Friday, June 26, 2015

The Friday Flash

Ron Onesti just scored another coup!

Next Friday Night, July 3rd, The Arcada Theatre will be broadcasting the Grateful Dead concert LIVE from Soldier Field!  This is the last stop on their "Fare Thee Well" Tour and the shows in Chicago have been sold out for MONTHS!  (A while back we told you about people who were paying up to $50,000 for a single ticket!!!)  The Dead say this is their final tour.

But for just $20 (general admission) you can watch the show on a 40 foot big screen thanks to a live feed.  (Shows are being filmed for future release ... but you can watch it all as it happens ... and avoid the crowd ... and elements ... of the live setting.)

Visit The Arcada Website for complete ticket information ... first come, first served ... and when they're gone, they're gone.  (Food and Drink will be available at the theater)   

Speaking of upcoming shows at The Arcada, here's one you're going to want to bookmark for next year ...

A couple of weeks ago or so we announced the "UK '63" Tour starring Tommy Roe, Chris Montez and a Beatles Tribute Band. 
Well, this show hits Chicago on March 13th at The Arcada Theatre!  (And we can't wait!  We've been tying to get Tommy booked there for quite some time now!)    

More details from Music Director / Promoter Rick Levy ...   

MARCH 13, 2016
Also starring CHRIS MONTEZ
And, just like the original show that performed in the UK in 1963,
The opening act will be a local Beatles tribute band ...
then intermission ...
More details (including other stops on the tour) as they become available ... so stay tuned!  (kk)

Yesterday FH Reader Frank B mentioned Micky Dolenz's appearance on Scott Shannon's Morning Show over at CBS-FM in New York City.
Today we've got more details ... as well as a photograph of the pair!

New York - Micky Dolenz, in NYC for rehearsals for his upcoming show (A Little Bit Broadway; A Little Bit Rock 'n Roll) at 54 Below (July 7, 10, 11), visited with CBS-FM's SCOTT SHANNON to talk about the shows and the live album that will be recorded and released this September on Broadway Records. 
The two conducted an in-depth interview that included details about the 54 Below shows as well as some observations about his upcoming solo shows and the revelation that it was around this month, 50 years ago, that he first answered the ad for what would become The Monkees. 
Next year marks the 50th Anniversary for the legendary band. 
They also spoke about his fine-furniture design and manufacturing company, Dolenz And Daughters, which he runs with daughter Georgia.

L - R:  Scott Shannon, Micky Dolenz Patty Steele

Has the Harry Nilsson bio-documentary been discussed in FH? I saw it for the first time this week and was thoroughly impressed with it. This is the first time I'd heard the story of how Harry wrote "One" when he was listening to a busy signal on the phone. 
David Lewis 
Actually, yes it has ... in fact we even ran a clip from it a few years ago.  This was a highly anticipated documentary for me and I remember going to great lengths to obtain a copy.  Seems everyone who has seen it has thoroughly enjoyed it.  (Even our youngest daughter couldn't get over how interesting and entertaining it was ... and she wasn't even familiar with Harry's music.) 
Another great, very talented under-appreciated artist who never got his full due in my opinion.  Harry had his demons to be sure ... but he was an EXTREMELY talented guy.  (kk)

re:  Love And Mercy:
Hey Kent, have you seen Love And Mercy again yet?
Four stars all the way for me. 
Bob Stroud
Actually, no I haven't ... but I need to ... clearly I had too many preconceived notions and expectations going into the theater ... maybe we can finally do that this weekend.  (kk)

We loved it.  I had no problem with John Cusack playing the older Brian Wilson.  I was amazed at the attention to detail, even down to The Wrecking Crew ... they didn't have to, but they managed to find actors who looked like the real musicians. 
Bob Sirott   

Kent ... 
Here are some Brian Wilson quotes from my newspaper, the Man Of The World magazine interview: 
-- "I lost my sense of humor sometime in the 1960's."
-- "The 60's is my favorite time of life."
-- "I was working with The Beach Boys, producing and writing songs for them.
-- "It was also the time that I tried LSD." 

-- "In 1965 I wrote 'California Girls' shortly after I did my first acid trip."  
-- "It expanded my mind a little bit, so I could write better songs." 
-- "But while it was worth it, I wouldn't take it again."
Frank B. 

FROM RICK LEVY ... tour manager and band leader for TOMMY ROE ... and previously with Herman's Hermits, Jay and the Techniques, and manager of THE BOX TOPS ...

Regarding LOVE AND MERCY ... 
"I have known Mike Love and Al Jardine for a long time ... I had mixed feelings on the movie ... 
PAUL DANO was born to be Brian Wilson ... he did not even act ... he WAS Brian ... and all that heart came thru. 
John Cusack did a fine job of acting ... but in my opinion was just too far off physically ... and it came across as an acting job. 
The emotions of the sessions with The Wrecking Crew were amazing. 
All in all, I would rather have seen Dano as Brian throughout ... but glad I'm glad I saw it.
Honestly, I think I would have enjoyed Paul Dano as Brian throughout, too ... I'm not sure why they felt a need to use two different actors.  Dano was far more engaging.  I'm still disappointed they didn't cover the "fat Brian in bed" phase ... it was THAT funk that Landy pulled him out of.  I think Landy was portrayed a little over the top ... but then again I wasn't there to see it.  (kk) 

If you haven't already done so, check out this interview with Brian Wilson conducted by Rolling Stone Magazine.  Gives some interesting insight to his own reaction to watching his life unfold on the big screen ... 

There's a brand new Carl Wilson biography coming out in September, written by Kent Crowley.  This may be something worth ready.  (I'm working my way through the Bobby Hart bio right now ... well done and well written ... and just about to get to the exciting part!!!)