Friday, May 15, 2015

re:  The Marty Grebb Benefit Concert:
Here's a link to the official website ...
Check out all the cool stuff posted there:
I wanted to thank you for your exceptional promotion of Marty’s benefit concert over the past couple weeks. What a smashing success that was!
Tommy Scheckel
Your coverage is phenomenal. ! I am humbled and honored to have been featured in such a professional site. Thank you so much !
Thanks so much for the great coverage of the show for Marty. And we especially appreciate the shout out!  All the guys in The Chicago Experience were honored to be a part of this great event. 
As an aside, you have mentioned Psyche Pscene magazine. That was my cousin Joe Gino’s magazine. I remember as a kid, going to Joe’s studio with my father on weekends to watch them put the magazine together. Fond memories!
Please keep in touch, and let us know if you can attend one of our shows.
Best regards,
Steve Frost
We will DEFINITELY be coming out to some of your summer shows ... thought you guys were fantastic and I want to see and hear more.  Definitely one of the highlights of The Marty Grebb Benefit Concert.  Thanks, Steve!  (kk)
Thank you so much for sharing these memories with me ... it brought back so many, many memories of how simple and fun life was.
Your coverage of the Marty Grebb concert was incredible.  Even though as an out-of-towner I was jealous that I couldn't be there to see this, you brought it all home in vivid living color with your series of reports. Congratulations on a job well done.  I hope it raised a lot of money ... and Marty, long may you run.
re:  Other Up-Coming Shows:
SO many good shows coming up ...
Locals on the list already know about the 20% Discount being offered for this weekend's Gino Vannelli concerts at The Arcada Theatre ... just visit The Arcada Website (, order your tickets for the Saturday Night (with Gino's full band) and/or the Sunday All-Acoustic 2 PM Matinee Show ... and, at checkout time, punch in the special code FH2015 ... and you'll get 20% your entire ticket order.  
Later that same day on Sunday, it's the first return appearance of Paul Revere's Raiders since Paul's passing last year.  (The Arcada was the last place Paul Revere performed before health issues forced him off the road.)
He will DEFINITELY be there in spirit on Sunday, May 17th, as The Raiders take the stage for a 5 pm show.
Drummer Tommy Scheckel tells us ...
Just a reminder that The Raiders will be performing at the Arcada Theater in St. Charles this Sunday, early evening (May 17th at 5 PM) and I’d like to invite EVERYONE out to see the show. It’s a very special date for us since The Arcada is the very last place Paul Revere performed in this world. Paul had thousands of concerts and TV appearances dating back to the late 50s – and it all ended at The Arcada, just over a year ago. To me, The Arcada is as special a place as the Surf Ballroom. Paul will be there with us on Sunday, both in spirit and in video.
Hope to see everyone there!
We are REALLY looking forward to seeing the new show.  Yes, Paul will be missed ... but all of this great music now lives on through you guys ... so you can count on us to be there for what I know will add up to a GREAT night of entertainment.  Thanks, Tommy!  (kk)

In the weeks to come, The Arcada will feature
George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic (that's TONIGHT!)
A Frankenstein / Hoochie-Coo Night with Edgar Winter and Rick Derringer (May 23rd)
Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience (featuring Led Zeppelin I and II in their entirety), May 24th and May 25th
The Alan Parsons Live Project - May 29th (We'll DEFINITELY be there for THIS one!!!)
Herman's Hermits featuring Peter Noone on May 30th
Ruben Studdard's tribute to Luther Vandross - June 5th
Gene Cornish of The Rascals, June 12th
June 26th - Dr. John
June 28th - Don Felder, formerly of The Eagles
July 7th - The Bacon Brothers
July 12th - Arlo Guthrie
July 17th - Whitesnake
July 26th - Tony Orlando
And much more to come.
Already on the docket:  The Stylistics, Belinda Carlisle, Firefall with Poco, Christopher Cross, Johnny Rivers, Sheena Easton, Blood Sweat And Tears (featuring Bo Bice), Kansas, Neil Sedaka, Ronnie Milsap, Leon Russell, Mickey Gilley and, just added, the return of Burton Cummings, ALWAYS a great show.
