "She Loves You" was their biggest hit ever in England ... and I always felt it should have been their biggest here, too.  A more infectious chorus has never been written.  (And seriously ... would it have worked if they sang "She Loves You, yes, yes, yes?!?!?  I don't think so!!!)
#2 - SATISFACTION - The Rolling Stones  (1965)
Fifty years (and counting) later, The Stones are touring again.  Proclaimed "The World's Greatest Rock And Roll Band", The Rolling Stones managed to change and evolve with the times ... yet always remained true to themselves in the process.  As Mick Jagger so proudly and boldly proclaimed a decade later, "It's Only Rock And Roll ... But I Like It!"
#1 - I WANT TO HOLD YOUR HAND - The Beatles  (1964)
#1 for seven straight weeks, this is the record that started it all.  The Beatles came to America once their record reached #1 ... and the world of music has never been the same since.