Monday, July 13, 2015

50 Year Flashback - July 13th, 1965

A couple of weeks ago we showed you a KEWB Chart with "Louie Louie" by Paul Revere and the Raiders in the #2 Spot.  Well THIS week they reach #1, with a record that is already two years old!!!  (They're really not due to breakthrough anywhere else around the country until much later this year when "Steppin' Out" and "Just Like Me" make their way up the charts ... so this "Louie Louie" success is a bit unusual, to be sure!)

That Dino, Desi and Billy record "I'm A Fool" must be a REALLY big hit this week in Los Angeles ... it's holding down both the #2 AND the #6 positions on this week's KEWB Chart!!!  (lol)

Then again maybe the radio station's proofreader was on vacation that week ... look at the date of this chart ... July 12th ... 1695!!!  (That's only off by 300 years!!!)

It's amazing to me to see how many of these glitches and mistakes made it through to the marketplace ... it was literally happening all over the country.  Just get the charts out to the kids, I guess, so they can buy this week's latest hits.

Well, I was right there with the rest of them.  Records I bought off of this week's chart included "Satisfaction", "I Can't Help Myself", "I'm Henry The VIII, I Am", "Cara Mia", "Set Me Free". "You Turn Me On", "I Like It Like That" and "Don't Just Stand There".

VERY cool "in concert" shot of The Byrds on this week's chart, too!