Complete ticket information on the website:
The Rialto Square Theater in Joliet has lined up Engelbert Humperdinck (August 21st), Boz Scaggs (August 14th), Pure Prairie League with Firefall (November 7th) and Tommy James and the Shondells with Gary Puckett  (November 13th)
And this just in ... Donny and Marie make their triumphant return to The Paramount Theatre in Aurora for a five-day stay, August 12 - August 16th.
More information:
By the way, The Genesee Theatre in Waukegan has booked Jay Leno for an appearance on October 29th!
And let's not forget RiverEdge Park in Aurora ... that summer outdoor concert series includes
REO Speedwagon - July 18th
Rock The Yacht (featuring The Little River Band, Ambrosia, Stephen Bishop, Player and Robbie Dupree
Daryl Hall and John Oates - July 31st
Earth Wind And Fire - August 22nd

Elk Grove Village is pulling out all the stops this year, too, with appearances by
Kenny Rogers (July 4th!)
Kansas (July 7th)
.38 Special (July 14th)
and Christopher Cross with Air Supply (July 28th)
re:  Susan:
I prefer the uncut version, too.  It might not make sense, but it's the way we remember the song, and it's the way we want to hear it. The chopped version just doesn't sound right at the edit.
David Lewis
TAG, I'm it!  Here on the east coast the long version was the more often played, with the 'resized' version used only when air-time time was short.  We probably all thought the DJs shortened the record themselves to fit into these times, much as they 'cut together' other tunes.  OR just cut-off other tunes much to our listening displeasure.  The interlude totally fits into that time frame and added a dimension of surreal, thought provoking, heartache which blasted out in the end in a no-holding back type of emotion.  I never thought it was meant to be anything other than what was first produced.  It fit the era.  Because of that, my students never question it either.  So many other artists used similar techniques, and children love emotional release.  They are so much freer than they will become later on.  In the present, I also never question the live performance of 'Susan' by Dennis Tufano or The Buckinghams.  Short or long, in concert it drives.
FH Reader Clark Besch tells us about an upcoming musical being put together by James Holvay.  James is the guy who wrote FOUR of The Buckighams' Top Ten Hits back in the day:  "Kind Of A Drag", "Don't You Care", "Hey Baby, They're Playing Our Song" and "Susan" all came from this gifted singer / songwriter.
Now he's trying to get a new project off the ground and could really use your help.  Read on ...
Maybe your FH friends can help with a new musical that has its roots firmly in the 60's music we all know and love.  My buddy James Holvay is one of the driving forces and would like to help raise some funds.  Maybe we can all see this when it goes on the road if we can push it some.  I just contributed and I hope you can spread the word.  If you are a fan of "Land of 1000 Dances" by Cannibal & the Headhunters, you are likely to love this show.  James assures me the site is safe and I just donated. 
I was asked to write some songs for a new musical that will be performed in November of this year in Los Angeles.  So as not to bore you with a long-winded email, I've attached a document that explains what the play is about. I would greatly appreciate it if you would help make this play a reality.
Click this link:
and it will tell you how to contribute.
THANKS in advance for your help. 
re:  This And That:
Kent ...
This past week was the 55th Anniversary of the Frank Sinatra Special -- "Welcome Home Elvis."
Frank B.
A meeting of the ultimate idols at that time.  (For the younger folks on the list, think the Backstreet Boys / New Kids On The Block tour from a couple of years ago!  lol)  kk
Sad but inevitable news as we go to press this morning ... Blues Legend B.B. King has passed away. 

Hey Kent,
I had forgotten all about Chubby Checker's recording of the song, "Do the Freddie", but remembered it, after seeing the '65 Canadian pop chart on FH. I haven't heard it since it was popular, and had to go to Youtube to listen, because I've been unsuccessful lately at clicking onto your music service. The song was actually titled, "Let's Do the Freddie", but I have seen photos of 45s with both titles on Parkway's label. I've also seen "(Are You Ready), "Let's Do the Freddie" on some charts. Even though you say Checker was more established and popular, and though he made his living, recording songs about the latest dance crazes, my friends and I were pissed at his audacity, cashing in on Freddie Garrity's "unique" choreography. The guitar chords leading into the chorus are very similar to that of Dreamer Derek Quinn's playing on "I'm Telling You Now". At the time, I thought it was a little vain of my hero to call the dance "The Freddie", but later learned that it was his management that named the dance after him, because so many fans asked "How to do the Freddie". Thus, a new song was born. On the back of the album, with the same title, are instructions on how to do the dance, written by ballroom legend, Arthur Murray, of all people! In my opinion, this was the group's best LP.
