Thursday, July 30, 2015

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I'm not naive enough to believe that Tony Orlando doesn't have some 'enhancements' to improve his appearance, but Wikipedia tells us he is 71, and he looks FABULOUS.  WTG on keeping it in the middle of the road, Mr. Orlando!  And WTG to you, Kent, on keeping up with all the concerts!
I've got to tell you that Tony looks GREAT!!!  Very distinguished looking and still in great shape both physically and vocally.  (kk)
After reading your review of Tony Orlando, if I had been able to go to it, I would have expected (this is my opinion, of course), to have  him sing at least one of the two following songs, his 1961 recordings HALFWAY TO PARADISE and BLESS YOU. Always did like those two songs. Upon finishing your review, I thought of another Tony Orlando song, a song called DING DONG, released in 1959. However, from what I know and understand, this song was done by another singer by the name of Tony Orlando. Quite a coincidence to have two singers in the early days recording under the name of Tony Orlando. 
I don't know that Tony EVER reaches back that far!  But it was that early career that made Bobby Darin take Tony under his wing.  Over the long haul, (and following very much in Bobby's footsteps) Tony was able to establish a CAREER in show-business.  With the tremendous success of Dawn (hit records, sold out shows, a popular television series) Tony at one point had it all.  And then, as so often happens, drugs stepped in and blew it all to bits.
Tony's biography "Halfway To Paradise" is a GREAT read ... and Tony is VERY sincere when he thanks each and every one of his fans for "still being here".  Check it out if you get the chance!  (kk)

Thanks for your review of the Graham Nash concert.  My wife and I have tickets to see him on August 8th at the Keswick Theater in Glenside, PA.  I'm sure what you told us is pretty much what we'll see.  
I read his autobiography and it was truly fascinating.  It's a must read for any fan of his. 
Here's my review on my blog ... 
I've had your really fine blog listed on my rolling sidebar for a long time now.  Whenever you post something new, you jump to the top of the list. 
Charlie Ricci 
Thanks, Charlie!  Since we post nearly every single day, I appreciate the referrals!  (Happy to plug your website as well!)
I'm looking forward to reading Graham's bio.  You will TOTALLY enjoy his in concert presentation ... very laid back and very entertaining.  (kk)

Speaking of Graham's show in Philadelphia on August 8th ... 

My dad CHARLIE GRACIE will meet with GRAHAM NASH in Philadelphia August 8th to present him with a signed copy of his autobiography:  ROCK & ROLL'S HIDDEN GIANT: THE STORY of ROCK PIONEER, CHARLIE GRACIE (Alfred Music Press).  GRAHAM contributed comments to the Foreword! Will be sharing pics with your readers Kent!
Charlie, Jr.
Sounds like Graham can return the favor by presenting Charlie with a signed copy of HIS book!  (lol)  Anxious to read BOTH of these bios!  (kk)

Hi Kent - 
Enjoyed your reviews on Graham Nash and Tony Orlando.  
I met Tony back in 1961 at WLS with Dick Biondi when he was just a teenager promoting his song "Half Way to Paradise". It was quite an experience for me because my best girl friend and I  had nothing to do one day, so we took the old bluebird bus downtown to make a "crash" visit to WLS!! 
Were you aware that Tony wrote the New Colony Six tune, "I'm Just Waitin' Anticipatin' for Her to Show Up"? It was on their second album "Colonization".    
Kudos for Ron Onesti and all the GREAT entertainment he is bringing to the Chicagoland area!! And Thanks to you Kent, for keeping us informed on upcoming shows and summer fests.   
It was that New Colony Six song that I had hoped to talk with Tony about on Sunday but unfortunately we never had the opportunity to do so.  Tony also had a hand in writing the Barry Manilow hit "Could It Be Magic" ... but Orlando's name was wiped off the record's credits when it became a hit.  (Manilow had recorded an earlier disco version of the tune with his band Featherbed that failed and, when "Could It Be Magic" was first released as a solo record in the slowed-down, somewhat classical format most familiar to us, it failed, too.  Then, after the Top Ten success of "Mandy" and "It's A Miracle", Clive Davis (for whom Tony used to work) and Arista Records re-released it AGAIN ... and this time, thanks to Barry's newfound popularity, the record was hit ... but by now Tony's cowriting credit had been removed from the label ... and replaced with the name Adrianna Anderson.  (Equally as strange ... the original Featherbed single showed Orlando as the producer, too.  The solo version, like all of Manilow's early releases, were produced by Ron Dante.) Again, please read Tony's bio for all the details.  (kk)

A couple of Graham Nash concert shots, courtesy of our FH / Arcada Buddy Luciano Bilotti ...