Monday, June 15, 2015

50 Year Flashback - June 15th, 1965

KSJB in Jamestown, North Dakota is STILL broadcasting  ... some 75+ years since they first signed on the air.

Back in the '60's their signal could be heard in North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota ... yet they were NOT a powerhouse AM station ... just a 5000 watt signal that on a clear night could be heard as far away as Canada!

Today they broadcast Country Music ... but back in June of 1965 they were playing The Top Pop Hits along with everybody else.  (I'm not quite sure what the deejay notations mean ... was this just the station's way of promoting their air shifts?  Or did they play a portion of that week's countdown between those hours?  Damn ... that would mean if you wanted to hear the bottom half of the survey, you'd have to stay up well after midnight to do so!!!

Most of the usual suspects were up near the top of the list ... although I don't think we've seen Chad and Jeremy chart this high yet with their latest hit, "Before And After".  (That one peaked at #17 in Billboard).  And how about Patti Page at #8 with "Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte"?!?!

Last week we told you how the new Guess Who hit was really Chad Allan and the Expressions ... but that the record label had changed the bands name to "Guess Who?" in an effort to garner some curiosity airplay.  Well check out how the record is listed here on THIS chart!  (Perhaps due to their Canadian connection???)

KSJB's top debut this week was "Satisfaction" by The Rolling Stones ... it had already cracked The Top Ten in Los Angeles the week before!  The biggest mover this week was an eleven point jump for The Shagri-Las, now sitting at #18 with "Give Us Your Blessing".