Monday, July 27, 2015

50 Year Flashback - July 27th, 1965

Major chart action on this week's KDKA Chart, too ...

The Beach Boys leap from #14 to #1 with "California Girls" ... and The Righteous Brothers are right behind them, climbing from #11 to #2 with "Unchained Melody" / "Hung On You".

The Beatles debut at #10 with their latest, "Help!"  And Billy Joe Royal seems to have a hit on his hands as "Down In The Boondocks" jumps from #37 to #25.  Bob Dylan's scoring well with "Like A Rolling Stone", too ... up to #36 from #49.

And check out "You Were On My Mind" by We Five ... #1 a week ago in Texas ... yet just first debuting on this "Tri-State Area" chart from KDKA!  (Although based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, KDKA's 50-Watt Signal could be heard as far as Ohio, Virginia, Kentucky, West Virginia, Maryland, New York and the Canadian province of Ontario ... and that was just during the day.  At night that signal would reach nearly the entire eastern half of North America!)