Monday, June 8, 2015

50 Year Flashback - June 8th, 1965

Let's spend another week in LA this week as we flashback to June 8th, 1965.

Last week's big mover on the KFWB chart, "I Can't Help Myself" by The Four Tops, hits the #1 Spot this week on KRLA as "Wooly Bully" holds steady at #2.  The Guess Who jump from #7 to #4 with their first big US Hit, "Shakin' All Over".  (The group is actually Chad Allan and the Expressions ... but the record label gave them this new name in hopes of generating some curiosity about the band, hopefully leading to more airplay.  It worked.)  Were they from England?  (It was a hit there first for Johnny Kidd and the Pirates).  No ... Canada, actually ... and the new name seems to have stuck ... for going on over 50 years now!

Check out The Rolling Stones' climb up the chart ... "Satisfaction" jumps from #41 to #9 this week, second week on the chart.  That's a gain of 32 places ... pretty incredible when you consider the chart only lists the Top 55 Singles!

Them has THREE titles on the chart this week ... their latest, "Here Comes The Night", climbs from #11 to #8 ... while they also hold down the #16 position with a two-sided hit, "Gloria" / "Baby Please Don't Go".  And check out the #13 record ... it's The Olympics falling out of The Top Ten with the original version of "Good Lovin'".  A year later, The Young Rascals would take THEIR version all the way to #1.

I'm guessing that the deejay names next to the titles represent former pick-hits by the jocks themselves ... if you scale down to the bottom of the chart, you'll see this week's pick hits by Bob Eubanks and Dick Biondi.  In 1965, these two disc jockeys hosted The Beatles' concert at The Hollywood Bowl together.  Biondi is STILL on the air here in Chicago while Bob Eubanks earned a second career as a successful game show host.    

Brand new debuts this week include Dino, Desi and Billy's "I'm A Fool", "I Like It Like That" by The Dave Clark Five and The Lettermen's version of "Theme From 'A Summer Place'".