Speaking of "I'm Telling You Now", I know I heard another recording of the song that was sung by a woman, played on a local radio station, not long after Freddie's hit came out, which also pissed me off! If any of your readers know who this vocalist was, please let me know. I won't be nasty. :-)
- John LaPuzza
How about counting how many Brit artists are on that chart?  One more thing ...
How about the Searchers with two chart riders?  I absolutely love "Goodbye My Lover, Goodbye" -- the song with two titles depending on album or 45.
Clark Besch
Good News:
YMCA worth millions to Victor Willis - do you remember who he is?
Ken Voss
Bad News:
David Cassidy will not be driving himself anywhere anytime soon. 
Cassidy received his sentence in an upstate New York DUI case on Tuesday, receiving a $900 fine and fifty hours of community service.  He also lost his license for six months and was ordered to install a device on his car ignition that will not allow it to start if he is intoxicated.  Cassidy waived his right to appeal in taking the plea deal. 
The actor was arrested in  August of 2013 outside of Albany, NY at a DWI checkpoint, registering a blood alcohol level of .10.  .08 is the legal limit. 
Cassidy was arrested again for DWI in January, 2014 after making an illegal turn in Los Angeles. This time, he blew a blood alcohol level of .19. 
The two arrests started a year of trouble for Cassidy. One month after the Los Angeles arrest, he announced the he and his wife of 23 years were going through a divorce, triggering a stay in rehab. Even though he was facing jail time in his L.A. arrest, the judge gave him five years probation and ordered him to remain in rehab until he had completed the 90-day program. 
- Vintage Vinyl News 
We caught David's Q&A Show at The Arcada Theatre earlier this year ... I'll be honest with you, he looks FAR from healthy these days (and went through one of his famous temper-tantrums toward the end of the appearance.)  In all fairness, he was losing his voice, which was raspy from the beginning.  He sang a couple of lines from a couple of standards (to piano only accompaniment) from his forth-coming album "Songs My Father Taught Me" ... but rarely stayed on point when answering Ron Onesti's questions, clearly sticking instead to his own agenda regarding topics he wanted to cover.  It was NOT a very entertaining show ... and I don't feel Cassidy drew himself any closer to his fans, acting the way he did. 
I have personally seen him intoxicated and belligerent on stage on a couple of occasions, berating his band members and generally just making a complete ass of himself.  Perhaps, knowing the history of not only his own alcoholism but also the fact that this has run through every key male member of his family, this is beyond his control.  But to take the wheel and put the lives of other, innocent people in jeopardy is inexcusable ... especially as a repeated offender ... and I think the sentence was EXTREMELY light in view of his past history.  (Quite honestly even the fine is a bit ridiculous ... there probably isn't a moment in time when he doesn't have three or four times $900 on his person!)
I did, however, reread his autobiography for the THIRD TIME after seeing this show ... and I HIGHLY recommend this one to even the most casual fan.  It is written in such an entertaining way ... funny, dirty, sexy, sad ... it's got it all.  
You can pick up a copy of "C'mon Get Happy" here:
It's now out of print, replaced by this 2009 update:
One line that TOTALLY cracked me up in David's original bio comes from his step-brother Shaun, who also became a short-lived teen idol in the late '70's.
Here's Shaun Cassidy, talking about the music his step-brother David had to record and perform on The Partridge Family:  "Then suddenly he was acting on this TV show.  And don't forget, 'The Partridge Family' was not just any TV show.  It was very popular and it was considered very 'wholesome'.  So there I was, this kid whose mom and brother were starring in this wholesome show.  And David's music was invariably described as 'wholesome,' too.  So I acquired a 'Partridge Family' kind of image by association.  And believe me, when you're a kid going into your teens -- as I was when David's fame was reaching its peak -- 'wholesome' is not a cool thing to be.  So I pushed hard to go the other direction, to establish a different identity with my peers.  And I made it clear my musical tastes were 180 degrees different from 'The Partridge Family.'  My cultural icons were Led Zeppelin and the Stones.  When I was thirteen, I had dreams of someday going into music -- but the Partridge Family sound was the last thing I would have wanted to emulate."
And THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is why Shaun instead cut tracks like "Da Doo Ron Ron" and "Do You Believe In Magic"!!!  Too funny!  (kk)
re:  Beatle-ish:
Roll Up Roll Up for the Mystery Tour, step right this way…
for information on the one and only original Magical History Tour!
"It's getting better all the time!"

AUGUST 22-SEPT 2, 2015
AUGUST 24-SEPT 2, 2015
Presented by Liverpool Productions in association with The Cavern Club, Cavern City Tours and'
Along with commemorating all the 50th anniversary events on our vacation, we are celebrating our 32nd ANNIVERSARY presenting tours! Our Magical History Tour is 12 BEATLEful days in Liverpool & London & Hamburg (plus Henley, George's home), from August 22 - September 2 INCLUDING HAMBURG (but we can customize or modify your vacation should you wish to spend less days). You could even join us for Liverpool-only if you wish. Once again, we have kept our rates the lowest in the travel business despite rising costs: ONLY $2599 per person for LONDON / LIVERPOOL, or only $2999 including airfare from NYC. Hamburg may be added as an option for only $999. We also have flights from Chicago & LA, and can arrange flights from other cities. 
In Liverpool, we will visit every imaginable site as we do every year, plus enjoy all the exclusive events our group is privy to. No other tour goes to all the places we go to, gets inside the places we have access to, and has as much fun! We work in conjunction with Cavern City Tours and BeatleWeek to ensure admissions to everything, and up-close seats or V.I.P. perks to events. There will be surprises + special guests, many of whom will be available for autographs & photos. 
In London, we will visit all the significant landmarks . We are the only tour group to ever have held actual recording sessions inside Abbey Road Studio 2.
For complete activities in London and Liverpool, please refer to the past tour reports on our website, and know that we'll be adding new surprises. To give you a taste of some of the Fabtastic things we do on the tours, click here: .
Special guests in the past reads like a Beatles who's-who, including Pete Best, Cynthia Lennon, Mike McCartney, John Lennon's sister Julia, George's sister Louise Harrison, former Apple recording artist Jackie Lomax, former Wings members Danny Siewell - Denny Laine - Laurence Juber - Steve Holly - Hamish Stuart, Paul's guitarist Rusty Anderson, Beatles first manager Allan Williams, Billy J. Kramer, Gerry Marsden, May Pang, Badfinger's Joey Molland, Klaus Voorman, Astrid Kirscher, Sam Leach, Tommy Roe, Chris Montez, authors Mark Lewisohn, Ray Coleman, Spencer Leigh & David Bedford, members of Brian Epstein's family, members of The Rutles plus others no longer with us such as Beatles chauffeur Alf Bicknell, Cavern DJ Bob Wooler, Ringo's step-dad Harry, John's Uncle Charlie Lennon, Sid Bernstein, and former Apple general manager (and Beatles buddy) Alistair Taylor. They were just a few of the celebrities we have met while on our vacations.
Oh yes, did we forget to brag that on various past tours and events we have had close encounters with Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Julian Lennon, Yoko Ono, Olivia Harrison and George Martin?!  
America's greatest Beatle tribute bands have joined us too: 1964 The Tribute, The Fab Four, Rain, British Export, The Return, Penny Lane, Fab Faux, Tim Piper, BeatleMania, A Hard Night's Day, BritishMania, Instant Karma, The MerseyBeat, Abbey Road, Working Class Hero, American English and many more -- not to mention bands from all over the rest of the world who come to Liverpool to perform for us!  
The response to MMTour 2015 has been so incredible, we expect a complete sell-out. So many of our alumni are returning who have traveled with us before. Don't miss out on what is the definitive fan tour celebration in all of Beatledom for over THIRTY years. We have space for you, AND WE RECOMMEND THAT YOU BOOK YOUR RESERVATION AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!  You will once again have the added option of staying over at the Hard Day's Night Hotel around the corner from the Cavern Club.  
Our "Magical History Tour" has been written about in national newspapers, in Beatles magazines, it's been talked about on radio stations worldwide, and has even been featured on television, most notably on the Travel Channel and the BBC! Your host, Charles F. Rosenay!!!, was the founder of the Beatles fan club magazine Good Day Sunshine, he has produced Beatles conventions and festivals across the country for over 30 years, he has co-hosted Beatles specials on QVC-TV, and was featured in a video presentation at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame when it opened, as one of the world's most famous Beatles fans. He was inducted in to Liverpool's Cavern Club Hall of Fame, and Charles has also been one of the host/MCs at the Beatles stage of Liverpool's Mathew Street Music Festival. Charles and Daniel Levine, partners in Liverpool Productions, produced New York's 50th Anniversary Beatles Celebration, "NYC FAB 50," and are honored to have been welcomed into Liverpool Town Hall by the city's Lord Mayor, truly a distinguished honor. Charles is pictured below with Paul and & Linda, and on the right with Liverpool's Lord Mayor & wife.
Below is a very abbreviated and very early tentative itinerary of some of the bullet point highlights of the upcoming 2015 MMTour (there will be MUCH more than this!):   
Aug 22 Flight Day - Depart U.S. as a group for the greatest vacation adventure of our lives!
Aug 23 Arrive Hamburg - check into hotel - walking tour to The Reeperbahn  in Hamburg's St. Pauli district, one of the two centres of Hamburg's nightlife and also the city's red-light district. Evening event at the famed Kaiserkeller Club. Hosted by The Beatles' friend & bodyguard Horst Fascher.
Aug 24 Follow in the footsteps of The Savage Young Beatles including a visit to the Star Club location, the Bambi Kino, the Top Ten Club, the studio where John, Paul, George, Stu Sutcliffe & Pete Best recorded with Tony Sheridan, and every possible locale of historic interest. Evening event at the famed Indra Club with live entertainment, dancing, special guests.
Aug 25 Transfer to London with a daytime panoramic historic sightseeing tour including House of Parliament, Big Ben, London Eye, London Bridge, etc. Early evening walking tour followed by optional dinner at London's original Hard Rock Cafe.
Aug 26 London comprehensive Beatles sightseeing all-day tour aboard luxury coach with a shopping stop at the London Beatles Store. Possible evening activity - dinner at Bill Wyman's Rolling Stones-themed restaurant "Sticky Fingers."
Aug 27 Subway (tube) walking tour of The Beatles' London with Rene from Beatles Unlimited magazine. Visit Abbey Road! Cross the same road as The Beatles. Take pictures of the historic studio. Sign the Abbey Road wall. Go around the corner and visit Paul's Cavendish Street home. Plus many other surprises. Evening only free night in London - see a West End Show - visit a club - take another Beatles tour!

Aug 28 Depart London by coach for an early stop at Henley-on-Thames for a visit to George Harrison's Friar Park home ("Crackerbox Palace!"). Depart Henley for Liverpool and check into hotel. Evening concert at the Royal Court Theatre with Beatles friends DONOVAN, and after-party at the world-famous Cavern Club.
Aug 29 Full English Breakfast included. Early Morning Beatles Auction in the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA) - Paul's "Fame" school. Late Morning visit inside the childhood Beatles homes of John Lennon (Mendips on Menlove Avenue) and Paul McCartney (Forthlin Road) curated by the National Trust.  Early afternoon stop at the BeatleDays mini-convention at the Marriott Hotel. Late afternoon Beatles Week welcome party at the Alma De Cuba venue & visits to Mathew Street, the A Hard Day's Night boutique shop and more. Evening seats at the Star-studded Lennon 75th Birthday CONCERT at Liverpool's Royal Court, or possible visit to Casbah Club for Pete Best's BestFest2015. Late-night dancing and singing at the Adelphi Hotel with Beatles bands.
Aug 30 Full English Breakfast included. Day-long International Beatles Convention with Special Guests of Honor including Pattie Boyd, Bands, Exhibits, Performances, Autograph sessions, Rare Video Shows, the largest Beatles collectors marketplace in Europe & much more. Evening International Tribute CONCERT event with Special Guests at Liverpool's Philharmonic Hall or Royal Court. Late-night "Beat Party" at the Adelphi featuring 20 bands from "across the universe."
Aug 31 Full English Breakfast included. Morning group entry into the wonderful Beatles Story attraction at Albert Docks including admission to their "Hidden" Photo Gallery and also the animated 4-D motion ride. Plus visit to the Museum of Liverpool and their Beatles exhibition near Pier Head. Afternoon concert with the world's greatest 60's band The Overtures. Early Evening BeatleWeek Anniversary Celebration Concert at Liverpool's Royal Court entitled "With a Little Help From My Friends" starring Mark Hudson, Joey (Badfinger) Molland), Steve Holley (Wings), Earl Slick, Elephants Memory and surprise guests. Opening act: The Original Quarrymen! Late Evening V.I.P. event in Adelphi Hotel grand ballroom "Fab Four Solo Years Extravaganza." Midnight (very optional) annual "All Nighter" in the hotel's three separate convention ballrooms.
Sept 1 Full English Breakfast included. Exclusive all-day professionally-guided comprehensive Magical Mystery Tour of all the city's Beatles sites - including George & Ringo homes - schools, hang-outs, birthplaces, etc. - aboard the yellow MMT bus. This is the most amazing all-inclusive Liverpool tour that takes us to every imaginable site of importance including the Beatles homes, Strawberry Field, a lunch stop at Penny Lane and far too much to list. Hosted in the past by John Lennon's sister Julia and author Dave ("Liddypool") Bedford, among others. Includes Ferry 'Cross The Mersey! Evening Farewell Party with very Special Guest Peter Asher (of Peter & Gordon fame) at the Cavern Club back stage - the very same stage that Paul McCartney played on a few years back!
Sept 2 Full English Breakfast included before departing for airport. "There are places I remember..." Depart to airport for return flight home. (ALL EVENTS - GUESTS - ATTRACTIONS - TOURS SUBJECT TO CHANGE
We have brought thousands upon thousands of satisfied fans from the U.S., Mexico, Canada, Japan and other countries to Liverpool, but mostly we are proud of the level of satisfaction among all our past travelers who all had the time of their lives. We can provide numerous references upon request.  Allow us to make that dream come true for you this Summer. For further info, kindly email us your full name and address, and we will rush you printed materials on what is sure to be the greatest tour ever. Join us and be part of history; you'll have the time of your life! "It's guaranteed to raise a smile!" Reserve your space today.
Thank you & Cheers,
Charles F. Rosenay!!!, Danny Levine, Karen Garcia, Rene van Haarlem and Kelley in the office
“Magical History Tour” Liverpool Productions' "MMTour 2015"  315 Derby Avenue, Orange, CT 06477 USA or
Phone: (203) 795-4737 Fax: (203) 891-8433 Email:   

MMTour 1983-2015


The longest-running and greatest tour FOR Beatles fans, BY Beatles fans.

And, in other Beatles-related news, how cool is this???

PAUL McCARTNEY: Jams at Stepson's Graduation 
He did a handful of Beatles songs with Josh Walther and the Phase 5. 
Paul McCartney spent his Saturday night jamming at a private graduation party in Winter Park, Florida. 
The party marked the completion of college by Arlen Shevell, the son of McCartney’s wife, Nancy Shevell. The band playing the event was Josh Walther and the Phase 5. McCartney approached the group during a break about sitting in for a few songs. He had the band play a blues riff as he improvised lyrics about his stepson’s graduation and then led them through the few Beatles songs they knew.
Bandleader Walther told the Examiner that, "We went through basically the whole catalog of Beatles songs we knew and he really wanted to do '[I] Saw Her Standing There,' but we had never played it. Our piano player pulled up a chart off the Internet and we just totally winged it. It turned out great." 
Walther added that McCartney was really complimentary of the band and a "super nice guy and very unassuming. He seemed to want to hang out more with us, but his wife wouldn’t have it."